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Date: 2012-08-05
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Questions Answers
Why don't you look me in the eyes when we make love, Daniel? Cause they clack together in a weird way...
Are you ever going to play slender or does that fall under your no horror game rule? Do people ever contact you saying to play their game and say good things about it? And if they do ask you to say good things about it, do you? Even of you don't like it? A huge amount. The Intrusion 2 video was from a message someone sent me. Normally I just add it to an ever increasing list but some times I just have to play it right away. :D.
Who's more of a badass: Rory Williams or Chuck Norris? I form my own opinions. If someone went "here is a large pile of money to say nice things about Battlefield 3" I'd tell them where to shove it and accidentally publish that meeting/email in the video... :p I've still got games left over from the last summer sale. And I don't really like montage episodes, it's harder to get into the funny of the game. Rory Williams waited 2,000 years for the woman he loved and didn't let a silly thing like being erased from existence stop him from saving her. Chuck norris just punched some dudes and wants the bible taught as history. Rory wins a million times over. I watched them all on some old cable channel a few years back. No idea if they are even shown now.
You've got this amazing ability of making your own fun, and I can't think of anyone else that does this on the same level which makes you so damn entertaining in the first place. Is this a conscious action on your part or are you just like that? And if it's the former, how? It's just the way my mind works. Give me GTA San Andreas and within seconds I'm a spy parachuting in behind enemy lines to photograph people wearing red. I just never stopped playing. :D.
Why are you so "Awesome," without having Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy in mind? - Do you make mods for Minecraft? - Why are you so quotable? - Who designed your logo? It's just a free for commercial use font! :D.
I enjoy the little facial movement as you get the cube in the bin. You are trying so hard not to cry with awesome, aren't you? Yup. :D.
"HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT" you responded! It's more the outtro rather than the intro... Y U SHOW US that you failed 16 times...? Still awesome. I showed you because anyone can fake awesome. :D.
How much money does each video usually get you? Check the estimated earning here. It's between the two figures. :p.
I'm contractually obliged to not tell anyone anything about how much I earn twice over. However if I did tell you how much it would that number would instantly become £0.
Wait... does that mean I have a quantum contract... Whoa...
Will you be doing more videos with your parents? I actually laughed a lot at the first one. Final thing, I'm glad to see you actually paying attention to your fans. Thanks for that. <3. REDDIT! (Crowd whoops) Actually... YouTube. It's like TV but you get to pick what's on with no re-runs unless you want them! :D.
And of course I <3 my fans. Without you guys I'd be nothing! :D.
Do you have any fantasies of a game plot, physics engine and general game that you'd love to make that doesn't exist already? If you do. What are they and what would it be called? Groundhog day, the game.
Basically a small open world 100% scripted sandbox that restarts every 20 mins. Your objective is to have the best and worst days possible. For the best days you have to save lives, help people fall in love, feed the kittens etc. For the worst days you have to just ruin everyone's day (no direct murder though).
I want the game to be 100% scripted at the start but the moment you interact things change. Walk in front of a car and it'll stop... but now that means that the old lady crossing the road 5 mins from now won't get knocked over. However now the car might just clip the woman with the pram if it doesn't stop in time. (Damn dodgy lights... I wonder if someone could fix them. If only the electrician wasn't just about to get locked in a toilet and so on...) If you planned this world out spectacularly it could be the first chaos physics, happy them up.
No publisher would ever touch it. :D.
Hey that's my game pitch and i still dream Tim Schafur will make it with us one day funded by kickstarter. It's now the companies pitch. We also got your dreams and hobbies.
After watching your fantastic video of only a snippet of the features available on RT3, I'd love to see more of it. And I may do, we'll see how the votes sway. :D.
Well in all seriousness I'm a huge fan, you're by far my favorite YouTuber. I only have one question... Why did you kill Steve the wheelbarrow?!? He slept with my wife.
If you could play only one game for the rest of your life, What would it be? Could I add you on Steam? (I know the answer will probably be no, Cant hurt to ask though :p) Probably Minecraft. It'll be the only game that could keep surprising me with it's landscapes as I built forever outwards!
When did you start calling us procrastinators? Waaaaay back in the first vlogs. It was an off the cuff remark that just stuck. :p.
Any free games you can recommend that you haven't made a video of? Fucking Bloons. It's like snorting ground up Zynga.
also what are your computer specs? An how much did it cost to buy all the parts? (I'm assuming that's what you did) They vary a lot as I constantly take the machine apart and rebuild it for different things. Plus I'm in dire need of new parts. Right now It's some 3.6Ghz Quad core processor and a HD6970 graphics card with way too little RAM for my liking. :p.
What's your own favorite video? Probably The Ship. That bit where I keep leaning out to talk to the guard in between shooting people kills me for some reason.
What's your favourite letter of the alphabet? :-) O. Simply because if you say it it makes you sound suddenly surprised.
The topic is ask-me-anything, so I was wondering; what is your sexual orientation? Straight as can be.
If that's too personal, then another question; Where does Wot buy his hats? I know, I don't believe it either. :p.
Dan, how many requests do you get for a massively popular game that everyone is doing, like Slender, Happy Wheels, DayZ etc.? And also, will you actually do those (not a request, just seeing if you'll eventually give up to requests and just do it)? And Wot, can I have your hat? A bazillion for certain games. Some I want to get round to, some I never want to play. :p If the community really wants something I'll get there but sometimes I've tried and they didn't work. The DayZ LP I did never got released cause it was terrible so I'm waiting for another time I'm feeling ready for it. If I'm not in the mood for it the video will suck.
So Dan... If you were forced to read one of the three works of "Literature", which would you choose? Twilight. 50 Shades of Grey. 'Gertrude' I'd choke myself to death on whatever was closest.
I remember you once mentioning that you refilm some of your jokes and gags to make them perfect. How many of the ones we see are 'Take 2's' and how many are first takes you get perfect? The intros I do a few times as they are my running off point. From then pretty much everything else is just a ramble now a days. I'm getting better at being constantly funny. :D.
What semi-obscure game should all of us be playing right now? OMSI.
Fucking OMSI.
It's my next LP. You'll love it. :D.
A bus simulator? :D
Right, Random Question, Which is better Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Black Books, or Community?? Choose ONE! :) Doctor Who. Second is Community and Dwarf and Black Books can fight to the lazy death for third.
Have you ever been approched/ recognised by a fan? Last year some guy in a Steve costume said hi and that he liked my comic. Then I started the youtube stuff and never left the house again. :p.
What is your most cherished gaming moment? The ending of Metal Gear Solid 3. I refused to shoot the boss and just cried. My love of FPSs died at that exact moment.
AARRGH!!! Go you like grapes?!?!?! AARRGGHH!! Yes. :)
Are you going to play some more Bully any time soon? My mum might... :D.
Love the content - your parents' video was fantastic, and the giant turtle is the stuff of legend. It seems like lately, you've been putting up more continuous, non-edited content (like Let's Plays), whereas your older content, like Assassin's Creed and Farming Simulator, you seemed to cut and paste more, showing only the funniest moments of your gaming experience. Personally, I think the latter is more entertaining - thoughts? A Nerd³ Plays... (edited) video takes about 10 - 14 hours to make and is hyper funny. A Nerd³ Month of... (Not edited) video takes 3 hours. Basically, If I do the second series I can keep doing the first lot AND pay rent. Win win I say. :D.
Do you have a man crush on someone? If so who? Also how are you so good at selling games, even the ones that are clearly crappy!? I have zero moneys in my bank account and its your fault! P.S Wot and Dan you are magical people <3. I have a crush on me. I'M JUST SO PRETTY! :D.
And it's just enthusiasm. I love games and I hope it shows.
How do you find so many glitches in your LPs? Do you research them before hand or do you just have a natural talent for it? Also is there any chance of you giving us the download for the updated Minecraft Buildy thingy map? I'm a glitch magnet. And I will when it's done. :D.
I really liked your Hitman LP. Would you more levels? I would! It's just that edit takes time so They'd not work as a monthly series.
Are you autistic by any chance? As an autist, I've noticed some behaviors that I might consider autistic. Everyone tell me that all the time. My mum made me take a test and it was in the "kinda severe" section. I don't find any problems though, I just don't like being touched very much. :p.
What did you notice then?
Would you rather be a Jedi or a Time Lord? Hmmm... annoying Goodie goodie or the LORD OF TIME.
Timelord, every time. :D.
Will you do an LP of Fallout New Vegas? Yes. :D.
Would you be interested in creating a Petition or something similar to get Rockstar's attention and show them we seriously want RED DEAD REDEMPTION on PC? :) I'm sure with your 100,000+ SUBS it could work! :D. No. I want all of them working on GTA V for PC right now. Optimize that shit Rockstar!!
As a American who dreams of being British, how amazing is it? Sextacular.
What has been your favourite and least favourite game you've LPed so far???? Just Cause 2 is my fav, Farm Sim was my least fav.
Are you going to make more minecraft buildi things??And why dont you do overgrowth again? Yes. Who said I won't? :)
Do you watch Heroes? I couldn't help but notice a signed poster of George Takei behind you on your Q&A vlog. And if so, who's your favorite character? I did and I loved the first series! My fav character is Sylar. :D.
Dan, why Matt Smith and not David Tennant?! Why choose to call us Procrastinators? Star Wars or Star Trek (I can already tell)? Do you like the look of Just Cause 3? Lastly, can you solve my Rubik's Cube? Matt Smith is more alien.
I don't know, it just happened. :D.
Star Trek! :D.
Yes! I actually can!
What do you think is the main reason, that you have gained so many subscribers recently? My sexy British Accent, my machinima series and a few high hitting videos. Mostly the accent. :D.
Favorite videogame? (sorry if this have been answered before) Just Cause 2 or Shadow of the Colossus. Love both of them.
Is there any specific video you made, that is your personal favorite? I'd say the Ship but I haven't seen it for a while.
Would you ever consider giving shoutouts to "unknown" commentators? I'm thinking about it but it''s tricky to do and keep everyone happy.
What do you think of the Portal series? Love the first one, the second one is OK.
Favorite VALVe game? Portal 1. :p.
Are you Wheatley? I AM NOT A MORON!
Is it true that fat people are harder to kidnap? / what is your experience with this? Buy a Hummer. All problems solved. :D.
Dan, what are your thoughts on My Little Pony? What do you think of bronies? Never seen it so I can't comment!
Your Nerd3 plays videos make me laugh. I mean that, not just little chuckles like other videos. Your videos are unique and I enjoy each of your uploads. Any advice for someone wanting to start off a comedy gaming channel? Keep throwing shit until you see what sticks. :D.
Hello there NerdCubed. My eleven year old brother and I are huge fans of your show. His question is; where the name NerdCubed originate from? Are you a Yogscast fan? Why does God hate DUCKS? Hope you get better soon! I made it up so... my brain. :D.
I don't really watch anything they do.
Because they are evil.
You have talk about you playing Civ 5 in one of your spore Let's Plays, yet you have never actually did a LP of it, are you going to be doing one in the future. It will be one in the future!
Also, is there a list anywhere of you Planned LP's? If not, would you be able to create one? And no there isn't and no there won't be. I'd rather you have surprises. :D.
Why are you so utterly awesome? You always find a way to make things funny, you have the best parents and a crazy imagination. Also do you need any help with the channel? I'll do anything for free. A combination of working hard and vegetable eating. :D.
And the channel is fine right now. :)
Are you gonna do a thirteen ways to die in CRASHTASTIC? (More of a suggestion, lol) How often do game developers give you codes for their games when you review them? I know they did for UNIVERSE SIMULATOR. It's already been in a 13 ways to die! And not often but sometimes! :D.
You are one of the best youtuber i've seen! 1.what made you to make videos? 2.can you try the flash game called happywheels? Someone asked me to.
I may do... :D.
If you could be a pokemon what pokemon would you be? Mew. :D.
I saw your videos a while back and subbed, its crazy who infrequently your on the main page. Top 5 tips for a newcomer? I have one giant main tip. Whatever you do find your own voice. Emulation means that you cant be anything but a good copy.
Since your a full time youtuber, I'm sure you get your fair share of hate. Does any of it ever offend you? A fair bit but nah, none of it comes close to offending me. It's not my fault I'm better then the haters! :p.
Tell me, Mr. AwesomeCubed, What did you do (like, finish) in colledge/university, if anything? Astrophysics. Not even kidding.
Never finished it though. :p.
What is the best thing about doing Youtube full time? I can work 19 hour days yet still want to work more. :D.
When did you start gaming and on what platform? also I hope you get well soon! When I was 2 with Sonic 1 on the SEGA Mega Drive! :D.
What is your philosophical standpoint on the potato? Tastes nice fried, wouldn't want to marry one.
Congrats on the big 100,000! Strange question, i was wondering which school you went to as i think you mention Dorchester in one of your videos? (please be Hardyes...) anyhow, keep up the great work! thanks. I went to one in Southend. :p.
How much do I have to pay you for coming to my birthday party? All the money ever. :p.
Will you ever play Dwarf Fortress? I already do! :D.
Is the answer to this question no? Absolutely not.
When will you realise your 15 minutes are up? Well it's been 6 months so far...
I'm here to destroy you and take over all of the Internet! You sound like the bad guy from a film where the writer didn't do much research...
He is an imposter!!!! Shoot each other! It's the only way!
There can be only one!!! I'm happy with none...
I would just like to say that you are amazing and you are what made my buy Just Cause 2, which has since become one of my favorite games. I hope you get better soon! I swear I've personally funded like 10% of the JC3 map with people buying JC2 from my video. :D Totally worth it, the avalanche guys are fantastic!
That isn't a very random question. Unless of course you had that and several other questions written down on little bits of paper which you put in a hat and randomly selected this one. Then I suppose it is. :) I like your brain. May I have it?
Do you like ninjas. Never met one!
(That i didn't have to kill anyway...)
Herro Hullo!
Hello Daniel! Love your vidios! Your doing a great job! And... i dont have a question :D. Then... GET OUT! :<
J/k hugs
I am the Doctor. My only means of communication is this reddit page. I'm stuck in the past, specifically year 1969. Don't ask me how I got internet. You'd be amazed what my sonic screwdriver can do. Anyway, don't blink. Blink and you're dead. I'll be fine. I have a TARDIS.
Why didn't you call it Youbroad instead of tubecast Because that just looks like I'm a 19th Century Englishman shouting at a whore.
NERDCUBED I LOVE YOUUU! I wish you would do more overgrowth but i heard in the parent video you was having issues with it thats the video that got me interested in you then i basically watched every since one of your video in one day little sleeping was had :D <3 Also you have beautiful eyes. My eyes are watching you right now...
Your nickname is bad and you should feel bad. My nickname is awesome and I feel awesome. :D.
Hey! I follow your work and think your Awsome, but I leave for the navy in less than a year and I was just wondering if you could give some like idk encouraging words or something but keep up the good work man! :D. Watch out for people named Brad. :D.
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