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It's like EA doesn't give a hoot. Freedom Fighters Deutsch Serial Number Keygen for All Versions Find Serial Number notice: Freedom Fighters serial number, Freedom Fighters all version keygen, Freedom Fighters activation key, crack - may give false results or no results in search terms. Corel draw 11 with crack. Sothink video converter full version with crack. Generals, C&C3 and Red Alert 3 available. Latest on Command & Conquer: Generals 2. 48 E3 2020: Command & Conquer Returns, But As A Free-To-Play Mobile Title, Rivals. There's already one free-to-play Command and Conquer game - Tiberium Alliances.


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Command & Conquer: Generals – Patch 1.08 Released on 15 December 2020. Here are the major highlights: * New, Improved Automatch! Although not originally envisioned by Westwood Studios, Red Alert 2 was created following the success of the original Red Alert. English patch is also working overtime, will update later. Command conquer tiberian twilight origin key global. This series of matches are formally the best. K lite codec pack the best codec pack for windows xp service Furi imaginile de la avatar ul cuiva by banomix roanoke how to become a guy magnet free download See more.

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The serial number for C&C is available This release was created for you, eager to use C&C. Skirmishes and multiplayer are available, while campaigns and challenges are not included in this release. Our team made a new key generator for you. I bought the command and conquer ultimate collection to play the beta.

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Bannerlord Early Access - Mainline 1.5.0 & Beta Branch 1.5.1 Patch Notes

Greetings, Peasants.



Welcome to the patch thread, we make these threads to save us another pin space for other things.

Taleworlds forum bug reporting thread

Mount and Blade Discord

Link to wiki - Previous patches and threads inside



Native: e1.5.0
SandboxCore: e1.5.0
Sandbox: e1.5.0
Storymode: e1.5.0
CustomBattle: e1.5.0

Latest Changes:

Fixed a crash at the MP lobby login.
Reverted some save and load-related changes that were causing issues with non-Latin characters.
Gamescom related preparations.
Fixed a load-related issue with the movement tutorial.

Previous Beta Hotfixes:


Leaving a faction while in an army is now fixed.
Fixed a crash that occurred when joining a kingdom as a vassal while being employed as a mercenary for the same kingdom.
Fixed a crash that occurred when Lord Wants Rival Captured quest was cancelled by a declaration of war.
Fixed a bug that caused the total issue count to be less and less over time.
Added meshes for the Highland Mail Shirt and Highland Mail Shoulders.
Clan game map selection list now consists of up-to-date maps.
Fixed an issue with white textures.
Fixed a Save & Load crash related to settlements that do not have an owner.
Fixed a bug that caused notables (mainly village notables) to disappear after some time.
Fixed a bug that caused a settlement ownership kingdom decision to trigger for enemy settlements if they were reclaimed before the vote took place.
Players can now only enter empty settlements if they are owned by their faction: the gate will now be down for enemy settlements, even if they don't have a garrison.
Fixed a bug with neutral heroes trying to create parties.
Fixed a bug in the loading order which led to instability after loading. This should resolve issues with "ghost" armies.


Fixed a crash that occurred while creating village issues.
Fixed an issue that caused the scene snow calculation to be misaligned with the campaign map.
Fixed a crash that occurred when talking to a companion after clearing an alley.
Fixed the swing speed of the Battania Axe.
Fixed a crash that occurred when an army sieges a settlement.
Fixed a crash that happened when the player tried to open the encyclopedia page for "Radagos' Raider.
Fixed a crash that occurred during tournament missions.
Clan tags are not added to player names that already have that tag.
Players can now see the clan leaderboard when they are creating clan games.
Fixed an issue that caused the player to be unable to end battles when enemies were fleeing.
Fixed Vlandia and Empire Heavy Infantry default shields.
Changed Voulgier two-handed Sword Perk to Sword and Shield Perk.
Slightly lowered Voulgier armour.


Clan names with white-spaces in them are now correctly validated.
Fixed a crash occurs when Chaikand is under siege.
Fixed a crash on load screen when there is a corrupt save.
Fixed a crash that occurred while fistfighting in TDM games.


Fixed the missing shader issues. This will fix the long loading screens and eventual freeze and/or crash after it.
Fixed a bug that caused a crash while preparing tooltips for villages in the town management popup.
Fixed the issue with the matchmaker that forced everyone to play on EU servers for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Fixed a bug that caused expand tooltip [ALT] key to not work properly.
Fixed an issue that caused Left Mouse Click to be assigned whenever the player tried to rebind a key.
Fixed an issue with the unverified dll caution popup.
The create a premade game button is now enabled correctly.
Various world map navigation mesh errors have been fixed.
Added the missing loading images of the two new skirmish maps.
Added a deleted Battanian armour and shoulder piece.
Fixed the issue with being able to equip the billhook as a one-handed weapon.
Whitespaces can now be used in clan names.
UI fixes for the clan tab on the multiplayer Lobby.
Fixes and improvements to formation AI behaviours.
Chinese localisation fixes.
Fixed the issue of randomly disconnecting from the lobby while playing multiplayer.

Initial Beta Changelog



Native: e1.5.1
SandboxCore: e1.5.1
Sandbox: e1.5.1
Storymode: e1.5.1
CustomBattle: e1.5.1



Two end of battle crashes were fixed.
Fixed an issue with dead agents dropping equipment that was causing the game to crash.
Fixed a crash that occurred after arena practice fights.
Fixed a crash that was caused by garrisons without a bound settlement.
Fixed a crash that occurred due to a dialogue condition in the main storyline.
Fixed a crash that was related to corporal punishment.

Save & Load

Added a notification that informs the player that the game was successfully quicksaved.


Updated Chinese translations.
Turkish translation updates.
Minor text and punctuation fixes.


Fixed a visual issue with an Aserai Helmet
Horse_harness_a, horse_harness_roman_b and horse_harness_saxon have been remastered. Brought to your service under the names Saddle of Aeneas, Fortuna's Choice and Celtic Frost.
Added new Battanian chainmail armour.
Fixed some clipping issues on civilian clothes.
Updated some spear fur guard meshes for better aesthetics and optimized crafting spear pieces for future updates.
Fixed a bug where arrows went through some solid pots instead of getting stuck.
Improved on some of the Aserai and Vlandia village scenes.


Added new death animations for camel riders.



Added missing troop tier and type icons to the new hideout troop selection popup
The selected skill now stays the same when the current character is changed in character developer screen for easier comparison


Fixed a bug that caused a crash while preparing tooltip for villages in the town management popup.
Fixed some localization bugs in the encyclopedia.
Fixed a bug that caused development stats for items to be visible in item tooltip (Culture, StringId).
Fixed a bug that caused selected clan to change in Kingdom clan tab after supporting a clan.
Fixed an issue in character naming that didn't allow for 1 character names in Asian languages.
Fixed an issue that caused the raid icon to become visible in village nameplates when there is a battle happening nearby.

Battles and Sieges

Not being able to defend against ranged attacks when the Auto option was selected for blocking direction has been fixed.
AI will be less cautious while they are besieging settlements so the player has a greater chance to experience defensive sieges by breaking into a castle or town. In previous versions, the AI was giving up the siege in most scenarios when the player joined the defenders because of changed power ratios. Because of this sieges will also be won more frequently by defenders compared to past versions.

Character Development System

We have removed some of the starting equipment that was too strong or too expensive. This will create a more even starting point for each selection.
Added 24 for combat-related perks for Riding. This completes the perks for this skill.
Added 6 new campaign-related throwing perk.

Clan and Party

Starving parties healthy troops will be wounded 50% slower


AI changes its siege targets less frequently now so they lose less time while travelling from one target to another
Because of some bugs, weak factions were having problems in forming armies. Now they will form armies even if they are weak and they will not simply give up. In rare cases, some factions which have no settlements left will make comebacks by conquering a new settlement.

Kingdoms and Diplomacy

AI clans make their wapeace decisions more cleverly and take into account a broader range of situations. They generally do not want to face more than 1-2 enemies at the same time. So if they have lots of enemies they will try to make peace with some of them. This will reduce wiped out factions because in previous versions some factions were not giving logical decisions at diplomatic votings. Clans which have settlements that border the enemy will want peace more frequently. Similarly, they will not want wars in peace times. Rich kingdoms will not care about paying tribute as much as poor ones. If a faction has fewer men in garrisons or lord parties or if lots of settlements have food problems they will try to end the war with their recent enemies. There will be less snowballing due to all these changes because clans will try to act in the interest of their kingdom.

Settlement Actions (Town, Village, Castle and Hideout)

New "Barber" NPC added to the town centre of every town. For 100 denars, this NPC lets you decide on a new haircut. Depending on the culture of the town, these haircuts and beards can change.

Quests & Issues

Lord Needs Horses

Companions assigned for the alternative solution were not getting quest experience. This is fixed.
Added more detailed quest log entries for Lord Needs Horses quest.
Fixed an issue that caused the party encounter menu to pop up once the player finishes a conversation with the quest giver.
Minor faction leaders can no longer give Lord Needs Horses quest.

Landlord needs Manual Labor

Fixed a bug that allowed players to get infinite relation with the quest giver.
Fixed a bug that caused the counter offer NPC's dialogue to be wrong.
Defender and deserter parties spawned during Extortion by Deserters quest have their cultures set to the quest village's original culture.
Wrong usages of the gold transaction action were fixed in multiple parts of the code. This should fix wrong or missing logs.
Fixed a bug that causes dialogue counts to be wrong in Artisan Can't Sell Products quest.
Fixed a bug that prevents quest NPC's from sheathing their weapons after Family Feud quest fight.
Fixed duplicated persuasion dialogue text in Army of Poacher quest persuasion.
Fixed a bug that blocked quests from being completed with alternative (companion) solutions and made alternative solution companions disappear in some cases.
Fixed a bug that caused a Nearby Bandit Base quest to get stuck when players also had an active Needs Help With Bandits quest.

Conversations & Encounters

An issue with encounter side based logic was fixed. This caused the spawn points of heroes in hostile town and castle conversation missions to be reversed.
Fixed a bug that caused conversation buttons to become unresponsive after a bandit/looter party encounter.


Tournaments will now use blunt weapons. Blunt weapons will make sure these events occur in a more friendly manner.
Fixed a bug that prevented removing corpses while ending a tournament round.
A new menu that notifies players about their situation has been added for cases where the village that they are staying in gets raided by someone else
Improvements for the automatic navmesh creation system were made
Fixed multiple encyclopedia log entries for 2 heroes meeting for the first time
Added a console command to disable day/night cycle.
Fixed a bug related to the atmosphere selection algorithm based on the location of the main map.


Other - Miscellaneous

A player can from now on report the same player only 3 times per session.


Added missing spear brace icons.



Couched lance and braced spear damages are reduced to a point where they are mainly effective with a high relative speed only.
First-person camera positioning is changed so that the clipping and being able to see the neck part of the body is significantly reduced.

Known Issues

submitted by Arthanias to mountandblade