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Sorry for the long read but this is about 7 years of shit. Also I’m writing this on my phone as I’m doing cardio. If the locations matter to you this was all at or around Camp Pendleton California, with the exception of November last year to now being in Virginia.
So let me start off by saying, I’d say I’m a pretty open-minded skeptic. I’ll try to rationalize stuff as best I can but I can’t explain everything.
So I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for a little over 7 years now (I’m 26, she’s 25) and she’s always had sleep paralysis and claims she sees things out of her peripherals. I’m in the military or whatever so we moved in together when I got to my first duty station back in 2012. So one of the first few nights there, could have even been the first I honestly can’t remember at this point, I come out from our bedroom to find our front door slightly ajar. I had a really intrusive mother growing up and therefore I’m super anal about making sure everything is locked up tight before I go to bed. None of our shit was gone, I had pretty much dumped everything in our living room which is immediately what you’re in upon entering. Couldn’t really come up with an explanation for that, maybe somebody had a key and didn’t know we had moved in yet got spooked and bailed without closing the door? Fast forward a little bit to us getting our first (of 2) dogs, he was 2-3 months at that point, the classic good boy sleeping in our bed. I consider myself a light sleeper, and pretty frequently he would wake me up in the middle of the night growling looking towards the door. So I’d wake up my wife in case she needed to call the police or whatever, grab my shotgun and head out to see what was up. I personally wouldn’t ever see anything like shadow figures or anything. This whole time my wife is still having sleep paralysis and seeing what she described as shadow figures that would poke out from corners and doorways. I told one of the dudes I worked with who happened to be a Native American and he volunteered to come over and try something. He was a good friend of mine so I figured what’s the harm. He comes over one weekend to spend the night and went into our bedroom by himself and I guess tried to talk to it or something and he told me he saw something about the size of a small child but all black peek out at him from our closet doorway. Pretty spooky, but he could have just imagined it since he went into the situation thinking he’d find something. So between the gap of our refrigerator and countertop we kept a one of those plastic broom&dustpan combo’s. The kind where the bristled are longer on one end than the other. So I’ve got it positioned so that the short is is towards the wall so that the broom is angled and resting on the wall. So I’m standing there one day right next to that gap making a sandwich and it just kind of yeets itself from the wall towards the ground. I just looked it at, said something to the effect of “can you fucking not” and put it back. Now we lived on the second floor apartment, only thing above us was our attic. Couldn’t really explain that.
After our one year lease at that place was up we decided to move so I’d have a shorter drive to work. So we move into this apartment about 10-15 minutes away from my work. It also happened to be directly across the street from a cemetery. Don’t know if that really matters or not because the whole time we lived there which was about 2 years I never had a problem personally. One time, I went over to my friends house for a little get together with the boys and my wife stayed home. At one point she texted me asking if I was coming home soon cuz the neighbors were being super loud and shit. I had way too much to drink at that point and wasn’t trying to get a dui and told her that much. (My friend lived on base and you couldn’t get an Uber or Lyft or whatever through the gate at that point in time). What she didn’t tell me until today actually was that she was making it up about the neighbors, she was hearing things and the bed was straight up shaking. She put her headphones on played music, tried to ignore it and went to sleep. Looking out the window she would also see the occasional shadow walking on the sidewalk or peering through our window. Not wanting to speak it into existence she bottled it up.
Fast forward to a month before our first son was born, basically January first of 2015, we’re moving out of that apartment and into a way bigger place on base. Everything dies down and we’re doing the parenthood gig. He’s a good boy and a sweetheart, but holy shit did he cry bloody murder every night. He was a breastfed baby so my wife would get up to get him out of his crib and eventually he moved into our bed. At this point my wife’s sleep paralysis gets worse and more frequent. If I was away for whatever reason she wouldn’t sleep in our bedroom because the doors wouldn’t open back up. My son was in his crib once in our room and the door shut and my wife couldn’t get it back open for a while, it reduced her to tears. I’m paraphrasing here but she said, “if there’s any ghosts out there that fuck me with help me out” and the door opened, according to her. She would also hear pots and pans making noise in our kitchen downstairs and from time to time our garage door would open itself up to the world. I personally experienced the garage door going off by itself cuz it wasn’t very quiet and it would wake me up. Being a little boy, our son had all kinds of toys that made noise. We kept most of them in a toy chest in our living room downstairs, because that’s where everyone is if we aren’t in bed. Most of the time I’d be the last person to bed so as I’d be making sure everything was locked and lights were off. My kiddo had one of those little boards where you could put an animal shape on it and it would neigh or whatever. Whenever I would turn the lights off downstairs and start to head up the stairs the damned thing would go off and neigh. Yeah I threw that thing away after a few times of that happening. While we lived there I personally went through some dark times, a friend of mine hung himself a few months after I couldn’t go through with my own suicide. I can’t say it was related to the place because I didn’t exactly experience like anything oppressive that I could notice, just bad feelings I already had kind of got worse. My second son was born may of 2017, a month before I deployed, so she moved out of there with my boys, moved back down south to San Diego to stay with her mom to save some money.
She experienced doors opening and closing while she was standing near them and would get freaked out by certain spots in her moms house for whatever reason. Idk I was deployed.
I come back February of 18 and we move back up north towards Camp Pendleton and it’s all good as far as I know. Wife still has sleep paralysis, experienced a tall black figure approaching her crawling or walking funny towards her and hovering over her. I vaguely remember her having random bruises sometimes too.
November of 18 I detach from my unit in California and we drive across country to Virginia my new unit where we now reside. We find a decent little place and everything good. My kids were now 3 and 1 and unfairly my oldest is used to sleeping with us in our bed, while my youngest has been in his own crib most of the time. Eventually I win the argument and we put them into their own beds at night. My youngest son was cool with it, being used to it. My oldest would fight us and act scared and cry, everything I expected with the transition. Eventually he would fall asleep and would either come in to our room when we’d fallen asleep or he would lay in bed and call out for his mom or for me. Not going to lie it would scare me because of how scared he sounded. Some nights he would sleepwalk, I woke up more than once to him walking into the wall repeatedly in our room or from him sitting up in our bed and laughing and playing or taking. When my wife or I would talk to him when he’d sit up he would be nice to me but he would be an absolute asshole to his mother and attempted to intimidate her. Kind of a weird personality change for him from laughing to that in a few seconds. Now while that was happening with him, his brother was fine in his own bed in their room. After quite a few months of sleeping in there by himself he started to wake up crying or screaming. He eventually took after his brother and started migrating to our bedroom after we were asleep or just screaming. When I would go in there to see what was wrong, more often than not he would be trying to cover up and he would jump when I tried touching him. At this point I had a wife who has sleep paralysis at night and when conscious experiences seeing things out of her peripherals like our kids or dogs when they weren’t actually there, and both my boys were afraid of sleeping in their room even with multiple nightlights. One morning when my kids got up before their mom, they were doing their thing in our living room when my youngest screams his head off and runs back into our bedroom. His brother follows and tells my wife, there’s a monster. This was at like 730 or 8 in the morning. My dogs didn’t really do a mess of barking at shit in the night anymore. In fact I never heard them growl at anything at night until I started hearing things around our place. I would hear the doorstop twang at night, I would hear the door to our rooms bathroom creak and move. One night I heard my youngest come into our room and did this thing where he would whine near our bed instead of just getting in, which wasn’t unusual. He’s standing at the foot of our bed and I’m telling him to come lay down between my wife and myself, I remember him plopping down near our feet and I decide that’s good enough and go back to sleep. A few hours later I wake up to him screaming from his bed, which I hear through my closed bedroom door. I asked my wife the next morning if she heard me talking to him the night before and she denied hearing it. At this point I had never had a dream like that before but whatever these things are possible. Since we’ve moved to Virginia, my wife started working part time not too far from where we live, which leaves me with my kids until after 10pm, when she gets off work. So I’m usually up til 9 or 10 depending on my kids and I’m up for work between 5-630 depending on my schedule. My actual sleep cycle has never really been good but for a couple months leading up to me hearing things in the middle of the night, I’ve been woken up at 3am. Last night I couldn’t go to sleep until after midnight, still woke up at 3am this very morning and I’ve been up since, and this is why. Last night I asked my wife to rub my back and being a sweetheart she obliged. She asks me who scratched my back, to which I answer no clue. So I have three scratch marks around the middle of my back going from the right side of my spine upwards diagonally left maybe about 4-5 inches wide. I don’t chew my fingernails and I keep them pretty short, I also lift weights every week day so I’m usually pretty sore and not trying to strain to scratch myself. They were spaced out wide enough to not be from one of my dogs and my kids hands aren’t big enough either. I tried rationalizing it and decided to tell myself it was shiitake dermatitis from eating undercooked mushrooms. I had been eating chicken rice and mushrooms that I meal prepped for myself for about 3 days at that point. As I’m telling myself this I what it is I notice I feel like I can’t catch my breath. Can’t really describe it except for like a pressure on or inside my chest so that if I exhale all the way I’m pretty uncomfortable. I figure, fuck it, if it’s a heart attack I won’t have to worry about it for long and try to sleep. So kids get put to bed around 930, and I’m laying there trying to sleep. My oldest comes in around 10 or 1030 and we put him back in his bed, he gives us the usual stuff about not wanting to sleep in his bed so I also put my dog in bed with my son to see if it keeps comforts him and that seemed to do the trick. Around say 11 I hear my youngest son crying and headed in, I meet him by the doorway to our room where he once again jumps when he notices I’m there. I pick him up and walk towards our bed and I can see him looking around the place as if looking for something, figure it’s just another bad dream and plop him down near my wife. I still have this pressure on my chest and I’m still thinking about the scratches on my back. So my wife and I talk about him for a bit then she goes back to sleep. So I’m still laying there thinking about him being scared, the scratches on my back and about oldest who was in his bed with my dog and I decide to just bring him in preemptively. So it’s my wife, myself, our boys and our two dogs in our king sized bed, a little cramped. I get up to pee around 1 am and my boy dog gets to let me know he needs to go out too. So he follows me into our master bathroom, I finish up and then let him and our female dog outside. It’s about 70-75 degrees outside but our room gets pretty warm so I leave the air conditioning on. The temperature in the different rooms in my place are usually about 10-15 degrees different, with my room trapping all our body heat and most other rooms being pretty cool when the ac is on. Might be worth mentioning all the cold spots I walk through going from my bedroom to through our living room to my kids bedroom, but maybe it’s just the vents pumping out the cold air? So whatever I’m opening my patio door when I hear a loud crash from the direction of my bedroom. I turn my phone flashlight on and go take a gander and what it could be. Looked like everything was fine in the bedroom, so I headed to bathroom. Remember the broom from my first apartment story? So I have one of those swiffer wetjets to finish off cleaning the parts of my apartment that aren’t carpeted. Being the fan of gravity that I am, I have it leaned up behind the bathroom door leaning on the counter. Lo and behold that’s what’s crashed on the ground, and I mean crashed like it was thrown. Whatever, gravity strikes again I figure as I decide to just leave it there. Can’t fall again if it’s on the floor. I bring my dogs back in and shut my bedroom door and try to go back to sleep. Manage to get a few hours in before 3am rolls around and I am once again awake. I honestly have no idea if it’s a noise that wakes me or what but without fail i open my eyes check my phone and it’s 3. At this time my oldest son is laying next to me and he’s every once in a while he thrashes around in his sleep complaining, so I try comforting him and eventually around 4 am his sporadic complaining stops. At this point I’m freaked out so I decide to just stay up. So I’m at work now and decide to actually talk to my wife about all this and this is when she actually revealed to me extent of her experiences. I didn’t know most of this until today actually, I was just in the loop about the bruises scratches and sleep paralysis. She’s been bruised, scratched, had the sleep paralysis, had doors lock her in or out of rooms, seen door open and close themselves near her, seen shadow figures, randomly smells rotten eggs at every place we lived minus our last place in California , and even had the bed shaken while she was in it.
Don’t really know how to rationalize it all at this point and I hate not being able to protect her or my kids cuz I can’t exactly fist fight something I can’t see.
I was raised in religion with my mom being a pretty serious catholic until she started going to a more relaxed christian church. As I’ve grown I’ve became pretty critical of the idea of a skydaddy so I pretty much scoffed at the idea of burning sage or trying to pray the shit away. I’d identify as agnostic I guess, but I’m kind of questioning everything at this point. My wife was raised Christian and she believes in the skydaddy.
TL;DR I think something has been following my wife and it’s starting to fuck with me and my kids.
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