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Here's the questions and answers David Vahn gave in the AMA earlier not mixed in with Avenged Sevenfold

For the most part, it was pretty useless AMA since most questions were for the guy from Avenged Sevenfold. Even worse, a lot of the questions David answered were just joke replies to the other dude. Anyways, here's the few he answered related to the game.
Question Answer
Favorite zombie map so far? Kino der Toten is an all-time favorite. Moon has a special place in my heart, however.
When are the multiplayer servers going to be fixed? Many folks are hard at work to get our online infrastructure in a good place. I am personally reading hundreds, if not thousands of posts, and monitoring the situation closely.
To Vahn: Can you confirm or deny the train's name on express is "Scooter"? I can neither confirm or deny that the train's name is Scooter. I tried to called the train Matt Shadows.
Why did I only just unlock the flashbang at level 29? With over 100 pieces of content in Create a Class, we had to spread items out over the 55 levels.
Do you have any plans on putting Nuketown 2025 in the core match rotations instead of just being in it's own playlist? Not right now. I would never say never.
Are there any guns that people are already complaining about how "overpowered" they are? Too early to tell. I see people fighting over the "best" - that's fine with me.
A lot of people (on this /blackops2 at least) are having problems where we seem to be shooting guys with plenty of time to kill them, but then they whip around and kill us in a fraction of a second. Woody's Gamertag even released a video talking about how he was having some bad luck with lag compensation. Is there any plans to patch this or is it something we just have to deal with? I don't think it's hard to deal with, you just mess with search preferences and put it to "best" instead of "normal". But it'd be nice if there was a patch. We are monitoring. Nothing yet. I've been mostly 3 and 4 bar with no issues.
Why were footstep sounds decreased significantly? Was it so that people had to use the awareness perk to get that advantage or to cut back on people "sound whoring"? They are certainly cut back from Black Ops as a percentage of the mix. It's always seemed to me that they were overly loud. Personal opinion only.
You're the best CoD dev ever, I love how much you support the game and listen to the community. Most of all, I love how much DIFFERENT Black Ops 2 feels than other CoDs. I realize this isn't a question, just wanted to say it. Thank you. That's very generous.
Is this open for Call of Duty questions as well as questions for A7X questions? If so, Mr. Vonderhaar, I love Black Ops 2 so far. I did find a typo on the hardened edition's content but I'll let it slide. Do you know if any extra game modes will be coming to Black Ops 2? I vote for All or Nothing or some sort of knifing game seeing as the new knifing features are amazing so far! Absolutely. Although we haven't released any details, or even decided which ones, nor could I give you a count or time, we have several games modes we play in development.
How do you think BO2 stacks up to other CoD games? And what do you think you've done to help make it stand out from the others? I try not to make any direct comparisons. I'm pretty happy with our first step into a bigger e-Sports world with League Play, CODcasting, and League Play. Many great things to come here!
Hey David, What is your favorite feature you've wanted to implement in one of Treyarch's COD games, but never got the time/ approval to do? Black Ops 2 has a lot of the features we wanted to do. But, to be honest, I will always regret not being able to ship the Kamikaze killstreak in World at War. (It was like a Predator missile, before a Predator missile existed.)
Was there an increased pressure within the studio at Treyarch now you guys are mapping out the future of this massive franchise? We put a lot of pressure on ourselves, for sure.
Did you feel you were just following the Infinity Ward formula on World at War and Black Ops 1 in terms of story pacing and gameplay style? It's a franchise. You have to honor where you've been, but also look to move it forward and contribute in meaningful ways.
If so, were there things you wanted to include in those games but couldn't until Blops 2? Nothing specific of any significance. Not since Black Ops.
Do you ever think "All or Nothing" will make a return to Black Ops 2? I couldn't say. We have some our own new gamemodes we are eager to try out.
What is your favourite part of Black Ops II? That it shipped.
Do you think CoD can live up to it's expectation or people will start boycotting it after 2-3 months? I think if we work at it non-stop it can live up to expectations.
I found a hacker, posted a video of the hacker aimbotting in a public server. You guys took down the video and gave me a strike on my account. 24k+ subs yt account. There have been alot over 500 tweets towards you guys in the past hours, yet no response. Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO7_qECqt1Y If can be impossible for the people who are watching this know the difference between people trying to get YouTube famous from hacking videos, and those intending to help. It's a pretty thing line.
Favourite gun & streak in Black Ops 2 that you like to use? I love the MTAR for its versatility and the Guardian for how easily it confuses someone who refuses to take EMP grenades. :P I love the game so far. I would definitely love to see War as a game type. Is there any plans to do so?
Footsteps are impossible to hear by the way. The knifing is also awful. No plans to bring back War at this time. Never say never. Here is a hint. We have a very War like mode, that isn't exactly War, that I would love to tell you about, but I can't because ..dragged away by PR.
How did you get into the video game industry? I got started in the games industry making mods/online ladders for Activision's Mech Warrior 2 (and it's sequel).
Do you like Halo? Yes, I do. I haven't had a chance to play Halo 4 yet. But it's my "To Play" stack.
I noticed Twitter was added as a social network for Elite. Does this mean we can invite followers as well as facebook friends? This would be a major feature for commentators! We investigated this. It's actually complex to do well, given the lack of hard caps on the number of followers one can have. The list can't handle it well.
Vahn, Where did you go to college and what did you major in? University of Cincinnati. Electronic Media.
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Black Ops 3 Wish List. As A CoD Vet.

I have been playing CoD since WaW and have about 133 days played in CoD multiplayer, I'm a fucking nerd, leave me alone. So all these ideas will be ones I have had or ones I have heard in my CoD life (I will try to credit if I remember). No specific order. I will start with comeback then move to knew ideas.
League Play. In its own area and own classes like before
Theater Mode. Good for New Competitive teams to learn
Demolition/New Game Modes
I know people will hate me, SBMM is a must have
3 Lane Maps. They spawn out only if I push there spawn, but only in OBJ game modes.
Bring back good maps in Black Ops 2 people loved, guns to.
Make Scorestreaks good like in Black Ops 2 and that not just anyone can get a swarm every game unless you are good enough
Please put in a Nuke, MOAB, DNA bomb. I don't care if its a confetti cannon that blows confetti in the enemy's faces for 10 seconds and My CoD character Dances in there face and it says I am better then you in flashing bright Colors while music blasts thru there speakers.
Make snipers good like in BO2 they were actually a good primary and can be viable not only in just S&D.
Make secondaries good like in BO2. I haven't used a secondary since BO2.
No support scorestreaks and if you do make them difficult to get and not worth much.
Make camos a grind but not annoying to get like in AW. Like whats up with that get 15 kills shortly after sliding shit. Make it something I actually do and I don't have to run behind people waiting for them to jump so I get dogfights.
Bring Competitive team based camos into the game and half of the money can add to the prize pool of Call of Duty Champs (A $1 million tournament Activision holds every year, DOTA 2 does this)
Make teams on League Play match with other teams more often
Add "Mods" to private matches like faster speed, aimbot, etc etc
If I prestige I keep my attachments
All of the challenges should be unlocked at level 1
Reward me more with prestiging. Like special camos, clan tag colors etc etc
Haven't played the clan wars that often. but they should make it apart of the game instead of me having to download some stupid app and have CoD send me an in game msg's when a Clan war is announced and when it starts
MORE CUSTOMIZATION for my player. I love this in the new CoD's
Don't bring back weapon variants/cases unless its just different camos.
Bring back scorestreak customization but call them Mods. so i can set my attack heli to sit where I say it or I can set it to roam the map for kills. Lets say I put stealth on my Heli then it would say Enemy called in stealth helicopter, so that way they arent wondering like now in AW, is it OP and modded to all hell or just a basic heli.
Propaganda Plain Scorestreak I get to record my voice and it plays it to the enemy team for 30 seconds. I believe it was https://www.youtube.com/useshaun0728 who thought of that
I know this will never happen but Cross Platform game mode
A GB integrated system
Keep scorestreaks different from the pick 10 or whatever the system is
Make footsteps just a tiny bit louder then they were in BO2 and bring back the environment sounds like hopping in the train like on Express.
Take out toughness and make it like you always have it.
Make it so I don't "Have" to use a perk. In AW I have to use blast suppressor and toughness to use the meta class.
Bring back Diamond Camo or the equivalent
I had this idea a while back. When you hit the Max Prestige what if there was no level cap? So you can tell the difference between 2 different max prestigers. Clearly they love the grind, why not let them grind forever?
Different knives and different animations (if we knife)
Make the Emblem Banner worth while. I am tired of seeing a penis every 2 seconds.
I Can Always add more if I get good feedback
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