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A good account manager clearly articulates the company's products or services and explains the advantages to clients in. Cityville hack v1 2 go here. As Donal Daley, author of Account Planning in SalesForce (get it free) and CEO of the TAS group advises, there is white space in your accounts and you must have a strategic and systematic plan to move into it. Account Management is a Process.

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Creating Operational Efficiencies with Key Management

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Key account management and selling are very different. We're the best online games website, featuring shooting games, puzzle games, strategy games, war games, and much more. As tragedies like Vegas, Orlando and Sandy Hook stay top of mind for Americans, venues of every size across the country should assess how they tackle the difficult questions raised when evaluating security concerns for their events.


Account Management and Selling Are Different in These 5 Ways

Account Manager: An account manager is an employee who is responsible for the day-to-day management of a particular customer's account with the business. When new employees join your organization, provide them with the contingency plan as part of their induction so that they are familiar with it. It demands a new approach to the key account by including extra aspects of the client – supplier relationship.

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Below are just a few examples of how time-dependent master data enables you to register valuable information immediately when it becomes available. Read The Balance's editorial policies. Manager or Leader This classic activity clearly shows the difference between being a manager and being a leader.

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Activities below can be used or tweaked further to serve and highlight key leadership skills that can be useful in leadership training and development programs for people managers. It's not uncommon to see key account plans so dense with words and. It provides the senior management team with contextual information about the direction in which the business is going, brand positioning, growth targets, and any areas or risks concerning a decline in productivity.


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Key account management and planning games. Items are delivered when they are needed and used immediately. EduLink One is a our school app that gives you direct access to your child's information and enables you to report their absence.

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Credit Karma UK Limited is a credit broker, not a lender. A lot of games these days have given up on copy protection and simply take the game content online, in which case the code is out of the hacker's hands – JamieB Dec 4 '12.


Gameweek 3 Fraud Watch

Fraud Watch resumes its first televised broadcast in 2020; there's a quite a lot to things to unpack so let's do a quick rundown. Some guy in China ordered bat soup and decided to screw over the plans of 7.5 billion people, Barcelona got molested and violated by Hansi Flick (a man who we're fully convinced was a German war criminal in his past life), Mikel Arteta is currently averaging a silverware in every 16 games, and that the full meaning of FPL is still Fraudulence. Pain. Loathing.
Now to specific matters, FPL managers think of themselves as expert analysts and forward thinkers with the ability to plan for any shortcomings, whereas most of us are simply monkeys operating a typewriter hoping that any one of our hundreds of drafts is the perfect one. After an average Gameweek 1, the 5 most transferred out players returned a combined 73 points in Gameweek 2 to further cement the age-old adage that says 'The Manager proposes, but the FPL gods unapologetically disposes'

For our pilot episode of #FraudWatch, we have 9 contestants today from all parts of the world;
  • Havertz
  • Vinagre
  • Mccarthy
  • Che Adams
  • Alli
  • Doherty
  • Egan
  • Ayling
  • Saint-Maximin

As the second most-expensive signing in Chelsea's history, This dynamic deutschman made his debut in 750,000 fantasy teams with a huge 2-pointer. Without a single shot in the league over two games, his managers would be pleased to hear that he's averaging 0.5 key passes per 90 to the linesmen. After terrorising the mighty Barnsley with a hatrick in the league cup, his owners would be hoping for a bountiful harvest against the worst team in the league.

Once touted as the best 4.5m defender in the entire game. 600,000 managers saw this cheap route into the Wolves defence and were swiftly rewarded with a Gameweek 1 benching, and a Gameweek 2 one-pointer where he blocked his managers from getting potential Mitchell points. With other 4.5 defenders returning points, it's safe to say that Vinegar has left most of his managers feeling salty.

With two points in his first two games, this popular pick is a classic example of peer pressure and hivemind mentality. There were no reasonable stats backing up this pick whatsoever. We feel someone just said 'Hey, lets pick that Mccarthy dude', and 1.4 million unfortunate managers decided to join in. He was on the receiving end of a 5-2 thrashing by a Spurs side who literally scored the same exact goal 4 times. This is the result when Southampton play a defensive line like they're Bayern Munich but have the defense / midfield of Luton Town

Che Adams;
If you own Adams instead of Ings, you need to confess to yourself that you're a cheapskate who loves cheap things. He decided to reward his owners with the Che Deluxe Treatment; which includes muitple big chances missed, a yellow card, consecutive blanks, and a price drop. We're fully convinced that Che Adams is going to pass the eye test 10 games in a row but never actually score. Will Adams be able to redeem himself in the Garden of Turf Moor or would he be banished from our teams forever?

With his newly-cut 90s pornstar moustache, Dele Alli went into this season owned my 200k managers, most notably Magnus Carlsen. Many of his managers picked him solely because of the Tottenham All-or-Nothing documentary, and they were rewarded with...exactly nothing. Subbed at HT in the first Gameweek and left out of the squad in the second one, he has suffered three price drops and might just be on his way back to MK Dons.

Bamboozled by the famous "2nd Season Mourinho" narrative, a lot of managers flocked to our Irish Cafu after an electric 2019/2020 season. In two starts, he has caused a penalty, received a yellow card, and amassed a heavy 2 points for his 1.5 million owners

"Here goes Saint-Maximin, trying to make things happen for Newcastle. And he runs into a defender." This piece of commentary is probably ingrained into the minds of his 1.3 million owners. Seen as the best budget midfield option prior to Gameweek 1, his owners started to contemplate their decisions after the first game. Some managers said a 3 pointer from him would be considered a haul in gameweek 2, and he disappointed them once more with a huge 1-pointer, a price drop and an ankle injury

A white man in a white kit with a man-bun hairstyle, It can only be a Leeds player. Heralded as an ultra-attacking fullback in the Bielsa system, this asset has failed to register a goal or assist and has shipped in 7 goals in 2 games; giving his owners a 1 point tally across both games

Owned by 1 million ill-fated managers, John Egan is currently averaging -1 points per game. Enough said.

Goodluck To All Our Managers in Gameweek 3. May our arrows be evergreen. Fraud Watch is a fortnight programme, and would be back in Gameweek 5
EDIT: Really appreciate the feedback guys. Glad to receive a positive response. To clear things up, A Fraud is someone who is at least fairly owned and blanks in two consecutive gameweeks.
EDIT VOL. 2: We have a twitter account. Much Apreesh.
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[WALL'O'TEXT] Feedback I sent to Larian on EA, I wanted to share this with you.

This is a long read, and this really can't be TL;DR'd, so it won't be for everyone. Apologies for that.


  1. Save files should be grouped by character (name + some small UUID/Hash to distinguish between 2 different chars with the same name.
    1. As this is currently possible via profile, this isn’t a big deal - just make a new profile and go. But as it is not advertised as the intended way of separating saves, it would be useful.
    2. Save files don’t show basic info on the character and all the screenshots look too dark..
  2. The party split/merge is a little too “magnetic” and snaps everywhere. Could be fixed by right-click menu saying:
    1. Split all, split in half, split me, split Gale from party, split Astarion from party, split Wyll from party. Just like it allows you to group them one by one.
  3. Disable space being the default option selection button, OR allow the use of a bindable skip button which does not select dialogue.
  4. Allow customisable “hit chance” icon. So people can include and exclude modifiers that affect their attacks. Maybe also make it more clear as to what the % consists of and how to improve it like if someone is on low ground their hit chance icon would says “low ground (consider moving to even or higher ground relative to your target” or if an enemy is threatened “enemy threatened by Wyll, you will do extra damage with sneak skills!”.
  5. Change lockpicking visually to use the “roll” overhead just as perception/investigation checks do. It will be more consistent.
  6. Either severely highlight discovered object/trap/item during perception/insight checks, or make the characters who succeeded point in that general direction as an animation. It’s not always immediately visibly what you discovered depending on the camera angle, but your characters are always there for you to see and react to.
  7. Have an option in the General menu saying “Warn me when a concentration spell the player wants to cast overrides an existing one” so people don’t waste turns.
  8. Include a “real world” clock in the game UI somehow. It helps have a sense of time in-game.
  9. Trading items is vague/unclear at best and works on “item for item” rather than “x items for y items” basis, which is both confusing and sort of useless IMO. And you can already do this in the main trade section
  10. Currently in some cases characters do not share gold in single player. The player cannot buy items with a party member who has no gold in their inventory. Sometimes they can, but the gold in the “offer” screen displays 0, even though in the background it is the correct amount.
  11. Needs to have a hotkey during trade which allows to see whether the weapon you’re buying is better than the one you have after factoring in all modifiers.
  12. You currently cannot(!!!) see weapons on hover during trade for anyone but the trade instigator. You have to exit and re-enter the trade with someone who’s equipment you wish to see on hover when buying. This should be fixed.
  13. Close currently open container when another container is opened by the same person (please!)
  14. “Tutorial” is hidden away in the journal screen, why isn’t there a button to launch it by the mini-map? Or main menu?
  15. Currently there’s no custom markers for the map (???), when they get implemented, can we store both a short name and a long description for the purposes of planning?
  16. Hide any piece of equipment in UI (if we are to be able to hide helmets, why not the rest?)
  17. Let us rotate characters in inventory menu’s where they have a 3D model.
  18. Photo mode (not essential, not mandatory, but you won’t regret it)
  19. Effects on top of portraits clutter the portrait. Sometimes humorously making “googly eyes” from the icons for our characters. Just have one effect icon in the top right of the portrait for each char, which expands into a tooltip we can mouse into and find out what’s affecting us.
  20. Currently impossible to click a skill and then click your companion portrait at the bottom left of the UI and have the spell hit them. (Healing spells btw)
  21. Examining creatures does not present elemental vulnerabilities.
  22. Trying to throw something that is too heavy for you does not explicitly tell you it’s too heavy. It just doesn’t highlight the object. Would be more useful to see a label “not enough strength to lift/throw”.
  23. Talking to the dead does not tell you how many questions or how much time you have remaining to interrogate the dead. It does not therefore convey the sense of urgency or importance to question them in ways that you consider most useful.
  24. The sneaking icon (the sun) is a little counter-intuitive and confusing as it doesn’t immediately convey “how hidden I am”. To some (including myself) an icon that looks like a sun in the context of sneaking looked like it was telling the player they were visible. One would have to check and see what’s above your character icon to notice the clocked icon. The recommendation perhaps would revolve around changing the icon from representing the amount of light where you are pointing to how much your character will be cloaked there. This is immediately more recognisable and since the light level icons are only used for sneaking purposes - changing them does not impact other functions/meanings. Perhaps -> visible=hood down, partially visible=hood up with dashed outline for half the icon, hidden=solid outline, hooded?
  25. The Horde Breaker and other spells that act similarly where activating them once means you can recast them or activate them just populate your skill bar with the repeat icons you can use. However these look exactly like the original skill and look more like a bugged duplicate rather than something you should activate. Either highlight them in a distinctive way to highlight their appearance and potential use or have them appear in a distinctive area of the ui (such as above the end turn button).
  26. Having “Great weapon master” for a character should highlight whether the weapon activated it. This is a minor gripe since weapons DO carry a heavy tag, but it would be clearer to see “Uses Great Weapon Master passive” just below that on the tooltip.
  27. Double-clicking items in bags carried by the player should consume the item instead of moving it to the main inventory.
  28. Unclear as to what happens when a player clicks on a quest marker in the map and it turns white?

Inventory & item management

  1. Keys - You never have to manually swap keys between characters for solo play, this is pretty much handled with magic pockets. For multiplayer, presumably, it’s manual (I don’t have friends to play with so I cannot test). Here’s could work: a key ring. Automatically add keys to the key ring and make it openable as a sack would be if you ever (1/100 times IF that) need to access individual keys.
  2. Just as with keys, scrolls could go into some special container where they get auto added on pickup. Less important than keys, but still useful.
  3. Allow players to rename bags, sacks and other containers once they are in our inventory so they can remember what they put in there.
  4. In tandem with the above - grouping is a possible solution which could split your items into distinct groups while in the main inventory space, thus making management easier and custom sacks unnecessary. Just split them into groups by using some UI dividers. While you have the icons above the inventory that show only X/Y/Z types and allow you to ONLY see those items, what is more useful is the whole inventory grouped by type and separated, so you can immediately see what’s what without having to sort or switch visual context.
  5. Currently there is no way to quickly search your inventory. Would be nice to be able to enter a word in a box and have all corresponding matches highlighted in the inventory.
  6. Items don’t stack when they’re allegedly the same type. Nor is it absolutely necessary to have common quality or identical gear to be separate. Why not stand the seven leather armours since they’re all the same?


  1. Mage hand should be able to loot items from bodies, pickpocket (but expire on either success or fail only allowing for a single pickpocket and just “magic pockets” the item to the caster), unlock and open doors and containers, manipulate levers or switches. I mean, you technically should be able to use "reduce" + "mage hand" to fly by hoisting yourself up! ;)
  2. Disguise self should allow for a disguise as a goblin too.
  3. Spells that thematically don’t fit with a class should either be half as effective on a class that opts to learn them or not be available at all otherwise there’s no incentive to play a warlock if my wizard can learn those spells and vice versa.


  1. Surfaces are way too cheap to utilise and way too effective not to use constantly. However they are also beneficial in this same way for the enemies. Meaning most battles are now surface wars what with the abundance of surface creating spells or items available to the enemies.
  2. Surfaces are too large. They need tuning to adjust their size in order to avoid the DOS2-like surface mess during each battle.
  3. Surfaces that can catch fire should decrease in size when ignited.
  4. Surfaces that can electrocute should be smaller initially when cast.
  5. Enemies have either infinite or numerous surface creation tools, which needs to be toned down.
  6. Mine explosion radius is too large. It resembles a barrel full of dynamite and not a mine.
  7. Fog should prevent people on the outside being able to target people on the inside while those inside should have their visibility reduced to only whatever is in front of them.
  8. Toxic clouds do not need changing. There’s plenty of ways to avoid environmental toxic clouds.
  9. “Spiderweb spell”-created webbing should not function the same way grease does. It should burn up instantly and proc smaller amounts of damage once before evaporating.


  1. Wyll does not stand out as a companion you can recruit until you talk to him. He is entirely missable. Nothing triggers when you approach him and having him pop into battle while yelling he is the “Blade of Frontiers” makes him sound like a pompous douchebag NPC rather than an interesting companion you can recruit. This could easily be fixed by a small modification to play a cutscene after the goblin assault so he would introduce himself to you and the party and remark on your shared distaste for brain munching slugs.


  1. General: Apart from Gale and Lae’zel - the personalities of everyone else seem a bit one-dimensional. Perhaps it’s partially due to there not being significant emotion-to-animation tie in YET, as well as some of the writing needing improvement. One is not made to “feel” for some of the characters. For instance - how would one be convinced Wyll is in fact desperately trying to split himself between protecting a whole encampment and retrieving a missing person? It cannot be helped when one does not FEEL the emotion or be moved by how quickly Arabella’s parents just go “well we tried nothing and nothing worked! Guess we go make another child since this one’s as good as dead.” - When their daughter is imprisoned by a power-mad Druid! Where’s the drama? Where’s the sacrifice of (for example) her father trying to bust into the inner circle and being cut down thus leading to a bittersweet resolution either when the girl dies and her mum is the only one left or when we save her and both of them come to terms that her mischief cost the life of her father. It’s a very flat - “hey so x is the reason I’m like this or my quest is like that. OK?”. The player would want to be taken by the stories of these people in an emotional way and become invested.
  2. Astarion tries really hard to be this rogueish and dashing vampire with an evil streak. But he comes across more like a bitchy aristocrat who's got no other plight than the mud on his 2000 gold coin shoes. Hes just says a bunch of thorny remarks until you dig deeper, but until then - none of his actions reflect what he is going through from the get-go. And then only when you discover he IS a vampire - he suddenly has a this hook where he finally explains why he is the way he is and why you should care. Except that it is also drip-fed for you in such a way that you’re still unsure as to why you should care and expend time and effort into feeding him your own blood. Where is him looking weak and tired the first time you see him? He is absolutely starving by then as he later reveals in camp. He needs higher being blood to regain strength to hunt. Where is the conflict between the team when they all discover he is what he is? All you get is everyone saying “I mean I guess he can stay as long as he doesn’t feed on me.“ or “he better not suck on me or I’ll kill him”. Where’s Gale’s fascination with all things magic and arcane and him possibly saying “holy shit a real vampire spawn! I have SO MANY QUESTIONS!”, where’s Shadowheart suggesting he feed on anyone but her out of all of them? Thus inciting conflict between the rest and her? Where’s Wyll and his self-righteous stance where he would demand you end Astarion then and there, since Wyll is canonically the protector of the weak and downtrodden and thus would hate who Astarion is. Why doesn’t Wyll give us an ultimatum saying - either you kill it there and then or he leaves or kills Astarion himself and you’d have to defuse this.
  3. Wyll - he is clearly the conflicted self-proclaimed hero of the people. Why then does he come across like he barely convinces himself of his achievements? His confidence doesn’t sell. This is made worse by the fact that he doesn't betray his lack of confidence either! From what is shown to us - he has a lot on his plate: A camp full of people stuck between being evicted into the wilderness to meat their doom at the hands of wild beasts or worse, or being attacked by goblins while in the grove; all the while Wyll has to contend with his own self doubt AND with the quest to recover his missing (lovedemon/patron? that he's clearly in love with). You aren't given a glimpse into moments when the mask slips and he deals with the reality of how desperate the situation is. While it can be argued that his high spirits and strong morals are the pillar of his personality, what makes him one-dimensional is the lack of other contributing emotions. No one person is capable to hold up a brave face on a daily basis, let alone during the first moments of being infected with a parasite that threatens to end him before he can rescue his love(?) and protect the people he swore himself to. He should be wrought with indecision and it should show between moments of him trying to be brave in the face of his companions and in the face of danger.
  4. Shadowheart - she’s not too bad in terms of writing. She’s guarded and private. She won’t open up easily. But she’s also very quick to shed that front as if you just became her lifelong confidant and partner while in reality it's been literal days after you found her on the beach. If she is going to be so mystical and bull-headed in her reluctance to let you into her mind and heart then at least make it seem like what a real person would do. Don’t just allow us to get that “in” after two or three major camp rests as if we just became a lifelong friend to her.
  5. Lae’zel - she’s not bad either. Except that one glaring problem is that she does not convey that she is holding onto a secret in any manner through dialogue with her (at least the dialogue I saw). We instead learn this from Shadowheart during the rescue of Lae’zel instead of some form of a non verbal cue, a slip of the tongue or an indirect action, which can show us she is not what she seems - and it would go a long way in making you come to a hard choice as to whether to accept as she is or whether to distrust her entirely. You put so much hard work into the character models and facial expressions, it would be a shame not to utilise this. Also don’t have her tell me she was going to quintessentially smother me with her thighs during the camp party, but I missed my chance, when I spoke maybe twice with her before the party happened (in that particular playthrough). This makes no sense. I didn’t earn that. Her distrust of us as an infected member of the party however is done super well. Her aggression towards us when we show symptoms and her indifference to whether we live or die as long as she kills us or the parasites makes her distinctly unique and believable. She does not falter and does not apologise for who she is. And that is very much a needed quality in RPG’s. Conviction makes us believe in whoever we speak to. Doubly so when these people are supposed to be with us for the entire game.


  1. This is a minor gripe and should not be taken as too harsh of a critique: Some choices don’t seem to matter as much this early on. Ultimately we can’t say for sure if siding with one faction or another will impact our fates down the line, but some immediate consequences are lacking a bit. Most notably - if I do nothing, goblins don’t actually find the camp and attempt repeated assaults. A non choice is a choice in itself, but somehow they seem to completely miss the giant barricaded grove in their subsequent patrols. Perhaps I haven't noticed more of these if they're in the game, but so far - I have seen no evidence of this happening.
  2. Conversely - The story with the hag and her female prisoner plays out in such brilliant ways. It’s sad, and it’s well written. That whole quest - start to finish, is a delight (sans the bugs). It fits so well into the world. More of these sorts of quests and dialog please.


  1. There absolutely had to be a way for us to set enemy combat speed for animations. When someone is battling 10+ enemies, they really can just go to the kitchen, grab a beer, grab some chips and by the time they're back - about 5 of the enemies have finished their turns, while one is stuck on "moving..". There is no convincing argument against speeding up enemy combat optionally and it would be such a welcome thing.
  2. Unsure if this is a bug, but you can quite notably see this in the fight against Ragzlin, where if you go up on the beams above the throne room, and you shove an enemy off of the beams - they will likely die. However if you use a push spell and they fly off - they will suffer only the damage of the spell, but not the fall damage. This makes no sense, as being punched in the face and falling five stories and hitting the floor would hurt twice, not once.


  1. We need to pick starting equipment for each class. Otherwise they start with inappropriate items giving us a disadvantage.
  2. The intelligence circlet we can acquire from the ogres is super broken. 18 int for free without downsides is busted. I can dump int, put it to con on my mage, then go and get it all back with one item. This needs capping at 15 maybe? Or have a downside like - 18 int - but your primary stat is 8, unless it is int, in which case your second highest stat is now 8.
  3. Items with spells that are favourable when branded by Gut versus when not should have a clear description on that spell. It’s super unclear otherwise. Again, unsure if intentional.


  1. Spears, tridents and other poking implements are never going to be heavy enough to prevent wielding them single-handedly or while wearing a shield. So please can we just fix this to reflect that?
  2. Don’t unequip a character's offhand when they equip a different main-hand weapon which is perfectly able to be used with an offhand. That’s dangerous.
  3. (Unreasonable request) If we can pick something up and use it with ease in one hand - let us. We wanna be able to use two shields.

Levelling up

  1. Disallow skipping a level up by accepting without changes. Also move the accept button to the bottom-middle. Too easy to click the level-up icon and then accidentally follow-through on the accept button without confirmation.
  2. Some of the descriptions on feats, subclasses and other impactful choices need to be fleshed out. Some are a bit ambiguous. Some aren’t clear enough.

Character creation

  1. You spent so much time and effort into making beautiful character models, please give us body sliders down the line.
  2. Eventually we would like to see a bigger variety of hair, horn, beard, makeup and tattoo choices.
  3. Tail choices? Maybe.
  4. Shadowheart is penalised for low dex but is proficient In and starts with light armor. Needs fixing one way or the other especially since she has such low HP to begin with.
  5. Presumably once EA is done, we get to customise origin character abilities - which would be neat.

Experience gain

  1. Don’t penalise peaceful resolutions. Avoided fights should grant the same XP for the involved npc’s as the initial aggressors would’ve when killed , but once that’s awarded they should give 0 XP if killed after the resolution. Dealing with a tough situation rewards experience just the same as a fight would, why not reflect this while preventing double-dipping?

Resting / Camping

  1. Long rest / Camping currently carries no cool down or risk/reward for using it, this means we can use it over and over to heal between big fights. There should be SOME constraints to prevent this “Divinity bedroll” scenario. Perhaps totally preventing camping when enemies are X units away, or enemy encampments are nearby. Conversely only allowing camping in clear wilderness and near settlements?
  2. Random encounters during long rest are needed to add to the sense of danger and risk when choosing to camp out.
  3. Having camping unrestricted all but destroys healing resource values as food and potions become unnecessary in the game.
  4. Short rests should remain at one as to prevent characters who replenish their spell slots at short rest from never needing a long rest. One could argue that on release (if more short rests are allotted) you could make a party of warlocks and cheese the game, by avoiding long rests through the numerous short one’s you may have.



  1. Splitting item stacks during battle splits the item, but does not reflect this visually. Exitting and re-entering the inventory screen fixes this.
  2. When trading/buying gold in the “offer” screen sometimes displays 0, even though in the background it is the correct amount.
  3. See #13 in UI/Menus.
  4. Scrolling in quest log (either side) using the mouse wheel does not work.


  1. Spells that require concentration incorrectly show that you are concentrating even after the enemy you used them on has died. This results in you having the (for example) Hex spell icon on your portrait until it is recast.
  2. Mirror image will mirror whatever is around you when in a doorway. Most notably - doors.
  3. Fire bolt is inconsistent when destroying spiderweb bridges with it even at 100% hit chance.

Companions and enemies

  1. Companions sometimes attempt to unlock doors randomly and can trigger dialogue if a door has one. This also has potential to trigger traps on doors unintentionally. My Lae’zel initiated the dialog with the door in Hags lair twice in a row (after reload of the game).
  2. Companion approval rating can be maxed out just by petting the dog at camp repeatedly. This presumably is entirely unintentional and perhaps should be a once-a-rest dialog action?
  3. Yeeting an enemy off the map (into a user-inaccessible pit or otherwise) leaves it impossible to loot them afterwards. While seems like intentional, is there a way to get mage hand fixed so it can travel out of bounds (but not infinite range) so we can retrieve the belongings?
  4. Letting Astarion drain my character during the first night we find out he’s a vampire resulted in her death (as expected), but when the cutscene was over - she was alive and instead Shadowheart was laying dead on the same mattress where I was. I don’t remember whether I went to bed by clicking on Shadowhearts bedroll, but that would explain something at least.
  5. “Us” (brainpuppy) was following me in the mindflayer ship, when you have to jump over the gap in order to get to Lae’zel - I jumped over and it followed me, however it didn’t reach the edge and just fell to its death, never to be seen again. The oddest thing! Might be useful to ensure this cannot happen to more important followers who are able to auto jump when following you.


  1. Heavy armor helmet let’s my hair and nose clip through the model.
  2. Some armors allow nip-slips.
  3. Some viewing angles under archways make character models headless or headless AND naked.
  4. You can equip weapons on your summoned creatures by summoning them, warping to another location and then opening their inventory and selecting an item to equip them with.


  1. The further it is from my team the more the panning speed slows down. Why? You have fog of war to obscure stuff you don’t want us to see.
  2. Sometimes the camera jumps between heights in the map. It is annoying. I reckon just increase zoom distance if what I’m looking at is below ground level instead of drop the whole camera into a pit and then make me unable to see my character while the camera is over the pit or whatever it is that’s below ground level.
  3. Camera tends to freak out sometimes and rotates to show us the underground of a map rather than just stay above a character.

That's it, I think. I have basically wrote down everything I have come across during several play-throughs and committed this to paper. Not sure how useful this is, but if even one of these gets taken into account, I will be over the moon!
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