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Makers Horsebutt Engineer Boots

Makers. A brand I haven’t seen here before - so thought I'd share.
Album First
Makers is owned by Shin Teshima in Tokyo. They only sell in Japan.
I exchanged some emails with Shin on Qs about the boots; he was thoroughly courteous, responsive and extremely passionate about his product. He says he’d like to sell in the US but has no US dealers right now and needs to sharpen his English. I had no trouble corresponding with him - his English was great. Maybe one of the US dealers can take him up on it.
You can see more of their shoes/boots at one of their resellers here and here. A lot of shell cordovan and classic Americana going on – as with many Japanese brands we adore.
I read that Makers also manufactures the Attractions Engineer Boot – but don't have evidence for this. Perhaps others can confirm.
These are made of Shinki Horsebutt. I could not find a ton of information about this leather. I could confirm that it is veg tanned and made of horse - but that’s about it. Some think it’s the same as Horween’s north of cordovan. Others said it’s actually the whole rear of hide including the area used for shell.
What I have experienced so far in person is that it’s a very interesting leather – def very difference from calf. It’s very stiff – such that the shaft will support itself..and then some. But no break in trouble so far. I read there is a lot of variation across hides and even across diff areas of my 2 boots – you can see contrast in grain density, scarring etc. I actually love this variation right now – matches the boot’s personality perfect.
It’s also surface painted/dyed and not dyed through. Stories of patina and tea core etc abound. Most recommend conditioning sparingly and just brushing to encourage patina. I will try.
GYW construction.
Upper: Triple stitching. Neat work. Everything I have come to expect from Japanese boot makers based on reviews here and elsewhere.
Call out: front of boot is lined with fabric. My ‘purist’ side protested for a microsec – I’m not bothered. For a boot this price & quality – I have to guess that this is for a functional reason (leather is too thick already?) Vs saving $10 on material for leather lining. I don’t know – maybe others can comment.
Bottom: Leather midsole. Bitlrite heel and half-sole. Contrast white stitching.
Hardware: (edit) Iron buckles which are 'patina-ed' with some rust out of the box. Product copy says rust is awesome and this is a feature.
I am brannock 9E and commonly wear 9.5D. These are US 9.5D. They about 0.5 size too big with thin socks – but good with thick socks. Since I am not planning to wear them in warm weather – I’m going to keep them & keep on with the break in.
Also - I learnt that Engineer boot sizing is interesting in that you can’t have em too snug coz then you can’t get in and out; You can't really lace up & tighten to fit after you get in either. Experts online are saying some heel slip is going to happen - especially in the beginning. So, I’m experimenting & waiting to see how the boot changes after break in. Advice from veteran Engineer wearers welcome
My first Engineer, first made-in-japan and first horse hide – so has been very interesting thus far!
submitted by v4257 to goodyearwelt

Bio on OC: Lucifer "Hoxton" Margatroid

Currently a W.I.P

"Did you miss me you wankers?" - James Hoxworth (2014)
"Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish." - Lucifer Margatroid
\ refers to (James Hoxworth (post-Payday 2)|Makai/True Form (the Beyond Realm))*
Name: Lucifer "James Hoxworth" Margatroid
Nicknames: Hoxton, Morningstar, (The) Devil, Demon Angel, (The) Demon, (The) Clown(s from TV), (Bank) Robber, Thief, Luci, (The) Beyonder
Age*: 39 (Birth year: 1981)
Common Location(s): Lunar Capital, Golden Grin Casino, Makai
Income: Fluctuates between hundreds of thousands (USD, at worst) to tens of billions (USD, at peak) per month [Golden Grin Casino]. At least tens of thousands [Robberies and swindling].
  1. Hair*: Brown|Golden Blonde
  2. Eye Color*: Hazel|Golden, Light Purple
  3. Ethnicity*: Caucasian|Makai
  4. Height*: 5'11|Omnipresent
  5. Style*: Suits, Ballistic Vests|Divine Body
  6. Build*: Thin|Irrelevant
  7. Accessories: Clown Mask, Horns, 6 wings|Horns, Halo, infinite wings
Species*: Human (Demonically Possessed)|Demon Angel (God)
Language(s): English, Japanese, Chinese, Demon, Angel|Omnilingual
Powers*: All forms of Magic, Peak Lunarian Condition (Immortality, god-like physicality) Reality Bending, Limited demonic powers, Demonic Form, Infinite Willpower|All previous abilities taken to the highest level, Omnipotence (power-only, being surpassed only by his mother and having no equivalents after that), Nigh-Omniscience, Omnipresent, Invulnerable, Creation, Destruction, the Morningstar
Power Explanations:
  1. All forms of magic: It could literally be anything considered magic, demonic magic, angelical magic, magic for the sake of magic, go wild!
  2. Peak Lunarian Condition: the average Lunarian would be considered superhuman compared to a human on Earth, Hoxton, being a demon, combined with his purity, is one of, if not the physically strongest being on the Lunar Capital, only surpassed by the gods that live there. Additionally, all Lunarians will not die of old age and Hox is no exception.
  3. Reality Bending: while Hoxton can at best bend the rules of reality, he can't outright warp it to his liking, at least not in comparison to his true form.
  4. Demonic powers: apart from magic, Hoxton's demonic powers are enough for everyone to consider him a "demon."
  5. Infinite Willpower: Hoxton can do anything he wills, as long as it doesn't destroy the body of James Hoxworth (current host)
  6. Omnipotence: Lucifer is all powerful (even more so as "The Beyonder"), being able to do things such as grant others omnipotence (and could as easily strip them) and kill himself without effort. Additionally, because he's all powerful, with nobody can surpass him (except for Shinki, who granted him the gift and could as easily strip it)
  7. Nigh-Omniscience: Lucifer knows absolutely everything about Makai, but has to experience every realm outside of it by himself to gain knowledge.
  8. Invulnerable: No, not even Doomguy Co., 100+% Shaggy, and other meme gods in their true state could even dream of touching Lucifer. At best they'll serve to piss him off before being nothing but concepts into people's heads, if they get lucky that is.
  9. Creation & Destruction: Can create and destroy absolutely anything effortlessly.
  10. The Morningstar: is what Lucifer calls his infinite will. Being able to shape anything, even things considered "logically" impossible. It has not been utilized to it's fullest extent, however, it is can spark every dead omniverse in a matter of seconds. It's also used to describe his role as the Beyond Realm.
Career: C.E.O. of the Golden Grin Casino (since November 2018), Thief (since 2011, still ongoing), Swindler (since 1998, still ongoing).
Hobbies: Robbery, swindling, running the Golden Grin Casino, enjoying the Lunar Capital, throwing parties, relaxing on beaches, "breaking in" Alice's house|Sleeping in Pandæmonium, creating things in Makai, organizing surprise trips, sleeping in the World of Ice and Snow, embodying the Beyond.
Family: James Hoxworth (current host), Shinki (biological mother), Watatsuki no Yorihime (wife), Alice Margatroid (adopted sister), Yumeko ("older sister" and maid), literally any demon in Makai and Sariel (created family), Watatsuki no Toyohime (sister-in-law), Eirin Yagokoro and other Shinto kami (distant relatives), unnamed Hoxworth couple (adoptive parents), unnamed brothers (adoptive brothers)
Friends: Marisa Kirisame (burglary trainee), Rochelle "Clover" (mentee), "Bonnie" McGee (friend), Aldstone (butler), the Payday Gang (criminal crew, involves Bain and Locke), anyone involved with Eientei (proxy to the Watatsuki Sister's relationship with Eirin, especially Kaguya Houraisan and Reisen Udongein Inaba), Scarlet Devil Mansion (swindling victims, except Hong Meiling, Patchouli Knowledge, and Flandre Scarlet), Byakuren Hijiri (ex-prisoner of Makai, occasional therapist), gamblers (one-sided friendship, often victims of his scams and their hubris), Reisen (pet), Lord Tsukuyomi (common victim of Hox's trickery, but pretty stable friendship apart from that)
Enemies: Matt Roscoe (two-time traitor, torture victim), Hector Morales (ratted on Hox), "The Dentist" (traitor), police departments (enemies from his time as a bank robber), Federal Bureau of Intervention (especially for office agents, SWATs, and Hostage Rescue Teams), GenSec Industries, Department of Homeland Surveillance via the Force Z Elite Assault Legion, Murkywater, Kataru (groups that attempted to stop the Payday Gang), Overkill M.C. and other various gangs (victims of the Payday Gang), Houston (claims he "stole" Hox's identity, shared animosity), Captain Neville Winters (recurring enemy sent to stop the Payday Gang), anyone with a hatred against demons (shared animosity and defeated by Hox numerous times effortlessly), people he's swindled and/or were in debt to (for obvious reasons)
Information about the Beyond Realm:>! (AKA True Makai) True Shinki is the creator of the Beyond Realm, while Lucifer is the embodiment of the Beyond Realm. Both of them see the omniverse as drops to their infinite ocean, which sparked both their interests in the denizens below them. Being too powerful, Shinki sends in weaker avatars of her omnipotent self, but she suffers from them having what's defined as infinite power for that realm, where Lucifer doesn't suffer from the same thing. They create Makais to experience the world below them. Additionally, the Beyond serves as the sole afterlife to all denizens in Makai (when all their forms die in the omniverse)!<

Background (Currently ongoing for Payday: The Heist, W.I.P.): Lucifer Margatroid is originally a demon angel prince from Makai. Being one of the only non-created residents that reside there (apart from his mother, Alice Margatroid, and Byakuren Hijiri), he is the only entity that can attempt to get the title, "God of Makai," foreign or native.
Eventually, an incident known as the "Mystic Square" incident forced him to leave for the United Kingdom, where his spirit resided around until he found a fresh corpse of a murdered young man named "James Hoxworth," taking pity, and being desperate experience the human world (as his mother organized a tour agency), he sent the soul of James Hoxworth away from the world to the afterlife, then as Lucifer found his new host, he became James Hoxworth.
Sooner or later, James Hoxworth completely grew to refuse the fortune that he was born with, feeling it was unfair to live well out of luck, not merit, and finished his education before refusing college. His pastimes were bare knuckle boxing, looking for jobs (and being unable to hold one for long), and as his debt grew, he tried holding it off by swindling people, or if it wasn't possible, intimidated them into holding his loan sharks at bay. Occasionally, he would work for them to pay off his debt.
One day, he went down to London near the Hoxton district (being where he gets his nickname) and joined a gang. Training in firearms accuracy and precision while he was there. He then proceeded to be a small-time burglar, but always had a thirst for a bit of action. Eventually, when James was 19, he was in a failed liquor store robbery and first arrest, but was fortunate enough to just have 2 years of incarceration in HMYOI.
After being released from prison (unscathed), he went back to his ways of swindling and intimidation with a side of firearms training. Eventually, at the Holyhead Ferry, he swindled some gamblers out of their money. There, a woman named Rochelle (eventually known as Clover) tried "pulling a pigeon drop" on the more experienced Hoxton but failed to do so. Hoxton was contemplating on taking her out, but the memories from Makai came back and started haunting him (he believed the same thing Shinki did to Makai would happen in the U.K. if he decided to take out Rochelle, something he did not want to remember.)
Taking the inexperienced Rochelle under his wing, the 2 of them were everywhere in the U.K. swindling and heisting, until later, Hoxton would eventually make a friend out of the infamous honeymoon murderer "Bonnie" McGee, being impressed by her skills as a gambler and knowing her violent tendencies, he didn't swindle Bonnie and eventually left their friendship to focus more on his operations of grifting and heisting with Clover.
Eventually, the two hit a lorry full of arms shipments, filled with SA80's. Things were going as planned until Rochelle gave the two-fingered salute to Hoxton and drove off with the arms shipment. Hoxton was furious and wanted to kill her, but eventually his Makai memories and pride of teaching Rochelle took over so he allowed Rochelle to go off.
Sometime before 2011, Hoxton immigrated to the United States and eventually, rumors in the criminal underworld about a master swindler and a master sharpshooter got the attention of Bain, a criminal mastermind. His interest in Hoxton, along with his eventual 3 crewmates gave Bain the seeds he needed to plant his criminal tree.
Acquiring an invite from Bain, Hoxton went to a fancy restaurant in New York to be properly acquired with the rest of his new gang. (Nathan "Dallas" Steele, Wolf, and Nicolas "Chains")
After months of exploring the streets of New York City and living in a safehouse there, Bain eventually gave them their first job, a hit on the First World Bank. Being given an M4A1, M1911A1, and a Beretta 95FS Inox with the rest of his crew, eventually, they showed up with their clown masks Bain had given to them to the First World Bank...
During their first crime spree, starting at the First World Bank branch in New York, they found the manager and took his keycard while using excessive force, then, they took the hidden drill and thermite, setting it up on a gate and letting it run, Bain tasked them with getting rid of the security footage. Finding the right computer, the Payday Crew erased all the footage and went back to defending the drill.
After breaching the initial vault door, they fought their way to the back and placed 2 cans of thermite in the back room above the vault. Patientally waiting for it to do it's work, the crew fought hard and defended against the assault force of SWAT until the thermite finished melting.
Grabbing their duffel bags and taking the money, the cops prepared a one-way assault through the vault doors, however, the Payday Gang managed to survive this and escaped the bank, escaping via a neighboring building, the Payday Gang planted C4 on a wall and ran through the ambush that the police were supposed to prepare for. Going downstairs into a garage where a garbage truck was waiting, the crew escaped with their money.
Satisfied with their earnings, they waited for their next job as the crew continued training and being familiar with police procedures.
After that, a hit on a Manhattan embassy was called for by Bain, a metal briefcase containing valuable items. While the initial hit was easy, their escape driver, Matt Roscoe, double-crossed them in a show of force. Firing a potshot and locking them in, he drove off. Apparently the police were very quick to respond just after Matt had betrayed them. The gang, running on foot, kept chasing down Roscoe. Bain, being surprised, sent in a new driver for the gang, Bruce was to rendezvous with the 4 ran through the streets, but he was shot.
The gang, seeing how Bruce was killed in a car crash, continued running down until Bain figured out the Matt Roscoe has crashed his van. After rushing down to find Roscoe, they found that his van was flipped sideways. However, in a final act of defiance, he locked the van doors, and with gunfire pouring down, the gang found a different way to force him out.
Using gasoline, they were going to force him out of the van and get the briefcase, however, the burns from the gasoline essentially glued his burnt arm and the handcuffed briefcase. Not having the proper equipment to get the briefcase back, Bain ordered the crew to go to Jake's Parking and sent in a pilot, Alex.
But their, Alex, figured out that it would be easier going on the overpass. Bain agreed with him and the crew fought their way above the overpass, holding out for a bit under massive gunfire, Alex came in with his helicopter and the crew forced Roscoe go along with them.
Taking back the briefcase, the crew let Roscoe go, believing he would not have enough evidence to frame the crew of their crimes. Being financially set, but still craving action, Bain had ordered a new shipment of weapons for the crew.
Dallas took a HK21, MAC-10, and Hoxton's M1911A1. Chains took an Benelli M1, MP5A2, and a Taurus Raging Bull. Wolf stuck with his original weapons, but claimed he was working on something special. Hoxton then took the M1A SOCOM 16, Serbu Super Shorty, and kept his Beretta 95FS. The 4 men still trained with their original weapons and enjoyed their relatively luxurious livestyle.
Eventually, Bain had information of a "panic room" that was just a vault filled with coke and money, further wanting to fuel their greed and have action, the 4 faked a drug deal with the gang. After walking through the gangsters, their guns were felt and they immediately went for the draw. Locating the room and seeing that it's locked, the gang located Chavez, the leader. After defeating him, the crew opened the door and set up the saws to weaken the floor that the vault is from.
After holding off the retaliation from the gang and the police assault, their pilot from Heat Street, Alex, was instructed to send in C4, Alex saw snipers and Bain instructed the crew to take them out. Under heavy gunfire, the crew killed the snipers and Alex dropped the C4. Planting it to blow off the cover of the panic room, Bain detonated it when the crew retreated back to a relatively safe place.
Eventually, Alex was called back, but the cops took back the roof. Not risking losing the panic room because the helicopter will be useless, the Payday Gang took back the roof and Alex lowered a magnet to take the panic room. Attaching the magnet, the 4 then went back to the roof and secured the panic room from the police.
After confirming that Alex had left with the room, the Payday Gang then escaped to the basement into the sewers. Confusing the police and getting rich, the crew went back to the safehouse and enjoyed their newfound fortune (in addition to the money from the First World Bank and selling the contents of the briefcase.)
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