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[LFA] Trikk the Goblin Sorcerer

Trikk is a cheerful, polite goblin sorcerer who was cast out of his horde and raised and trained by a veteran mage. After stealing a magical sword scabbard one day, Trikk got thrown down a cliff when it's evil owner came looking for it. Now living in the lively merchant town of Stuta, Trikk now wishes to find that owner and kill him before he can do anything else to hurt people. The town treat him with kindness and he's something of a local celebrity, but outsiders still disregard or despise him on sight for what he is. (Not that he minds.) He loves his mentor, Clementine, like a mother.

Trikk is 11 years old, 3'5" tall and 65lbs. His eyes are big and expressive and hazel in colour, his large pointed ears are slightly damaged, his nose large and flat and his mouth full of sharp fangs and nearly always smiling. His facial structure in general is most similar to that of the Disney character, Stitch. He appears healthy and fit with some muscle, and bears a scar on his right side. His clothing consists of tough brown cloth trousers with wearing at the edges and knees, well-worn dark brown boots, a red shirt with patches, a low collar and short, wide sleeves, a bright blue cape and matching bard's hat with a short pink feather in it. His shirt is partially tucked in but hangs out at one side. He wears a belt, attached to which is a satchel and a mundane dagger. Attached to the satchel with string is a Luckstone: a star-shaped amethyst. His hands are both bandaged.
He carries his focus, a rapier scabbard about 3/4 his height, in hi right hand. It is dark teal with vein-like decorations in cyan snaking all around it. Spells emerge from the hollow end, and he has to swing it like a bat to cast them, his favourite being Chaos Bolt.

Despite his adult status, Trikk is very much like a child. He is optimistic, naive and generally cheerful. He's quick to help those in need as he is keen to prove himself trustworthy to those who dismiss him. Treated well by those of his hometown, he isn't adept at handling insults and tends to hide under his hat if he receives one. He cries quite easily and is autophobic, greatly fearing being left alone. Other than this, he is quite brave and dependable, being a lot tougher than he appears (16 Con score) and willing to get his hands dirty if need be.
However, he is still a goblin, and sometimes he cannot help letting that side of himself show. He eats very messily and impolitely unless told off, prefers to sleep backwards on a chair, and flies into a squealing rage if someone tries to take his hat or scabbard. He generally apologises about 50 times afterwards.

Ex: Trikk's first letter to his mentor, a month after leaving (written rather messily with a few spelling mistakes)

Clementine Quan, Undine Manor, Stuta

Ms Clem!
You were right! Adventuring IS the best way for me to get better at magic! I'm using all the stuff you taught me best I can and I'm doing my best to keep my new friends safe. Miss Snow, the cat lady, seems to like me and she's really nice. Mr Silver doesn't pay much attention to me, but maybe he's just shy, he usually eats alone. I'm not sure if Hog the metal person is a Mr or Miss, but they're a bit mean to me... Don't worry! I bet they'll warm to me soon.
I've kept my outfit and myself clean like you asked. The weather is a bit nasty up here, but you know how much I like rain! Tons of it! All the time! We're on our way to a town called Yarfelmoor soon. I'm excited! A whole new town full of stuff to do and people to meet! I really hope they like me.
I miss you so much. I hope you're doing OK without me there to do your chores. Can you please send more of those cakes? I promise I didn't eat them all already! I shared them with the party! Really!
Bye-bye! I promise to stay safe!
- Trikk

P.S. - Mr Silver calls me 'paltry'. That sounds Elvish, what does that mean?

If any artists are interested, please PM me! I'm eager to see my boy brought to life. I have an example drawing I did myself for reference if you need one.
Thank you!
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The Steamie - Saturday 15 February 2020

Weather (Powered by Dark Sky)
Light rain throughout the day.
Around 4 to 10 degrees.
Weather Warning
Storm Dennis will bring strong winds over the weekend. Some disruption to travel is likely across parts of the UK
Trains are fucked.
What's On Today
The Rainbow Ceilidh at Cottiers Theatre
Fleshgod Apocalypse at Slay! Glasgow
Jukebox Memories - Valentine Special at Pavilion Theatre
90's Obsession at SWG3 Glasgow at SWG3
Today in Scottish History
On February 15 1848 the Caledonian Railway company opened. The Caledonian Railway ran trains from London to Glasgow and was in fierce competition with the Edinburgh based North British Railway. Caledonian trains were painted a distinctive colour of blue, later called Caledonian blue, and carried the Royal Arms of Scotland on the trains. Later it became part of the London, Midland and Scottish group.
On February 15 1986 Scotland scored their biggest ever win against England in a rugby international. They won the game by 33-6 at Murrayfield, with Gavin Hastings scoring 21 points in the match.
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