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My, MASTER GUIDE TO ALL THERE IS TO CHEATING V4(Cheat features/terms explanations, P2C, Overwatch, VAC, Free Cheats, CFGing)

I made an updated version of this myself because Throwaways was not very updated, and also was never pinned or removed the old version so hopefully this will help some of you.
Contents listed in order:
  1. Cheat Features and meanings (urbandictionary but for csgo cheating) 2. Paid Cheats 3. Free Cheats 4. Basic Guide to cfging hvh cheats (not by me) 5. Overwatch and VAC/VACNET bans, and how to prevent them.
Cheat Features and Terms you must know: Slang: • P2C - paid cheat
• F2C - free cheat
• HvH - hack versus hack (“rage” or “spin botting” cheaters versus each other, typically done on community servers.)
• hitting p/ p100 / mega p etc. - good. hvh term
• uff ja / hhhhhh / laff / n1 - retard hvh speak
• 1 - (hvh) means you got killed in one headshot
• dump - when a hvh cheat shoots at a persons “fake” or desync
• baim - body aim
[email protected] - (hvh) saying hello to “media”. same use as “hello youtube!”
• “you’re sliding” - someone can see your feet fail to do the walk animation, usually an indication of legit aa (defined in cheat features). This is said to call out closet cheaters.
• Closet cheaters - people that are cheating but will not admit it.
Cheat Features (hvh cheat features will be under the cfg guide)
• Aimbot/aim assistance - unnatural aim assistance .
• Smoothing - affects the speed at which the aimbot • Hitbox - what the aimbot will aim at.
• Delay - the delay before the aimbot acitvates
• Silent aim - the aimbot will not lock on for your view only !! overwatch and spectator still see you lock on
• Backtrack - an exploit which allows you to shoot at where a certain player was and still hit them. Usually is configured in Ticks or ms.
• RCS - recoil control system
• FOV - The size of the zone from your crosshair that the aimbot will engage enemies in.
• Shot delay - the shot number specified before aimbot targets an enemy
Visuals (only ones that aren’t defined in the name. e.g. Healthbar)
• Chams - colours playermodels and/or changes their materials.
• Traceline - draws a line from your model to the type of person specified
• Draw FOV - shows the FOV of your aimbot
•Playermodel FOV - alters your playermodel FOV (makes ur hands furthecloser)
• Backtrack chams / History Chams - shows an enemie’s location history, and where they can be backtracked to.
• Flags (common ones include: money, flashed, distance, etc.) : draws text next to a person if they meet a condition of the flag (e.g. if a person is flashed then the “flashed” text will appear on your esp next to them), or displays the info specified (e.g “Money” simply shows you the amount of money a person has.”
• Spread circle - shows the weapon spread
• Grenade Helper - shows the path of your grenade before you throw it
• Damage indicators - shows damage you did to an enemy
• Knife/Zeus range - draws the range that the knife or zeus can do damage in around your playermodel (useful in thirdperson)
• Autostrafe - automatically stafes for you. Looks like you are doing nothing on your screen.
• Fast stop - exploit allowing a quicker stop from walking.
• Fast duck/unlimited duck - exploit that breaks crouch stamina
• Name stealer - changes your name around based on other players’ names in the match with you.
• Slide walk - makes your playermodel slide when walking.
Cheats* Here’s a master guide of the biggest csgo cheats and info to help you buy :)
(free cheats toward bottom uwu)
<> Legit <^>
Upsides: Decent overall I guess, Not too sure about detections. Downsides: pretty sure its owned by the sprit hacks owner, not really worth it, very sketchy. 
•Lethality/cartel cheats-
Upsides: Working, cheap, heard they are not actually as bad as you might think. Downsides: Co-Owned by tabzware, very likely pasted, much drama with lethality in specific. 
•Project Infinity-
Upsides: It works ig?, Menu looks clean but its honestly just very jumbled up. Downsides: mostlikely pasted from singularity, much censorship, much drama, many problems and bugs, not really that good or stands out in anyway, they have there own subreddit for promoting there cheat lol. Probably have miners as they used to in there free cheat, steer clear. 
Upsides:cheap, many features,cloud configs, radar for your friends without cheats. Downsides: Pretty bad detection rates, has been abandoned for neverloose, russian community and owners(down side for non russians Ig), probably pretty pasted.. 
•Getrekt (application)-
Upsides: My personal favorite legit cheat, endless customization and features, solid undetection,grenade helper, movement recorder, Imo the best legit bot, very nice visual, pretty cheap for what your getting. Downsides: Community is toxic, devs dont do much although there is supposed to be updates soon, staff is generally never on (they just added some mods though after people asking for more staff), many people dont like the menu, spacing on the menu is horrible, many people consider it to be pasted. 
• Plague-
Upsides: Cheat functions well, amazing price, decently frequent updates,Robert (The owner) is a very nice guy and the staff overall is good, Not likely to get detected (and never has been) Downsides: V1 got source leaked because an ex dev has an underlying hate for, the cheat, Robert, and anyone associated with it because he was unable to sell it himself after he left. Menu is not that good. The community and everyone in it talks about how its a paste including robert jokingly and many people take it the wrong way, you have to purchase on selly, there is no forums. 
• Iniuria -
Upsides: Great cheat for legit. Good detection rates. Has tons of features and customization. Offers lifetime. Downsides: Cheat is solely for legit. Another downside is it’s a little more expensive the other legit cheats. Has a large user base so there has been a few detections but really not bad at all. 
•Zapped.cc (updated!) (AGAIN!)
Upsides: Tons of features. Not incredibly expensive. Ive heard v3 is definitely better than v2. Downsides: Has many bugs/crashing. Heard the rage is alot better but still unusable for HvH. The menu isn’t the greatest. The Developers are known for pasting. V2 was cracked and known to be dogshit. The devs have doxxed people, leaked McGuidlines ip and have done many other suspicious activitys. They have tooken down reddit posts about the crack, they took down my Youtube video Trolling on there discord. 
• Novolinehook (Applications)
Upsides: Great cheat, solid undetection, pretty good legitbot, great features, decent for semirage. Downsides: application only(not that hard), overpriced 
• Weebware -
Upsides: The prime bot is good, solid detection. Downsides: lacking some features of popular cheats, features are very broken, nothings actually special about this its pretty overpriced for what your getting. 
Upsides: Cheap Downsides: VAC detected often, pretty shit altogether 
• Jme pastes - 420Cheats, Redeye Cheats, 5dollarchears, abyss.gg, icheat, darkaim, attackmode,(probably a few more)
Upsides- Cheap Downsides- shit cheats, vac dtc often, all pasted by Jme 
• Precision Cheats
Upsides - Undetected, working features, cheap as hell, staff is pretty active and nice Downsides- Not a lot of customization, visuals aren’t liked by a lot of people , menu is cool but annoying, has a bad rep because Jme paid a bunch of people to call it a paste after he got kicked out the project. 
<~> HvH <~>
(also can be used for legit but mainly hvh), also Here’s a pretty nice guide to HvH features.
•Neverloose (private)-
Upsides: pretty decent scout cheat, overall ok cheat. Downsides: Spirthack owners so probably not the best devs, russian, a lot of people dont really like it at all. 
•Nemeisis (private)-
Upsides: Amazing Dt, Overall pretty good. I dont have high expectations for it in the future bc its the same coder as Getzeus, hvh only, got cracked but is probably a rat anyways. 
• Aimware.net
Upsides: Good cheat, solid choice altogether. Dt is alright and underated. The cheat has tons of history. Has lua support and tons of luas for free. Easy enough to cfg. Good desync and aa options, autodirection is p. Has a pretty good legit bot actually. Offers lifetime. Downsides: VAC Auth errors and (albeit rarely,) vac wave detection. The cheat isn’t updated often at all, resulting in a gradual decline in how competent it is. The mods are retarded as hell. The userbase is cancerous and will defend their cheat till the end. (i have used aw) Worse for hvh than skeet and onetap. HWID Resets can take a week or more and your account can get banned for nothing. Resolver is pretty shit currently. 
• Onetap.su
Upsides: overall best public cheat for hvh. Awesome fakelag and backtrack as well as resolver. Has simple cfg system and custom model and skybox changer. Great visuals. Constantly being updated and improved. HWID RESETS IN MINUTES!! Has a good mod team. Has p exploits that hide your On Shot aa and one that breaks enemy backtrack. Their slowwalk aa is p is well, great javascripts. Downsides: Legitbot is kinda wack but they just totally reworked it and it’s decent now, but i personally like aimware legitbot more. Onetaps legit aa is safe and doesnt desync to the max which isn’t fun for trolling. The mods also refuse to acknowledge the cheat misses sometimes XD 
• Fatality (invite only)
Upsides/Downsides: Overall decent cheat. Not great, not bad, Great double tap. Personally wouldn’t recommend but i’ve never used it. 
•Skeet/Gamesense (invite only)
Upsides: Best hvh cheat with the right cfg and luas. Has awesome features. Honestly not writing about it, everyone knows this shit already. Downsides: Way overhyped. Everyone loses their shit when someone has skeet but it’s honestly not that great. Private and it’s really hard to get an invite. Skeet HWID locks are absolute cancer and occasionally you’ll get errors for removing usb devices. The mods will ban you if they see anything they deem sus. Resolver is meh. 
Upsides: heard both are very good for semirage, cheap. Downsides- Bad detections, both are definitely pasted. 
• Fanta (all versions, some are invite only)
Upsides: Good features, amazing for semirage. Overall decent for legit if you can manage to config it.Downsides: Obviously pasted, impossible to config, menu is a mess. The userbase will defend it to death tho. 
HvH only: Onetap.su for public, skeet for private.
HvH/Legit: Aimware.
Legit only: Plague/Precision on a budget, getrekt/inuria/novolinehook if not.
Semirage: Fanta if you dont care about spending the money. If you dont want fanta I recommend Rainbowhook.

remember, all free cheats have a SUBSTANTIALLY higher chance of getting you vac banned. If you have any intention of long-term cheating on an account you value, remember and heed this warning
  • Charlanto // Ratpoison: ONLY UNDETECTED FREE CHEAT. Ratpoison is better imo. If you have installation problems look up on google or youtube. Best free cheat for legit.
  • Maybe Prescions free cheat might be pretty decent.
Cheat sources (to paste) to keep your paste UDTC, you must change the code often, dont add junk code it will only make your cheat more laggy and not do much to help keep it ud, use a processhacker, and know how to use features and hooks correctly. not the best bet for beginners
-Sensum: pretty decent source, easy to use, kind of jumbled up.
-Osiris: probably the best source to paste from, very easy to use, updated frequently.
-moneon: not too horrible, not that great, has legit bot bugs.
-Indigo: Mediocre, can be difficult to paste
-gladiatorz- no
Otc, dorksense (steerclear might be a rat and its just weave anyways)
Best Sources to paste from:
}~{ VAC & Overwatch }~{
(not going over obvious stuff like VAC is a perm ban)
Dont break lby in casual, some cheats skinchangers dont work in casual, bootleg antiaim/ autowall can get an autherror. Basically all in all dont be a retard.
Vac net:
Honestly not exactly sure how to avoid vac net but if you are in mm, do not use any antiaim besides legit aa, I suggest keeping any 0 smooth aimbot to a max of 5 fov and if your cheat does not have legit autowall keep autowall off. 

1. VAC is a result of your chest being detected. 2. VAC is not an IP or HWID ban. 3. VAC bans can be delayed. 4. VAC bans cannot be lifted 5. Some overwatch bans turn into VAC bans. 6. Using phone number for accounts means that if one gets banned the other will too.``` - Overwatch: 1. Overwatch is when a player watches a demo of you playing and decides if you are cheating or not. The player has the option to ban you. 2. Not all overwatch bans are perm bans. 3. It is unknown how many reports it takes to send a player to overwatch. Common belief is around 11 reports in 24 hours. 4. Great Overwatchers notice: -Extreme Fakelag -Any triggerbot without high delay and proper deadzone (especially “magnet” triggerbot) -Low smooth aimbot -High RCS -ANY bhops and autostrafe!! -obviously any rage settings 
submitted by frontsidemisty12 to Csgohacks


Your 2020 Season Survival Guide and R/Baseball Refresher!

Before we dive in, if you want to participate in the annual Call Your Shot season predictions contest, you can find it here.
It's FINALLY coming! Welcome to the 2020 MLB Season! We are so glad you are here. Don't let the length of this post scare you, we just wanted to consolidate all the relevant information that people have questions about into one place to start the season off. This is your survival guide for the 2020 season, it should have all the pertinent information to answer most of your questions!
If you are a brand new fan I'd recommend going through most of it, if you're a veteran you'll know which sections you'll want to read by their headings. My goal here is that both new and returning fans can learn how to better enjoy the season and know what's going on on Baseball this year. Okay, take some time and read through what you want to read through below!
This is the fourth year of doing this. Every year I go through the previous years comments to find things that should be added or corrected for the next edition, so if you have any great resources or information that you think would be beneficial to add, please comment it below!
  • Introduction for new and renewed interest fans.
  • Rule changes for 2020
  • Finding a Team
  • Knowing Where Different Teams Stand
  • Baseball
  • Your Team's Sub
  • Twitter, Podcasts, and Other General News/Analysis Sources
  • The Statistical Titans: Baseball Reference and Fangraphs
  • Where to watch? Your TV and Streaming Guide
  • MLB.tv
  • MLB At Bat App
  • How to watch baseball.
  • Where to watch highlights and game recaps.
  • TL;DR: Find a way to enjoy the game.

Introduction for new and renewed interest fans.

Baseball normally has a long season. I don't just mean that in terms of time between opening day and the World Series (which can be considered long as it is), but also the 162 games played in 183 days, 18-20 times against the same 4 teams each. It can be daunting, and many people lose interest by "the dog days" of June and July. This year things are going to be a little different. With only 60 games on the schedule (assuming we make it through without a major clubhouse covid outbreak that cancels games versus that team) every game is going to matter about 3x as much as one in a normal regular season. Tensions will be high, but we might not feel it because there won't be that much crowd noise. THAT SAID - they're still playing 60 games in 66 days, which means almost every day for the next two months isn't just packed with baseball, they're packed with YOUR FAVORITE TEAMS baseball, which while exciting after months without any American sports in the regular season (MLS - a tournament is not the regular season) can end up feeling overwhelming when you just finished watching a late game go into extras then wake up to realize there's an afternoon game on in six hours.
This guide is meant to help you if you wish to avoid being one of those who feels overwhelmed and loses interest a couple weeks after Opening Day.
First and foremost if you are a new fan or newly returning, you must remember one thing: you do not need to watch every game. Many football fans, and even some basketball and hockey fans, find this difficult, they're used to setting aside a few nights a week to watch their team, and they can watch all the games. Baseball isn't like that. For the next two months, your team will only have 6 days where they won't be playing a game. And some of the games they play will start as early as 9:20am (Pacific Time), others will end after 1am (Eastern Time). If you miss a game it's okay, odds are there's another one tomorrow. If you miss a week, no big deal, hell if you get busy for a few months and aren't able to watch you team, that's not an issue, because you can still follow your team.
Baseball is a game to be followed. In the old days it meant picking up the morning paper and checking the box scores. Now it means being able to have a final score texted/tweeted/messaged/emailed/what-evered to you the minute the game ends, or rolling over in bed when you can't sleep and grabbing your phone to check the West Coast scores. It means being able to check reddit in the morning to see any breaking news from across the league, or catch a story you missed. We live in a time where you can go to MLB.com and get a recap of every game from last night in less than 10 minutes. Honestly, baseball was made to be consumed, and the technology age makes it easier than ever, whether you want to spend hours every day pouring over stats and analysis, or 15 seconds to see how your team and their playoff rivals did today.
The rest of this guide is mostly dedicated to ways that you can help yourself follow your team, and if you have time follow the entirety of MLB.
Anyways, enough rambling, TL;DR Don't worry if you miss games, there'll be one tomorrow.

Rule Changes for 2020

For this season only (or so they say...):
  • The NL will utilize the DH full time.
  • In extra innings the person in the batting order immediately before the lead off hitter will start on second base.
  • Games suspended due to rain will continue play at a later date rather than be washed out and restarted.
  • Arguing within six feet of an umpire or participating in a fight will be met with heftier fines and suspensions this yaer.
  • Pitchers will be allowed a wet rag to be brought out from the dugout in lieu of being able to lick their fingers for better grip.
  • Each team has a 20 extra players in their "taxi squad" in addition to their active roster and 40-man roster.
  • Active rosters will start at 30 players, then will be cut to 28 after two weeks, then 26 after four weeks.
  • Spitting is not allowed.
  • Non-social distanced celebrations are not allowed.
Permanent (as any rule change can be in baseball) rule changes for 2020 and beyond:
  • Three batter minimum - pitcher entering the game must face a minimum of three batters unless they complete an inning.
  • The MLB Active Roster is expanded from 25 players to 26 players.

Finding a Team

I always recommend following the local team since you'll have more access to news about them in the local media and should be able to get their radio broadcast, as well as TV broadcasts of them if you have cable/satellite/streaming, and depending on where you're at the occasional over the air game, but if you don't live by a team or don't want to follow the local team, or are just looking for a second team to follow, I wrote this in depth guide to picking a team that's the right fit for you.

Knowing Where Different Teams Stand

Every year ESPN, Sports Illustrated, FOX, NBS, and every other sports related site puts out their season previews. These are great for getting a basic rundown of what is going on with each team, and a simple google search will bring up a plethora of possible articles to read.
If what you really want is a fans perspective on what each team's expectations condensed into a few short comments, I'd highly recommend going through each teams day from our annual "Why will X team exceed expectations?" series. All the previous posts are linked in the Astros thread.


Alright, so plugging baseball on baseball seems a bit redundant, but I think it's a good reminder that this is a great hub for all your MLB news throughout the season while still letting you see the occasional amazing college/minor league/foreign league performance.
During the season there are a number of features to keep you informed of all the goings on around baseball.
Every day of the season (and a portion of the offseason) we have General Discussion threads we call Around the Horn. These are great places to ask questions and discuss anything that you want to know about baseball but don't feel like it deserves it's own post. In the Around the Horn post you'll be able to see a full schedule of what is going on around Baseball every week.
Here are the weekly features:
Daily: Nightly Pick'Em - A six year running contest to pick the result of one game every day. Details can be found in this thread.
Monday: Power Rankings - A team of 30 fans from every team in baseball, led by masochist fearless leader kasutori_jack, releases their composite power rankings of the 30 teams. This leads to well thought out discussions and some in depth analysis, as well as salty fans crying about how their team is underrated (there may be more of the latter than the former, but it's still a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of how every team is doing).
Monday (Unofficial) - The last few years thekmanpwnudwn has posted a State of the Subreddits post that gives the top post from each team's subreddit from the last week. This is a great roundup post for staying up to date on what all the different team fandoms are feeling, and helps you catch any milestones you might have otherwise missed.
Tuesday: Weekly Awards - Led by lemcoe9 a different team of a fan from every team releases the results of their weekly (and monthly) voting for who the best position player and pitcher was since the last vote was taken. Once again, a great way to keep track of which players are on hot streaks, and who's dominating the league.
Wednesday: Wild Card Wednesday - Each week a new contest, trivia game, or just out of the box fun thread will be stickied! Got an idea? Let the mods know!
Thursdays: Division Discussions - We rotate between the Easts, Centrals, and Wests to do some more in depth talk about where the playoff races and teams stand. If you only have time for one baseball thread every week and want to keep up with the league, this is the thread to set aside time for.
Saturday: Saturday is when we usually plug in occasional things that don't necessarily deserve weekly attention. Things like in depth stat discussions, memorobilia sharing, craft projects, etc.
Sunday: Game of the Week - Sunday is the one day a week where we get together as a subreddit to watch a baseball game together, since it's the one time every week where there's only one game going on and there's guaranteed to be a game. The Sunday Night Baseball game thread is usually posted a couple hours before the first pitch.
In addition the playoffs, and select premier match-ups (mostly at the very end of the season where there is a lot riding on a regular season game) we host game threads for all baseball users. These are neutral thread, for more info on less neutral ones skip to the next section. We may experiment with game threads in baseball for the MLB.tv Free Game of the Day this year.
In addition to all these features, it really is a great place to keep up with breaking news and highlights. It'll be posted here minutes after someone tweets it, and long before it's on MLB.com. Team beat writers get the stories first, and it's easier to check in here a couple times a day than follow every one of them. Plus there's something the kids are calling "dank memes" (but not too many, because us mods don't allow too much moisture to get into the servers).

Your Team's Subreddit (And other team subs as well)

The mods at baseball have one goal - help you have the best possible reddit baseball experience, and a LOT of that is helping you get connected to other fans of your team (which feels a little like a cop-out because it means less work for us if you're doing more on your team's sub, but your team's mods aren't complaining.)
One of the main draws of team subs (other than in depth discussion with like-fan-minded users, getting breaking news and analysis on your team, team-memes, and other reddit discussions that come up from a group of individuals who can agree on one thing) are game threads. At this time (to the best of my knowledge) every team sub hosts game threads for their team's games, and you can easily access them in the sidebar during the season by clicking on the team's logo in the schedule (we're working on getting that up to speed, MLB changed some parts of their RSS and background data and we've had to work around that to get our automated system back up). We like to keep the game threads in team subs for a few reasons, one of which is we want to support the team subs and send them relevant traffic when we can because they really do an amazing job, another is because with 15 games a day this place would look like crap if we had game threads for every game or let users post them as they please (we've tried it, it blots out news, discussion, and highlights and looks like crap, baseball doesn't have only a couple days set aside for games or focus on marquee match ups like many other sports, it's 2430 games played in 183 days and is better when it's spread out.)
Even if you're not a game thread person though, getting connected with a good team sub can make disappointing seasons more bearable, and great seasons more exciting, and I know plenty of users that said that their team's sub basically keeps them fans. Team subs are also a great place to get connected to...

Twitter, Podcasts, and other General News/Analysis Sources

Going to be honest here, I don't use twitter and I do not frequently read other people's blogs. I know many people do and enjoy it, and I believe the best way to find the people to follow/sites to visit that interest you the most are to hang around your team's sub and note which Tweets/Sites that are linked to that most often peak your interest. Your list of favorite baseball writers is going to be different than my favorite list, and finding the right twitter personalities, podcasts hosts, and bloggers can make game analysis more interesting for you even if your team is playing like crap and it's the middle of July.
Here are some common suggestions for some general baseball twitter accounts and podcasts to get you started, but like I said, find what you like and follow those:
Account Account Account
@MLB @Ken_Rosenthal @Buster_ESPN
@jonmorosi @mlbtraderumors @MiLB
@JeffPassan @MLBInjuryNews @BNightengale
@keithlaw @based_ball @SamMillerBB
@jonahkeri @BaseballAmerica @brooksbaseball
@BenLindbergh @ChrisCotillo @mike_petriello
@MJ_Baumann @FanRagSports @TheAthleticMLB
@fangraphs @baseballprospectus @baseball_ref
@daynperry @CBSSportsMLB @CespedesBBQ
@GrantBrisbee @JonHeyman @cantpitch
@MLBRosterMoves @darenw @extrabaggs
Account Account Account
Effectively Wild Baseball Tonight The Ringer

The Statistical Titans: Baseball Reference and Fangraphs

Literally every day you will find a link or to BaseballReference.com or Fangraphs.com here, it's a given, and it's because these are the two most extensive free baseball databases that are easy to navigate. If you want to look up anything about baseball history, check Baseball Reference, if you want to look up how players stack up with non-proprietary advanced metrics or read an insightful blog post about why someone is overrated/underrated or overperforming/underperforming, check Fangraphs. With these two sites you have all the stats and figures you need to make a competent argument for basically anything you want with a little cherry picking.
A large part of the modern baseball world is statistics and you're going to find yourself getting more immersed in discussing the game if you can get a handle on all the terms getting thrown around. If you are brand new to baseball, take a little while to get to know the game before diving into these sites, but if you have a handle on the basics and are ready to know what this WAR everyone is talking about is, dive into the glossaries and find the statistics.
When you get the basics, creating your own analysis doesn't seem as daunting, and one of the reasons I love baseball is that I can deconstruct pretty much every play and find some meaning behind it. If you are like that and enjoy numbers, theoretical projections, and breaking things down into simple figures before reconstructing them into something long and beautiful, then learning the basics of sabrmetrics will make you a baseball fan for life. If, on the other hand, you just want to enjoy the game for the beautiful pastime that it is by watching, then we've got a little bit to go through...

Where to Watch? - Your TV and Streaming Guide

So a big part of baseball is, you know, actually being able to watch the games (though as I talk about at the end, it might not necessarily be the case for you, and that doesn't mean you can't enjoy baseball, skip down and see what I'm talking about in the final section).
First off, if you are looking for free games to watch, you are in luck! MLB.tv streams one game a day for free on MLB.com and Yahoo.com. These games are subject to local blackouts (details on those in the MLB.tv section) but are definitely worth watching if you're trying to see if you'll enjoy baseball, or just need a free baseball fix. Facebook is also streaming one game a week during the season for free. The other free games available are from May 18 to July 13 on Saturday night and Thursday nights in September when FOX airs games on their OTA affiliated networks. Believe it or not, TV antennas still work in most areas, and these games are free to watch. Some teams also broadcast select games on OTA networks in their region.
Okay, so now the more expensive stuff. If you have even the most basic cable package (or log in information) you probably have ESPN. ESPN airs games every Sunday Night as well as Wednesday Night and Opening Weekend. These games are also available on ESPN Go.
You also probably have a regional sports channel. This is where almost all of your local teams games will be aired. Here is a decent breakdown of every team and what network they are carried on.
TBS is also on even the most basic networks, they air games the final 13 Sundays of the regular season in the afternoon.
FS1 and FOX carry baseball games almost every Saturday of the season, and MLB Network carries games pretty much every day.
A list of currently scheduled national broadcasts is available here, not all games have been chosen so there will be more added to the list.
For all these networks (except for the Dodgers, Orioles, and Nationals regional networks) there are options to stream the games online provided you have cable login information for the channel. During the playoffs FS1, TBS, and MLB Network will carry most of the games, with ESPN carrying a wild card game and FOX carrying the World Series.
Now there are also streaming services that grant access to most of the previously mentioned channels:
  • Sling TV Orange package gets you ESPN, ESPN 2, and TBS.
  • Sling TV Blue package gets you FOX, FS1, FS2, TBS, and most regional sports networks.
  • Youtube TV gets you FOX, ESPN, ESPN 2, FS1, TBS, MLB Network, and some regional sports networks.
  • HULU Live gets you FOX, ESPN, ESPN 2, FS1, FS2, TBS, and your regional sports networks.
  • Playstation Vue Access gets you FOX, ESPN, ESPN 2, FS1, FS2, and TBS.
  • Playstation Vue Core adds MLB Network to the Access channels.
  • Playstation Vue Sports Extra adds regional sports networks in addition to your other channels.
  • AT&T TV Now Live a Little gets you FOX, ESPN, ESPN 2, FS1, and TBS and your regional sports networks.
  • AT&T TV Now Just Right adds MLB Network to the Live a Little channels.
  • AT&T TV Now Go Big adds FS2 to the Just Right channels.
  • FUBO Premier gets you FOX, FS1, and your regional sports networks
Also, ESPN+ will carry select games pretty much daily throughout the season.

MLB.TV - the Ultimate Fan Investment

Alright, so a few things to cover with this, first of all YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LEGALLY STREAM IN MARKET GAMES IF YOU LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES. MLB.tv uses your IP address to see where you are located, and if it pings back that you are in a team's home market it will not let you watch the game LIVE. Here is where you can find what games MLB.tv will black you out from. National broadcasts on ESPN, FOX, and TBS are also subject to blackouts within the United States (MLB Network games are not). Before you ask, yes there are less than legal ways to get around this (spoofing your IP address, subreddit dedicated to mlb streams, etc.), but I won't be talking about those in detail here. IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, YOU WILL HAVE NO BLACKOUTS.
Even if you are blacked out, you will be able to watch the game 90 minutes after it finishes, so if you work a late shift or stay up late it might be worth it for you anyways even if you only want to follow one team.
Military members and college students, don't forget to apply your 35% discount!
"But I don't want to watch EVERY out of market game, I just want to watch MY team!" Cool, for $25 less there's a single team option that will allow you to watch all your team's non-blacked out games! Personally, I'd pay the extra $25 for the opportunity to watch every Kershaw, Bumgarner, and Scherzer start, or put the Cubs on in the background while working on a Friday afternoon, but to each their own.
"But I don't want to commit for a full year!" That's okay, there's a monthly option as well in case you know there are months where you can't watch as much.
Some of the fun features of MLB.tv include the ability to watch four games at once and quickly swap your audio from one to another (seriously, I'm never on commercial break when I'm watching baseball, unless there's only one game on I'm able to watch it all, and in September that's huge) and condensed games. What are condensed games? They go through and cut out all the time between pitches and innings, meaning if you want to watch a whole game in less than a half hour (or are searching desperately for a play to make a .gif or streamable out of that for some reason isn't considered a highlight) it's really easy. If you're someone who really wants to get into the game but can't figure out how to grind through watching a full game, Condensed Games are great for keeping up with a team while you learn the little details between pitches that somehow make watching the catcher twiddle his fingers exciting for some fans.
Also, new this year, MLB has added some great baseball documentaries to your MLB.tv subscription, giving you access to more than just games for the first time.
In addition, there are two great resources to enhance your total immersion into baseball if there are multiple games going on. Please note for both of these you must already be logged into MLB.tv to make them work. The first, and most basic, is Brooks Baseball's MLB.TV Redzone. It will automatically take you to the highest leverage game going on, and will automatically shift you to another game between innings OR if another game enters a higher leverage situation. For a more personalized touch, The Baseball Guage has MLB.TV Game Changer which lets you customize your preferences so MLB.tv will always switch to the game that is most relevant to you. This is great if you play fantasy and want to keep up with your players, are waiting for someone to hit a milestone, or if you want to make sure your action is broken into to follow a no-hitter in progress.
It also gives you a free subscription to...

MLB AtBat - The Most Underrated Way to Stay Connected to Baseball

MLB AtBat is MLB's official application. It comes in two versions, the free version which has ads but is useful for keeping up to date with all the scores, and the paid version ($19.99 for the year of $2.99 monthly) which gives you access to ad-free content, Gameday on your mobile device, and (most valuable) access to every team's radio stream for every game during the season and postseason completely blackout free. If there's a day game, you can bet I'm listening to it at work, if I'm mowing the lawn on a Saturday I'm listening to a game, when I can't sleep at night, on comes a West Coast game. To get the paid version you must download the free version, then subscribe within the app, or log into an MLB account that has MLB.tv.
Baseball was made to be on the radio, it's a sport that is very easy to follow the action with the right announcer. At work (or school) it's great because you can half listen, and when the announcer gets excited you can instantly tune back in to hear what's going on. This is the most underrated way to stay connected to your team throughout the year. Before I could afford MLB.tv, this was the way to go, and it honestly makes me question every year whether getting the MLB.tv package is worth is when I can get 80% of the entertainment value from listening to the games (and every year I manage to forget to unsubscribe, for many reasons listed above).
Gameday on mobile is also a great feature, it lets you quickly check in on the action during brief recesses in meetings (or under the table during meetings), or breaks between classes (or under a desk in classes). This is honestly my primary means of keeping track of Twins games throughout the year. My wife thinks I'm crazy when I could just watch the game, but instead am nervously checking my phone every couple minutes. IF I WATCH I JINX THE TEAM, HONEY!

How to watch baseball?

So this is a question that we get from many new fans who are just trying to figure out what the hell is going on and why people find this game so fascinating. I'll get the elephant in the room out of the way, yes there are some "boring" parts of watching baseball on TV. The camera fans to a batter spitting and adjusting his gloves, the pitcher adjusts his crotch then licks his fingers, random shots of a bored looking manager, etc. When you are actually at the ballpark you can be watching where the catcher and fielders set up to try to predict the pitch that is coming (read The Hidden Language of Baseball by Paul Dickson for some great insight into how to interpret this), but on TV it's not usually the case. This is where I have some suggestions for new fans trying to get into it.
First off, if you are looking for just a relaxing day, embrace the slow pace with a beer and veg out on the couch while watching. It's meant to be slow and relaxing (until it gets tense and exciting, usually with runners on). Seriously, when was the last time you just sat and did nothing? Mid July afternoon games are a perfect way to reach that zen of half-consciousness, until something happens to get you sucked into the action.
Another option to stay engaged is keeping score. I find keeping score relaxing and looking back through a scorebook can be fun to see what you were doing a few years ago (except for that damn unfinished scorecard from 2015 where A-Rod hit the most predictable home run in Twins-Yankees history and I sent my scorecard flying to the other side of the room). As NPR once put it, keeping score is a knowledge making activity, and if you have the time and patience for it it is a great way to learn the game. There are a couple different guides to keeping score, and most scorebooks/cards will have a brief example of how to do so. If you have any questions, the Around the Horn thread is a great place to ask!
Gamethreads are another way to get together with other baseball fans and pass the time between pitches, especially in team subs you get to know the regulars and conversations start to wonder away from baseball at times throughout the game, and that's fine. Baseball is an excuse to enjoy a summer day.
For those that want to actually understand what is going on during that time, though, there are some options. Watching Baseball Smarter by Zack Hample (who despite his reputation on this subreddit knows some stuff and actually pops in from time to time to comment on different things) is a good starting place for new fans. Baseball for Dummies and The Complete Idiots Guide to Baseball are also good starting points for those willing to sit and read for a little bit.
For those who don't want to read a book, I guess I can touch on what I'm looking for between pitches. A big part of baseball is pitch selection, so scouting out a pitchers repertoire of pitches is a good starting point, BrooksBaseball.net has great cheat sheets on every pitcher in the game, and PitcherList.com has a visual example of each pitcher's pitches so you can see what you can be looking for. Anyways, I mention that because the whole reason the catcher is twiddling his fingers behind the plate is to go over with the pitcher what pitch is going to be thrown. What I'm watching for between pitches is where the catcher is setting up behind the plate and guessing which pitch is going to be thrown. A 2-0 and 3-1 count are known as hitters counts because the pitcher needs to throw a strike or risk walking the batter, when the count reaches either of those pay attention, because the hitters going to be looking for his perfect pitch and there's probably going to be some action on the field. 0-1, 0-2, and 1-2 are pitcher's counts, look for curveball, slider or other somewhat nasty pitch to be thrown to get the batter to swing at a bad pitch, or a fastball inside to catch them off guard. If you have any questions about this, go ahead and ask in an around the horn thread.

Where to watch highlights and game recaps.

There are many many places to see highlights and game recaps, this is not an exhaustive list, but is a good start.
For highlights, bigger highlights will often be posed here on baseball a few minutes after they occur, if you wish to post them please familiarize yourself with the subreddit rules. They also appear relatively quickly on MLB.com in each games Gameday area. For a pretty slick collection of highlights from across MLB, https://baseball.theate is a great place to exclusively watch highlights.
There are a few ways to get great game recaps. If you have MLB Network, every day Quick Pitch is an hour-long show that recaps every game from the previous day. It usually starts after MLB Tonight (about 10pm EDT) or whatever game MLB Network is showing finishes up, and runs until 10am EDT the next day. MLB.com also puts out recaps of every game by the next morning, usually a 2-5 minutes quick rundown of highlights that can be found on the game recap. It also puts out Fastcast videos on youtube and their website every morning which has a brief rundown of all the games from the previous day. Here's an example of a Fastcast from two seasons ago.
If you want one concise place to see most of these, efitz11 was amazing last season and posted video links to every game recap and fastcast in the daily Around the Horn thread. Here's an example. I am unsure if they plan to continue it this year, but it would be surely appreciated!

TL;DR Finding what you enjoy about the game.

When it boils down to it, baseball is about finding entertainment and enjoyment, and don't let anyone try to tell you how to enjoy baseball. If you want nothing to do with statistical analysis and just want to enjoy what's going on on the field, don't let anyone tell you you aren't enough of a fan, and if you want to dissect a player into their strengths and components using statcast and advanced metrics don't let anyone tell you you're reading into the game too much. You can follow one team, and only one team, or you can follow multiple teams, don't let anyone tell you you're not a true fan for wearing another team's gear or enjoying their games. You might enjoy bat flips and flamboyance, or reserved speedy home run trots. You might not even enjoy physically watching a game (especially not if your team isn't playing), but find yourself loving keeping track of your team through the season and tracking your players or maybe just the thrill of the standings race and scoreboard watching or maybe you just love all the numbers that get thrown around and arguing about their relevancy. That's okay, eventually I believe enjoyment of the game itself will come, but even if it doesn't, the long baseball season is still creating a place of enjoyment for you, and that's what matters. If you have any questions, once again, feel free to ask them in our daily Around the Horn thread, or below in the comments, or if you really want to feel free to PM with questions and I'd be happy to answer.
So watch games this week and join in the discussion here, you'll naturally find yourself gravitating towards certain players or teams and enjoying different aspects of the game. Baseball is a long season, find what you enjoy, stick to it, dwell on it, and enjoy it.
TL;DR for the TL;DR - Baseball is fun
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