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The history of Dota

Today is the 6th anniversary of the release of Dota 2, so I thought I'd share some fun facts and amusing mechanics/interactions about the original game that was a mod in Warcraft.
Keep in mind, I am not an old-school Dota player so these aren't coming straight from me. I've collected them from several discussion forums where I asked for fun facts about the game, since I started playing about 5 years ago and am not familiar with the original. I only compiled all of them together.
Feel free to suggest any additions if you know 'em or corrections if you find something that's inaccurate.

  • There were funny mechanics, such as corpses. You had to finish farming the camp by xx:48 or corpses would block the spawn.
  • Because the courier wasn't invulnerable in the fountain you could easily snipe it.
  • Tons of items didn't exist. Nor heroes. Dozens of heroes were added before Dota 2's Alpha/Beta release. Many were reworked massively, such as Undying, Storm, Razor. Terrorblade and Treant Protector had like 5+ spells changed before they were "balanced".
  • Linken's Sphere had a 60-second cooldown. Heart gave 11 HP/sec. Eul's Scepter had charges. Manta was made from Diffusal Blade + Vitality Booster. Scythe of Vyse was made from Eul's Scepter + Oblivion Staff.
  • Teleports were used as Glyphs. Towers were invulnerable during teleportation and Glyph didn't exist.
  • SNY was an orb attack. MKB on ranged heroes was a buff-placer and didn't work with Desolator. Or with Weaver's passive. It's because MKB was coded as 100% crit chance with 1x dmg with "cannot miss" option toggled. That's why you could toggle True Strike on and off.
  • PA's Blur would actually, literally blur the PA depending on the level. At level 4 PA would be a shadow only, so new players were annoyed by this as it was very, very hard to see her.
  • All auras had very nice visual effects around the hero carrying the aura. Regarding Blur, those auras effect would fade with PA only if you skilled Blur before buying a certain aura item. So it was a common thing not to take the final level of Blur before buying Vlad's to get the shadow effect.
  • Aegis was purchasable in the shop a long time ago. Had 3 charges and respawned you in the base. Then it got moved to Roshan, but still respawned you in the base. After that, it got changed so it respawns you at the location of death. Roshan didn't reclaim it, meaning if unused you could stack multiple Aegieses (Aegii?).
  • Blademail was passive. Gave 20% damage return for melee attacks. Nyx Assassin (Nerubian Assassin back then) had this as a passive ability (Carapace now). Blademails were stackable. A long time ago Roshan was so powerful, it was really hard for a hero to solo kill him. Rosh had passive blademail that prevented melee heroes from killing him. Also very high HP and damage. He had Hurl Boulder spell (Earth Panda from Primal Split has this), he would throw this if any AoE spells were used around the pit.
  • Gem was destroyable and had no cooldown. Stick had no cooldown when it was introduced to DotA and gathered charges from spells cast in fog. Was a mandatory item versus Kunka and PotM to detect Torrent/Arrow from fog.
  • Sven's stun was single target, like WK's today. PA had QoP's Shadow Strike instead of Dagger. There were many duplicate spells. PA, CK and Riki all had Blink Strike. Razor and Viper had Frenzy (old MoM, + attack speed, + damage taken).
  • Naga Siren had 45% chance for 1.5x crit instead of Rip Tide. Centaurs ultimate was passive, it gave Strength. Centaur could deny himself with Double Edge which had mana cost. Razor had Chain Lightning, Frenzy and Unholy Aura, ultimate was passive that dealt damage to everyone around him, kinda like Radiance but much higher damage at higher intervals.
  • Visage had reverse Dispersion. It would negate certain damage off Visage and heal his allies that are in the AoE. He also had a passive which gave damage for each unit that died around him, like Atrophy Aura does today. Before that he had an orb similar to Searing Arrows, gave bonus damage and left no corpse when a unit was killed using it. He could summon lots of Familiars which were ultra-weak because of the damage type they used.
  • Tinker could rearm Black King Bar up to a certain patch. And of course, it was a core item straight after BOTs because perma-BKB is fun (not). And you think Tinker was cancer a few years ago?
  • Aghanim's Scepter was made from Soulbooster and Mystic Staff (Octarine today). Because it gave massive intelligence and raw mana boost. Stacking Aghs on OD (after Hex and Dagger) was a meta build. As a homage to this build, OD in Dota 2 has responses for buying mutliple Aghs, 2, 3 or even 4.
  • There was an item called Arcane Ring. Energy Booster, Ring of Protection and recipe. It worked kinda like Arcane Boots before they were introduced. Except it gave shit stats for its cost. Was rarely seen in-game, unless on Zeus and ES. Or certain support heroes in deathball lineups.
  • You could dispel Poison Nova by using Ghost Scepter. You could Purge God's Strength and Insatiable Hunger with Diffusal Blade. Lycan's Wolves had Bash. Satanic's active lasted for like 20 seconds but only gave 25% additional lifesteal and some bonus damage. If well-timed Lanaya could spill Dagon damage using Psi Blades. Sounds OP but it was shit actually.
  • There was a bug in one patch with TA. If you break Meld by not moving or attacking, e.g. toggling PT or Basi, damage would stack up. So do this 10 times and you had 2k damage from Meld. There was a bug in another patch, you TP with empty Bottle to your fountain and shift queue to use Bottle on fountain. Bottle would always auto-refill once emptied. This was patched very fast.
  • When Blademail got reworked, there was a bug that crashed Warcraft for all 10 players. It would happen if two heroes with activated Blademails would damage each other. An infinite loop of reflecting the damage would cause a critical error in Warcraft.
  • Pudge with a Battlefury was a thing. Because Flesh Heap worked for each creep/hero killed by Pudge. Before Swarm, Weaver had a spell to summon Watchers. They were invisible units with 1 HP and 522 MS. He could summon up to 2/4/6/8 Watchers. They were OP at scouting. You would set them to patrol certain regions of the map. A cheezy strat was DS + Weaver, putting Ion Shell on Watchers and chasing folks around. Also, that sweet feeling of buying Radiance and farming Watchers around the map.
  • In one patch Enrage had 0 cast time, meaning you could use it while moving w/o stopping. Ursa was strong for a brief period of time. And he was a "ranged hero" with 100 attack range way back in the days. It had something to do with the coding of Fury Swipes.
  • Map was reworked at least 10 times, before the changes in recent major patches. Dire mid could pull to easy camp which only spawned one type of creeps, 3 guys with poison spears.
  • Meta heroes rotated a lot. Riki was a top pick in 6.52 along with KOTL. Rhasta, DP, Undying, Necro in 6.57. Morph in 6.60 (massive patch).
  • Merlini, Fear, Dendi, Loda, Misery, Kuro, PPY, Demon, Artstyle were all well-known players. Kuro was sick on mid. PPY's Chen was legendary even 10 years ago.
  • Support Weaver was a thing ages ago. SK and Tompa played it.
  • Blink wasn't muted by player damage.
  • Tri lanes, stacking, pulling, rotations, all exited back then if you played at the right places.
  • Sand King had permanent sandstorm, only on Direside though.
  • Invoker had 20+ skills at one point.
  • Before there was DotaWTF and other Youtube Dota highlight reels, there was WoDota (and We Are Electric as official theme song).
  • Lifestealer had a 30-second BKB, 4+ agility gain per level
  • Multiple bashers stacked. Bloodstone was a better Heart of Tarrasque because it also gave hp regen from charges. You can destroy the enemy fountain.
  • Pre 6.50 (could be wrong on the patch number) you couldn't combine items if you had no slots available. For example: you have Boots, Bottle, Basi, Wraith Band, Slippers and Circlet, if you wanted to buy another Wraith Band you had to drop something from your inventory, then WB would combine.
  • Killing the courier would drop all items to the ground, you could pick up enemy items and use them. This was changed later, and items were muted. But Bottle, Ring of Health and other shareable items could still be used.
  • Fountain could be killed. It had 50000 HP and gave no bounty. Certain spells affected the fountain though. Most notably Frostbite, Fury Swipes and lifesteal from auras (Vlads, Wraith King). So most common strat to do this was Ursa with Vlads and CM.
  • No matchmaking existed and the community was divided between various platforms. Usual starting point was Battle.Net public games, but they were full of leavers. Next, you had Battle.Net leagues which would ban leavers and stuff, but you could just make infinite accounts so they were bad also. Garena was better, you had rooms such as Europe Room 1-50 (?), high-level rooms which required a certain level for you to enter, leavers were bannable but general game quality was low.
  • Dotalicious was an amazing platform. They had heavy punishment for leaving and game ruining, and multiple accounting was detectable. There were four skill levels (0, 1, 2, 3), you would start at level 0 and to advance to level 1 you had to play 10 games and win 6. For level 2 you needed more games and certain win rate. For skill level 3 you needed at least 100 games with around 58% win rate. Their website tracked all kinds of stats such as Couriers killed, Rampages, Double kills, Triple kills, Wards placed, etc.
  • RGC and Darrer were also interesting platforms with better game quality. All of these platforms had a reconnect function, but only if your internet went down. If Warcraft crashed or your PC restarted there was no way for you to enter the game again.
  • One of the better game quality was at in-house leagues. To enter those you had to apply via a forum with all sorts of info and usually 3 replays of you playing 3 different roles. Also, people had to vouch for you. Vouching for a player who later appears to be a game-ruiner, leaver or just low-skilled could result in a ban.
  • Those in-house leagues were low populated, like 200-300 players so everybody knew each other, their top heroes, roles, etc. Players were divided into regular players and leaders. Having leader status allowed you to challenge other leaders to a game. That would work via challenge command, for example, type: ".cl Loda" and the bot would announce "x-player has challenged Loda for a game", so if Loda typed ".accept", the bot would announce that sign up for a game was open. Then all players could type ".s" to sign for a game. After at least 8 players the leaders could type ".ready" to begin picking, but often more than 15 players would sign. After both leaders type that they are ready, the bot would close the signups and leaders would pick players via the 1-2-2-2-2-1 system. Unpicked players would wait for the next game. Leaders would be drafters and shot-callers in-game, but they could give this position to other players if they wanted.
  • There was MMR to be won, all players would start at 1000 and win/lose certain amounts. Different IHLS used different systems of MMR. Usually, there was money or hardware rewards for top 3 or 5 players. Games were of high quality, 1-5 position system was used, agro lanes and dual mids to shutdown enemy mid were common, wards bought on cooldown, etc. There were many of today's star players, known pubbers, casters, personalities etc. Dendi, Loda, LoH, V1lat, Merlini, Maelk, Akke, Babyknight, Slahser, Vigoss, Kuroky, Puppey, Scandal, Misery, Artstyle, Ryze.
  • Terrorblade had a passive named Zeal which gave HP regen and attack speed. He had a weaker version of Pugna's ultimate as his first skill, after that, it became a stronger version of it because it wasn't a channelling spell. Reflection was a single target spell for a while after it replaced Soul Steal (Pugna's ult). Meta was combined with Conjure Image for a while, meaning you would transform and get two illusions.
  • Rooftrellen (Treant Protector) also had many spells reworked. Living armor was a passive global aura that gave HP regen during the day, he also had Eyes in the Forest as a regular spell, then he had the ability to create trees that worked like wards (were easy to detect, because map was easy to learn, so you had to cut a tree before placing a new one).
  • MKB didn't always give True Strike, so there was no way to counter Evasion for a long time. But Butterfly was the only item that provided Evasion (only 25%). Phantom Assassin, Bounty Hunter and Brewmaster had evasion as skills though.
  • Magnus had Great Cleave (Sven's passive), Troll and Beast Master had their passives switched. Undying had Heartstopper Aura. Storm Spirit had Barrier (the active of Hood of Defiance, could be used on another player, blocked 600 dmg at max level).
  • Old Undying was a totally different hero. He had the ability to spawn four zombies that would multiply themselves after a certain amount of hits like Enigma's Eidolons do, his heal was the same, and his ultimate was Plague, single target spell that would amp all damage taken on the affected hero. If affected hero came in range of an ally, Plague would spread to him too.
  • -switch -swap -votekickswitch command = u were able to switch dire players to radiant fraction and vice versa.
  • Every skill had their own hotkey. Sometimes hotkeys from skills overlapped with the hotkey to stand still, for example, so you had to hover over the skill icon with your mouse if you want to cast it. There was a hotkey program, where you could set skill 1-4 to z,x,c,v for example.
  • Players could buy their own courier, so in many games, everyone would do so.
  • To chose a game mode, a player in blue slot had to type the command, i.e. -ap (all pick), -cm (captain's mode) etc. You could add various modes such as -om (only mid), -nt (no top), -oi (observer info, to provide additional information for spectators), -so (switch on) etc. But, you didn't need to use that format (dash followed by two letters), you could write a-p for example.
  • Weather and river effects were free for everyone to set up. You just type -water r g b (replace the r, g and b with numbers to create the colour you want). For weather, you would type -weather snow, or moonlight or rain. This would affect only you. Other players would have their own weather and river visuals.
  • To see the movement speed of your hero you had to type -ms. -msa to see movement speed of all of your teammates. Way back you couldn't see your last hits, you had to type -cson to see it. Before a certain patch came to Warcraft you had to hold ALT to see the health bars.
  • There were like 5-6 shops in the base selling different stuff. Each item had a hotkey (this is one of the better things in original DotA, the shop hotkey system was really good). Except for newbies who would buy Sobi Mask instead of Boots (Mask = b, Boots = s).
  • If you had Refresher on DK and used his ultimate while you were in Dragon Form you would transform back to regular DK. Also, he was left-handed in DotA. And he had only one voice line for attacking which was "Foul beast!".
  • Bristleback and Broodmother had only 3 voice lines i.ee pig and weird screeching spider noises.
  • Silencer had silence aura. You would get silenced for 3 seconds at max level whenever you cast a spell near him.
  • Old Mana Leak was a debuff that lasted for 20 seconds (around that) and if you cast a spell while under the effect you would lose 20/40/60/80% of your mana. Speaking of KotL, he was a notorious split-pusher. His ultimate was to summon a wisp (like the reworked ultimate, but only in name) who had three spells, to summon healer units, global blink and phase shift. Wisp could summon zillions of those helears. And the cooldown of Wisp allowed you to have 2 at the same time. With Aghs, you would summon two of them.
Thank you for reading!
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