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South American Power Rankings - January 2017

Power Ranking Committee
ElGeneral: Rocket League veteran, former Pro Player and expert analyst. Also Rocket Street community manager
Chamako09: Expert Caster and analyst of the competitive scene in South America
Haseo: Rocket League competitive player and Rocket Street community manager
Pavonnator: Founder of Rocket Street, tournament organizer, caster and analyst
Homer1307: Co-founder of Rocket Street. Caster and analyst.
After a few wild months, full of changing rosters and disbanded teams, we are back with the SAM Power Rankings for the month of January. Before starting, I would like to point out that two of our perennial top 3 teams have disbanded (Black Dragons and Cade Meu Boost), thus, the landscape of the scene has been greatly altered, but it has not stopped its growth and development.
Without any further ado, here are the top 10 teams for the month.
1. Vicious Quad (formerly NoX Gaming) - CaioTG1, Lanceee (Lancek1ng), Juan, Ze and Math (Meevo)
To no one's surprise (except, maybe the members of Yakuz4 E-Sports), Vicious Quad is still the number one team in SAM. The mighty team seems to only get stronger, even after losing some important players, like Zé (former player of Cade Meu Boost). Math came to the rescue once Ze’s departure was imminent, and his playstyle adapted very well to the team.
Vicious Quad’s greatest weapons are still their pace, their great rotation and positioning. Many teams just can’t handle the plays that come from their speed and positioning. Even though this fierce giant was able to retain its spot for the month, it did not come without some major threats from the Yakuz4s in town.
PD. The only two teams that had the bliss to beat Vicious Quad during January were The Three Sins and Yakuz4 (both, obviously, at the top 5 of the list).
2. Yakuz4 E-Sports (Formerly Bloodlust ESports) - Haberkamper, Dudu, Brothersferes, ZanWeder
The ESL monthly Champions!!! During the first week of February, Yakuz4 really showed us what they are capable of doing (Yes, I know it says January Power Rankings, but keep in mind that the ESL Monthly Finals are actually played on the first week of the following month). Yakuz4 not only won the Monthly Finals, but also, their members won the 2v2 and 1v1 tournaments that were held by Rocket Street. Now, you might be asking yourself, why number 2 instead of number 1? Well, they had a rocky start during the month. They did win one of the weekly ESL tournaments, but in many others were not able to get to the semifinals. They struggled with teams such as Hit7Seven and Game Rockets (two great teams in their own right) and because of that, were not able to get that far during the early stages. However, the hype they built up during their last outing got some people believing they are the team to beat in SAM.
3. Boosted Squad (formerly Skill at Max) - SpiderxD, Ninjax, Noisyboy, Fosk, RaulXVIII
These guys were probably the biggest surprise of the month. They managed to win two out of 4 ESL weekly tournaments during January. The only teams on this list that were able to beat them during the month are at the top of the list. What was so good about Skill at Max? If you ask me. I would say it is their patience. They have a good rotation and know how to play aggressively without overcommitting. All the members have a really fast paced playstyle that when focused in the offense can break even the strongest defences. The sad news for this team is that they lost NoisyBoy, for some the main pillar of the team. Without him Boosted Squad doesn't look as impressive as it was during January, but I might be wrong about that.
4. The Three Sins - Meevo, PJ, Valt, Firewall154
When Cade Meu Boost and Black Dragons left the competitive scene, it was The Three Sins the ones that looked like they would be the next big thing in SAM... and they were. We were delighted with the skills and teamwork we were seeing from them. They were able to go head to head against Vicious Quad. They even won a few tournaments... But then they lost Meevo and since, they have not been the same. In my opinion, The Three Sins is far from done. This is still a very strong and feared team. PJ and Valt are elite players, and it seem they have found the help of Firewall154, a player that we have all regarded as an amazing talent, but has lacked a team as good as him.
5. Ekquo Gaming - Sempa, Nachopont, Makf, Szaro
One of the 2 all-argentinian teams in this list. They had a rocky start at the beginning of the month, losing in the second round of the first ESL weekly tournament, but were able to come back strong in the end by reaching one quarterfinal, two semifinals, and making it to the finals of the ESL monthly finals. Ekquo is always fun to watch. They got a fast paced playstyle that gets them good offensive opportunities. However, it is that same style that leaves the net open for counterattacks. During the month, they suffered the loss of Makf, and tried playing with Frota, which helped a lot in the rotation. However, it doesn’t seem like Frota will be staying with them in the future.
6. Game of Rockets - NickoLDM, Pulga_Nob, aguuuu', Razor (XuFi)
The second argentinian team to pop up in this power rankings, Game of Rockets, has been roaming the top 10 list for a long time and this month they finally make their appearance. These guys have shown great promise since they started participating in the ESL’s weekly tournaments as well as proving their individual skill in Rocket Street’s 1v1 and 2v2 series, usually reaching top 4-8 positions. Game of Rockets produced that big “BOOM” in December’s ESL Monthly Final against Wings, a really tough team at the moment, and since then they kept stepping on the gas, qualifying once more for the Monthly Finals in January but getting beaten in the first round by Boosted Squad in a tight 3-2 series. The team is fairly balanced as both players NickoLDM and agu’ ,two all rounder players, work as supporting pillars for their star player Pulga_Nob who excels in 1v1 and precise offensive positioning. Sometimes being in a tight spot gets them on their nerves and deteriorates their playstyle but they are a fearsome trio when they play comfortably.
7. Hit7Seven - Giaanc, Federico, MonX, Cliff
Everyone knows Hit7Seven is a great team. So, it is not a surprise to see them in the top 10. What really surprised us was to see them making it to the ESL weekly tournament finals, not once, but twice in this month. However, just as I say the pros I have to say the cons. In some weeks they only managed to win one game, and in another instance, they couldn’t manage a single victory. It is necessary to point out that not every match has been easy, as we all know that the seeding in a single elimination bracket could be a big problem for some teams. Hit7Seven has a very well balanced team. Giaanc, Fede and MonX have a good rotation and defense. Where I think they can improve a bit is in their offense. Sometimes it feels that Giaanc is the only one going for the rebounds and second shot chances, and that is very detrimental when they face top level teams or when Giaanc is having an off game. Fede, I say this with respect and with the desire to see you improve, don’t be afraid to go for those second chances.
8. Infinity Gaming - JotaCosta, Pontesz, GodYuri, guhh
Although Infinity Gaming has been a boiling pot in the past weeks with many internal discussions and disputes between the players, keeping the team on edge, they managed to pop in this month’s power rankings thanks to solid performances in every tournament they stepped in. After a controversial 3v2 win against Vicious Quad during January’s ESL monthly finals they managed to get their hands on the so sought-after Elite title, but don’t get fooled, the amount of work they had put during the qualifier tournaments make them worthy of it. Yuri, IG’s captain, along with guhh and JotaCosta make a fearsome bunch usually switching from a relaxed and strategical playstyle into a reckless and frenetic offensive that works out most of the time, being able to keep their precision on-point along with fast thinking and a high use of their reflexes. Pontesz, the team’s substitute doesn’t stay behind in terms of skill and is capable of filling the gap of any of the other members without anyone even noticing he is a sub.
9. We Watch Replays - JOW, Grimmhjow, Nova, SneakyOnTurtle
The only all-uruguayan team to come up this far, We Watch Replays (WWR for short) is one of the most consistent teams out there. Since they popped into the competitive scene the roster has kept the same, building chemistry and great bond between the players, and this month their efforts have paid off. Even though this team doesn’t excel in any way they compensate with their experience playing together in the field and keeping their head cold even in the toughest situations. JOW, the team’s captain is capable of smelling offensive plays and, thanks to this, manages to be one step ahead of the defenders, making him a formidable attacker against teams that have difficulty to predict passes and bounces. Grimmhjow and SneakyOnTurtle keep the defence tight and support each other to fix the rotation and keep the pressure. Nova is the least experienced player of the team but that doesn’t leave him behind, as a sub he is able to fill any role that is missing and carry his own weight. If WWR keeps training and accelerate their playstyle a bit further they may show up as a big surprise in future editions of this power rankings, but only time will tell, their future in the competitive scene is in their hands.
10. Just for the Title - TheUltimateFirefox (FirefoxD), Zekken, mmossmann, Haseo
If you know the SAM scene, you know there is a lot of potential in this team. All the players are proven veterans and they have only one goal, to get the ESL monthly title. To be honest, I think that is a powerful motivation. The problem they have right now is that they have not been playing together for too long… or have they? Maybe they haven’t been playing together as Just for the Title, but we have seen mmossmann play with Firefox in the past. Also we have seen Zekken doing great things with Haseo. So maybe they are no strangers to each other after all. As a matter of fact, this team did pretty good in their first appearances in the ESL, but did not play consistently enough to make it to the Monthly Finals (or higher in our list). If they keep playing in more tournaments, I have no doubts we will see them in a better ranking next month… and maybe with an ESL title.
Official Rankings Votes
Team Pavonnator Chamako09 ElGeneral Haseo Hummer Average
Vicious Quad 1 1 1 1 1 1
Yakuza E-sports 2 2 2 2 2 2
Boosted Squad 3 3 3 3 4 3.2
The Three Sins 4 4 4 4 3 3.8
Ekquo Gaming 5 5 6 5 5 5.2
Game of Rockets 7 8 5 6 6 6.4
Hit7Seven E-Sports 6 6 7 7 8 6.8
Infinity Gaming 8 7 8 8 7 7.6
We Watch Replays 10 11 9 10 9 9.8
Just for the Title 11 9 10 9 12 10.2
submitted by -ElGeneral- to RocketLeague

The task: Create an awesome addon for Firefox 2, The reward: The Ultimate Firefox Developer Kit

submitted by Dr-Beato to programming