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[HEMA] The Saga of John Clements: How one man's ego and many fights helped shape the Historical European Martial Arts community.

This is my first HobbyDrama post, so feedback is very welcome. I had to deal with a lot of acronyms and scattered sources here, but I hope the end result is a fun little tale of one sword loving man's ego and the impact it had on the community he fought with.

A brief introduction to HEMA, John Clements, and ARMA.

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)is a catch all term that refers to martial arts of European origin, particularly those that have died out or evolved into radically different forms. Practitioners are generally interested in reconstructing these “lost” fighting systems, relying on interpreting treatises and other primary sources that have survived to the present day. The modern Historical European Martial Arts community got its start in the 1980s and began to formalize in the 90s. Some were members of the “living history” group Society for Creative Anachronism who became particularly interested in reconstructing medieval fighting systems. Others were scholars who focused on martial systems or Olympic fencing enthusiasts who were interested in the history of weapons.
One of these people was John Clements. Clements has described himself as being interested in medieval combat since childhood, dabbling in sports fencing, Japanese martial arts, and the SCA (which he would grow to utterly despise) before becoming fully invested in reconstructing European Martial Arts. Unfortunately, beyond that I don’t have much information about what he got up to in the 80s beyond his own personal accounts. Information on him beyond a general involvement with medieval combat and martial arts dries up until he becomes involved begins publishing books on medieval and renaissance swordsmanship in the 90s and gets involved with nascent HEMA organizations.
In 1992 some enthusiasts, including Clements, came together and founded an umbrella group for those interested in medieval European combat known the Historical Armed Combat Association (HACA). Clements took over as leadership of HACA in 1993 and pretty much remade it in his image. The organization refocused on developing study groups to reconstruct the martial arts of the Renaissance, particularly the German Liechtenauer tradition of longsword fighting and made some material available for download from the primordial internet. By the late 90s/early 2000s HACA was restructured into Association for Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA) with the intention to develop it into more effective educational organization that can expand clubs both within the United States and globally.
To fully understand all the drama that followed, it’s important to understand a bit more about how ARMA worked and how Clements behaved as a leader. ARMA was/is run like a franchise, which essentially means anyone can start their own ARMA group, but they must run a standard curriculum prescribed by the organization (i.e., John Clements). ARMA members are not allowed to share this curriculum with people outside of the organization and are discouraged from interacting with HEMA practitioners in general. Participation in competitive tournaments was especially discouraged, due to both the inevitable interaction with non-ARMA people and Clements’ belief that tournament rulesets “bastardized” the art of fencing. Senior members/group leaders who proved themselves could publish work and teach under the ARMA banner, but only with Clements’ permission.
Speaking of Clements, the man was highly ambitious. He began franchising ARMA across the United States and internationally into parts of Europe and wrote a whole lot about his thoughts on swordsmanship and martial history. He also began using his position as the head of ARMA and a knack for networking to obtain media presence as a sword expert, featuring on the History Channel, PBS, and in documentaries like Reclaiming the Blade. By the mid-2000s, Clements had built himself a nice little perch as an expert in the developing field of HEMA and easily one of its most visible spokespeople. Unfortunately for the community, the man was also a magnet for controversy.

The Early Years of Clements Drama.

There have been a lot controversies surrounding John Clements over the years. Unfortunately, a lot of the specifics on the earlier controversies have been lost to time and I am having to rely on old forum posts, recollections of ex-members, and the admittedly juvenile dead website ARMA Truth to reconstruct the many ways in which Clements became controversial before his more well documented blow ups. So fair warning: not everything here may be 100% accurate.
Now, if the link I gave earlier to his bio on the ARMA website didn’t give it away John Clements thinks very highly of his ability as a martial artist. He is also a highly opinionated individual who was allergic to being told he was wrong. This isn’t really all that uncommon among fencing instructors now or historically, but Clements stood out because of his huge ego and how willing he was to insult anyone and everything that didn’t agree with his interpretation of what fencing should be. I won’t go into the specifics on these interpretations, since this write-up is long as it is and fullying explaining controversies like “parry with the flat” could turn this into a novella. What’s important here is many disagreed with him and he always went out of his way to make those disagreements personal. Other researchers in the HEMA community who disagreed with his interpretations, including well respected figures like Stephen Hand, Gregory Mele, and Christian Tobler were insulted as “petty mediocrities” who were “jealous of ARMA’s success.” According to at least one former member, Clements would describe his own interpretations as "two generations ahead" of the rest of the community fairly regularly.
This confrontational approach extended into his and articles books. For example, while his book Medieval Swordsmanship was billed as a cut-and-dry explanation of sword fighting, he spent much of his time in the book attacking everyone from sports fencers to stunt fighter for not being sufficiently martial. This tendency of his can also be seen in this old io9 article and this old ARMA article on “sword myths”. The pattern is largely the same in all cases: Clements would go on lengthy tangents about how everyone else is wrong and how he was the only one doing things right and if you wanted to learn real swordsmanship you needed to get on board with him and his curriculum . You have a problem with his behavior? Well, you’re just attacking “the ARMA method” and are jealous of it.
Speaking of the ARMA method, it wasn’t really the secret art form he made it out to be. Former members have described it as mainly consisted of a series of beginner-level drills designed to introduce new members to the basics of the longsword and other weapons. More advanced practitioners generally did their own thing and would inevitably branch out into other works by non-ARMA people as they got more into reconstruction and research. This of course would inevitably clash with Clements supreme belief his own interpretations and ARMA members would be “encouraged” to only follow Clements approved drills, only use Clements approved work, and were never allowed to interact with non-ARMA HEMAists at tournaments or workshops unless he gave them permission.
Then there was the issue of safety. Now, in the early days of HEMA safety standards were at best inconsistent and at worst nonexistent. Even with this in mind, the community was filled with stories about how Clements could be a uniquely dangerous individual to train with, largely due to his belief that “What hurts, teaches”. Former members have talked about getting beaned repeatedly in drills and exercises, with some lesson plans seemingly designed to weed out “soft” people from the organization. The website ARMA truth also documented several incidents were Clements seriously injured training partners, students, or himself, although I wouldn’t consider all these reliable.
Finally, I have to talk about his general musings, because oh boy does Clements have some capital T Takes. To give you an idea, here he is writing about the movie 300 back in 2006:
“Unlike those squalid suffering regions of the globe that did not embrace reason, science, and individual rights, the West achieved its unprecedented wealth, health, comfort, freedom, and personal opportunity as a direct result of its cultural values—not the blind chances of geography or climate”
He also has hang ups about eastern martial arts that can veer into the realm of race science, like this article where he talks about how he would only take part in a “Samurai vs. Knight” demonstration if the “Samurai” was ethnically Japanese. Other hits include publishing a defense of the crusades on his website and railing against "post-modern deconstructionist gender-studies models" of history.

The Great Exodus

Between the lack of interaction with HEMA groups outside of ARMA, lack of freedom of study, safety issues, the culture of elitism, and the weird opinions Clements had, it shouldn’t be surprising that some people just got fed up and walked away. From the late 90s through the late 2000s, a chapter would leave the organization every couple of years after its members fell out with Clements, with one notable case being the collapse of ARMA’s New York chapter. Despite this, the relative obscurity and small size of the HEMA community allowed ARMA to weather these flare ups.
This pattern held until 2009. By this point, the HEMA community outside of ARMA was beginning to really take off and social media was making it easier than ever to organize events, share information, and find other enthusiasts. Despite all of this, and despite the enthusiasm of many senior members and groups in ARMA for this growing community, Clements continued to run the organization as the insular club he had been running it as. This friction between Clements and many of the senior members would boil over into a mass exodus that helped torch what was left of Clements' reputation and have huge repercussions for the community outside of ARMA. And unlike previous incidents, we have a fairly comprehensive blow-by-blow of this one thanks to a series of blog posts by former ARMA member David Knight.
It all began in February 2009, when a senior member of ARMA named Kevin Maurer posted an extensive criticism of ARMA into the email list forum used by ARMA members. Maurer resigned from ARMA and Mike Cartier (the leader of Kevin's former Study Group) immediately came under fire from Clements and his loyalists. Less than a week after Maurer's resignation, Clements demanded that Cartier completely cut Maurer off on the grounds that he would steal ARMA's curriculum if he continued training with ARMA members. Remember that ARMA’s curriculum was mostly a 101/102 guide to various weapons, something that Maurer would have had moved past years ago unless he was teaching newbies.
When Cartier objected, Clements responded by threatening to kick him out as well and suspending his access to the ARMA forum and e-list, depriving him of the ability to explain his views to other ARMA members. According to Knight, Clements then emailed a "hypothetical" question to other members that tried to grease the wheels for Cartier’s expulsion. Despite objections to what Clements was up to from several other senior members, Cartier saw the writing on the wall and resigned.
At this point Knight figured out who the hypothetical person was and voiced their discomfort in a private email chain with Clements. According to Knight, Clements responded with a flurry of profane and angry emails that insulted him and questioned his loyalty. While these email chains were never released to the public and cannot be verified, the exchange ended with Knight also leaving the organization in protest.
This is the point where things really began to spiral. Clements and his loyalists tried to regain control of the situation by further centralizing control and creating new rules to punish descent, which in turn led to more people leaving and more heavy-handedness in response. The most infamous case of this was when senior member Caspar Bradak left and Clements responding by kicking everyone in Bradak’s home state of Utah out of ARMA.
Other members would continue to resign as Clements attempted to assert intellectual property rights over their research. The most important one for the purposes of this story was Jake Norwood. Norwood had been the former Deputy Director of ARMA and was widely well-liked by people both within it and in the wider HEMA community. According to Knights account, Clements proceeded to tear into Norwood and insult his character, which given Jake’s popularity and reputation, backfired spectacularly. More people would wind up walking away and outside of ARMA, the rest of the community was mocking him as a petty tyrant whose kingdom was crumbling around him.
The final tally from the exodus was about half of the senior membership, including most of ARMA’s researchers and instructors. Entire state networks were either kicked out of the organization or left voluntarily. Many of these former members would go onto found the nonprofit organization known as the HEMA Alliance (HEMAA), with Norwood serving as its first President. The Alliance would go on to become one of the major pillars of the HEMA community in the United States, while ARMA and Clements became the butt of many, many jokes. And while you'd think this entire debacle would have forced some reflection on Clements' part, he still wasn't done torching his reputation.

John Clements versus Poland.

As previously mentioned, ARMA managed to get some international reach at its peak, which included several chapters in Poland. In February 2010, just a year after the mass exodus of senior membership in America, the head of ARMA Poland Krzysztof Kruczyński resigned for reasons very similar to other ex-ARMA members: Clements ego, controlling nature, and the isolation from the wider community finally became to much to deal with. Clements responded with the following:
Since you have absurdly asserted publicly that I, who have been practicing martial arts literally since before you were born, am somehow avoiding encounters with outsiders, I invite you to come and match me in person when I visit Poland in September 2010. Bring anyone you choose. I will show you exactly why I am the expert I am at armed fighting arts --- something I might point out has been attested to both on video and in audio by the very ex students now influencing you.
I look forward to crossing weapons with anyone who questions the skills I have demonstrated in 14 countries and which have earned me the reputation I have --- the same expertise which trained the very people whose spell you have now sadly fallen under.
So, if the new anti-ARMA mantra by disgruntled and bitter ex members is to be that I am avoiding sparring nonmembers, bring it on. It will be fun to see who avoids whom.
In grand Clements tradition, this backfired spectacularly. More than 20 people in Poland’s HEMA community were ready to take up this challenge. Accommodations were made to organize the meeting in Warsaw where the event could take place. And just when things were falling into place for the big exposition match, Clements unexpectedly cancelled his seminar and event in Poland, citing his business travel to Denmark as an excuse. As of this writing, Clements has never followed up on the challenge he issued in the first place and to my knowledge has not demonstrated his skills in an environment that wasn’t tightly controlled by him.

Where are they now?

There were even more blow-ups in the following years, which included yet another Deputy Director of ARMA resigning, but the sheer brain drain of 2009-10, the refusal to take part in the growing competitive scene, and the rise of both the HEMA Alliance in the US and the European HEMA community turned both ARMA and Clements into borderline nonentities. Despite this, neither have exactly gone away. ARMA is still around and running its curriculum , while Clements has become more involved with places like the History Channel, with him most recently being heavily involved in the show Knight Fight. The larger HEMA community has continued to grow and expand (at least until the pandemic) and while feelings against Clements have cooled down a bit over the years, he's still considered something of a pariah.
John Clements is, at the end of the day, one the most influential people in the modern HEMA community. Just not for positive reasons. In the early years, he genuinely did do a lot of work to advocate for HEMA as a legitimate martial art, popularize research, and bust myths around swords and swordplay. Early ARMA also provided a great community for enthusiasts to exchange information, build relationships, and learn the basics of swordplay. Unfortunately, his ego got the better of him and he began to see himself as the only person doing anything close to "real" martial arts in the community, leading to him burning bridges with other researchers and turning ARMA into an insular and hierarchical organization where he would always get the final say. That's not even getting into how wrapped up he could get in the "martial history of the west" and the retrograde views that spiraled out of that. Considering all that and the growing community outside of his organization, its a wonder so many of his students and researchers lasted as long as they did.
Speaking of his former students, it's not a coincidence that so much of the HEMA Alliance's bylaws (including Freedom of Study clauses, a rotating leadership, strict safety standards, and a commitment to applied testing through competitions) are in direct opposition to how ARMA operated: they were deliberately designed that way by former members who had first hand experience with the alternative. And that's really the moral of this story involving one mans ego around all things sharp: never become so full of yourself that people use you as a cautionary tale.
submitted by pyromancer93 to HobbyDrama


From 10000 to 10 Million: Coin Circle KOL Happy Shares the Road of Gold Mining in China

From 10000 to 10 Million: Coin Circle KOL Happy Shares the Road of Gold Mining in China
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3)Flash cash function. Quick exchange of small assets.
In a word, BPSwap can make the users of currency bubble realize all kinds of "one-step" needs, from buying currency, to checking and recommending currency, to asset transaction and exchange, etc., so as to realize the closed-loop use of digital currency. As the only value medium of BPSwap, BPOP will be used by more and more users with the maturity of products, and the price will rise.
Finally, BPOP will also realize the interesting functions of internal users such as reward and props purchase, which may be related to the next blockbuster version. I don't know the details, so I won't make a wild guess.
The above is basically from the product, operation and technical aspects of the project analysis, but these alone are not enough, when we choose the investment target, we also need to carefully analyze the token situation, in order to draw a more accurate conclusion.These analyses are boring, but they are often critical. The reason is exactly the same when we analyze other currencies according to the method I said.
The reason why bitcoin has become the favorite of investors is that it can not be issued more shares and has the characteristics of unlimited deflation. Although BPOP cannot be dug out, its deflation is more fierce and fierce. I can easily find out that the current circulation of BPOP is extremely limited after a large number of lock ups and multiple destruction of BPOP by combining the announcement issued by the currency bubble and the data on the chain. The currency distribution of BPOP is shown in the figure. The orange part is the market circulation volume, accounting for 10%.The other blue parts are those in lock / destroyed / to be destroyed.
Currency bubble contract address: 0x0452aed878805514e28fb5bd0b56bef92176e32a
As can be seen from the figure, the total amount of BPOP is 1 billion. Among them, the foundation has actively destroyed 500 million, ecological destruction has reached 100 million, team lock up 200 million, private placement has not been issued and destroyed by 42.4 million. The remaining cornerstone investment is 100 million and the market is 57.6 million. At present, there is only 157.6 million circulation in the market. According to the official announcement, the government has been using the business profits to buy back from the secondary market. At present, the government has successively bought back about 60 million, and the real circulation in the market is only about 97 million tokens.
In addition, the project side's goal is to continue to buy back to 147.6 million and then destroy all the tokens, and all the tokens will be deflated to 10 million. According to the current real circulation of 97 million, the current CBX.ONE Its latest trading price is 0.005usdt, and its circulation market value is about 485000u. Compared with its current user volume and business volume, it is in a seriously underestimated state, and there is a huge space for imagination in the future. At present, the price is at a historical low price, which conforms to all my definitions of small and beautiful.
To sum up, BPOP meets all the characteristics of this bull market
- The business model, application and ecology are complete, and a large number of landing products are used by users;
- The market value of project token is small, but the project investment institutions are strong;
- The project team has deep experience in the blockchain industry and is keen on doing practical things.
- The direction of the project is in line with the hot spots of the current bull market.
There is a well-known saying in China's retail circle, "hold on, the team is working." On the one hand, it means that the team only focuses on the products and does not care about the price performance of the secondary market; on the other hand, it means that the project team is really pushing the whole product forward and the price has strong support. However, as long as there are specific landing products and a large number of users use them, the currency price will naturally attract other hot money to come in and raise the price. After all, the secondary market is just a capital game, and the coin bubble project meets this condition. The products are developed in an orderly way, and the market value is still so small. It is very easy for BPOP to rise several times or dozens of times in this bull market.
At present, BPOP passes can be found in the decentralized exchange uniswap (search BPOP or contract address: 0x0452aed878805514e28fb5bd0b56bef92176e32a) and the centralized exchange Dubai compliance exchange cbx.com Trading. Those who are interested can learn about it by themselves. Of course, before buying, you can also go to its official website(http://www.bpop.io)Download the app to experience it. By the way, I tried to recharge 1000 usdt, and now I have made more than 300 usdt. Of course, some secondary pages still have a lot of Chinese, which is a little difficult to watch. It is said that an optimized version of the English version will be released soon, and everyone can experience it at that time.
Finally, I would like to remind you that although the money in China's currency circle is relatively easy to earn, it is also a high-risk investment variety. Before you enter this market, please be sure to follow the above-mentioned method to deeply understand the Chinese market and analyze the currency you like in detail. If you have any questions, please feel free to communicate with me.
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