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Just had my first annual review after 7 months, very positive feedback. 1.5% raise, with potential increase in 90 days. Should I jump ship?

So as the title says, I've just had my first annual review at my first real job, and the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. I work as a residential HVAC designer, and I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I've only been here for 7 months, but I've made myself a valuable member of our team, and despite being the newest member, I even have people coming to me for help with AutoCAD (drafting software we use).
In my opinion, I have been severely underpaid since day one. I accepted an offer for $40K (starting salary for Mechanical Engineering degrees seems to be $50-60K on the low end) so that I could get my foot in the door, since it took me a while to find a job after graduating. That was probably a mistake on my end, but hindsight is 20/20.
I have been working very hard for 7 months knowing that I had this review in April, with an opportunity for a raise, which I hoped would at least bring me closer to where I should be. And from what my manager said, my hard work has been noticed, if not rewarded. I'll post his feedback from the review at the end.
I was not planning to make a career at this company, nor is that really an option with the lack of any true engineering positions, but I was willing to stay for 2 years or more depending on how well my hard work paid off. Now I seem to have my answer. I've been trying to figure out if this offer even keeps up with inflation. Over 7 months it does, and includes a very modest increase, but I'm not sure if it is common for companies to "prorate" raises, so to speak. Also, I have no idea how much of a potential increase I'm looking at in 90 days, assuming I even get one.
So I'd like advice on whether all of this is the red flag it seems like to me. How/should I discuss my concerns with my manager? Should I start looking for a new job? Would it look bad to potential employers that I was here for less than a year? I'm also considering going back to school for my master's in Industrial engineering / Management. Any advice is appreciated, this is all pretty new to me. And please let me know if I can clarify anything, or if there is a more relevant subreddit.
Areas of Success:
  • Knowledge: you show a constant strong knowledge behind deigns/procedures. You demonstrate responsibility on daily duties, and use good problem solving skills.
  • Quality: you are a consistent and GOOD drawer! You get task done when asked/needed, and you have minimal errors.
  • Initiative: you take on challenges head on, and are a true team player for our group. If something crosses your desk and you are unsure on what to do, you don’t sit on it till it explodes. You reach out for help if needed. Very good thing.
  • Organization: I believe you and I have a good sense of how organization should look. You have your check off sheet which I like, and also your preciseness helps this in my opinion. You have a current plan that is easy for me to understand, and shows to be effective.
  • Dependability: you follow through and up with task, and are always present at work. You attack work with a good attitude, and are a trustworthy person for us.
  • Communication: I believe you have success with communication all around because of how thorough you are. This is a great thing to have, and is something I hope rubs off on some others in the group.
  • Adaptability: you take on new task and are not afraid to do so. The efforts you show on this side is a true area of success, and in my opinion a true L&S employee
  • Attitude: very happy and easy going attitude, and are easy to get along with. You bring a positive attitude to work daily, and that is hard to find. Thank you for that.
  • Execution: you offer solutions to problems, and overcome bumps in the road. I don’t have to remind you of things daily, which is great based off of many things going on daily here.
Opportunities to Improve:
  • Knowledge: try to trust your gut more often. You second guess yourself, and that sometimes works against you. You have taken on more responsibilities because we see that you have the capabilities to take care it. Let this help build your confidence level.
  • Productivity: you have a very high precise score, but your tempo is low. I think you get caught up on small things that you try and make perfect (which isn’t a bad thing sometimes), but it works against you for productivity. I think with trusting your gut a little more, and know that you ARE GOOD at what you do, your productivity #’s will increase.
  • **Good things->You meet deadlines that are given, and are working until end of the day!
  • Interaction: I would like to see you be a little more interactive with everyone and also other departments. Not that it is a “weak area” for you, but I think this could help build a little confidence in our work place.
I believe you are hitting the non-negotiables, and the 5 C’s
Future Goals:
Wants to find the fine tune balance between his precision & tempo. When to dive in and clean prints up and when to have them a little messy. This is something we will converse on when the time comes up.
Employee Comments: To keep driving and helping making the process better.
submitted by mfowler to personalfinance