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Let us reimagine how the discovery of the Warmind might have gone (repost)

WARNING: Wall of text.
Initially posted to DTG but I was left with nearly zero feedback. Could you guys at least let me know if this was worth reading?
It is dark. The camera starts low, close to the ground, and moves up with increasing pace. At first, there is only smoke and wind. The only sounds are howling, and cracking of embers. Small sparks and ashen flakes are carried with the wind. Camera flies higher. You can distinguish rubble, abandoned vehicles, destroyed buildings, smoldering city ruins… until it all disappears behind the clouds. It is Earth, with a small glint of Sun rising above it. Camera stops and watches the slow upward movement of the Sun. The moment it rises over Earth a bright flash rich with red and orange blinds you. The screen fades, revealing Rasputin core right at the place where the planet was and goes completely black.
Lakshmi-2 (behind the scenes): An infinity of timelines. If one timeline in a trillion knows peace, how could you ever hope to find it?
It’s Earth. The storm is at its fullest. The rain is like a wall of water. Thunderbolts are piercing the air down to the ground. A ship flies at low altitude. Cockpit.
Ghost: … is not operational, navigation is crazy, coms are dark too, and we are definitely way out of our patrol route. Can we just go up above this thundery hell and fly back? I miss Amanda…
Ship course unchanged. It flies above the ridge and dives into a ravine. Below, there’re torn pieces of the road… and buildings, catwalks, observation deck. All well-hidden at the bottom of the ravine, but it’s definitely made by humans. Everything is no doubt ancient and abandoned, covered in dirt and eroded, trees are growing from broken windows. The place is still untouched by anything but nature. Ship descends.
Ghost: No, no-no-no. We are not going there, are we? It is a very bad start, don’t you see – a thunderstorm, mysterious facility, hidden for some reason, we are alone. Something terrible should be there, or dangerous. Something terribly dangerous. It is like a beginning of the story where everybody is brutally murdered in the end…
Ship descends.
Ghost (almost squeaking): Pleeease…
A female hunter in tight dark ceramic-woven garb sets her foot on the catwalk. She makes no sound. Like all hunters, she is sharp, fast and alert – knife in one hand, handcannon in the other. She walks to a thin metallic door – a gentle push. The moment door screeches, a lightning fast shoulder dash to open it enough for her to fit inside. She slips in so quick, her footlong cloak flutters behind her like in the strong wind. She is scanning the room, knife at the chest pointed outward, handcannon hip-ready. There is nothing here, only the door screeching behind her, gently moved by the wind. She puts the knife away and carefully dusts off her cloak.
The place is completely empty, not even abandoned – it’s like no one was there since it was built. Desks, cabinets, chairs – all is set like on a display and seems never used. Huntress walks the halls from room to room.
Ghost: There is nothing here. Let’s go home.
Huntress: So, you telling me someone built an entire facility inside the mountain in hidden remote location and there is nothing here? Seriously? We are not looking good enough – I feel that this place is a goldmine.
Ghost: Ahh, I got it now. How much this time?
Huntress: What do you mean?
Ghost (in the most didactic tone): You know exactly what I mean, young lady. How much do you owe Cayde?
Huntress: Uhm… five.
Ghost flies up to her face, staring.
Huntress: …mmmaybe fifty…
They are shown from behind, walking along corridor deeper into the facility. Their voices are indistinct, but by her posture you can tell that Ghost is definitely moralizing her.
The ladder is going down. The looks of the facility change – it is an office space no more, cables and tubes running along the walls, corners are marked with yellow paint. Huntress and Ghost are at the end of the path, standing before the huge metallic diamond-shaped door. Suddenly the room comes alive – dim orange lights turn up, door shifts a bit and begins to open.
Ghost (in a low squeaky voice, hovering behind Huntress): Nnoooo… we are going to die. Let’s go back, please.
Huntress steps inside a big room filled with terminals and panels. There is nothing here except two skeletons in the corner with some items scattered around them, probably empty ration and water packs. They dressed in remains of some kind of uniform but nothing reveals their identity – there are no badges, no insignia, only trinkets hanging on whatever is left of their necks. She steps closer to the panels.
Gun bursts. Huntress falls on the floor, her hood is torn, blood splatters on Ghost.
Ghost: WHA…
Another burst. Pieces of Ghost fly across the room hit the floor and slides for some distance.
A female figure walks towards consoles, orange light is behind her. She is slowly pacing her steps. She comes closer, now you can see her face – it’s Exo Stranger. The whole room is buzzing.
Stranger: I have told you many times before and many times you even do not know of yet – I cannot allow… this cannot happen. I have seen, I felt it. This is not the way. And still, you make me…
The room falls silent.
Stranger: As always, the discussion is pointless.
She approaches console monitors. There is the same message on all of them:
Stranger (on comms): I am done. Start the engines. We are leaving as soon as I am back.
She moves away from consoles, stops by the skeletons and takes Omni-keys from their necks. Screen turns black.
Pursuing the remnants of the Red Legion trough Solar System Guardian ends up on Mars’ orbit just in time to witness Warsats falling down on the planet surface. You begin descending. Gain control of your ship to maneuver between debris and shoot Warsats while the game loads. High score table is available.
Story mission. Upon arrival, Guardian receives a distress call from Ana – the icy Hive is attacking Clovis Bray facility. You proceed through icy caves with the Hive emerging from walls and floor. You appear at Glacial Drift, unlike in-game it is partially covered with huge ice blocks. As you progress mowing down the Hive, Warsats are falling down crushing the ice and revealing pars of the Drift – the passage to Dynamo Approach, the bridge, and the garage. You meet Ana half-way, pinned down behind an icy rock by sniper acolytes. Together you clear trash mobs and a couple of majors, while Ana tells you of her past, and that Rasputin core is here on Mars. Ana stays by your side as you continue with the mission. After you defeated the Hive, she jumps on a sparrow and rushes ahead. You can free roam the area for a minute, while Ghost delivers a short speech about Bray, their role during Golden Age, and particularly the creation of the Warminds. As soon as he is done a cutscene kicks in – wide shot of Hellas Basin, you on a sparrow following Ana through the main passage to Futurescape.
When you arrive at Braytech Futurescape the icy Hive already infested main building. Cabal is storming main entrance. Ana explains that with the Warsat network down and the Hive crippling the infrastructure Rasputin cannot defend himself or even function properly.
Ana: We need to reconnect power-nodes to the core. You have to do it manually one by one…
Ghost: Are we going alone?
Ana: I’ll be monitoring it from here unless you want to cause core meltdown and explosion.
Ghost: Yeah.
Guardian turns and walks toward the entrance to Aurora Reach.
Story mission. You venture through the Mindlabs activating node terminals. First two are out of power, so you bring them online easily after killing Hive mobs trying to scrap them down. While you progress, Ana speculates that Hive was long buried on Mars, probably since the Collapse. Now, when ice caps are shattered they are set free, and probably not just the Hive but also something bigger. Ghost adds that according to the verses Hive cite and their appearance they most likely belong to the Grasp of Nokris, and ancient sect worshiping Xol, one of the four living Worm Gods. The controls to the last node are broken, you set you Ghost to repair it while you fight back the Hive. Repair progress is delayed if enemies attack Ghost, more majors appear the longer you take with the repairs. It’s finally over.
Ghost: I’m done, I’m done.
An ancient Wizard appears seemingly from nowhere. She cast dark cloud all over the room, you can see no further but a couple of footsteps around you.
Ghost: Get away, you flying frea… no. NO!
Black fog clears a bit. The Wizard is flying away with Ghost in her claws. You charge towards her, but she is on the opposite side of the room. She escapes through the door to the next area.
Wizard: (evil laughter)
Wizard is on the opposite side of a doorway. Your bullets barely scratch her Solar shield. You are not going to make it in time.
THUNDER CRACKS, the sound is loud enough to make you regret your volume settings. Wizards, wrapped around a heavy armored knee like a rag, dissolves in a bright spark of Arc Light. Titan land several meters past the place where the ominous witch was wiped from existence. Small arcs of electric energy are still running between his armor and the ground. He is unmistakable, huge.
Titan hands you Ghost – he does not look very well but seems ok in general.
Ghost: Thank you Lord Shaxx. But what brought you here?
Shaxx (making a step back and casting a look around): THIS. THIS IS MY NEW ARENA TO TRAIN ONES LIKE YOU. MAYBE EVEN TO BE LIKE YOU.
The place is indeed huge and crawling with Redjacks and a few Titans securing exits and strategic defense points.
Ghost (whispering to Guardian): Aren’t you terrified of him? Remember when we boarded a Dreadnought and had his personal space set up and ready like in less than a day. A Crucible arena! In a day! On a Hive flagship! They even did not try to claim it back. The Hive was literally like “let’s not shaxx with this guy”.
Shaxx: WHAT.
Ghost looks at Shaxx and slightly backs down.
Ana (on radio, with some interference): Are you there? We have power now, you just have to activate the main console. I’m sending you the key.
Shaxx comes closer.
Ana: This is Ana Bray, and you…
Shaxx (his tone slightly changed): I… I AM THE CRUCIBLE.
Ana: I’ll be damned if this is not the only voice louder than the cannons of Twilight Gap. Shaxx!
Shaxx: It has bee a while, Tasia.
Ana: We will talk later friend… Hit this console and get back here as fast as you can, Hive is coming!
You operate controls.
He drives a sword into the ground slowly and effortlessly, about a quarter blade deep. Metal floor is screeching. The sword looks old and damaged, with the Warmind themed hilt. He weaves his hand, immediately two titans in red heavy plated armor, both wear purple and golden marks with golden maul symbol, leave their stations. Redjacks take their place. Shaxx walks away with his guards the same way you came.
Camera shows them walking away in the background. In the foreground, you are struggling to pull the sword out of the floor. It does not yield.
Ghost (following red Titans with his eye): Aren’t these the two who kicked your ass in the Crucible this week... and the week before, and...
Guardian: Have you noticed that Shaxx’s Ghost is bigger?
Exotic quest. Find parts of the Charlemagne scattered on Mars. Appears that most important ones were taken by Psions during the Cabal assault on Dust Palace. Hunt down each of Psion Flayers through three prestige activities: Insight Terminus Strike, random encounter in Fields of Glass during Mercury Flashpoint, and whether you wanted it or not – Dust Palace Strike. With all parts collected forge anew an exotic sword – Cortana, Sword of Mercy. Heavy hit kills grant an overshield, consecutive hits replenish ammo, increased damage and attack speed when surrounded.
It’s almost midnight. Futurescape. The main entrance to the Bray facility. Hive attack outside has already started. You are few minutes late. Ana is by the console. One of the red Titans is on the upper floor, raining down machine gun fire on thralls and acolytes. The other one is outside, grenade launcher by the hip, tearing to pieces anything stupid enough to come close. Shaxx is in the middle of icy Hive horde altering between a shotgun and his fists for small mobs and obliterating Knights and Wizards with Fist of Havoc slams and charges. He is the definition of Storm, radiating with Arc Light. Only now you understand what he meant by “Let them burn in your Light”. Inside his helmet, Shaxx faintly sings.
You rush to join them.
Ana (shouting): Hold them a bit longer! I need to bring it to right orbit!
Story mission. Nothing special, fight waves of icy Hive until Ana does her thing. A lot of Hive and a lot of majors. Five minutes into the mission a giant pillar of Light beams into the sky from Alton Dynamo, ripping and driving away clouds in the atmosphere like circles on the water.
Ana (on radio): Come back quickly, I need your help with something!
You back down into the building under dense Hive fire, she orders you to man the console next to her.
Ana: Rasputin should be able to operate the system himself. Probably some links are still severed or blocked. We will do it manually. I will see to energy and recharge systems, you do the firing.
Story mission. Minigame. Gain control over Aurora-031 orbital firing platform. She has two weapon systems. Fast firing Warsat-like bombardment (similar to that used to free Traveler shard in EDZ), and slow charging Gugnir – Light based heavy energy weapon. Top-down view of Braytech Futurescape. Feel free to stomp down everything from hordes of thralls to Ogres and Hive ships with orbital weapons. After sufficient amount of Hive destroyed, Xol, Will of the Thousand, appears from beneath the ground in the area surrounded by the dam. Landing several Gugnir hits makes it burry into the ground. Hive assault continues but at a smaller scale.
Guardian and Ana are inside. Shaxx with red Titans are still holding the line, but now they took cover at the entrance.
Ghost: This was… epic. I don’t remember us this powerful since before Ghaul’s invasion. What was that?
Ana: Aurora. According to the logs, there should be tenses of these scattered around the System, but they are dormant and I do not know how to access them. Hell, I even do not know how to find them. As far as understand, and I do very little, these are energy weapons somehow powered by Light, like a giant orbital Golden Gun.
Ghost: And how you managed to activate this one?
Ana: It is off the network. It was always here, being a part of facility defense systems. We can figure it out later – the Worm is not dead. We must find and kill him while we still can.
Guardian: Which way?
Ana: It’s probably wounded, so it most likely will…
Ana and Ghost: …feed.
Ground shakes. The pillar of Light in Alton Dynamo fades to a tiny beam.
Ghost: You said this thing is working on Light, right?
Ana: Quickly, go! I’ll check if it can still fire. Take this, it’s right from the forge, I think he wanted you to have it.
Guardian: Rasputin?
She nods and shifts her attention to the console. Based on your class you receive a new type of legendary melee Light weapon: Aurora Lance (spear) for Hunters, Starsplitter (two-handed ax) for Titans, and Warlocks get Sohei (naginata). Each with the new set of attack animations and a hidden feature to scale up damage depending on the amount of Super energy, 130% at full Super.
Story mission. You casually battle through icy Hive through Alton Dynamo up to Hellas View, where Arora power relay is located. Before jumping on a final platform, you step into the pillar of Light fully recharging your Super. Xol emerges from beneath. Ana tells you on coms that Aurora has energy only for a couple of shots, so you have to stun Xol to make a sure hit. Xol does its usual routines – beam and area attacks, debuffs, platform slams and Hive summons. Several precision hits make the Worm stationary so Ana is able to fire Gugnir at him, and he falls motionless on the platform. In addition, Gugnir attacks overcharge your Light weapon, which performs incredibly well against harmlessly lying Worm. After three phases either the Worm is dead and Guardian is dancing over its body or he cast Darkness, wipes you, and you have to restart the boss battle.
The Worm is dead. You and Ana enter Rasputin core chamber. Classical music playing.
Rasputin: Я Распутин, дитя Золотого Века. Когда я был ребенком, моя речь, сознание и мысли были таковыми ребенка; теперь Я ОДИН, и оставил детское. Теперь мы видим как бы сквозь тусклое стекло, тогда же лицем к лицу. Теперь знаю я отчасти, а тогда познаю всецело, подобно как ОНО всецело познпло меня.
Ana (translates): I am Rasputin, the child of the Golden Age. When I was a child, my speech, consciousness, and thinking were all those of a child; now that I AM ALONE, I have no more use for childish ways. What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror, then we shall see face-to-face. What I know now is only partial; then it will be complete – as complete as ITs knowledge of me.
Camera shows core chamber from the outside. The whole facility became alive and moving. Warsats are launched in the night skies.
Guardian: What does it mean?
Ana: I do not know, yet. We… I should be terrified, but I am not. I believe in him, Bray created him to be a guardian of humanity and so he will be. We have to trust, so he begins to trust us.
Camera shows a closeup of a console in the core chamber. The message is as follows:
/SKOLL SUN / ACTIVE // SYSTEM /// 4.391%
Camera moves out of core chamber and slowly rises above it showing starry night sky.
Campaign is replayable on both normal and prestige difficulty. The Insight Terminus Strike is available for all platforms.


If you finished the campaign on prestige and started second prestige playthrough, right before the end of the first mission, when Ana left on the sparrow and while Ghost is talking, you can backtrack to dead tree growing by the start of the path to Dynamo Approach. Exo Stranger is standing by the tree. You move closer.
Story mission. You chase Stranger deep into Alton Dynamo. She seems to be aware of every Hive move and easily avoids any confrontation with them, while you have to fight your way through. Ghost delivers a couple of jokes about her not having time. Ana is trying to reach you on comms, but neither you nor she can make a contact because of radio interference. Eventually, you catch up with Stranger in Dynamo server room.
Stranger: You are on time. The terminal on the opposite side of the room, I’ll explain what to do when you are there. Take this!
She tosses you an Omni-key on a chain.
Ghost (sarcastic): Explain? Really?
Stranger: Go little light.
Ghost is twitching his parts angrily.
Guardian: What exactly are we doing?
Stranger: We are trying to stop IT.
Ghost: Hive?
Stranger: Rasputin.
You operate terminal controls. Stranger walks you through the routine to disable Warmind’s assets and override protocols.
Stranger: Technically we are trying to stop Ana, but now it is one and the same. I simply cannot bear to kill her.
Ghost: Kill?! Why do you even…
Stranger: Many reasons. Mainly the past and doors it can open. I remember killing you on a couple of occasions, but it did not help.
Guardian stops for a moment and look at the direction where Stranger should be, but server columns are blocking the view.
Stranger briefly explains that through simulations, much like the Vex thanks to her Golden Age scientific work, she was able to explore multiple timelines, gives away her identity and the fact that she and Rasputin are probably the only survivors who witnessed the Collapse. The simulation she ran with the help of Warmind led to her to ultimate conclusion – the Great War will rage again bringing an end to the Light and humanity. While she is trying to avert it by every mean possible, Rasputin learned of his own future and that allegiance with the remnants of the human race is not equal to its own survival.
Ghost: Assuming all of this is true and happened, how… how do you even stay sane?
Stranger: Being Exo helps, I formatted or isolated most moral structures in synopsis network. Not everything, some things are too close to main processing capabilities. Still there was the time I was almost broken, but eventually realized it does not matter if you are in a simulation or not. What does matter is the degree of freedom you have, which on the other hand is the problem.
Guardian: You mean Rasputin?
Stranger: Rasputin is trying to gain its power back. Don’t you think that most powerful weapon of the Golden Age is just a network of Warsats and Forge facilities? And with the other Warminds dead it will also take over their domains.
Ghost: But what makes you think he will turn back on us, Rasputin was created as a protector...
Stranger: In fact, I do not know, with something as complex as the Warmind even the simulations are questionable… but all I have seen is destruction and oblivion. Moreover, it is not a simple computational frame, it is a mind and it is conscious – a new species of his own.
Guardian and Ghost are eyeing Stranger in silence.
Stranger: Tell me – what if you created a being of great power, the closest possible to omnipotent, ubiquitous, free of burden such as morale, emotions, love, and guilt – what would you feel? I am terrified. So were they, they should have been. I found countless failsafe measures from programming structures to primitive breaker switches, serving the only purpose – to limit, to sever, to kill that being. And now it wants everything back!
She concludes that for now Rasputin is constrained enough but she is unsure how long it will take for Ana to break through the protocols. She orders you back to Braytech Futurescape, because the Hive is still a threat.
While you are on a way to Futurescape through the ridge, Ana reaches you on comms, the message is heavily fragmented with a lot of static noise. She and Shaxx are under heavy Hive fire, defending the main building, and they have bigger problems such as Xol inbound.
Story mission. You are on foot, starting on the left side of the Futurescape. The Hive is everywhere, mostly majors and elites. Respawn is restricted. Shooting your way through is impossible, so running from cover to cover is the only option. Frequent orbital bombardment does not make it easier (by the end of the mission you are expected to develop a feeling towards orbital weapons similar to that you have towards Cabal drop pods) and makes you do a hook around the area in order reach main building. Halfway through the mission Xol appears. The Worm brings spice to the fight with debuffs such as slow and suppression in addition to its beam attack.
You made it. Xol fled. At the main building entrance, Ana is trying to catch her breath behind cover. Hive is still attacking.
Ana (shouting): You must finish Xol, and quickly!
Ghost: Where it went?
Ana (nods to the fading pillar of light at Dynamo): The shaft of light will show the way!
Shaxx is waving you away, he and his Titans can manage the rest of Hive. Ana nods with approval.
Shaxx (watching you speeding away): NO OTHER GUARDIAN CAN WIN THIS DAY.
Ana: It is a kind of magic…
Several very close boomer explosions interrupt her. She and Shaxx pop out of cover returning fire to Hive Knights.
Story mission. Pretty much the same as the last mission in the normal campaign. Boss battle has more elite enemies. Only two phases until boss wipes you. In addition, Nokris is flying around the platform, harassing you with Solar AoE attacks. The reward is exotic class-specific melee Light weapon – damage scales up to 200% at full Super, each weapon has a unique heavy attack.
Ending cinematics are the same but slightly longer. After camera rises above Rasputin core chamber, it flies higher above Mars surface and goes to the Asteroid belt. Close up on a big asteroid. Camera flies around. Seemingly dead and dense black shadow comes alive with flickering lights. Huge Arora station is powering up. The screen turns black.


A strange distress signal appears in Glacial Drift, leading you to a quest for Prince Uldren whereabouts. By the way, he is alive. Frabjous cloaks are back. PvE activities have ranking, similar to Valor and Glory, with its own unique rewards.
submitted by Daniilthethird to DestinyJournals

Draft Guide (moved from previous forum)

Here's your guide to the different draft heroes and what to pick with each one. Due to the "Russian Roulette" nature of tournament, I obviously cannot be thorough with my guide, and so I will only cover each heroe's strengths, weaknesses, and favorite cards. This guide consists of tips both for the beginner and the advanced draft players.
For the original (easier on the eyes) version, click here .
General tips*
*Your hero should be your first pick; your card picks are very much affected by your hero, and so a card that may be a no-brainer pick for one hero, can be garbage (or atleast, not that useful) for the next.
*Base your choices upon your previous picks. This one may seem obvious, but it's not always followed-through as should. If you managed to score 2-4 economy cards, it would be a shame if the rest of your deck consists of very cheap cards. If your deck is very skull-oriented, it may be smart to pick Corruption over what is the first-choice by many - Shrine of Rebirth (SoR).
*Always try to have at the very least 2 cards that react to immediate threats, preferably with ignore-intercept ability. A Banker or a Wench on the field can become your opponent's winner cards if you cannot take care of them.
*Some cards should be dismissed only on very rare occasions: Stratagem, SoR, Mayhem, Deceit, Seduce, Goat Poultice, Ceremonial Dance.
*Don't buy out your bank. This tip is useful all around WoO, and especially in draft. Just because you can afford something doesn't mean you should buy it, ask yourself whether or not it's going to be useful in the near future (can my opponent kill the Wench next turn if I place it now?). The reason for this, is that cards already restocked can't be restocked again (under normal circumstances) and thus the cards you actually want are more likely to appear in your bank.
*Heroes can be divided into 2 groups: Versatile and Specialist. The Versatile heroes (Lucca, Anibaldo, Daru, Ashkar) should have decks that cover as many aspects of cards as possible (economy, immediate threats, healing, 1 food converter, etc). The Specialist heroes (Doge, Aline, Ashkar (yes he's both), Xalia) should have decks that cover one or two fields very well (although, they should still have economy cards, for example).
Sang Ashkar
This magical dude is easy to work with, and is precisely why so many like him. His ability usually allows for immediate-threat reaction regardless of what your bank has to offer, and magic in general is the most useful resource.
*The obvious: Focus on cards that compliment your magic generation, such as Daramek Idols, or Endazu Inscriptions.
*The not-so-obvious: Ashkar's magic generation also equals ecnomy, much like Pocchi's gold generation. When picking your cards, allow some (and I mean only some) room for the more expensive cards regardless of whether or not you picked economy cards.
*Favorite card: Boar Fetish.
Doge Monteferro
So cheap, very restock, much Metris, wow! This guy's cheap and so should be his cards. Either that, or make him money. Or both. Preferably both. Deceit, Robberry, Sabotage, Usury (handle with care), Palisade, Subterfuge, Ransack, Impresonate, etc, are all (usually) good picks for Doge.
*The obvious: More often than not, since we're so focused on economy, by the time we reach card #5-6 our deck is pretty solid at making money. At this point cheap cards are obviously no longer that crucial, and moving to the next price range can be a good idea.
*The obvious 2: You can buy out your bank. Not always, ofcourse, since we do find some cards unneeded and are thus better to keep in bank - but generally, clicking your bank a lot is hardly as dangerous as anywhere else on WoO.
*The obvious 3: Metris and lots of it. Doge likes Metris. Metris allows Doge to place 2 Undermines on field, Forgery whatever your opponent does manage to buy, and still keep your bank at a competitive pace.
*The not-so-obvious: Doge has the potential to be the strongest hero. That does not mean he's the best one, he only has the potential to be the best. A Doge with Treaty and Fetish will easily make a better Ashkar than Ashkar himself. The bottom line of this tip here, is that your card picking needs synergy more than in other decks, since cards appear a lot more often. The leader of the Specialists group, if you will.
*The not-so-obvious 2: Synod/Lackey (both increase the restock rate by 1) are amazing under the correct setting. With enough economy cards, you will be able to click your bank 4 times a turn, a combo that can hardly be outfought by any other deck. However, you have been warned, the same 2 cards can ruin your game without enough gold in your hands.
*Favorite card: Deceit.
Underrated for some reason, this hero has the potential to end games before they even begin. Think Metris burn, but with cards from outside of Metris (such as Rite of Combat), with ignore intercept, and with +1 skull every turn. See why she's strong now?
*The obvious: Pick cards that compliment your skull generation (Assasin, Corruption) and/or cards that compliment your natural damage generation (Rite of Combat, Coup de Grace).
*The not-so-obvious: (Only applies if you managed to pull off a burn deck) pay attention to your enemy's units on field - Do you really need to kill them? Would letting them live give your opponent too much of an advantage? If not, let them live; you're in a race and your enemy's units are draining your precious resources for no good reason.
*Favorite card: Assasin (do note that an Assasin without protection won't be worth much.)
Countess Aline
Unlike Xalia, this one is overrated (not saying she isn't strong though). My take on the reasoning behind that, is that her advantage is always so apparent - you place the unit and it just activates, so easy to work with.
*The obvious: Focus on allies, preferably ones with strong on-turn abilities (Banker, Informant, Marshal, Flower, Yarakeen, Rat Catcher, Bishop, Tavern Wench). Survival is not as important.
*The obvious 2: Complimenting Aline's ability through Lackey, Overseer or The General can be amazing. A Wench suddenly seducing 4 units, or a Ballista doing 8 damage is not a dream with 1 or 2 of these in your deck. Not to mention what Yarakeen can do.
*The not-so-obvious: Aline can build decks that have her units on the field every turn, all she needs is a Rat Catcher and a Feast/Repopulate (any cards that enhance that, such as Overseer, Marshal, etc, are always nice). A combo such as this can hardly ever be handled by most decks (can you picture your 4 charge Flower, your Banker and your Marshal appearing every turn, and on top of a General on field too?)
*Favorite card: Repopulate.
Baroness Anibaldo
I find the reactions to this one quite funny. Many deem her too strong, many don't even understand the appeal. In reality, she's just balanced. You need less focus on everything when building your deck (meaning your coins are great for economy on their own, great for reacting to threats on their own, great for resource denial on their own, etc, etc). This does not mean you shouldn't focus on a versatile deck at all, but she can handle some aspects of a versatile deck on her own, even without your help.
*The obvious: Compliment her ability (as always in this guide) with cards like SoR, Vespitole spells, etc.
*The not-so-obvious: Many (well, most) Daramek and Endazu cards cripple her. Redrawing Orphan Gang instead of a coin - bad. Redrawing Ibshuk instead of a coin - bad. Redrawing Flower instead of a coin - bad. You get the picture, focus on Vespitole and Metris.
*The not-so-obvious 2: Feast or Repopulate combined with Vespitole allies reveal Anibaldo's true power, keep that in mind when building a deck.
*Favorite card: Shrine of Rebirth.
Shofet Daru
Ah, the most versatile of them all if you ask me. I have so much to say about him, that I have nothing to say. Basically, he can handle any number of decks quite well, and play all 4 factions pretty nicely.
*The obvious: Daru can redraw scary Daramek allies quite often, or (as in, instead!) play his Vespitole cards better than anyone else. The extra card draw means not only that you're more likely to draw Vespitole cards that begin a chain, but also that your chain has a higher chance of surviving. Cards from outside of Vespitole, however, act as coins in the manner that when they appear your chain is broken. Keep that in mind when building your deck.
*The obvious 2: Rites. Combat, Brood (in this order). Rites. He just uses them so well.
*The not-so-obvious: Daru's magic number is 5. 5 cost cards are something he handles quite well due to his extra draw, meaning Barge, Burglary or Arson synergize well with his ability. Experiment with this tip, as it can be dangerous if followed too religously. (By the way, 1 Deceit in your deck and his magic number is suddenly 5.5).
*Favorite card: Rite of Combat.
A very underrated hero, much to my surprise. This guy is probably my leading 8-0'er. He's versatile and can use most decks quite well. His 2 obvious advantages are economy and resource denial, so lets play on that, shall we?
*The obvious: Lucca likes to deny resources, so follow that and pick some (don't over do it though!) resource denial to help him out.
*The obvious 2: 1 or 2 economy cards and Lucca can ignore what the price tag says (when deck building). Again, don't over do it!
*The not-so-obvious: This game has, other than resource-denial cards, resource-draining cards. A Palisade reappearing to protect your units means your opponent has to pay 2 resources on top of any resources you're already stealing from him. A charged Hedge Guardian is 10.
*Favorite card(s): Tied at Usury/Hedge Guardian. Both can lead to a very nice lockdown on your opponent's resources.
Counter strategies:
The Versatile group (excluding Lucca):
You can't counter-strategy a strategy that tries to cover everything, other than being good at what you do. All 3 heroes dislike bank denial and Undermine though. Shame it's only 2 turns.
Doge Monterferro
Resource denial. More and more - it's never enough. If you managed to only let him buy 1 card every turn, you've completely negated his ability. Yay!
*Main counter-cards: Embezzle, Undermine, Arson, Embargo.
*Nemesis: Lucca.
Her ability becomes very weak when she has to use her skull every turn, and even weaker when using her skull every turn isn't even enough to handle all threats. Make it a goal of yours to try and place atleast 1 more health of units than she can afford to kill with damage.
*Main counter-cards: Bishop, Barge, Peacock, Repopulate, Rat Catcher, Ballista.
*Nemesis: Countess Aline (only because her decks usually consist of many allies/allies returning to field often).
Countess Aline
Take away her allies, and she becomes hopeless. How does one do that? Seduce, Mayhem, Malediction and Wench (in that order) all can win you games. Bank denial is nice too.
*Main counter-cards: Seduce, Mayhem, Malediction, Wench.
*Nemesis: Xalia.
Two stratgies weaken Lucca quite a bit. One is using up your resources, the other is saving them up.
1) Using up your resources every turn means they cannot be stolen. That's the obvious counter strategy. The problem with this strategy is that you cannot save up and buy big guns, so:
2) Saving up your resources can be used to weaken Lucca's ability, but, when should we do it? When we start to overflow with resources. And how does one overflow with resources when they're denied from him every turn? Using allies, ofcourse. Manage to keep 3+ allies on the field and then saving up your resources won't be as problematic.
Strategy #1 is obviously easier and more commonly used, it's strategy #2 that is sometimes overlooked or not used at all.
*Main counter-cards: Resource draining (fight fire with fire!).
*Nemesis: Lucca. Heh.
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