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The Hum in the Blizzard [HR]

The night was cold, an angry wind swept through the trees. My dog and I were two miles into a hike near Cedar City, Utah. Most people didn’t like to hike at 2 a.m. in the middle of winter, but I’m not most people. The seclusion and danger of the hike made the trips a thrill. My dog was just excited to get out of the house. Trees stood around me, each of their needled arms trying to block the sky above me. A gentle snowfall had started moments earlier forcing me and Titan to turn back.
“Sorry buddy, it’s time to go home.” Titan wagged his tail at the sound of my voice.
He responded with a lift of his leg and a sprinkle on a nearby bush.
My dog was the best companion for these hikes. A girlfriend might complain twenty minutes into the hike, a friend wouldn’t be interested unless alcohol was involved. No, these were my little getaways, just myself and my good boy. The large black dog cheerily followed me up the mountain, tongue wagging out the side of his mouth. His ears perked at the occasional sound deep in the woods, but he never strayed from my side.
A powerful gust of wind snapped a branch somewhere in the mass of trees. The rustle of falling needles complimented the crack of splintering wood. A gentle cascade of snowflakes, shaken loose from the branches around me, danced in the glow my flashlight. There was an unmistakable energy present in the air. A second even stronger gust of wind nearly knocked me on my ass. The howling stung my face, the blanket of snow doubling in intensity. A blizzard had started.
I pulled out the leash from my backpack. Titan sat down paw in the air in anticipation of it being hooked onto his collar. “Sorry buddy, just until we get to the car I promise.”
He was a great dog, incredibly loyal, but even a loyal dog could get spooked. The nylon loop reassured me he’d stay by my side. Slowly, we trotted through the darkness of the mountain. With every passing minute the storm grew. What was initially a gentle snow fall had quickly escalated to a howling wind of icy shards. My nose and ears burned like I had been buffeted with a torrent of bees. Where had I parked the damn car? Crouching low to the ground, I placed my backpack on the snow in front of me. After a short while of rummaging, I pulled out my GPS.
“What the hell.” My expression resembled a child whose nose had been stolen.
The GPS wasn’t working. Actually, to say it wasn’t working was an understatement. The device was going completely nuts. My position was changing rapidly jumping to locations miles away only to return to my current position. Sometimes multiple location indicators would appear at different spots. An aura of panic settled around me. My vision was now limited to mere feet in front of me, the flashlight doing little to reveal my path. That’s when the humming started.
Titan’s ears pricked up, his attention shifting to a spot just behind us. I tugged on his leash to get him moving but he wouldn’t budge. He was frozen like a statue, eyes unwavering from the location. Just above the gusts of wind, a melody, if you could even call it that, could be heard. A chorus of dissonant hums reached my ears. They were cut short by a bark. Titan’s hair stood us as though he had been statically charged, his tail tucked between his legs. Through the torrent of snow, I thought I could make out a figure. I squinted my eyes to double check, but nothing was there.
“Come on Titan, we’re going to freeze to death out here.” I gave the leash a firm pull.
A furious growl escaped his throat as he turned and bit my leg. Warm blood trickled into my sock from the spot just below my knee. I kicked him hard in the ribs out of reflex as I tried to retrieve the leash I had dropped. No luck. I watched as the blue leash disappeared into the blizzard like a serpent, Titan barking until I heard nothing.
“Come here boy.” My only answer was the howl of the wind.
Even through my gloves, I felt the chill of the storm on my hands. Holding the flashlight was like holding a handful of dry ice. “Titan!” I yelled again.
I thought I heard a whimper from behind me. Swinging the flashlight around, I limped towards the sound. Each step sent a throbbing pain up my thigh that came to rest in my eyes. Just in front of me, I saw something dangling from a branch. The occasional break in the snow allowed me to glimpse it just barely. I came up to it and saw that it was Titan’s leash. I traced it up to the branch and my light illuminated a figure on the tree branch. Two snow covered legs swayed in the wind devoid of clothing. Naked arms protruded from the frozen torso. The surface of this thing was covered in ice crystals with black chunks of frostbitten flesh where the hands and feet should be. My eyes came to rest on the blank mass of flesh where the face should be. Eyes like snow globes glared back at me. A mangled sound came from within its chest, no mouth opened to let it escape. What met my ears was the hum I’d been hearing earlier. The creature fell forward out of the tree landing directly in front of me.
I bolted in the opposite direction, unsure of where I could run. The chorus of hums surrounded me once again. I tried to avoid them as I shifted my direction to anywhere they were not. Behind every tree I would spot the figure. If I stopped to catch my breath, it was there watching me. All the while my ears were flooded with the awful humming. I pulled out my GPS hoping that it would just show me where I was. Of course, I wasn’t that lucky. According to the screen I was everywhere. Dozens of blue arrows appeared and disappeared across the mountain. A bark pulled my attention from the device and with it, the humming stopped.
“Titan!” I screamed into the blizzard.
I stepped through the snow only to see the dog standing next to… it couldn’t possibly be… myself?
There I was standing with his leash; it was the moment he had bitten me. I remember thinking I had spotted something in the blizzard, the words I had spoken reached my ears as a garbled distortion of my voice. Titan growled furiously and bit the other me’s leg tearing away and rushing towards where I currently stood. I pulled back my flashlight and prepared to strike the dog with it, but he never reached me. Instead I found my self postured up against a blank patch of snow. Titan and my doppelganger were nowhere to be found.
“What is going on up here.” I found myself speaking to the mountain.
My answer was a torrent of increasing snow fall. The cold bit deep into my clothing. I tucked my face further into my hood hoping to shield it from the boreal weather. My world no longer consisted of a forest but instead was replaced by the constant howl of wind. But it wasn’t the wind I feared. All I feared was the hum. Every time the storm let up my ears listened for the pursuer. Not long after a break in the wind, I saw a figure stumbling ahead of me. They were facing away, the large hooded coat concealing their head.
“Hey!” I nearly lost my footing as I increased my pace. “Help!”
My voice was fighting the gusts of wind, but one soundwave must have won. They turned to me, the large jacket obstructing their face. They bolted away.
“No, please wait!” The pleads came out like gravel. I tried to keep up with the person, but I had no luck, soon I lost sight of them. Not wanting to give up hope, I continued charging forward. My mind kept reminding me of the encounter with the phantom me, kept reminding me of how I was an outside viewer of an event that had taken place earlier. My thoughts were interrupted as I tripped over something. I hit the ground hard.
My leg landed on a rock protruding from the snow. I rolled up my pant leg to assess the damage expecting a fresh stream of blood. The wound hardly bled. Frostbite must be setting in. My eyes didn’t focus on the leg long as they discovered what had tripped me. A body.
Face down in the snow lie a frozen bundle of clothing, the wearer was stiff as a board. I recognized the jacket, the man I had spotted was wearing it. I also noticed it was the same jacket I was currently wearing. My heart was racing as I rolled the body over. I stared into my own frozen eyes. I was stunned. There was no mistaking it was my body, even the dog bite was visible on his leg.
My shock was cut short by the familiar hum. It permeated the air around me as suddenly as the blizzard. I had to move. It was as I stood to run that I saw something clutched in the reflection’s corpse. A blue leash. Without really knowing why, I took it with me.
It’s hard to say how long I wandered in the storm. It felt like an eternity. The strange sighting continued, draining me mentally. I tip toed around the endless corpses of myself that now littered the mountain, a never-ending blanket of snow burying them. I found myself falling into the snow, my hope for finding the car shattered. Then it was there.
As though responding to my helplessness, my car peaked at me through a gap in the storm. The endless humming came from the same direction, but I didn’t care. My body had long since lost feeling, I was ready to escape or die. Although I reached the car with no issues, I couldn’t ignore the endless faces peaking at me from the trees. The entity following me had multiplied into an army. I came face to face with one for the last time as I reached the vehicle.
My body sat in the driver’s seat. This corpse had not yet frozen over like the others I had seen. Instead I witnessed it as the ice and frostbite consumed the corpse. The face became a featureless mass as the eyes popped open. What started off as a scream, soon twisted into a familiar sound coming from the corpse’s mouth. The hum. I turned away not wanting to see it. My eyes locked upon the monster standing mere inches from my face. My senses were overwhelmed with the cold, a strong smell of death filling my nostrils. I fainted.
One eye popped open, the other slowly followed. I was inside of my car, heater bathing me in warmth. From outside the foggy windows I could see the storm had stopped. I noticed the leash sitting in the passenger seat. Titan.
Hopping out of the car I began to yell. “Titan!”
Memories of the creature had surfaced as I slowly regained my bearings. I must have run to the car while the storm started and fallen asleep as the storm raged, but why would I leave my Titan behind? As I searched for the dog, I noticed the footprints surrounding the car. I could see that they were heading off into the tree line. I pulled the leash from the car as I followed them.
I must have searched for him for hours with no luck. The limp soon reminded me of the dog bite. Blood still stained my pants. This confirmed that at least some of what I had experienced was real. The icing on the cake was what I discovered shortly after. Hanging on a tree branch in front of me was Titan’s leash, exactly where it had been when I encountered the first entity. A large imprint lay beneath the tree not yet hidden by the snow fall.
I never found him. I officially gave up hope after a week or two of returning to the mountain. I still return to the mountain from time to time, something inside me keeps drawing me back. Although this event took place years ago, I still entertain the idea of finding him. I guess I should say I would like to find the real him.
Sometimes, If I wait until just the right time of night, I can catch a faint glimpse of him. I never see all of Titan, just catching a glimpse of his tail behind a tree or the flick of his ear in a nearby bush. I know this isn’t the real Titan. Every time I see him, he’s always moving away from me, heading deeper into the mountains. I never follow him though. Whenever he appears that familiar hum is right behind him, calling him away from me, luring me with Titan as the bait.
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Pizza Shop overrun with flying insects, I could really use advice properly reporting (kinda long)

I'm keeping things vague for the moment. I work in a pizza shop where insects in the spring/summer are a problem. Before we move forward, I need to mention this one fact: wind curtains were installed in this store over the only employee entrance, but are completely ineffective. I would swear before a judge while connected to a polygraph that I sweep up...not a small but not a large number of insects each night. Maybe 30-40 if I HAD to estimate. Tonight was the absolute worst I've ever seen however — hundreds and hundreds, maybe even 1,000+ flying insects. There was a variety of insects, from crickets to mayflies, but the majority of them were these tiny things that looked like a flea the size of a fruit fly (2-3mm). These are the things I experienced during my shift:

- Opening a previously unopened box (since it was initially folded) and finding four insects that had crawled inside
- I personally witnessed that, in the time it took to get a pizza off the oven's conveyor belt to its box, (1-2 seconds) a flying insect had already landed on it, and it needed to be remade
- While I was tending the oven, in the time it took to transfer breadsticks from the oven to its just-opened-box (again...1-2 seconds), a fly had landed on the breadstick tray and it needed to be replaced
- Delivery drivers had to wait extra time on products that needed to be remade (Any delivery drivers out there know if you're waiting in the store, you're losing money. Tips are delivery driver's lifeblood, and time decides how many deliveries you can take in a shift — the classic 'time=money')
- Swarms of insects crawling on the floors
- Customers were upset with the wait time
- Having to slap or brush away a flying insect off your person every few seconds
- Intense anxiety, tremors, racing thoughts, sweating, feelings of physical revulsion from the swarm of insects. (This one is personal and includes a backstory that I'll tell if there's interest. I love insects - OUTSIDE. They're critical to the nth degree for the services they provide to the environment as well as the food-chain. I respect them, their role in the world, and find their behaviors very intriguing. Inside, and specifically in a multitudinous swarm, it's my own personal hell where they can all fuck right off to and burn to death in fiery pits a million times over . I. Hate. Insects. Inside. Period. Arachnids, on the other hand...we cool 'cause they eat those pests)
(I have pictures and a video I took to back up all these claims, aside from the upset customers, but can't share them since I'm trying to keep things vague until the next step forward is determined, and the pictures/video would immediately identify the business)

I promptly and vehemently lodged a complaint with the shift manager, saying it was clearly a health code violation. This is what happened: my shift manager (SM) contacted the store's general manager (GM) and district manager (DM) about the bug issue. The GM told me that she has repeatedly brought the issue up with the DM and they rarely do anything about it because of the seasonal nature of the issue, and she did nothing to improve the situation. The SM contacted the DM to let him know the extent of the problem, and in typical finger-in-the-dam's-leak fashion, was told that the DM would bring a fogger in the next day in addition to resealing the front door...which...tbh I don't even know what that means...we're doing outside-the-store carryout orders at a pick-up window and don't use the front door currently. That wasn't an adequate response given the number of bugs in the store. I texted the DM directly, here's a transcript of our conversation (I can include a screenshot if necessary)

Me: (DM's name), it's (me). Look, I know you've heard from (SM's name) already, but I need to impress upon the point: we've had to remake things because flies landed in and on pizzas between the end of the oven and being boxed. The amount of bugs here is absolutely disgusting and this store shouldn't be open.
DM: I dont have the authority to close stores. I have worked there as then gm for years. You have to deal with it. Keep doors closed and things covered.
DM: I know it sucks.
Me: This is beyond what we're equipped to handle.
DM: I will reseal the front doors and buy fogger for tomorrow.
Me: Okay, could you please send along (Owner's) # so I can let her know?
DM: (Sends owner's email address)
Me: There's no 'store-emergency-let-(Owner's name)- know' number? It's a health code emergency. We're actively trying not to serve bugs and failing. Remakes, drivers waiting on remakes, (company specific metric's names) probably impacted...it's that bad. Come on, help me out here, please.
DM: She will see the email
DM: Just like a phone call
DM: I have made her aware of the situation
DM: Im in communications with her

This texting occurred while I was out on a few deliveries, but not while driving. I needed to specify that, and add: texts can wait. Please don't text and drive. As a delivery driver, I see a LOT of bad driving. Pull over to to text back, or just wait until you get to your destination to respond. 99.999% of the time, whatever that text message says isn't potentially worth your, or someone else's, life. Digression aside...

I've worked on and off at this pizza store for about 6 years. Upper management has a kick-the-can style mentality when it comes to addressing problems, a refusal to fire problem-employees because of the high turnover employment rate, in addition to a level of penny-pinching that Mr. Krabs himself would be jealous of. Big problems are ALWAYS "worked out" between the DM and owner behind closed doors; all the employees ever get are decisions, not rationales.

I kept taking deliveries, but I was a mess; I couldn't think straight and the the only thing that kept going through my head was having to go back inside. My hands were shaking, I was sweating, and my stomach was in knots. An even more veteran employee mentioned to me that these bugs have been a problem for the last "7 to 8 years". That's in quotes, because she said it, because she experienced it. 7-8...fucking...YEARS!!! Tonight the bugs proved to be an unusual situation that required a unique response. When I got back from my delivery, sitting in my car shaking life a fuckin' leaf during a tornado, I sent the owner this email. Everything in '[ ]' are spelling/grammar corrections

(Owner's name),
The (our) store is completely overrun with insects. I couldn't get a pizza from the end of the oven to it's [its] box before bugs landed in and in it. It's beyond what any employee should be directed [expected] to deal with, and at this point [is] a public health code violation. I'm physically revolted and experiencing anxiety at the thought of even going back in there, which NEVER happens to me. And I mean ever. Like, ever-EVER. The store needs to be closed down ASAP, and something needs to be done to keep bugs out, because this has been a problem for a loooooong time. Please call [SM's name] and let [her] close the store. Please!
(My name)

Never heard back from her. So I fought to continue working and gave management time to respond and make a decision. I took another delivery, and when I got back, I saw the DM's car in the parking lot and the overhead lights in the store off. I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking the situation had been properly assessed and the store was closed to clean up the horror within. .........................Unsurprisingly, and of-fucking-course...I was wrong. I had just checked back in from my delivery, walked up to my DM and asked if we're closing, and he says "We can't turn away profit at 9pm at night to close (12pm).".........on a slow-ass Tuesday night where we didn't even have a dinner-rush.

Folks, I about fucking lost it right there and then. It took every figurative fiber of my patience and being to not fucking scream right in his stupid fucking face fucking there and then. This job, as with just about every other job in this fucking capitalistic society...favors money over the health and well-being of the public they're there to serve. It's absolutely disgusting. Abhorrent. It's morally bankrupt to continue serving food from a store in the midst of a severe health-code violation......and yet that's exactly what the owner ordered because she didn't want to lose 3 fucking hours of profit. The DM was there putting up a fan in front of the carry-out window to blow bugs away from it. .........a fucking fan. I didn't stick around, the anxiety I felt just being there was more than I could stand. I gave all my cash-order money to the DM, along with my pizza store car topper, all my tips earned that night, and left without a word to anyone.

When I got in my car, I couldn't hold it back and screamed the fuck word a few times at the top of my voice and pounded the shit out of my steering wheel. I know you don't know me, my personality, or my mannerisms, but imagine if Jesus or Mr. Rogers tripped a leper hobbling down the street then laughed about it while taking a piss on them. That's how unusual it is for me to act out like this. I'm an incredible stoic person by nature, and it takes a hell of a lot to get my goat. I always try to be a good employee, do what I need to do in a shift and a little more so nobody can accuse me of not doing my fair share, and go the fuck home........rinse, wash, and repeat.

This incident reached deeeeeeeeep fuckin' down into a part of me I rarely get to access. It's righteous rage of a good employee scorned. The saying 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' also applies to good employees trying to just do their basic job in the middle of a powerful torrent of corporate and capitalist bullshit. What fucking dollar amount is it okay to remain open and serving food to the public in the midst of a MASSIVE FUCKING HEALTH CODE VIOLATION?!? It's a rhetorical question, because we all fucking know the goddamn fucking answer to the fucking question!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so fuckin' angry right now.

There's an explitive-laced email I'd reeeeaaaaalllllllly like to send to the owner that I'm currently sitting on, as well as a call to the local health department to get that store shut the fuck down.........but I also realize I'm incredibly upset at the moment and shouldn't be making any decisions. Another thing I'd like to mention as an aside is the acronym HALT. It stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. These are all emotional states that cloud our better judgement. If you realize you're experiencing one of these emotions, try really hard to have a presence of mind to not make any hasty or rash decisions until you've calmed down. People, historically, make really bad decisions when upset some way or another.
So that's where I leave things. I have the contact info for the local health department on stand-by, and at least 6 months of rent in a rainy day fund if I need to say 'fuck this job' while I look for another. How should I move forward? I really appreciate everyone that's taken the time to read this, and doubly appreciate those who responded with their advice.
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