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Electrician, Mechanical Plumber, or Carpenter?

Hi, I am having some trouble deciding on which trade to pick, as I am very inexperienced. I am a 23 year old female living in Melbourne, Australia (yes, currently Stage 4 restrictions uh oh). I volunteer for SES (State Emergency Service) which requires some labour and trade skills, and have enjoyed every minute of it, and realised I like using my hands, moving about, and not staring at a screen all day.
I am just trying to decide which trade I would be most suited to and am wondering if anyone can help me. If you can answer any parts of this, it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is a bit wordy. I just don't even know where too start.
A little bit about me (feel free to skip):
  • I have been working in hospitality (waiting, customer service, making coffee, restaurant stuff, etc) for the past 3 years, and I really don't enjoy it, especially hate biting my tongue and being yelled at for insignificant things, and having to smile through it. Being yelled at is part of most jobs, so I understand that, but I feel I can justify it if I'm also being paid more and learning a new skill at the same time / actually enjoy the job, and don't have to smile through it. The only part of hospitality I enjoy is the running around part, doing stuff with my hands (i.e pouring drinks), figuring out ways to do things, banter with mates, etc, but ultimately it is just a means to an end.
  • I graduated late last year with a Bachelor's Degree with majors in Psychology and Philosophy.... and while it interests me, the lifestyle of sitting down all day, researching, reading a lot, staring at a screen, exhausts me -- it's not my thing. But I enjoy science and thinking logically about things.
  • I feel like interests vs lifestyle of a career are two very different things, which I'm only just learning now. Ultimately, I've always wanted to have an artistic and creative career (I am a photographer, and like writing/playing music), but I find due to my poor mental health (which I'm working on), I am having too much trouble with it at the moment, due to the entrepreneurial factor requiring a good n healthy brain (aka good stress management/coping/motivation, so maybe one day, but not today), and am ready to just pick a pathway with a clear direction, to start earning some money, and just start enjoying my days again.
  • I enjoy being outside camping, hiking, fishing, 4WDing, nature, outdoors, don't mind being dirty, so I'm definitely not worried in terms of enjoying the culture of the job, and I'm sure the people I'll hopefully meet will have similar interests (not so much in academia where it can start to feel very pretentious?). I much prefer wearing tradie-type clothes (which I know from SES)...I find tradie PPE far more comfortable than corporate clothing... honestly can't stand wearing uncomfortable shoes or wearing tight clothing, or having to have my hair perfect, to fit into "society" -- even though I can respect why others would, and that's perfectly fine, just not my thing. And tbh, I think doing a trade takes more balls to be like, sure I could be a fancy business man or lawyer or whatever society seems to value (since my high school always pushed us to go to university), but honestly reckon there is such a higher value in having these practical skills, and think trades are really awesome
Ok, so I'll give you a bit on my thoughts now about picking between the trades themselves (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), since I'm new to the trade world, I am unsure what might work for me and wanted more insight if you have any thoughts:
  • Electrician and plumber looks like it earns more than carpenter, and can be more specialized down the track, and also seems like it uses more of ya brain, so I feel like it would be a good happy medium for me since I still do enjoy more complex tasks.
  • But I am also very interested in learning carpentry skills, how to use power tools better, even just building frames for houses and seeing how its all done, flooring, roofing maybe? etc, but I feel like once I've learned it could be a little bit repetitive for me (honestly don't know).
  • One of the reasons I want to learn a trade is so I can do my own home repairs, DIYs, put up shelves, create a vege garden, maybe make a deck one day, fit out a van with a bed, build a tiny house on a farm, just general hobby tasks like that, and be more self-sufficient. That is the main reason carpentry interests me. I also enjoyed woodwork in school and learning to use the tools, and have always liked working with wood. Is it possible to learn some of these skills for future DIYs via electrical or plumbing?
  • However, the main reason I'm interested in a trade is to learn new skills and spend my days working with my hands. And kind of to take a mental breather (since you can never switch off with entrepreneurial work), to hopefully work on my mental health outside of work while learning some valuable skills, and make some money at the same time.
  • I also enjoy socialising and meeting new friends, banter with mates, etc, so working as a team would be great, but it's not a must, since I also value my independence, and am very good at getting tasks done and being self-disciplined, and enjoy not being micromanaged.
  • I love driving and seeing new places, even if its just different suburbs, since I enjoy having variability in the day. I have heard being an electrician can be socially isolating in terms of having friends though? What is your experience with this?
  • I like the idea of being outside, but not all the time? More due to the heat we get in Australia and the direct sunlight. But if it's worth it for the trade, I can deal with it. So electrician or plumber appeals to me in this way too, since you are often indoors or crawlspaces, aka, not always outside -- again, I like variability. I also quite like working at heights, so that's actually not a problem either. I also do quite enjoy rainy days and wild weather, so that's not a problem either (which is 99% of SES, since we are emergency response night/day for storms and floods, i.e. fallen trees, flooding, fixing roofs, assisting police, etc).
  • I've also heard that carpentry uses a lot of physical strength which may be an issue for me to do easily as a woman? Since I'm not super strong, but I am determined to learn and work around this. So if anyone can shed any light on that in the difference between trades with being a female, would be greatly appreciated -- brutal honesty is fine, I can look past political correctness if it's your realistic experience (i.e. I've heard chippies can be ruder to females/ be hit on more, etc compared to other trades -- but that's just a generalization, I know that's not always the case -- again not a huge concern, every female is pretty used to it, but still another factor).
  • I have also heard that electrical is less "hard" on your body than plumbing which can involve a lot of labour, i.e. digging tunnels. But would also like to be more active and fit anyway... so ultimately if plumbing is better fit for me in interest-wise, idm labour if that's just apart of it, but if I can avoid painful labour, idm that either.
  • I feel like ultimately, electrical interests me.... as I do like the extra intellectual aspect, but I do also remember struggling with parts of physics in school (I'm sure I can learn though). Also I feel like I might not be smart enough to solve problems? What if I can't fix something?
  • I am just concerned it might be socially isolating (since I am fairly lonely and enjoy working with others + I love the banter aspect of SES which I currently do),
  • I like the idea that is not as hard on your body (don't have to be suuuper strong) and you can often sit down when doing tasks (heard this from my mate who is an electrician, although I know it depends on the kind of work you're doing). But I also still do want to move about sometimes, and again not sit down all day -- but I know you are in crawlspaces which requires movement, so that's good + driving to different places, which I like the idea of a lot.
  • I also have a fear of spiders. But I feel like I will just have to learn to overcome this. I can manage (I used to have a masssssive fear of heights before SES (literally freezing on a ladder), but I worked on it and overcame it and actually enjoy it now).
  • I like the idea of going to different jobs and fixing or installing things though, once I learn how to do it... I like the idea of having a mix between doing repetitive tasks (so my brain isn't always stressing) + engaging my brain sometimes for more complex problems.
  • I also do genuinely want to learn how to use power tools better though also, and how to DIY stuff, which I feel like carpentry will get me towards. I feel like while carpentry interests me a lot atm, but realistically I think I will enjoy the lifestyle or longevity of being an electrician more over time.
  • I am also unsure of what the actual pathways are for being an electrician. Also, do electricians work on mobile phone towers a lot? Or is that just a specialisation? (not super keen for that)
Long story short I don't know a lot about what an actual day even involves in any of these trades. So any advice or info or experience is welcome. :)
  • I'm definitely picking a trade (just not sure which one yet). Thinking of starting with a pre-apprenticeship. Is that the right way to go about this?
  • Are there any subsidized programs that you know of in Australia? Or in regards to being female? In regards to COVID-19? Anything helps.
  • Thoughts of doing this via the Defense Force?
  • Things to keep in mind for actually getting a job or apprenticeship? Is there anything I should start doing now?
  • Specialised electrician pathways, I don't know a lot about sparky pathways?
So yeah, honestly don't know where to start. I know roughly what the trades are like, but I still don't know a lot about what is done in a day and what it involves, so if you can draw any comparisons that would be helpful.
Thank you if you managed to read all or part of this. :)
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Wherein I complain about making music

Hello. This is one of those long-winded and hopefully not quite as self-indulgent "I don't like making music" posts that pop up on here every so often. I'll try to distill some more concrete questions but a fair chunk of it is probably just me feeling bad. That being said,
I've been making music on and off (mostly on) for seven years now. I downloaded my cracked copy of Ableton 8 at age 21 in the hopes of one day making something like Aphex Twin. Or Feed Me. Or Venetian Snares. Or any of the other many artists I respected immensely. I've had a deep love of what I'll call "non-vocal electronic music" since age 14 and that term encompasses 99% of what I listen to.
Over the next 5 years I spent a good deal of time researching everything I could about synthesis, drum patterns, mixing/mastering, theory, and the usual stuff you're told to if you want to be a decent musician. For the last two years I ended up getting "more serious". I put that in quotes because while I definitely started finishing more tracks in that period of time, it also involved buying a lot of hardware which previously eluded my financial grasp. I would be lying if I said I didn't buy the hardware in hopes of it somehow mystically improving my abilities and of course, if that's been true at all, it's come mostly from the factor of cost justification increasing my time spent producing.
But despite all of this, there are a few problems which have remained consistent throughout the entirely of my "career". Namely:
  1. I very, very rarely enjoy actually making music. The few times I have derived enjoyment from it were due to throwing my cares out the window and just making weird shit or from the tactile nature of the hardware I obtained later. But these times of enjoyment over the last 7 years can be counted on two hands.
  2. Actually enjoying my end product is somehow an even rarer occasion. And I'm not talking about being wholly or even mostly satisfied with a track (this has never happened), but any enjoyment whatsoever.
  3. I don't seem to really get "ideas" for making tracks very often. The things I end up finishing are usually due to winging it throughout the entire track or hitting "record" in Ableton and just defaulting to making some 2-pattern acid techno track while I tweak knobs and mute drums, sweep filters, etc.
The final problem, a natural result of the above three, is that I feel like my time for really being as good as I'd like to be is rapidly coming to a close; talent shows itself quickly and musically it appears I was passed over for that. Internally, I have a very difficult time justifying making shit music. Because really, what is the fun in that? I want to make good music, and not for any reason reflated to pulling big crowds (though that's always welcome), but so I can make cool shit for me and my friends to enjoy, and because I just love the art behind making those genres I love so much (IDM/glitch/breakcore/acid mostly).
So if I were to pose a few questions I suppose they would be:
  1. What would you suggest I do to make creating music a more enjoyable activity, while still enjoying the end result? The conjoined nature of those two is critical; I really do think making bizarre noise music is pretty fun (because it allows me to fuck around on my equipment like a moron) but I don't actually enjoy the product too much. Likewise, I would really enjoy making a killer IDM or breakcore track but (what I understand as) the process behind those genres is very difficult for me to wrap my brain around in an enjoyable fashion.
Actually I suppose that's just one question. I feel like my problems related to buying more gear in order to get that "false sense of hope" dopamine hit would be greatly reduced if I could solve the problem of genuinely enjoying both my process and my product. I'm not looking for overnight heroin-hit euphoria here, but some enjoyment being gained as skills accrue seems to me to be a natural thing to expect if everything is going correctly.
Anyway, I look forward to any responses I might get. Thanks a lot.
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