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Respect Medaka Kurokami

(This write-up contains scans from manga. Manga is read right to left, as opposed to American comics which read left to right. Please keep this in mind when browsing this respect thread)

Medaka Kurokami

Series: Medaka Box
Race: Human
Age: 15-16
Blood Type: AB

Background Info:

Medaka Kurokami is the main character of the manga/anime “Medaka Box.” At the beginning of the series she is seen giving her acceptance speech as Student Council President at Hakinowa Academy. Unbeknownst to the students, Hakinowa Academy is not your ordinary high school. Hakoniwa is the site for an ambitious experiment known as the Flask Plan, which is an attempt to create the perfect human. For this purpose students are divided into 13 different classes upon arrival. The most normal students with nothing remarkable or special about them are assigned to Class 1, while the gifted and special children are sprinkled through classes 2 through 12. Class 13 is reserved for the most abnormal students and each student typically possesses some special power that they have manifested through either being born with it, body experimentation, or overwhelming personality traits. They stand head and shoulders over the rest of the student body and are not even required to attend classes. Medaka Kurokami, as well as many of her most powerful opponents, belong to Class 13 and are classified in the Medaka Box universe as “Abnormals.”
Throughout the series, Medaka is tested and time and time again she proves she is not a force to be reckoned with. Like Saitama from One Punch Man or Alucard from Hellsing, Medaka stands head and shoulders over her entire universe. She is a pubstomp character with enough feats to earn her a mention in a discussion about the strongest characters in fiction, largely due to the absurd strength of the universe she comes from. As you read this character profile there are some Medaka Box lingo or syntax that are important to have a general understanding of. The following three classifications of powers exist within Medaka Box:
Abnormality = A power or superhuman ability of some sort, which abnormals possess. Most superpowers in fiction would identify closest to an abnormality. They’re conceptually identical to mutations in X-men, except they arise out of one’s personality rather than biology.
Minus = A corrupt abnormality, often bearing negative side-effects on the user’s psyche in return for much more ferocious power.
Style = Powers that achieve various reality-warping effects through the manipulation of the Japanese language and dialogue. For example, words that rhyme with each other can be interchanged in reality. A brick can turn into a stick. Keep in mind, since Japanese has Kanji and Hiragana, there are multiple ways this can be applied and many variations of styles.


Medaka has an overwhelmingly warm personality. She can aptly be described as a Mary Sue, in many facets of her demeanor. Medaka believes she has been put on earth to help everyone, and when I say “everyone” I mean EVERYONE. Medaka wishes to help evil doers and criminals as much as her closest friends. Even at risk of injury or death, Medaka trusts others fully to the point she injected herself with a mystery serum that she received from her enemy.
Medaka has never once known difficulty or failure. She has trouble understanding when other people cannot do something she considers easy. From the time she was born she matured at an alarming rate, bypassing infancy completely and leaving her older brother and older sister behind.
Medaka is described by Unzen as a monster pretending to be human. "From what I've seen, you've (Medaka) looked extremely stiff. As if you're trying to live by copying what people do. When you said you like people, and when you said you were born for the sake of others. What I heard was an underlying little voice saying: Please don't alienate me. You are by no means a saint. Because of your overwhelming abilities, you're a plain lonely girl!" What Unzen said was partly true. Medaka cannot relate to normal humans in the same way they can among themselves. Like it or not, normal humans are so far below her, it's like a person playing with ants. That's why she values her enemies so much. Her enemies always happen to be strong beings of a much higher level than humans. While they may not share her ideals, Medaka can relate to them simply by being a similar existence.
Speed Feats:
Strength Feats:
Luck Feats:
Perception Feats:
Intelligence Feats:
Fighting Skill Feats:
Durability Feats:
Dexterity Feats:
Aura Feats:
Other Feats:
All these feats make quite an impressive showing of Medaka base stats, however this is not all there is to Medaka’s power, and certainly not everything she would bring to a fight. Allow me to introduce you to Medaka Kurokami’s four trump cards … Her Proof of One’s Worth. These four specialties are like four pillars to her personality. Each of them are revealed in order throughout the series, and involve her trying to reach those who need saving in some way or another. Many fights or conflicts can be avoided or resolved using the strength of Medaka’s personality to reach the hearts of others.

Medaka Kurokami's Trump Cards

Medaka Kurokami’s Proof of One’s Worth #1: Preaching to the Lesser Mortals
Medaka will preach to her opponents and try to cast them as people who need help. She says her views of them aloud and tells them they can be saved. Any horrible things they’re doing can be explained casting them as the victims, and her as someone trying to save them from their downtrodden luck. She does not blame them for their actions, and offers them a chance to save themselves.
Medaka Kurokami’s Proof of One’s Worth #2: Strict Girl/Cute Girl Switch
Medaka can effortlessly drop her typically strict demeanor and adopt a softer, warmer attitude, adapting her expression and mannerisms to appear cuter. She uses this ability typically as an encouragement device to spur on her comrades and inspire them to try their absolute best.
Medaka Kurokami’s Proof of One’s Worth #3: Over Flowing Love
Medaka’s third trump card involves Medaka first making her face look cute, then giving a kiss to the target to show them that they are loved. She used it so much in primary school that all of her classmates’ first kisses were stolen by Medaka.
Medaka Kurokami’s Proof of One’s Worth #4: War God Mode
When Medaka is enraged enough, she enters War God Mode, her fourth trump card. When in War God Mode, she loses her sense of humanity and goes berserk. Her hair turns bright pink and her presence becomes so ominous and evil that even other Abnormals become scared of her. Her physical strength, speed, and healing rate all increase drastically, allowing her to shrug off injuries and keep fighting. At first, Medaka was only able to enter War God Mode when her friends were threatened, but she eventually gained enough control over it to enter War God Mode at will without losing herself to anger. Because words do not register with her as well while in War God Mode, she becomes immune to language-based Styles while in this form. Think of War God Mode as Medaka’s Super Saiyan 1.
However, War God Mode is only the first level of this power that Medaka knows. Like Goku’s super saiyan modes, her power can be taken a step further as well. Medaka acquired Altered War God Mode after mastering the abilities and skills of the Thirteen Party. While in Altered War God Mode, Medaka receives strength, speed, and healing buffs, but the biggest improvement from War God Mode is that she keeps her mind about her without going berserk. While in Altered War God Mode, Medaka’s hair turns black instead of pink and she can enter it much easier than its counterpart though she is still capable of reverting to War God Mode if she is angered enough.
After feeling the effects of Book Maker and her fight with Kumagawa, Medaka has developed another level which she calls Forsaken God Mode. During Forsaken God Mode, Medaka’s hair becomes completely white and her eyes become a lighter shade of red. It would be very inaccurate to assume this is a stronger form, however. In fact, the point of Forsaken God Mode is to weaken Medaka, making her weaker than her opponent. No matter how weak her opponent is, Forsaken God Mode ensures Medaka will be weaker. This allows Medaka to fight them as hard as she wants.
A fourth version exists which Medaka calls Hybrid God Mode or Combined God Mode. In this form, half of her hair is white while the other half is black. It is essentially a combination of both Altered War God Mode and Forsaken War God Mode. Unfortunately, this incarnation of the God Mode family didn’t receive much explanation or screen time due to Medaka giving up on using it and switching to War God Mode when things got hairy.
Finally, Medaka’s last version of this technique, as well as the equivalent to her Super Saiyan 3, gives her a significant boost to her speed. It can also be assumed she gets stronger as well, though this is never stated. This final version is called End God Mode, and it causes Medaka’s hair to grow very long and turn pitch black.


Impressive girl, no? Surely such a powerful character is worth your time, /whowouldwin. What’s that? Not strong enough for you? Why don’t we move on past her impressive strength, speed, agility, durability, intelligence, rage-induced super modes, and all those other things that literally any other Marvel or DC schmuck can mimic and dive headfirst into what pushes Medaka from being “just another shounen protagonist” into being “one of the most overpowered characters in fiction” shall we?
If every feat and ability I listed above these sentences were taken away from Medaka, it wouldn’t even put a dent in her total power level. Medaka’s abnormality transcends the point where straight-forward physical ability or raw power can deal with it. In fact, one is almost required to be omnilocked or reality anchored in order to have any hope of beating her.
Medaka’s abnormality is called “The End” and it is the power to perfect and master any ability, skill, power, or technique she sees once. However, not only can Medaka use other people’s skills perfectly, she can use other people’s skills at 120% capacity, allowing her to use them BETTER than the original user. Medaka is literally better than anyone she fights at whatever they do. About the only thing Medaka cannot copy is straight-forward power or the strength of their body. She cannot make her physical capabilities innately better by copying a superior physical capability. For example, if she’s not strong enough to lift a box, and someone walks by who is strong enough to lift a box, she couldn’t just copy their strength by watching them lift the box. The exception to this, of course, is if they are using an ability or skill that boosts their physical capabilities.
The End allows Medaka to copy both Abnormalities and Minuses, however Styles cannot be copied by Medaka due to them being language-based communication skills that are drawn from understanding the feelings of others. However, normal skills, superhuman abilities, and even high tier reality warping are not beyond Medaka’s ability to copy. Later in the series Medaka’s “The End” evolves and improves to the point where she can instantly master any ability by only hearing information about it second-hand. Medaka is able to use The End to copy any actions she sees, meaning that it isn’t limited to copying superpowers. Medaka is also capable of mastering tasks that require years of practice simply by watching how they are performed. Anything from baseball to universal-level reality warping is subject to being copied by Medaka’s “The End”.
The End is a very fearsome skill that allows Medaka to tangle with some of the strongest characters in fiction by itself, but I wouldn’t waste your time if this was Medaka’s only gimmick. Medaka comes from a very overpowered universe, meaning Medaka has copied a plethora of useful, broken powers and skills using The End. Now, because many of Medaka’s confirmed copied skills were primarily demonstrated by their original users, some of the scans coming up will likely not be scans of her preforming the feats. But I will provide scans confirming that Medaka does indeed know the skills that are demonstrated, and the fact she can use these skills better than the original users indicates that any feats the original users could accomplish, Medaka could easily replicate.
Here is a list of the different skills, powers, abilities, Abnormalities, and Minuses that Medaka has been able to copy and make her own.
Many of the following abilities were never directly demonstrated by Medaka in the series, however she states that she did use them while offscreen in this scan, so we can assume that Medaka does in fact know the following abilities. We also know that Medaka has seen the users of each of these abilities fight, in some cases fighting them herself. It is not unreasonable to simply award her with the feats for each one, considering what “The End” does. For the sake of buildup/hype, I’ll be listing them from weakest to strongest.

Literally Plot Armor

The last aspect that makes Medaka Kurokami such a ferocious character to deal with is the literal plot armor she brings to the fight. That’s right, while in her own universe, Medaka Kurokami has the power of the author supporting everything she does. I do not mean in the same way as any fictional character has in their own universe. In the Medaka Box series, there exist characters that are completely aware they are in a manga and the position of “main character” is recognized as a position that comes with significant fate-bending, meta luck properties. To put this in perspective, in order to beat Medaka at a student council election, a character that predated the universe’s creation had to literally create a meta-ability that prevented the author from interfering with the results. An omnipotent character, with the power to turn off all of Medaka’s skills and abilities at will, stated even she could not win against Medaka due to her possessing the power of being the main character. While inside the Medaka Box universe, Medaka has the power of the author and fate on her side, and in order to overcome this, her opponent needs to find a way to turn off her plot armor or become the main character themselves, because regardless of any strength difference, Medaka will win if her plot armor is not dealt with.
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Ah Gou RT

Your life is yours. It is not more or less important than anyone else's. Everyone dies, it is only a matter of time



Ah Gou, born Wu Geng, was the prince of the kingdom of Zhou, born to a powerful human father and kind, caring God mother. When his father betrayed the Gods and defied their authority, his kingdom was overrun, with young Wu Geng being brutally murdered by his own mother to avoid being captured alive. Wu Geng survived, however, due to his mother's divine power: his soul was transferred into the body of a slave child he had brutally beaten and blinded in one eye in a karmic twist of fate.
Determined to rise up against the Gods, Wu Geng took the name Ah Gou after the body he inhabited and proceeded to rise in power and prominence in his world to forge a better future for all of the enslaved humankind, challenging Heaven itself.


Ah Gou is a brilliant-minded adversary in combat, taking advantage of the slightest openings he notices, baiting enemies to his own advantage and purposefully holding back his full power until need-be so he can properly assess his opponent. He will not hesitate to go all out in a moment's notice however. A pragmatist, he will turn every fight to his advantage with any advantage possible.
Combining his brilliant mind with his amazingly versatile array of powers and attack options as well as underhanded and downright cheating items at times, Ah Gou will keep his opponents off-guard and ruthlessly beat them to death should they dare to defy him.


  • Soul Power: It is a gift unique to the Dark Ones whereby they imbue weapons with their very soul, altering its properties in ways to reflect their very soul as well as massively increasing their physicals. However, in rare circumstance, Dark Ones can give a human their soul and grant them this power
  • Smelting Aura: Smelting Aura is the very air and essence of Phantom Island, and can be channeled into various forms. Highly mastered persons can turn it into complex items, increasing density, size, and power with more practice
  • Divine Power: The essence of what it is to be a God, Divine Power is the result of Transcendent Vigor granting supernatural ability to manipulate elements, summon beings for aid, healing, negating power itself, or many more.
NOTE: Feats are presented chronologically
















Dark Cannon is Ah Gou's Soul Power granted him by NiTian, turned into a Soul Gear that he spiritizes by turning a small handheld gun into a large, lethal cannon with varying modes and ammos to attack with.


Mutated Form of Nothingness was created after Ah Gou's trip to the mirror reality of Phantom Island and its heart of Nothingess infected him with that darkness, devouring his soul and turning him into a beast. He forcefully subdued it with the help of a friend, and made it his own to master



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