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Lester bangs essay on the clash. Anyone have it?

Anyone have a link to it. Jeff tweedy gave an emotional endorsement for it in his new book and I would like to read it.
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For Anyone Into Nerd Stuff: A Deep Dive into George Miller's Justice League script

Its attached above, along with some concept art/storyboards from the movie. Got super interested in this movie and just wanted to share/get other peoples thoughts. Plus thought this was a good place to post it.

Script Details:
Very interesting read, if you're into this kind of stuff. The script has some really corny lines of dialogue and some things I don't love. It opens with a funeral for a member of the Justice League, though you don't know who its for. Basically all the heros (Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Superman and Martain Manhunter) exist in the world and know of each other, however they never really interact. Meanwhile, Batman has created files on all "meta-humans", so he can defeat them incase they turn. Obviously the villain "Maxwell Lord" gets those plans and starts picking off the heros one by one, bringing them together. The first two acts are far and away my least favorite part. However the third act was really cool, Superman gets mind controlled and fights Wonder Woman and Batman has to break his one rule and kill the guy mind controlling Superman. However, that doesn't fully stop the threat, in the end Barry Allen Flash has to merge with the "speed force", killing himself (how that works is explained) and saving the world. The heroes then form the Justice League with Wally West becoming the new Flash.

What Happened to the Movie:
So I got pretty fascinated by this movie, and just have some interesting behind the scene details information from my research. It was written by two screen writers I have never heard of, then when George Miller decided to direct, he rewrote the script which is what is attached. The entire movie was cast, most notably Adam Brody as the Flash and Armie Hammer as Batman. One of the reasons the movie failed was the writers strike. While reading the script keep in mind George Miller said, what leaked was a second draft, and there was a lot of stuff that would've been smoothed out, maybe some scenes cut out, etc, etc. In addition Warner Brothers had doubts if Christopher Nolan was going to return to direct a third Dark Knight movie and the early concept was, Brandon Routh's Superman from Superman Returns and Christan Bale from the Dark Knight would've happened in this universe. In addition, it was going to be most expensive movie in history at that time with 300 million plus budget. Eventually the writer strike, Nolan coming back and not wanting another Batman on screen while he was doing his movies and Warners locking him down to produce a new Superman movie (eventually would become Man of Steel) made them cancel the movie. They basically decided they'd rather have Chris Nolan finish his trilogy and they could launch the DC Universe with his Man of Steel. Warner instead gave George Miller $150 million to make Mad Max: Fury Road.

Thoughts: I've never written a screenplay in my life and even I could rewrite some of the dialogue to make this movie way better, specifically in the first two acts. However the characterization of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Flash seem really cool. The team forming and the group dynamics to me seems on par with the first Avengers, but honestly it's a little more interesting because of how paranoid and fucked up Batman is. However, each of the characters don't really trust one another and through the movie learn they need each other, very much like the first Avengers. In addition I like how they just jump in, and each of these characters has existed presumably for years acting as superheroes. Honestly I kept thinking, with a couple tweaks in dialogue this easily could've been the Justice League movie (as opposed to the shitty one we got) in a universe where where they did the same Wonder Woman and Aquaman solo movies first. In addition, theoretically if Nolan didn't return for Dark Knight Rises, this Batman easily could've been the Batman from The Dark Knight with a few minor tweaks. If you put a good Superman solo film and Green Lantern film ahead of this you would probably have a cinematic universe that rivals Marvel. I think how they used the Flash and Martian Manhunter it'd be better to introduce them in this movie. Also knowing how George Miller directs action, I would've loved to see some of those fight scenes. Also knowing this was written in 2006-2007 is insane, while I think some of the dialogue isn't great, you can say the same thing for phase 1 MCU movies. Our standards for comic book movies have just gone up. My criticisms however, the villain is pretty weird and I don't fully understand his back story, and people just show up at places with no explanation, like one time a bunch of the characters are either in Atlantis or Themysicara and Batman randomly shows up. Plus, some pictures make the costumes seem WACK. I'd want to just use a lot of the already existing costumes.

Summary: In a perfect world, George Miller directs this Justice League movie in 2016 or 2017 following Mad Max: Fury Road, with some tweaks and minor changes to the script, with Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Wonder Woman and Aquaman coming out before it in the exact same way. With a new Green Lantern movie having Jon Stewart and Hal Jordan (with Hal dying in the first one because at the beginning of this Jon Stewart is mourning Hal) leading up to this. In addition a different Superman movie coming before this, but keeping Cavill on board, just different script and director.
However, in reality, if he did this movie in 2008, we don't get Fury Road or Gal Gadot Wonder Woman/Jason Momoa Aquaman. With that being said George Miller is a genius and it would've been cool to see that. Also I'm not editing this for grammar at all, sorry. Now I need to start studying a midterm, this was basically just one long excuse to put off studying tbh, so if you view this a waste of time, it kind of was.
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