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Elves and Humans fight for Order, Orcs and Undead for Chaos, and the neutral Mendels. However, it's likely that these were not intended to actually be used and were recorded in order to simplify the recording sessions, as was the case with Mass Effect. After you have completed the payment for your order you have to contact us via livechat to arrange delivery. No game subscription required. Build-a-lot 4 power source keygen. Those who complete the ultimate challenge possess the rune and become Master Magi - A title that symbolizes Magi have fully tested their abilities, fueled.

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Destiny 2 takes us to the Menagerie. Innovative editing tools Edit SD, HD, 2K, and 4K material in 2D or stereoscopic 3D, with drag-and-drop functionality or traditional 3-point and 4-point editing modes. Artifacts become available for use on level 20 through the airship by completing expeditions. She tells you that after Zanmaron completed the ritual, the 4 heads of the order would have met in the Library and. Playstyle Chaos Knight is a powerful strength hero that deals high physical damage with straight, powerful hits due to his Chaos Strike. Note: While the Lava Chompy hat is a good alternative to the Lava slayer helmet, I prefer the Lava slayer helmet.


Order and Chaos Online Relic's Key Dungeon Guide

Minecraft kronos hack client. Dvd in motion bmw hack. Many players have no issue ranking up to S3 with S2.5 gear. Darren Lumsden from Bristol has a number of numerical tattoos including '88' on his cheek, which can be used as shorthand for Nazi slogan 'Heil Hitler'. Sigil magic is the art of using symbols and imagery to manifest a specific intent or outcome. For use secret codes in Order & Chaos 2 Redemption game you.

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In your browser, click on the hack link. Country Argentina Australia Brazil Canada Chile China Colombia Denmark France Germany Hong Kong India Indonesia Italy Japan Korea Malaysia Mexico Middle East & Africa New Zealand Philippines Romania Russia Singapore. Call of juarez gunslinger crack software https://vesta-tr.ru/forum/?download=6397. Get out your pencil and try these puzzles for all levels. Despite this and the game's restriction to Wi-Fi usage only, the title is a revolutionary step on the road to. What Ansuz means in a rune casting: Stability and order.


Secret World Legends

Order of Chaos consists of the following Alliance Clans. Gameloft's "Order & Chaos. It was released on 4 February 2020 where it replaced its predecessor, Squeal of Fortune. Asus driver utility license key https://vesta-tr.ru/forum/?download=5734. It islocated to the south of the major kingdoms ofAsgarniaandKandarin. Thus the rune is summoned again to finally put an end to his former slave-masters.

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It brings order to chaos, and speaks of life, and experiences - it teaches us to learn from our experiences, and give inspiration as a result of this. Order and Chaos online is a mobile MMO that is highly derivative of World of Warcraft. Along with our built in proxy support it makes it 100% safe and undetectable. Phantasm 5 Items Carry Chaos Knight is the usual way to play. Chaos runes can also be made by members through the Runecrafting skill (at least 35 Runecrafting needed. Patch Notes 11/19/2020.

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Powerful Rune - Items - Order & Chaos Online

After you have your rune essence, you will want to siphon some runes out of one of the esslings wandering around. Best in slot range (Picture is currently missing Amulet of ranging (t)) Helmet: Lava slayer helmet, this is obtained from the Runecoin machine for the cost of 20k runecoins and a Fused slayer helmet. Standard edition 4 pack. In your quest to becoming the most powerful player in Order and Chaos Online, you can take the long way – or you can take the shortcut. Order and chaos rune hack. One of the first things you will notice is the In-App Store selling gold and runes.


Order and Chaos 2 Redemption Hack Cheats Unlimited Runes

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D100 Sets of Macguffins to collect and their uses in the Campaign Plot

  1. Retrieval of ancient relics with unique powers and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands adventurezone
  2. Retrieval of powerful stones that combined will give power to snap creatures out of existence thanosdidnothingwrong
  3. Highly classified letters sent from Lords to other Lords within a secret society. If placed in the wrong hands, the letter could start a war.
  4. Aqcuire magical artifacts to cross into another plane and seal off a "leak" of raw magical power. u/spritzertog
  5. The Anvils: portable anvils with golden runes. When set and primed in a certain location, the hammer of god will come down and beat the anvil, destroying anything in a ten-mile radius. u/wafflelegion
  6. Macguffins are world-changing events, plucked from the timeline and frozen into crystal spheres, thus changing the timeline. The BBEG wants the events restored to create "what would have happened" u/christianaellis
  7. Magical Tomes that unleash great power related to the schools of magic.
  8. Magical pieces of armor that when assembled create the ultimate fighter
  9. An odd shaped metal pendant, which is actually the access key to a superweapon left behind by a precursor civilization. u/Vote_for_Knife_Party
  10. The pieces of a shattered scepter; when reassembled and placed in the hands of the true heir of (insert kingdom here), peace and justice shall prevail.
  11. The torn pieces of the spell book of Malcazar the Malicious, which contain the text of the epic spell he cast 10 generations ago to initiate the end of the world. Whoever holds the pages could reverse the spell... Or take control of it, so they may rule whatever remains of the world after the end.
  12. A smattering of mundane 21st century items, left behind by an accidental time traveler as a 'bread crumb' trail to help any other stranded future people find them and help rebuild their time machine.
  13. The Keys to Eternity: Can be gathered together to unlock and dispel the barrier that prevents the "good" deities from sharing more of their influence with the material plane, or can alternately be used to open the Outer Gates of the Far Realm and unleash the Elder Evils instead. u/SnaggyKrab
  14. A gold ring. Fire will reveal a poem written in Abyssal. Wearing the ring will cause the wielder to turn invisible until it is removed. Removing the ring requires a Charisma Save DC15, which increases by 1 everytime the ring is equipped. On a failed save, the ring is still removed and the wielder receives one level of exhaustion. Seeing the ring will trigger a Charisma Save DC10. Failed save will cause the creature what sees it to covet it, and will try to acquire the ring from the wielder. It is the Phylactery of a Lich, that can only be destroyed by casting it into a volcano outside the lair of the lich. u/Smeggaman
  15. 3 apple sized jewels that emit brilliant light from within. The light is captured from the first lights of creation, now long extinguished, by the greatest elven craftsman to ever live, and are said to contain the power of the Sun, Stars, and Moon. Precious beyond conception to their creator, whose progeny have sworn an oath, that they may not rest (even in death) until all 3 are within their possession. Evil creatures who hold the stones are given 2 points of exhaustion per stone. The dark lord covets the power of the stones that they might aid in their conquest of the gods, who have banished him to the void.
  16. A stone that contains the soul of an Archdemon. The Demon Lord is aware of the immediate vicinity their stone is located, and the true name of the one carrying it. The Demon wants to escape. A willing creature can choose to release the Demon within using an artefact crafted from the physical body of the Demon before their imprisonment. Releasing the demon will transfer it's soul to the body of the releasing creature. The releasing creature's soul is then banished, and cannot be resurrected, or contacted, even through use of a Wish Spell. The stone is sought after by the Demon's servants, that they might release them; by the Demon's siblings, that they might control the power within; and by an esoteric cult of sorcerers, that they may contain it.
  17. Scattered pieces of a scroll. Connected they show you how to perform a dance that is said to be the key to an ancient city of lost treasures and forgotten evil. u/Ever_Impetuous
  18. A set of dice. From one with 4 sides, up to one with 20 sides. It is said gathering all dice gives one control of his own fate. Unfortunately, the bbeg has all but one. The one with 10 sides is in your possession.
  19. A set of four Elemental Mantles--Water, Fire, Earth, and Air--each crafted from a respective fragmented Primordial's essence. When brought together in tandem, they can channel Elemental Chaos, causing cataclysmic events. (In my world, they are being used to sever a continent and contain that has been overrun by devils) u/chrisndc
  20. Elemental stones that house extremely powerful elemental guards when gathered together causes world ending terror. u/Oddysh077
  21. Seven dice of the fates. Get them back to the fates before the multiverse breaks down in to primordial chaos. u/Git777
  22. Chess pieces of Gods. Two gods play chess in an eternal battle of wills. Something has removed some pieces from the board, balanced must be restored.
  23. The imperial tarot. tarot cards made of metal that act as portals to demi planes that allow the user unique spells and summoned alien creatures. The cards must be gathered in order to fight a draconic theat.
  24. Lantern of the eight moons. Lanterns that have different magical beam effects. when gathered and the beams crossed they can restore life to a dead world.
  25. the 6 fingers of Krune. The severed fingers of a long buried liches right hand. those who have the fingers command his undead hoard.
  26. The Fangs of the Chimera. 4 Swords that are not magical but those who hold one of the swords command the corresponding secret society.
  27. The king piece on a chess board, to break a curse of stone placed upon the kings army. Useful when the PCs are in over their heads u/YouBecame
  28. The main characters aren’t the heroes of legend. They must travel the world and gather the children that are said to become the true saviors of the world u/KingofHearts814
  29. A baby whom an entire cult of mages sacrificed their lives in order to give their souls and potential to the baby, the baby is thus on par with a demigod yet as a baby it is still a blank slate, many organizations want the child to be brought up under their guiding influence and set out to kidnap it, the baby's cries are wild magic as it can't yet control it's power, party can be with the original cult or another faction u/MEKK-the-MIGHTY
  30. Party needs to gather A full assortment of dragon scales, both chromatic and metallic. A master Leatherworker looking to craft a magic headband to resist all magical damage types. Could even have them retrieve the hide of some other unique monster for the strap. u/drewcash83
  31. 7 fist-sized crystal globes with glowing stars inside them. If all 7 are gathered together the holder can summon Bahamut to grant 1 wish. The globes then scatter across the world once more. u/greatstoneskull
  32. Only one group of adventurers ever had the necessary combination of abilities to enter the fabled dungeon of ... and escape alive. Now the entire world is in peril and the ... of power must be retrieved from the dungeon. But the adventurers parted ways after escaping the dungeon and no one has seen any of them for forty years.
  33. An ancient magical sword, forged by a long lost civilization, that was broken into pieces after a cataclysmic event that caused the civilization’s downfall. It was said that one day, heroes would need to gather these pieces from their isolated vaults, and reforge the sword in order to defeat an evil even greater then the enemies the sword once slew. But this evil seeks the pieces as well. It’s only a matter of time. u/lordmosnar
submitted by DumpingAllTheWay to d100


Vora's Pact Patch Notes and Megathread

Vora's Pact Patch Notes and Megathread

Patch NotesLivestream • [Forum Post]() • [Overview]()

Flair New Champion: Vora, The Harbinger

Her entire life was once devoted to Io, the Moon Goddess. She was a member of a martial order tasked with protecting ancient seals, but even they did not know the extent of the chaos beneath. Betrayed by her Goddess and alone in an uncaring world, she has chosen to embrace that chaos. The Realm is on the path of self-destruction, and if that is what it desires, she is more than happy to oblige. Those who dread her coming are those who have any knowledge of the workings of the world beyond their own lives, for she is Vora, Harbinger of the End of the Realm, and they are not prepared.
Flair Flank Health: 2000 Abilities
Name Skill Type Description Cooldown
[Passive] Darkness Buff / Healing Hits with your scythe provide a Darkness stack to you. Using Dark Siphon or Obliteration will consume all Stacks, Healing you for 100 over 1s and augmenting the ability if at maximum Stacks. You can have a maximum of 5 Stacks. -
[Weapon] Deadly Scythe Buff / Direct Damage A Scythe that sends out projectiles that deal damage over a short duration. Hits with your scythe provide a Darkness stack to you. Using Dark Siphon or Obliteration will consume all Stacks, Healing you for 100 over 1s and augmenting the ability if at maximum Stacks. You can have a maximum of 5 Stacks. Its attack chain is: Medium, Light, Light, Heavy. Light: 300 damage every 0.35s Medium: 470 damage every 1s. Heavy: 680 every 1.2s -
[Alt-Fire] Obliteration Area Damage / Crowd Control Jump up and slash down around you, dealing 500 damage and applying a small Knockback to enemies hit. While using this ability, you are Immune to Damage and Crowd Control. Using Obliteration with 5 stacks of your passive deals an additional 300 damage and Slows enemies hit by 30% for 2s. -
[Ability 1] Dark Siphon Crowd Control / Direct Damage / Healing Launch a vicious projectile from your Scythe, dealing 200 damage on hit and an additional 400 damage over 1.5s. Hitting an enemy causes you to Regenerate 300 Health over 2s. Using this ability with maximum Darkness Stacks will Cripple the enemy hit for 1.5s. -
[Ability 2] Tendril Direct Damage / Mobility Manifest your will, propelling yourself towards your target with a tendril. Can hit players to pull you to them. -
[Ultimate] Harbinger's Wrath Buff / Crowd Control / Direct Damage / Execution Channel your wrath to hunt your enemies, increasing your Movement Speed by 80% and decreasing the damage you take by 30%. Select a target in range to hit them, Stunning, Crippling, and Silencing them. Enemies above 66% maximum Health take 1100 damage, while enemies at or below 66% maximum Health are Executed. This ability lasts 10s or until you select a target. Can be refired to cancel. -
Name Ability Description Cooldown
[Default] Unyielding Pressure Dark Siphon Your Dark Siphon now deals an additional 10% of the target’s maximum Health as damage over 1.5s.. -
[Level 2] Relentless Presence Tendril Tendril gains a second charge.. -
[Level 8] Deafening Silence Obliteration Obliteration now Silences enemies hit for 1.5s. -
A Dance with Fate Tendril Reduce the cooldown of Tendril by {0.6/0.6}s. -
Elegant Paring Tendril Reduce the Cooldown of Dark Siphon and Obliteration by {0.4/0.4}s after activating Tendril. -
Otherworldly Tether Tendril Gain a {75/75} Shield for 5s after activating Tendril. -
What May Come Tendril Reduce the damage you take by {5/5}% for 3s after activating Tendril. -
A Broken Path Dark Siphon Increase the Healing received from Dark Siphon by {50/50} health. -
A Change of Faith Dark Siphon Reduce the Cooldown of Tendril by {0.6/0.6}s after hitting an enemy with Dark Siphon. -
Crimson Ascent Dark Siphon Reduce the Cooldown of Dark Siphon by {1/1}s if it fails to hit a target. -
Unified in Purpose Dark Siphon Reduce the damage you take by 10% for {1/1}s after hitting an enemy with Dark Siphon. -
Broken Promises Obliteration Heal for {60/60} for each enemy hit with Obliteration. -
Deadly Dance Obliteration Generate {1/1}% Ultimate charge for each enemy hit by Obliteration. -
Inevitability Obliteration Reduce the Cooldown of Dark Siphon by {0.4/0.4}s after hitting at least one enemy with Obliteration. -
Ruthless Elegance Obliteration Increase the effect of the Knockback applied by Obliteration by {8/8}% of its base value. -
False Idol Weapon/Armour Increase your Movement Speed by {5/5}% and gain {5/5}% Lifesteal for 2s after falling to or below 40% Health. -
New Purpose Weapon/Armour Increase your maximum Health by {50/50}. -
Sharpened Resolve Weapon/Armour Consuming Darkness stacks Heals you for an additional {10/10} per stack. -
The Maw's Embrace Weapon/Armour Increase your Movement Speed by {6/4}% for 1s after hitting anything with Deadly Scythe. -


Galactic Conqueror
  • Unlocked with 800 Crystals
Seal Guardian (LIMITED)
  • Unlocked through Season Pass 2019 – 2020
Honor Guard
  • Unlocked through Season Pass 2019 – 2020
  • Unlocked with 200 Crystals or 60,000 Gold
Golden Vora
  • Obtained by Reaching Mastery level 50 with Vora

Arcane Pacts Battle Pass

The Radiant Stars Battle Pass will become unpurchasable with the release of Patch 5 – Arcane Pacts. The Arcane Pacts Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of patch 5.
Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 more goodies just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Arcane Pacts Battle Pass experience as soon as the update is live. Battle Pass purchasers unlock premium rewards every level, along with the free track rewards.
The Arcane Pacts Battle Pass costs 600 Crystals, and rewards you just for playing. You can now unlock up to 450 Crystals through the Battle Pass Free Track, and an additional 150 through the Premium Track, making the Battle Pass FREE once completed. Explore our expanded content for each Champion featured in this Battle Pass.
Dive into this awesome Battle Pass with the Battle Passport, a one-time purchase that not only unlocks the new Battle Pass itself but the next 30 Battle Pass Levels so you can start playing with the Firebrand Tyra, Student of Magic Vivian, Honey King Bomb King, and Underkeeper Zhin right away!
The Battle Passport costs 1500 Crystals, saving you over 1000 Crystals!

Battle Pass Content

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)
  • Firebrand Tyra
  • Animated Loading Frame
  • Static Avatar
  • 50% Experience and Gold Boost

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

Battle Pass Skins (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers):

Flair Student of Magic Vivian
  • Unlocked at Level 10
Flair Honey King Bomb King
  • Unlocked at Level 30
Flair Underkeeper Zhin
  • Unlocked at Level 50
Flair Frostbrand Tyra
  • Unlocked at Level 70
Flair Novice Vivian
  • Unlocked at Level 90
Flair Polar Bear Bomb King
  • Unlocked at Level 110
Flair Forest Stalker Zhin
  • Unlocked at Level 120

Other Battle Pass Exclusive Unlocks


Map Visual Update: Frozen Guard

Frozen Guard was given a complete visual overhaul to improve the visual quality and readability of the map. The layout of the map remains the same, but the architecture and natural elements were reworked to give a better sense of purpose and scale.
The spawn room was opened up to give the player the sense that they are part of a much larger world from the very start as they enter the map. No longer does the player spawn in a small dark room, but in a semi-open space that inspires wonder.
The Guardian statues that are the map’s namesake that flank the Capture Point building are one of the few points of interest remaining from the original version of Frozen Guard. But instead of blending in with the surrounding landscape, the statues are built on to the buildings in a more deliberate way to catch the player’s eye as they round the cart path leading out from the Capture Point.
A new vista was created. Instead of an ice quarry, Frozen Guard now sits high up on a mountainside overlooking the fjords, with other towns and buildings visible off in the distance.
In the new Frozen Guard there is much more for the player to explore!


Gamepad Scoreboard Improvements
Players on Gamepad will now be able to turn on a new setting called “Advanced Scoreboard” inside their Gameplay settings. Enabling this changes the scoreboard functionality from “Hold to Open” to “Press to Open”. Once the scoreboard is open, Gamepad players will be able to use their selected action when highlighting over an individual player to scroll through their cards and talents.
Item Store Undo Button
  • Players can now undo purchases made in the item store, as long as they have not closed the store page.
UI Updates
  • We have made various UI updates across paladins menus to increase legibility and highlight states.
    • Commendations
    • Quest Panels
    • Match Queues
    • Custom Games
Corvus Mark of Fate UI Indicator
  • Players affected by Corvus’ Mark of Fate ability will now have a UI marker on their screen to indicate this.
Bomb King Animation Rework
  • Bomb King’s ultimate has been slightly reworked and should now transition smoother between various states.


The team will continue our effort to give away unique avatars for those participating in various weekend bonus events throughout Vora’s Pact.
October is LGBT History Month. To commemorate this we are adding a variety of LGBT flag avatars to the game, priced for 1 Gold.
Kraumpus Raum
  • Obtainable from the Festive Presents chest.
  • Available December 2nd.


Dangerous Heroines
  • 300 Crystals
Release Date
  • November 4
  • Champion Skins
    • Street Style Maeve
    • Day Walker Vivian
    • Shore Patrol Lian
    • Steel Forged Imani
    • Gunslinger Tyra
    • Battlesuit Angel Furia
    • Iron Madam Inara
    • Divine Seris
Beyond Science and Fiction
  • 400 Crystals
Release Date
  • November 25
  • Champion Skins
    • Stellar Protector Vora
    • Battlesuit Godslayer Androxus
    • Steel Forged Barik
    • Omega Dredge
    • Crime Fighter Sha Lin
  • Mounts
    • Obsidian Warhorse

Ranked Split

Split Rewards
  • Play 5 Ranked matches
    • Gold Chest
  • Play 25 Ranked matches
Format Changes
  • All player ranks have been soft-reset for Split 3
Ranked Map Rotation
Each split, maps will either be in the active or reserved map pool. Reserved maps will not appear while playing ranked during that split. Each new split will see some maps rotated between the active and reserved pools. For Split 4, Frozen Guard and Ascension Peak will be rotating into the active map pool, while Brightmarsh and Bazaar will be rotating out.
Active Maps
  • Frog Isle
  • Ice Mines
  • Splitstone Quarry
  • Stone Keep
  • Jaguar Falls
  • Fish Market
  • Shattered Desert
  • Warder’s Gate
  • +Frozen Guard
  • +Ascension Peak
Reserved Maps
  • Timber Mill
  • Serpent Beach
  • -Brightmarsh
  • -Bazaar


Flair Androxus
  • Cursed Revolver
    • Increased damage falloff at at 100 units – 75% ➡️ 65%
Flair Corvus
  • Grand Design
    • Reduced Lifesteal scaling {5/5}% ➡️ {3/3}%
  • The Price of Salvation
    • Increased healing {60/60} ➡️ {75/75}
    • Reduced healing time 2s ➡️ 1s
Flair Grohk
  • Healing Totem
    • This ability has received some quality of life improvements to make dropping totems against walls easier. When aiming at a wall, Healing totems will now drop at the ground, if it is a valid location.
Flair Grover
  • Throwing Axe Flair
    • Increased damage over distance travelled now also scales on Shields and Deployables
Flair Imani
  • Frost Bolt AOC
    • Reduced time between attacks 0.8s ➡️ 0.5s
    • Reduced Damage 650 ➡️ 410
    • Reduced Projectile Speed 480 ➡️ 420
      • Now matches Pyre Ball
  • Elemental Shift
    • Reduced time to swap between stances 1s ➡️ 0.25s
  • Pyromania
    • Pyromania now causes all of your Pyre Balls to deal damage in an area.
    • Reduced Damage 1,000 ➡️ 800
    • Reduced Area 30 unit ➡️ 20 units
Flair Inara
  • Mother’s Grace
  • Reduced Damage Reduction 20% ➡️ 10%
  • Earthen Guard
    • Reduced bonus healing received 40% ➡️ 30%
  • Crag
    • Reduced internal cooldown 10s ➡️ 5s
Flair Lex
  • Combat Slide Flair
    • Can now be used while in Air
  • Retribution
    • When used, this ability will now prioritize the player with the highest Killstreak within 150 units of Lex. If no enemies are within 150 units, Retribution will then prioritize the player with the highest killstreak outside of 150 units.
    • Retribution can no longer target the same player twice in a row
Flair Makoa
  • Shell Spin AOC
    • Increased Damage 150 ➡️ 500
  • Shell Shield
    • Reduced cooldown 15s ➡️ 14s
  • Barrier Reef
    • Reduced damage threshold 2500 ➡️ 500
    • Reduced cooldown scaling {1/1}s ➡️ {0.2/0.2}s
Flair Pip
  • Combat Medic
    • Increased Healing 700 ➡️ 750
  • Catalyst
    • Increased duration of bonus damage 3s ➡️ 4s
  • Reduced Healing Potion cooldown 8s ➡️ 7s
  • Escape Artist
    • Increased weightless duration {0.2/0.2}s ➡️ {0.4/0.4}s
Flair Sha Lin
  • Rapid Shot
    • Reduced Cooldown 15s ➡️ 13s
  • Grounded
    • Increased health scaling {50/50}s ➡️ {60/60}
Flair Tiberius
  • Crouching Tigron Flair
    • This ability has received some quality of life treatments that will make it easier for players to control where they land.
Flair Viktor
  • Burst Mode
    • Reduced damage per shot 220 ➡️ 200
    • Max damage falloff reduced from 59% ➡️ 65%
      • Now does 65% of 200 instead of 59% of 220 at max range
    • Max damage falloff threshold reduced 200 units ➡️ 175 units
Flair Vivian
  • Deflector Shield Flair
    • Reduced shield health 1400 ➡️ 1200
  • Sentinels
    • Reduced damage 200 ➡️ 150
  • Contingency Flair
    • Reduced Shield Health scaling {170/170} ➡️ {125/125}
  • One Step Ahead
    • Reduced Movement Speed {6/6}% ➡️ {4/4}%
  • Scapegoat
    • Reduced Deflector Shield damage interception {10/10}% ➡️ {8/8}%

Bug Fixes

Flair Androxus
  • Fixed an issue where Reversal’s projectile would deal no damage to enemies if fired at point-blank range.
Flair Ash
  • Fixed an issue where Ash could improperly gain more maximum ammo than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Ash could improperly activate Siege Shield in specific scenarios.
Flair Bomb King
  • Fixed an issue where the Ablative Coating card would not proc for each enemy hit by Poppy Bomb.
Flair Buck
  • Fixed an issue where the Bully card healed Buck for more than intended when he hit enemies with glancing blows.
  • Fixed an issue where Buck could heal off of damage-immune enemies with the Bully card.
Flair Corvus
  • Fixed an issue where Corvus would receive more healing than intended from the Grand Design card when he marked a target that had one or more other sources of Lifesteal that were not from Corvus.
Flair Dredge
  • Fixed an issue where Harpoon’s fire rate with the Hurl talent equipped was increasingly slower with more percentage Cooldown Reduction.
Flair Grohk
  • Fixed an issue where Grohk would not keep Ultimate Charge he gained from killing someone on a kill streak if he killed them with Tempest.
Flair Grover
  • Fixed an issue where Grover’s Blossom VFX would remain in the world when he died until he respawned.
  • Fixed an issue where Vine would attempt to cast if Grover was aiming at Atlas’ Stasis Field.
Flair Furia
  • Fixed an issue where Inflame would not provide all Champions with a full ammo refund on channel completion.
Flair Imani
  • Fixed an issue where the Mana Rift 2D icon would not display on the in-match Scoreboard.
  • Fixed an issue where a Player’s screen would fade back in after fading to black on the Victory or Defeat screens when playing Imani.
  • Shortened the VFX range of Inferno Cannon to better represent its actual damage range.
  • Fixed an issue where the non-Red Stellar Sorceress variants played the incorrect VFX when using the Radiant Peace Emote.
  • Fixed an issue where the meteorite VFX would not spawn in Stellar Sorceress Imani’s hands while she was charging Pyre Ball on low Particle Detail settings.
Flair Inara
  • Fixed an issue where players could have their Impasse walls up for longer than intended in a specific circumstance.
Flair Io
  • Fixed an issue where Luna’s location could desync between clients and the server in specific circumstances.
Flair Jenos
  • Fixed an issue where Void Grip would not be canceled if Jenos became Silenced while channeling it.
  • Fixed an issue where holding a Player with Void Grip could cancel that Player’s held directional input in some circumstances.
Flair Kinessa
  • Fixed an issue where the Scope UI was not centered properly on the screen.
Flair Koga
  • Updated description on Guild Tactics card to note that the heal should not occur multiple times in one instance of Skewer.
Flair Lex
  • Fixed an issue where Lex could heal off of damage-immune enemies with The Hunted card.
Flair Lian
  • Fixed an issue where Lian could get the Ultimate Charge refund from Enlightenment if she killed Luna or Imani’s Dragon with it.
Flair Maeve
  • Fixed an issue where the Player sometimes would not hear sound effects from enemies if they were affected by an enemy Maeve’s Ultimate.
Flair Mal’Damba
  • Fixed an issue where the VFX for the volume of Dread Serpent disappeared prematurely, causing Players to get Feared by it when the VFX was no longer visible.
Flair Pip
  • Fixed an issue where the Acumen card healed Pip for more than intended when he hit enemies with glancing blows.
  • Fixed an issue where Pip could heal off of damage-immune targets with the Acumen card.
Flair Ruckus
  • Fixed an issue where the wing VFX from Furia’s Inflame displayed on the front of Ruckus’ model instead of the back.
  • Fixed an issue where Emitter played an insignificant outward pulse VFX when activated, related to its former slow pulse effect.
Flair Seris
  • Fixed an issue where Seris could use Shadow Travel as she mounted and would keep the Shadow Travel VFX on her model while she was mounted.
Flair Strix
  • Fixed an issue where the Overburn card did not function.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scope UI was not centered properly on the screen.
Flair Talus
  • Fixed an issue where Talus could reactivate Rune of Travel to manually teleport back to his Rune while he was Silenced.
Flair Torvald
  • Fixed an issue where Nullify dealt a maximum of 640 damage over the course of its duration instead of 800.
Flair Zhin
  • Fixed an issue where Zhin was not fully immune to Crowd Control effects during the wind-up of Spite.
  • Fixed an issue where Zhin would sometimes pass through his Spite target on hit and be in an improper location for the duration of the ultimate.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could not equip Mastery Emotes in the Champions menu or the Match Lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the Voice Line Preview button would not display on the Skins tab of the Champions screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could lose focus on the Talent Select screen in various ways.
  • Fixed an issue where players could reach unintended locations on Frog Isle if they used teleporting abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where canceling emotes early could cause unintended camera issues when transitioning from 1P to 3P for abilities and vice versa.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could obtain many ranks of the “Friends Forever” achievement without meeting the requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where the plank walkways near the Capture Point on Serpent Beach had inconsistent projectile collision.
  • Fixed an issue where the Skins Owned value on the Overview tab of the Profile Screen only displayed a maximum of three digits.
  • Fixed an issue where newly obtained Accessories would not be added to the “Show Owned Items Only” filter on the Accessories tab of the Profile screen unless the player unchecked and rechecked the filter.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crystal icon and price number were stretched incorrectly on the Purchase button for Change Name in the Store.
  • Updated Siege Training queue description to be more in line with the other Training queue descriptions.
  • Updated a Loading Screen description to remove a reference to Mixer.
  • Updated descriptions on Golden Skins and Weapons to remove unnecessary messaging and make them more consistent.
Under Investigation
  • Issues where players are receiving repeated acquisitions on login.
  • Issues where players are sometimes unable to properly close an acquisition, forcing them to restart the game.
  • Issues with Corvus’ Projection not sending him to the intended location.
  • Issues with cards and talent that improperly activate when a Player respawns.
  • Issues pertaining to audio loss on the Warder’s Gate map.

Public Test Server

Information on how to access the Public Test Server can be found here.
submitted by Thane_Mantis to Paladins