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Question: Using My Electric Drum Kit w/ EZDrummer2 & Studio One

Hi there, drumming community! Amateur Drummer / Audio Equipment Rookie reporting in!
What am I looking for?
  • I am looking to use a VST (I think that's what it's called?), specifically EzDrummer2 with my Studio One software to listen to a music track (through Spotify and Youtube) for casual playing purposes. I'd like to have all sound from the VST and my laptop to be heard through my headphones.
My Hardware
  • (KIT) Alesis Command Kit & Module w/ MIDI In-Out & USB Midi
  • PreSonus Audiobox USB 96
  • (LAPTOP) Lenovo Ideapad Y700 Touch-15ISK Signature Edition
  • Sony Studio Headphones (MDR-7506)
  • x1 Aux-to-Quarter Inch adapter
  • x2 MIDI Cables, M-to-F, 6-Pin
  • x2 USB MIDI Cables
My Software
  • PreSonus Studio One Professional
  • EZDrummer 2 (VST and Standalone)
  • Voicemeeter Banana
So Basically...
I'm at a complete loss as to how to get this to work. As I mentioned above, all I want to do is to be able to utilize the custom kits through EZDrummer, listen to a music track, and play using those custom kits with < 6ms latency.
I've done just about everything I could possibly think of to get it to work and I don't even know how to explain everything I did, and what research I did didn't really benefit me much because a lot of it uses verbiage and content that's a bit over my head and I'm frankly a bit overwhelmed, so I was hoping this community might be able to help get me on the right track!
Please let me know if I can answer any questions or if I should be more specific, as I'm not 100% certain how to ask or what to ask for.
Thanks ahead of time!
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● Ensi's Very Basic Guide to Metal Recording and Mixing ●

Firstly let me introduce myself a bit! I'm Ensi, a 19 (now 20!) year old Norwegian guy who likes to play, listen to, record, mix and publish metal music when I feel like it. I have a semi-"successful" YouTube channel where I post the occasional video.
I wanted to make a guide to help out the new guys that don't really know the basics to metal recording and mixing, because hey, I love making tutorials and helping people.
Here is my latest work/mix if you want to take a listen.
I'm going to divide this small guide into a few chapters, because chapters are cool.
  1. Foreword
  2. Recording and Preparation
  3. Mixing and Mastering
1. Foreword ----------
As I mentioned I am not a professional nor do I have a huge amount of experience. Take what I type here with a grain of salt (actually, do that with everything you read and hear from everyone). I will only go over a few basic tips to get you started, the audio engineering world is a BUTT HUGE one, there is ALWAYS something to learn. I will write most in what I am the most comfortable with.
2. Recording and Preparation ----------
One thing that you need to get implanted in your head is this line:
  • Shit in = shit out/you cannot polish a turd/well you can but it will still be a turd
If you are a guitabass player and you're going to record some guitars and you want the best results, always remember to slap on a new set of strings and get the instrument properly set up. Dead strings sounds absolutely horrible.
"But Ensi, I changed my strings 2 months ago!"
NO! Change them again! I find that after maybe 1 hour of playing on a fresh set, they sound the best. This varies as some people loves to have super fresh strings recorded. Practicing and being a tight player in general will also immensely compliment the end project.
Now for some practical stuff.
What do I need to start recording?
  • Instruments. Guitar, bass, flute, bagpipe, whatever you want.
  • Sound card (if you're new i'd recommend the POD Studio series. After 4 years i'm still using my UX1. Also check out M-Audio's FastTrack).
  • Microphones if you're recording vocals/guitar amps.
  • A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or "recording program." I will with my whole heart recommend Cocko's Reaper. This is the DAW I use and it's extremely good, lightweight and has everything I need (it's dirt cheap too).
  • A fully micced drumkit with soundcards to support it standing in an acousticly treated room. Or if you don't have that you can always program the drums in MIDI and throw them into a Drum VST (Virtual Studio Technology). Toontrack's Superior Drummer or EZDrummer with any of the metal addons, XLN Audio's Addictive Drums (I use this with sample replacement) to name a few. Here's an old video I made showing you how to insert a MIDI file into Sony ACID using EZDrummer to get a drumtrack, this should work universally for all DAW's that supports MIDI and VST's.
  • A selection of various plugins to mix and master with. There are a million free VST's out there, any good DAW will have the essentials already there.
  • A lot of patience, trial and error.
  • A good sound device to listen on. Studio monitors, good headphones, good sound systems in general.
3. Mixing and Mastering ----------
This one is a tough one.. Oh god.. Where do I begin? There are so many ways to mix and so much stuff to be covered, so I will urge you guys to google around, watch youtube videos and such on specific topics. I will list some points on what I think is the most important.
Mixing is the art of molding together all the recorded tracks so they sound in unison with eachother. To get an even balance between levels (volume) and EQ them in a way that they work together to create an epic sounding mix. There is probably many other ways to describe mixing but this is how I see it.
Now for some points, seeing as this topic is so huge:
  • You always want to double-track the rythm guitars and hard pan them L/R (panning is when you place the sound to the left/right side of the stereo field). Double-tracking is when you record one rythm guitar track, then record another identical one (or however you have arranged them). Copypasting them does not work, don't do it. We do this to create space in the middle for the drums, vocals, bass etc, if you have everything in the center it just clouds up everything.
Here are some clips showing what happens if you try to just copypaste a rythm track + nudge one forwards. Ending with a properly double tracked clip.
MP3 Link
  1. One rythm track copied and pasted, both panned 100% L/R. As you hear, there is no separation. It sounds like it's panned dead centre.
  2. One rythm track copied and pasted and slightly nudged/offset by a few MS. Here you can hear how the phase issues kick in and how weird and fucked up it sounds.
  3. Doubletracked. 2 recorded rythm tracks panned 100% L/R. The clip speaks for itself.
  • Don't put too much gain on the guitars, it will just sound fizzy.
  • You don't want to have the bass guitar up front. The bass guitar is the instrument which glues everything nicely together, it fills a huge void of low-end. I try to mold the bass into the guitars, so they blend nicely and you get an über-fat sounding song. Let the bass handle the low-end and the guitars the mid range. I like to cut a lot of mids in my bass so it just sits in the low-end and booms away. I also like to compress/limit the bass to shitnuggets to keep it under control. The bass is such a dynamic instrument, and in metal you don't need that many dynamics.
  • I also like to put compression (in laymans terms compression is an automatic volume control) on vocals to keep the levels even.
  • EQ out blatantly annoying frequencies.
Mastering is the act of taking the final mix and adjusting it in a way so that it sound even over a large span of listening environments/systems. Mixing should be 95% of the work while mastering is the last 5%. I do not know much about mastering so I will not type so much about it. I usually just put some final EQ touches and a limitecompressor on the master track when i'm done mixing.
That may be very scrambled and hard to read, and you will most likely find some typos or mistakes in there. But I just wanted to share some thoughts. If you want to ask about anything feel free to post in this thread or message me here. I will answer to the best of my abilities.
-Your friendly neighborhood Ensi
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