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Sam Adams Guide Chapter 5 - Episode 2 - KMEB Tribute

Sam Adams Guide Chapter 5 - Episode 2 - KMEB Tribute
Pastebin entry: https://pastebin.com/RVRGtY5N
Previous entry: https://www.reddit.com/fluffycommunity/comments/jokzkb/sam_adams_guide_chapter_5_episode_1_mutagen/

Mr. Adams' Guide to Practical Fluffs - Part 5 – Episode 2: Supe_Fluff versus the PostFluff!

by Oculus
Featuring art by KMEB, Smawtymustdie and EmotionalSupportFluffy


You remember that Sam told you about how some breed lines stop being made in Hasbio's labs, making breeding of these breeds difficult.

"Is that what happens? An engineer leaves, and work on a breed stops?"
"Pretty much," says the elder Sam, with a grim face. "The turnover rate at Hasbio has gotten high in recent years, and a lot of engineers who once to use work there stop or completely disappeared. And in some cases, they delete every remnant of the blueprints of the breed they are working on, making the archival of their respective gene sequences hard, and with it, limiting how much of their idiosyncratic breeds can be salvaged."

"That is sad."
"It is. And now it is time for me to introduce you to the KMEB."

As he says, he reaches out his hand. You see a sort of rectangle coming before you. Ripples appear over it, as if sit held some form of liquid, but the shape itself is paper thin, as it rushes towards Sam and you

Within moments, after the "wall passes you", you find yourself in another world. It was not the ruins of Stalingrad that you were in hours earlier, nor was it the fluffy city that Sam had introduced you to. It feels like home.

"I'm home."
"Not quite. This is actually my home reality."

You look around. It looks like the park that you frequent. And you noticed that some people are playing with fluffies. But the fluffies are not like the ones you are familiar with. Many of the ones in this park are completely green and have stems and branches 'growing' from them.

"These," says the elderly Sam, "are garden fluffies."
"Are they a type of KMEB fluffy?"
"No, these are Quickhorn garden fluffies, but the KMEB garden fluffies may have influenced their development."

The elderly Sam reaches for his pocket and pulls out his smartphone. You remark to yourself that some things don't change even in parallel universes. Swiping some of the menus, and pressing the apps, he reaches the image that he wants to show you.

The KMEB Garden Fluffy (Artist:KMEB)
"These, are KMEB garden fluffies." ( >>587 , >>610 , >>1056 )

You take a good look at what the elderly Sam is presenting you. Barring larger eyes that occasionally go cross-eyed, a larger overall body, and a massive of foliage growing on the back of these fluffies, they do not look any different from normal fluffies.

"Why do they have plants growing on their back?"
"They're feral. Apparently, when certain KMEB fluffies went feral, certain genes that would make toughies out of certain feral breeds had a different effect on KMEB foals. It changed them, until they became a mass of fluff that was able to contain enough dirt. Carrying this amount of soil within their fluff allowed plants to grow on their backs."

He then shows you a feral herd eating berries grown from the back of a garden fluffy.

"That's weird."
"You know what is even weirder? These pictures are from YOUR dimension," says Sam as he laughs.

"Development on the garden fluffies you see here drew inspiration from the original KMEB garden fluffy. However, the fluffies we have in this reality are actual half-plant, half animal creatures, or in some case, with even more plant DNA. But the original KMEB garden fluffy was just a normal fluffy with an excess amount of soil that allowed plants to grown on it in a symbiotic fashion.

It's a shame they've gone extinct now."

"They don't exist in this reality anymore. Or yours. Before I get to that, there's something else about KMEB I want to show you."
Mr Adams goes towards a piece of shrubbery. He gingerly pulls aside the leaves, as he looks for what seems like bits of cotton. Removing a rolled-up Ziploc bag from his pockets, he starts placing the little cotton balls in his bag. ( >>29 , >>38 )

"What's that you're collecting?"

Cottonfluffies (Artist:KMEB)
As you question the elderly Sam, he comes up to you. He holds up the bag in front of your eyes. Hundreds of tiny eyes look at you, along with squirming legs. Hundreds of little cotton balls. Moving about gleefully and playfully. ( >>30 , >>31 )

"Nyu daddeh? Nyu daddeh?"
"Wuv and huggies!"
Fwuffy am cottofwuff!"

While you can make out some of the individual responses, the others are repeated a hundredfold throughout the horde in Sam's bag.

Feeling flabbergasted, you ask Sam, "Are these fluffies?!!"

"Yes," he smiles, "these are cottonfluffs."

"I heard of microfluffies and toy fluffys, but these are even smaller! And they look incredibly fragile!"
"They are. These are a truly plant-based fluffy. They grow from these trees and were invented by the genetic engineer known only as KMEB."

Feeling astounded you want to know more. Sam continues, "It is possible that, although KMEB didn't invent the entirely plant-based garden fluffies, his research into cotton fluffies may have influenced later garden fluffy designs, creating the half-plant garden fluffies our reality has."

"Alright, I'm going to have to stop you there. You're talking too much about a fluffy YOUR dimension has, not ours."

"Yes, that is true. But your reality has a KMEB as well. And from what I understand from Sam, he is almost exactly the same person as the KMEB I knew. He may have created or experimented on some form of fluffy we don't have in this reality.

Instead of thinking about that, why don’t you look at these little things? They have short lifespans. And while they act like fluffies, they don't have the same kind of intelligence they do. They don't feel pain or sadness, even when they are hurt. Or eaten."

He pours the cottonfluffies into his hand.
"To the cottonfluff, life is truly fleeting. But they live it, without a care in the world."

\"Like dandelions\" (Artist:KMEB)
As he says this, bringing his lips to the base of his palm, he gives a gentle blow. Like dandelions, the cottonfluffies float in the air.


The collective joy of hundreds of fluffies, flying in the air, permeate your surroundings. Their voices are soft enough that the rest of the park does not hear them. And yet, as you look at the cottonfluffies, you think of the mayfly. The dragonfly. the fireflies. Insects that have short adult lives, and make the most of it to procreate. It is very likely that these fluffies may not get a chance to successfully propagate, or in this case, fertilize and germinate to create new shrubbery. But as they float blissfully in the air, you feel the same sense of dreamlike wonder you had when you saw the Inkie Pie Elemental Fluffies on the first of April.

You keep staring at the cotton fluffies, staring at their white fluffy bodies contrasting with the blue sky like clouds.



Supe' Fwuff, or Supe_Fluff (Artist:KMEB)
The figure of a fluffy pegasus, wearing a cape and a mask, whizzes by high above your little clouds. The pegasus fluffy zoom towards a towering inferno that you see in the distance. He puffs his cheeks like a smarty, and with a big gusto, blows out the fire with his freeze breath. ( >>825 )

The dots connect together as you exclaim, "A FLUFFY SUPERHERO?!!"

In full awareness of the absurdity of the statement, Sam laughs heartily.

"Indeed. One of KMEB's finest creations."

You stare in disbelief, as the superhero fluffy continues its heroic duties. He manages to catch some criminals robbing a bank, save a construction worker that was about to fall from a skyscraper, and, to top of it all off, still have time to save a cat stuck up in a tree.

"Thanks Supe Fluff!"
"It otay! Am just a fwendly fwuffywand supe fwuff!"

As he whizzes by, Sam keeps on smiling, remarking on its existence.

"Superfluf wasn't always perfect. In one of his first heroic encounters, he did blow a hole in a building. And there was a time that he caused a fire when trying to save people from drowning. But later, he got better at it, and many people commended his creator, KMEB."

"KMEB sounds like he was a good person."
"He was, he was.

It is a pity KMEB disappeared not too long after that."
"Yes. He just quit.

He was a remarkable fellow, that KMEB. He was with Hasbio for only four months."
"Four months?"
"Yes, four months. And in that time, he invented garden fluffies, cotton fluffies, and the super fluff. And, for the reality you come from, KMEB may have invented fluffies we haven't heard of. But in both of our realities, KMEB quit.

I found his desk empty one day. and it had this note."

Reaching from his waist pocket, Sam pulls out a a neatly folded note, which he passes to you. It speaks of the anguish of seeing a fluffy suffer, with the engineer, KMEB, not able to deal with the trauma of hearing a suffering fluffy. ( >>5673 )

"That moment stuck with me. We've done some horrible things to fluffies, but I would always like to believe that Hasbio has good intentions."
"You do know what they say about the road to hell, right?"

"I know, my boy."

The elderly Mr Adams looks at his watch. It is flashing red.

"Well, its time."
"Time?" you ask, quizzically.

"Yes. It seems like my counterpart is within range."

The green fluffy that you saw earlier comes up to the elderly Sam. The fluffy stands on its hind legs and waves its two front legs in a circular motion like hands.

A rectangular shaped portal appears and starts to close in on you. As you look at the portal, you see the ruins of Stalingrad, and Samuel Adams. Not the old man, head scientist of Hasbio, but the retired and youthful fantastic and Head of ABAP, and your best friend. With him is the Squeakyfriend, Joseph.

"He awaits you."

As he says this, the green KMEB fluffy directs the portal towards you, and you once again find yourself in the ruins of Stalingrad, just behind the Sam you know.


Sam is looking left and right. He is dressed in a trench coat, with shirts and pouches, and army boots. Next to him is Joseph, with some odd device strapped on his back. Sam seems a little concerned, perhaps even forlorn. You decide to break the ice.

"Mr Adams, I presume?"

Sam slowly turns his head around, perhaps out of instinctual wariness. But upon seeing your face, he smiles, and says your name out loud.

"I thought I'll never find you again!"

He grasps your hand with a firm handshake and gives you a light hug. For a 50 year old, he has all the strength and virility of a man at 20, and it felt good to know that again.

"How long was I gone?" you ask.
"Oh, just about a month or so. While working on a way to find you again, I took the time to go and meet Muffin - she recovered recently."
"That's good to hear, I'd love to see her again."

There's a nagging thing at the back of your mind.

"That day, on April 1st, when all that happened - were we really at ABAP? Or Hasbio?"
"I don't know what you're talking about."

You raise an eyebrow, as you interrogate Sam with the following line, "Then how do you explain the events that landed me in a goddamn parallel universe?!!"

"Ah yes, about that. The thing about Fillialcaco-"


"phonies is that they can bend reality."
"No fucking shit, Sherlock."
"But we're not sure how exactly they do it. We don't know if they enter a person's mind, or if they change the reality around them, or a combination of both.

So, no, you didn't go to Hasbio on that day and, last I checked, you weren't at ABAP when we met."
"So are you telling me all this is a really bad dream?!"

Sam puffs one side of his cheeks in his frustration as he looks out into the wasteland.

"Like I said, I don't know. The last time we met, I was about to introduce you to a Mutagen fluffy at a shelter I knew. However, you opened to the door ahead of me, and before I knew it, you were falling into the void. I tried to each for you, but the door slammed in my face. When I opened it again, you were gone."

You feel a little unnerved by the peculiarity of the situation.
"That's not how I remember it, but it DOES sound a lot like what happened to me just now."
"Oh really?"
"I was with two natives to this post-apocalyptic reality, when I got dragged to another plane of reality, and met another version of you. Except he was much older and a member of Hasbio."

Sam's face turns to one of stern concern, like the time when he warned you about the Fillialcacophony.

"I know who you're talking about. He's a very dangerous man. And a very bad one too. Evil even.

What did he want of you?"

"He only wanted to show me KMEB fluffies."

"Oh, I see," Sam remarks, having calmed down a bit. "I hope you'll never have to meet him again. I am sensing he may have had some influence on what actually happened to you a month ago. However, because perception is an unreliable thing, we can never truly know."

The talk feels frustrating, so you try to ask Sam a better question.

"From my memory of the events, Joseph was the one who caused the whole problem. What is he doing here?"
Sam smiles, as he tries to set the record straight.
"Oh no, Joseph here was trying to find you! See, like the Gowdie and Fluffsplosion, Squeakyfriends are able to bend reality, albeit to a limited degree. Also, he had to be in proximity to a Fillialcacophony. I had to use Joseph to 'find' you, and from there, narrow in on rescuing you. And that device on Joseph's back? It allowed me to try to track you to where you disappeared to."

"I see." Perhaps what you saw was an illusion out into your head by the rogue Filliacacophony fluffy. Or perhaps Joseph did open the box, was trying to make amends. Nonetheless, you know for certain that Joseph did good. You get on your knees and smile, as you look at Joseph and pat his head.

"Thanks Joseph."
"Jowsef am happee to see daddeh fwen again!"

Sam is standing in front of a door of a nearby ruined building. Unlike the KMEB fluffy from the alternate reality, Joseph had to use a door like this to enter the PostFluff reality.

"Alright laddie. Would you like to head back now?"

You want to take up on Sam's offer, but there's something nagging at the back of your mind.

"I want to say goodbye to two friends of mine."

Sam looks a little annoyed, as he lectures you, "You don't have to. They would have accepted your disappearance as a natural thing. Death seems easy in this world."

"You don't understand, Sam. They were trying to find the Metro, and I was helping them do so. And last I heard they were reaching that place."
"Then what's the problem? They'll be fine."
"Well I just want to make sure. I know you went out of your way to help me, so I want to pay it forward by helping them."

Sam is visibly annoyed. But you are feeling a little stubborn and want to stand your ground. Before either of you could say anything further, there is the sensation of a little tremor.

"Do you hear that?"

Ripples start appearing in the puddle nearby. Soft ripples, then harder.

The debris starts to spring up from the ground

A huge shadow looms over the three people, yourself included, and two fluffies.

And then slowly, you hear definite sounds or something huge walking. Far taller than the mutant fluffy with the long legs, making little tremors with each movement.





CRASH! (Artist:Smawtymustdie)
The two of you look up. A Giant Munstah is now roaming through the streets of the post-apocalyptic Stalingrad. It is covered with fluff, much like a fluffy, but, even if it was one or came from one, it was nothing like the biotoy product of Hasbio. It had three green eyes, each with two pupils in them, as well as three ears, with the third frowing the back of its head. It had an additional two appendages above its eyes, much like antennae, but covered in fluff. ( >>29921 )

It opens its mouth, and you see its massive sharp teeth, as its roar reverberates through the realm of the PostFluff Stalingrad.



Not too far away, you can hear the unmistakeable voice of the Russian, exclaiming, "Not agains!"

And then you hear it. The hail of gunfire.


You see a squad of men. The squad becomes a battalion. And then a century. Out of the woodwork, they come. Russians, clad with the gas masks, some wearing the army uniforms of the Spetsnaz, others wearing makeshift protective gear, but all wielding firearms. Some Mosin Nagents. Some PK Machine guns. And a lot, of AK-47s.

“For Petrograd! For Russia! Protect the Metro at all costs!!”

You look on in amazement. The Russian comes up to you, with Greg in tow. Greg is the first to speak, “Did you bring those guys?”

You shake your head and say “Nyet.”

The stalkers of the Metro are brave. However, despite their best efforts, their firearms are not enough to take down the behemoth destroying the city of Stalingrad. In one quick swipe, the Munstah kills five brave stalkers, as the other men quick scramble for cover.

“Giant pig-hamster kill brothers! Must find weakness!”

Sam is tugging at you, his intentions clear. Forget all this. Leave.

But you remain defiant.

“Sam, we CAN’T leave them!”

“Listen, lad! This is not our reality! We’re not supposed to be here! This is THEIR problem!”

“No Sam, you don’t get it! The fluffies do NOT belong here! The fluffies came in AFTER the Cuban Missile Crisis by a temporal invasion! They are interlopers like us!”

He stops for a moment. “You can’t prove that.”

“Exactly, I can’t. And neither can you. But you went out of your way to find me, even though I was lost to time and space. And I want to help these people, even though I don’t know them.”

“Alright laddie. But what can you do? I don’t see you being able to take down that damn Godzilla thing.”

“No,” you say, but with a determined look on your face, “but I know someone that could.
Can Joseph here send me to the dimension I was in just now?”

Sam looks at you incredulously, disgusted at the idea you are suggesting.

“Getting help from him?! My evil counterpart?!!”

“Sam, it’s the only option we got. That dimension has a weapon far greater than anything the Metro has right now!!”

Sam is reluctant. But he sighs. “Alright laddie. I’m giving you this one chance. But if you don’t come back, I’ll have to leave.”

“I know Sam,” you say this, as you place your hand on his shoulder. “You did your best to save me. Now I want to save these people.”

A tear leaks from Sam’s eye, fearing to lose a friend to a known enemy. “You come back now, laddie. You hear me? And you be careful with that other ‘me’.”

“Daddeh am wight. Be safe fwen, naht sowwy.”

As Joseph says this, he starts focusing his mind on spaghetti, as he rubs the wooden door. The door then bursts open, revealing a portal, to the reality where you met the elderly “Hasbio Sam”.

You run through the door, into the portal,


And find yourself back where you were much earlier.

The elder Mr Adams is there, sitting on the park bench. He is busy staring at the cotton fluffies, having just blown a new batch into the air.
With a loud voice, you call out his name.

“Mr Adams!”

He looks at you, a bit surprised.“You’re back. I thought we might never meet each other again.”

“I need your help.”


After explaining the situation to the elderly ‘Hasbio Sam’, he ponders on your request.

“So what you’re saying is, you want the Super Fluffy from our reality, to enter that post-apocalypse Russian city, just to defeat that Giant Monster?”
“You do know there is a danger to tampering with other realities, right?”
“Perhaps, but those fluffies didn’t belong to that reality. And I think that Giant Monster was actually an interloper.”

“I see.
Maybe you’re right.”

As he says this, he pulls out a device from his coat. He pulls out the antenna on the device, and presses the red button


The device continues to beep, the superhero fluffy that you met earlier rushes towards “Hasbio Sam” and you.

“Huwwo! Wha Iz da pwobwem, seeteezahn?”
“Hello Superfluffy. There is a big monster in my house.”
“Big munstah? Otay! Supah fwuff wiww giv’ big munstah sowwy huwties!!”

The superhero fluffy seems to be rather enthusiastic.


You’re at 35 Nerry Road. It feels like the same exact mansion you were, all those months ago. But at the same time, it isn’t. There’s not a single fluffy within the household. Only housemaids and cleaning staff, all over the place.

The elder Sam brings you to a room on the second floor. You recognize as the room where the Sam you know brought you meet Prince, his white Carpdime. But you know for a fact that this Sam, the Hasbio Sam, does not have a fluffy like Prince.

“Why this door, specifically?”
“Well, when I sent you away that one time, I sort of didn’t expect you to come back. But now you did.”

As he says this, he turns to a maid, who is standing nearby.

“Start the spaghetti machine.”
“Aye aye, sir.”

Upon doing so, and form behind the door, you hear the unmistakable sound of “Skettis! Skettis!”. As this goes on, the maid, looking at a stopwatch, counts off the remaining seconds.




You see a blue light emanating from the base of the door, as the rhythm of the fluffies chant of Skettis grows faster.



On the count of one, the Hasbio Sam opens up the door.


You see the visage of the Big Munstah that you had escaped from, not too long ago.

“Stuppeh dummeh munstah! Supe fwuff kiww munstah!!”

Super fluff stands on his hind legs and does some serious stretching. Cracking his head, he lowers all four of his knees.

And then, he leaps into the air, and flies straight for the portal, like a missile!

Supe_Fluff vs the Postfluff! (Artist:EmotionalSupportFluffy)

An unerring bullet, he zooms past the debris, and aims straight for the munstah. His right hoof forward, he cleaves right through the Munstah’s flesh, like a knife through hot butter, moving through the munstah’s body at hypersonic speed. The Munstah gives off a yell, first of unexpected, yet unmistakable pain, as Super Fluf continues his work, the combination of his super speed and super strength separating the left body of the Munstah from its right. Within moments, the Munstah is divided almost into two up to its abdomen, with Super Fluff have cut it very quickly and cleanly at such speed that the blood and guts had yet to spill out.


As the Stalker commander gives the order for the other Stalkers of the Metro to clear. The major arteries from the Munstah start to burst out blood, as it collapses, its body shattering many of the ruined buildings of Stalingrad, its blood and guts spilling all across the land.

With the third eye in its forehead destroyed by Super Fluf, the Munstah can only blink with its two remaining eyes, still trying to perceive what just happened to itself.

And then, the eyes go blank. The Munstah is no more.

Super fluffy speeds off high above Stalingrad. The Stalkers below cheer their mysterious benefactor, as he zooms away from them, back into the portal. The speed has managed to remove most of the blood from him, but his cape is still dirtied, and the stench of the monster is still on him.

“Mistress, please clean up Super fluff,” orders the Hasbio Sam.

“Yes sir.”

As Super fluffy is escorted away by the main, you look at Hasbio Sam in complete gratitude.

“Thank you. Thank you ever so much! I’m indebt-“
“No. The pleasure is mine, old friend.”

He smiles at you with a tear falling from his eye. But it is not one of happiness. It is one of regret, as you see a face on the verge of bittersweet sorrow.

“You take now, laddie. You hear me? And you take care of the other ‘me’.”

Remembering Sam’s warning about his Hasbio counterpart, you nod in acknowledgement. “I will.”

You then jump out of the portal,


And land back in the remains of Stalingrad.

The Russian is there, along with Sam, Greg, Joseph, and a host of other Stalkers of the Metro. Coming with them are their pet fluffies, some of which they are holding high in their hands.

“A pig-hamster save Petrograd! Three cheers for the pig-hamsters!”

“Hip hip! HOORAY!”

Looks like this is one place that is going to appreciate fluffies a bit more.

The Russian is happy to see you. So is Sam, Greg and Joseph.
“Welcome back old boy,” smiles Sam.
“You’re a hero!” notes Greg, in jubilation.
“Thanks, guys.”

Just as you say this, you clutch your head. The Russian is first to notice.

“Comrade! What wrong in head?”
“Laddie? LADDIE!!”

Everything is going blurry. You cannot make sense of anything. You feel your body collapsing on the ground.

You can vaguely hear Sam saying a fact you should have noticed.

“He crossed too many realities. He’s… suffering…. Overload…”

At this point, you just give in to the void.


You wake up.

You’re back in your room. You’re wearing the same clothes that you did on the night of the 31st of March. It feels like today is the first of April. Was it all a dream? But it couldn’t have been. Not everything has to be a dream. But if only there was a way you could prove otherwise.

As you think this, you notice a pile of clothes on the floor. And, a gas mask! Exactly the same as the one you had during your time in Stalingrad! So it was real! But did Sam bring you back to the first of April?

Ring! Ring!

Your arm springs out as you bring the phone to your ears.


“Hey laddie, remember we’re supposed to meet today?”


You’re walking towards 35 Nerry Road, and, along the way, you are passing by a field. You see a blue fluffy mare, with long brown pigtails, being doted over by her owner. The mare is visibly upset by this unnecessary level of attention, as the owner tries to braid her hair. ( >>4832 )

“Don’ cawe if pwetty! Cawe if pway baww!!”

The fluffies and their owners seem to be hosting a little baseball tournament. The bats are padded with an extra layer of sponge for protection, and a number of fluffy daycare workers are present to make sure the fluffy baseball game goes smoothly. And the game starts, with a human owner throwing gently, as the blue mare, with bat in mouth, manages to hit the ball. ( >>4850 , >>4867 )

“Good one, Suzy!”

Suzy (Artist:KMEB)
You smile as your watch this funny little game, when you hear a voice behind you.

"Well hello lad. Today we're going to meet looking at some Mutagens, and then, we'll see what we'll look at next."

Feeling curious, you feel that now is the time to pop the question.

“Those fluffies seem to be playing a good game of baseball.”

Sam smiles, as he decided, “Yeah, lets watch this game for a while. We do have all the time in the world.”

It was a fun game. Though not serious, you get to see the fluffies hit the soft balls, and Suzy, a fairly experienced fluffy, manages to catch the ball a few times when she plays as the catcher. ( >>4858 )

“That blue fluffy,” notes Sam, “that blue mare is a KMEB.”

You look at Sam a bit curiously, as you ask, “A KMEB huh?”

“Yes. A very old fluffy breed, one of the earliest introduced, along with the Mixermike, Art-Anon, and Marcusmaximus. A lot of KMEB fluffies were released, but only during-“
“-a four month period.”

Sam looks at you. A bit surprised, but then, a memory catches up to him. “Ah yes, my evil counterpart told you about that.”
You sigh, as you keep watching the game. “He did.”

After about an hour, the game ends. As both of you get out of your seat, you remark on what you two were going to do next.

“So, we’re going to see some Mutagens, huh?”
“Yup, just as planned.”

As the two you walk out of the park, Sam says the line he has been meaning to say for a while.
“Its real good to see you again.”

You smile. And then, one last question pops in your mind.“How did you managed to get me back home?”
Sam chortles, as he narrates what he remembered, “You were one heavy sonuvabitch. But Jospeh managed to open a portal into your own home. I was about to leave when you woke up, and you wanted me to tell you what I knew about KMEBs and Mutagens while you were getting dressed.”
That explains why you were in the clothes you were on April 1st. But if that was the case, how come you didn’t remember it?
“You’ve been travelling too much. Experiencing too many shifts in reality will affect your memory, though temporarily.”

“Oh dear.

Well, I guess that means you will have to tell me all about KMEBs and Mutagens then, huh?”

Sam gives out a hearty laugh and pats you on the back. He then says, very meaningfully, “It is good to have you back.”

“It is good to be back, Sam.”

And the two of you walk into the later morning, ready to learn more about practical fluffs.

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Overwatch terms and slang for beginners

This is a repost from my old, abandoned account which has some new terms added
X-Stack: A group consisting of X amount of players
.(Ex. 3-Stack - 3 players grouped together)
1: 1 hit. Refers to a hero being low in health, specifically 1 hit away from death. (Ex. “Roadhog 1”)
2/2/2: A composition that has 2 heroes of each role: 2 Damage, 2 Tanks, 2 healers.
2 CP: 2 Control Point. Refers to Assault maps, such as Temple of Anubis and Hanamura.
3-3: A composition that uses 2 roles, most often 3 tanks and 3 supports. Often refereed to as GOATS comp
3/2/1 or 1/2/3: A composition consisting of 3 roles with different distribution.(Ex. 3 Tanks, 2 Supports, 1 Damage)
3 on: Maintaining three attackers on the payload or control point to ensure it moves or captures as fast as possible when not challenged. One or two move it slower; more than three does not increase speed further.
4 Golds: When a player has 4 gold medals, often said by Moira players
Aimbot: Can refer to Soldier: 76’s ultimate or a form of cheating where a player has perfect aim
Alt: Alternate. Refers to an alternate fire (right click) or an alternate account (a players 2nd account)
Anti’d: An enemy or teammate who has had Ana’s Bio nade debuff applied to them.(Also referred to as: being “purple”)
AOE: Area of Effect. Describes an ability that can effect multiple targets withing in a designated area.( E.g. Mei’s ultimate, Sombra’s ultimate, Lucio's Healing/Speedboost)
Armor: A health type that reduces damage by 3 or by half, whichever is less. (E.g. if incoming damage is 4, then the actual damage done is 2).
Baby D.va: D.va when out of mech.
Back Cap: Capturing an objecting while the enemy was distracted or unaware. Usually done by flankers. Sometimes refereed to as a "C9"
Back-line: Most commonly refers to supports and defensive damage heroes, such as McCree or Soldier: 76
Baguette: A joking way to refer to the hero Brigitte. The joke originates from the confusing pronunciation of Brigitte’s name.
Bait: Forcing or tricking an enemy to use an ability or ultimate in a wasteful way
(Ex. Bait out Genji's Swift Strike then we can dive him)
Barrier: A shield that is used by characters like Reinhardt Orisa or Sigma
Battle Mercy: A Mercy who pulls out her Caduceus Blaster to eliminate an enemy.
Beyblade: Refers to the combination of Ana’s Nano Boost and Reaper’s Death Blossom ultimates. More specifically, the version from season 2 when Nano Boost still had its speed boost property. This was such an effective combination that the meta was referred to as “the Beyblade meta”.
Bongo: Refers to Orisa’s Supercharger ultimate
Boop: A form of knockback.(Ex. Lucio’s Soundwave , Pharah’s Concussion Blast*, Junkrats Concussion Mine ect.)*
Boostio: A Nanoboosted Lucio, often done by accident
Refers to Winston’s Barrier
Refers to both of Zarya's abilities
Bunny Hop: A term to describe Mercy gaining extra momentum from her Guardian Angel ability by canceling it early and immediately holding the jump key.
Burst Damage: A high amount of damage being dealt instantly.(E.g. Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss: Sniper*, Junkrat’s* RIP-Tire ultimate, D.va’s Self-Destruct ultimate)
Burst Healing: A high amount of healing being dealt instantly. (E.g. Ana’s Biotic Grenade)
Blue Box: Used to refer to the high ground near the point 1 capture point on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
Bash: Refers to Brigitte's Shield Bash Ability
Brig: A shortened version of Brigitte, often used when typing in the text channels or when making call-outs
Blade: Refers to Genji's ultimate
Bong: The Korean call-out for Ana's Nano Boost, Mainly used on the Asian Overwatch servers
Ball: Wrecking Ball
Boosting/Boosted: Refers to a player who was carried to their rank, someone who did not earn their rank by themselves. Sometimes this term is used to refer to a player who is preforming poorly
Bot: referring to someone who is doing poorly
Bunker: Holding down one location, usually consisting of an Orisa and Roadhog
Bap: A shortened version of Baptiste, often used when typing in the text channels or when making call-outs
Baptist: A silly name to refer to a Baptiste
C9: The act of stepping off the point and as a result losing the point, round or game; sometimes in spite of winning the fight. Made famous by the team Cloud9.
Carry: When a player or group of players take the majority of the burden of a fight or game to make up for a weakness on their team or to elevate people through tough matches.
(EX. I'm carrying, i have 4 golds)
Cart: called the Payload in game.
Car Wash: Used to describe wall of Symmetra’s Turrets, often surrounding a large doorway, gate, or choke point. This term was most commonly used when Symmetra was in her "2.0" state but it is still sometimes used
CC: Crowd Control. Describes a movement hindering ability, including: stuns, knockbacks and freezes.
(Ex. McCree’s Flashbang , Lucio’s Soundwave , Mei’s Endothermic Blaster, Brigitte's Shield Bash etc.)
CD: Cool-down. Describes the charge time of an ability.
(EX. Baptiste's Immortality field has a 20 second CD)
Cheese Comp: A team composition that is deemed as “cheap” or “cheesy” by the community. It quite often features a tactic that can be defeated by a high amount of co-ordination, such as the “Pirate ship” or “Protect-The-President”. Most often includes heroes such as Bastion, Torbjorn or Symmetra. This composition is usually played in a last minute effort to secure a win
Choke point: An area of a map that bottle-necks or funnels and forces congestion.(Ex. The doorway on Hanamura)
Composition. The structure of a team.
Competitive. The ranked mode of Overwatch.
Counter: A hero whose playstyle and/or abilities give you an advantage over another hero’s playstyle and/or abilities.
(EX. Pharah counters Junkrat)
Callouts: Saying an enemy players position, health ect. Can also be refereed to as Shotcalling
(EX. "Doomfist is 1 on the left by the Mega")
Clapped: When someone gets outplayed
(EX. "Dude I just clapped their Moira")
D.va Bomb: Refers to D.va’s Self-Destruct ultimate
Death Ball: A type of team composition, sometimes a form of Quad Tank using Moira (or Ana) and Lucio for speed and AoE heals. The composition is based on fast movement and close quarters fighting.
Discorded: An enemy or teammate who has had Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord debuff applied to them. (Also referred to as: being “marked”)
Dive: A composition or style that utilizes high mobility heroes to single out a target. Heroes such as Tracer Genji and Winstion may be used.
Refers to D.va’s Defense Matrix ability. '
Can also refer to the Deathmatch gamemode in the Arcade
Damage Per Second.
Refers to the Damage role.
A hero’s damage output over the course of 1 second.
Dry Push: When a team pushes without spending any ultimates in attempt to force out key ultimates from the enemy and swing the ult advantage, or ult economy, in their favor. Mainly used by high ranked players to swing the game in their favor.
Duo/Duo Queue: A group consisting of 2 players.
Eat: When Dva or Sigma absorbs an ability or ultimate
ELO: ELO is a ranking system used to accurately identify and track a player’s skill. Originally made for Echess by Arpad Elo, it has since been adopted by competitive video games.
Electric Cowboy: A Nano-boosted McCree
F-Tier: Used to describe a hero that is under-powered or ineffective
Fade Jump: An advanced movement technique that allows Moira to gain extra height from her Fade ability by jumping just before colliding with a waist-high object. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te1vV4F6YDQ)
Feeding: Engaging in a lost fight and dying, often by one’s self, resulting in the enemy team generating more ultimate charge from damage you or healing the damage you dealt.
Flanker: A hero that excels at fighting the enemy’s backline, often highly mobile.(Ex. Genji, Tracer, Sombra, Doomfist ect.)
Flicking: An aiming style where the user quickly moves their crosshair to a target before firing.
Focus: A call out for the team to all attack the same target. Mostly to refer to a specific target at that time but can be used as a more general attitude towards a single enemy.(Ex. “focus down Zenyatta” or "Soldier focus the Pharah more”)
Forced: A term used when a player causes an opponent to use a defensive ult in attempt to save themselves.
(EX.. “I forced Transcendence , we can use blade now.”)
Frag: General gaming term for a kill.
Front-line: Most commonly refers to tanks and aggressive damage heroes.
Flaming: Insulting your teammates often making them play worse as a result
Flex: Refers to a player who is able to play multiple characters or role
Fill: Refers to a player who picks last to work around what there teammates have chosen
Gamesense: Deductive reasoning and/or critical thinking based on the knowledge of how to play effectively, often developed naturally over time as a player gains more experience and learns the different mechanics in the game.
GG: Good Game. Said at the end of a game, the online gaming equivalent of a handshake
**.**(Some consider it rude/bad sportsmanship to say GG before a game finishes or if first said by the winning team)
GOATS Comp: A composition made famous by the Overwatch Contenders team “GOATS”. The team consist of: Reinhardt, D.va, Zarya, Moira, Lucio, Brigitte.
Grav-X: The combined usage of Zayra’s Graviton Surge and Another players Ultimate
(Ex. Grav-Dragon, Grav-Blade)
Hacked: When a player or health pack has been affected by Sombra’s Hack ability.
(EX.. “Our Reinhardt has been hacked”)
Hammond/Hamster: Refers to the hero Wrecking Ball, as the pilot is named Hammond and he is a hamster.
Hard Flank: Flanking the enemy without a clear escape route or an ability to get you back to your own lines.
Hit-Scan: A weapon type that has instantaneous travel time.
(Ex. McCree’s Peacekeeper, Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss)
Hooked: Being stunned by Roadhog’s Chain Hook ability.
HP: Hit-Points. Refers to the amount of health a hero has.
(EX. Junkrat has 200 HP)
HPS: Healing Per Second. Refers to a character’s healing output over the course of 1 second.(Ex. Mercy’s Caduceus Staff can output 50 healing per second)
HLC: An abbreviation for the map Horizon Lunar Colony
Hard Stuck: When a player has been stuck in there skill rank for multiple competitive seasons in a row
HoT: Healing Over Time. A reference to skills or abilities which continue to heal a hero over some period of time after they've been applied, such as Moira's spray.
Insta-Lock: Instantly picking a hero on the hero selection screen
Inting: an abbreviation for “intentional feeding.” It is common in a variety of video games, but is most frequently used in League of Legends
King of the Hill: KOTH. refers to the control point maps in the game, such as Illios
Keyboard and Mouse: someone who uses a keyboard and mouse on consoles to gain an advantage over people who use controllers, this is a reportable offense on console
Kite: The act of changing positions to avoid incoming damage or ultimates
Leaver: Someone who leaves a match early
LOS: Line-Of-Sight. A long line of unobscured vision. Can also be used to describe a requirement for an ability’s effectiveness.
(EX. Stay in LOS of our Ana if you want healing)
Low: Refers to a hero being low in health. (Ex. “Roadhog low”) (Sometimes referred to as: Lit)
Lamp: Refers to Baptisite's Immortality Field for faster communication
Lit: When a hero is 1 hit away from death (EX. Roadhog Lit)
Used to describe a player’s favorite or best hero.
(EX.. “I am a Genji main.”)
The central path to the point, rather than the right or left sides or any flanking routes.
(EX. “The enemy team is pushing through main”)
Main-Healer: Refers to support hero’s with large healing output but less utility.
Main-Tank: Refers to a tank who act as the central point for a team to group around, such as Reinhardt, Orisa, Winston. The Job of the Main tank is to make space for your team to work with
Mega: Any large health kit. Can be used as a map call out which tends to mean the closest one to your teams current location.
Mein: A silly term for a Mei main
Meta: The best strategy, composition or hero(es) available at that time. A common method to help people memorize this is “Most Effective Tactic Available” however the word “meta” is not actually an acronym for anything.
(E.g. Dive meta, Triple tank meta)
Monkey: Refers to the hero Winston, used for faster communication.
Moth: Refers to a Mercy using her Valkyrie ultimate or the Mercy meta
Mini: Any small health kit. Can be used as a map call out which tends to mean the closest one to your teams current location.
Nano-X: Using Ana’s Nano Boost ultimate in conjunction with another ultimate.
(E.g. Nanovisor [Nano Boost + Tactical Visor], Nanoblade [Nano Boost + Dragonblade)
(Hero Name) No–X: Used before an ability to signal a hero’s usage of said ability.
(Ex. “Reaper no Wraith*” [Reaper has used Wraith and does not have access to it])*
Off-Healer: Refers to supports with a lower healing output but with more utility.
Off-Tank: Refers to the tanks who offer more utility and damage, such as: D.va, Zarya, and Roadhog.
One-Trick: A player who only (or mostly) plays one hero
(Also referred to as: OTP. One-Trick-Pony)
OP: Over-powered. Refers to an ability or hero being too strong.
OT: Overtime
Overextending: The act of moving too far forward while pushing the enemy and going out of position, highly punishable.
Orbiting: When a Wreaking ball is spinning in a circle using his grapple hook ability
Passive: An ability that does not need to be manually activated.(Ex. Brigitte’s Inspire)
Peek: The act of checking a doorway/choke where you're in plain sight of the other team. Often used in a cautionary way, being it’s how players get sniped/killed before a team fight even starts. (Ex. “Don’t peek”, “Stop peeking” and “No peek”)
Peak: a players highest skill rating they have gained
Peeling: The act of protecting the backline from oncoming attacks or dives, often done by tanks to healers.
Pharmercy: Pharah + Mercy. Refers to the combination of Mercy and Pharah, where the Mercy will pocket the Pharah.
Pick: The act of achieving a quick kill at the start or before a fight. Often done by a Widowmaker or Hanzo
Pirate Ship: A strategy on a payload map where a Bastion and a shield stay on a payload. More characters such as Torbjorn may be added and could be used with Orisa and/or Reinhardt/Sigma and a Mercy pocket.
Pocket: Maintaining a healing/damage boost to a single target, often done by Mercy.
Point: The objective. (Ex. “Reinhardt on point”)
Poking: The act of using long ranged offense to chip away at enemy’s health or achieve a pick.
Projectile: Refers to a weapon type that has a travel time.
(Ex. Junkrat’s Frag Launcher)
Pop-Off: The act of playing very well, often said after a very successful ultimate or if one player is consistently outperforming the other team.
POTG: Play of the Game. This refers to the highlight that is played at the end of a match. This is also called “Play of the Match” in competitive.
Pull/Pulled: Refers to Orisa’s Halt! ability or Roadhog's Chain Hook ability
Punish: When a player makes a mistake, which the other team act on and use as an opportunity for a kill, push, or similar. Often happens in the highest ranks of the game
Purple: An enemy or teammate who has had Ana’s Biotic Grenade debuff applied to them. (Also referred to as: being “anti’d”)
Push: Taking aggressive action as a team to move the other team off of a capture point or payload, by eliminating them or driving them off.
Position: Where your standing or where your supposed to be standing
PTT: push to talk. the key that activates your mic, many competitive games use this
Poggers/POG: When someone does something really cool, when someone makes a big play. In reference to the twitch emote
Piss/Pee: Referring to Moira's Primary fire
Rez/Res: Refers to Mercy’s Resurrect ability.
Rocket Jump: The use of one’s explosive ability to achieve a higher jump at the cost of taking damage. This is done by aiming at the user’s feet and activating the ability.Some heroes and abilities that can achieve this are: Soldier: 76’s Helix Rockets, Pharah’s Rocket Launcher, Zarya’s Particle Cannon’s alternate fire. Junkrat can also achieve A higher jump by using his Concussion Mine ability, however this does not damage him.
Rotate: to change positions
Reset: To back out of a team fight so you can group up with your team
Role Queue: Picking what role your playing before the game begins
S-Tier: Used to describe a hero that is highly effective and powerful
Salt: Being aggravated, upset, or annoyed.
Shields: A type of Health that regenerates if you are not being inflicted by damage
Shield Bash Jump: An advanced movement technique that allows Brigitte to use her Shield Bash ability to gain extreme height by jumping and bashing into a curved surface, like the sarcophagus on Anubis B. Highly impractical, but cool.
Shot-Caller: A leader in the team who directs the team during a fight to maximize team co-ordination and communication.
Skybox: The “ceiling” of a map. No player can exceed it through legitimate measures. Used to refer to players, especially Pharahs, who are flying very high.
Slambulance: Used to describe a form of quad tanks that utilizes Moira and Lucio for rushing objectives and AoE healing.
Slept: Being put to sleep with Ana’s Sleep Dart ability.
Smurf: A higher ranked player using a lower ranked account with the intent to stomp lower ranked players, report these players under the "gameplay sabotage" tab
Soft Flank: Flanking the enemy but with easy access to an escape back to your own team.
Solo-Q: Solo-Queue. Refers to a player queuing for the matchmaker by themselves and not in a group.
Spawn: Refers to the designated safe area where players spawn.
Spawn Camp/Kill: The act of keeping the enemy team in their spawn area by killing them as soon as they walk out.
Stagger: Dying at separate times and having delayed spawn as a result.
To stagger (someone). To deliberately keep one enemy alive after the fight is over so as to kill them late, staggering them and delaying their team's next attack. Often done to baby D.Va.
Stall Hero: A hero suited to contest the point for long periods of time, such as Mei or Wreaking ball. Used by defensive teams in a difficult fight to stall or delay on the point and generally play for time. (EX. We can still play for time, swap to stall heroes.)
Stun: Being affected by abilities that prevent you from being able to move or use abilities, a form of Crowd Control or CC.
(EX. Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, Brigitte’s Shield Bash, Roadhog’s Chain Hook, etc…)
Squishies: Refers to characters with or less than 200 HP and is a relatively easy kill.
Space: An area where either team can sit comfortably with little to no chance at death which their team controls. Generally space is the job of a main tank but the off tanks, dps and supports can sometimes contribute to it.
Space Jam: combining Doomfist's Meteorstrike with Zaraya's Gravitation surge
Teamfight: A fight, often around the objective, that involves both teams. Games are decided based on the outcome of these fights.
Tele/TP: Refers to Symmetra’s Teleporter ability.
Throwing: The act of losing a game on purpose. Officially defined in-game as “gameplay sabotage”. Some players will say someone is throwing when they are playing poorly*(EX. Why are you playing Junkrat against the Pharah? you're throwing!")*
Tilted: Being frustrated or put on edge to the point where it hinders your ability to play.
Touch: The act of touching the objective. Often used when time is running out with intention to trigger overtime. (Ex. "I'll touch point, I'm not in danger")
Tracking: An aiming style where the player follows a moving target with their crosshairs. (not to be confused with Ult Tracking).
Trickling: When a team goes in one-by-one and dies rather than grouping up.
Trashe: A player who is bad at the hero Ashe
Toxic: Being rude and/or negative
Trance/Trans: Refers to Zenyatta's ultimate
Tick: Refers to partially capturing an objective when a team isn't confident about fully capturing it. Getting 1 tick means getting at least 33% capture progress so the process bar doesn't fall back down to 0%. 2 ticks is 67% and 3 ticks is a full capture.
Tire: Junkrat's RIP-Tire ultimate
Ult: Ultimate. Refers to a hero’s ultimate ability.
Ult-Combo: Refers to 2 or more ultimates that pair well. (Also reffered to as: combo, Wombo-Combo)
Ult-Economy: Managing ultimates and distributing them at optimal times. Often times teams will make pushes they know will fail to force out key ults and swing the ult advantage, or ult economy, in their favor. These pushes are referred to as “dry pushes”.
Ult-Tracking: Following which ultimate’s have been used by the enemy team and when as a way to work which ultimate’s they currently have or are close too getting.(Not to be confused with Tracking).
UP: Under-powered. Refers to an ability or hero being too weak.
VC: Voice Chat. This refers to the voice chat channel that is available in-game.
(Hero Name) Walled: Refers to a Mei using her Ice Wall ability to separate an enemy from the rest of their team, making for an easy pick.
Wall: Refers to Symmetra’s ultimate, Photon Barrier, or Mei’s Ice Wall ability. Not to be confused with Walls
Walls/Wallhacks: Used to describe Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight ultimate. (E.g. “Don’t peek, they have walls”) Not to be confused with Wall
White Room: Refers too the "white room" next to the point on Lijang Tower: Gardens
Win-Trading: When a player is intentionally trying to lose the match so someone else on the other team can gain competitive ranking, this is a reportable offense
Zoning: Forcing the enemy away from a certain location by using an ability or ultimate
submitted by UndyneOW to OverwatchUniversity