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Call of Duty: Mobile - April 29th Community Update

Call of Duty: Mobile - April 29th Community Update

Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community, we are back with a brand-new update and we are thrilled to announce our newest season, Once Upon a Time in Rust. We are thrilled, excited, and honored to be bringing so much to you this season.
We have our new western themed update releasing now with plenty of fixes, Battle Pass changes, general improvements. On the content side, releasing throughout the season we have, two new maps, three new modes, BR updates, Gold Rush events, seasonal challenges, multiple functional weapons events, and so much more. This is where legends are made!
Our season pass and plenty of other new content will be dropping on April 30th (PT) / May 1st (UTC), with more to expected to drop throughout the month. With that in mind, we are going to take new approach this update to show when you can expect most content to be releasing.
Lastly, these releases generally roll out region by region so please keep checking your Google Play Store or Apple’s App store for that update option. Give it time and it will arrive.
Instead of the normal cadence, we want to instead focus on the patch notes and a majority of the content coming out in this update. Like usual we are going to be rude and hold off on revealing some specifics until they are released, like the Battle Pass and some of what is coming out on May 1st, but don’t worry there is still plenty to reveal before that.
First, let’s look at some of the main highlights from this release and with some extra details about them that you may not find in the patch notes.
Rust Map Availability: Live Now This classic Call of Duty map pulled from the hallowed halls of Modern Warfare 2 is now officially out in Call of Duty: Mobile! It is our featured Multiplayer map for this season, but it is not the only new map.
Rust is a perfect example of frenetic, high-octane, close quarters Call of Duty action. If you want to jump into a map where you are never more than a stone throw away from an enemy then Rust is your map. Get a glimpse of the full map here.
Like the intense and iconic Call of Duty map, Shipment, Rust isn’t for the feint of heart but worth trying for all of types of players due to the incredible amount of variety offered through both the design and the many game modes it will be available on.
Are you a lover of objectives, combat/score focused, or tactical gameplay? We’ve got you covered since Rust will be available in many modes including 2v2 Showdown, Rapid Fire, and Hardpoint. Find a deeper dive alongside tips & tricks on our Rust Snapshot blog post: https://bit.ly/2KDWvgr
1v1 Duel Mode & Saloon Map Availability: Mid-May This brand new mode comes with a new map: Saloon. This map will be available for both 1v1 Duel and 2v2 Showdown, but it is exclusive to these sweat inducing tactical modes that are all about facing off against your opponents in a purely skilled based duel.
On the other hand, 1v1 Duel will be available on the maps Saloon and Killhouse. Those are both quarters map that are designed to present you with adrenaline pumping action within moments of spawning.
Want to have a grudge match or test the skills of prospective clan or esports team member? Use 1v1 Duel to face off in three rounds of quick, dirty, and precise gameplay. May the best duelist win the day.
Capture the Flag – Gold Edition Availability: Early May The classic Multiplayer mode Capture the Flag comes to Call of Duty: Mobile this season! However, this is Once Upon a Time in Rust and with that in mind this isn’t going to be any old Capture the Flag.
Outlaws, prospectors, and regular citizens took to the wild west of the United States in 1800s in the search of one thing, Gold! There is no flag to capture this time, instead you are defending or seeking out a great and bountiful chest of gold.
You’ll be seeing more modes and events with that theme throughout the month, so keep an eye out for that and make sure to check out Capture The Flag – Gold Edition live in-game right now.
Kill Confirmed Availability: Early May This slight yet beloved twist on TDM mode is making its way to Call of Duty: Mobile in this update and with all of the unique designs that make Kill Confirmed one of the longest running Call of Duty modes.
For anyone new to the franchise, Kill Confirmed is all about taking out enemies in team vs team action except when an enemy is downed they drop a dog tag. The moment an enemy dog tag is picked up it is scored for your team, but at the same time any member of the enemy team may also walk over their teammates dog tag and remove it from play.
The mode forces you to move as dog tags cluster across a heated battleground full of fierce fighting across a no-man’s land slowly filling with tags. Will you venture out, take the risk, and collect them for the team? Or will you cover teammates as they try to fulfill the objective. The choice is yours.
Battle Pass Update As a part of this brand-new season we are going to be changing up the Battle Pass. As you’ll see in the patch notes below, we’ve removed tasks and now players will level up the Battle Pass just playing the game. This new flow is designed to make the experience always fulfilling.
No more will you have to deal with just barely missing out on a fulfilling a task, now just play Battle Royale, Multiplayer, or any limited time game mode and you’ll receive Battle Pass XP. You’ll be able to see that XP being accounted for in the after-action report (when a match ends).
This new method is straight-forward and transparent. You may be able to find some Battle Pass XP boosts or direct XP rewards coming out throughout the season in the form of event rewards or through the Battle Pass itself. Keep an eye out for all of that.
We hope you love the changes and if you are missing out on having tasks to focus on then don’t worry, the next section has you covered.
New Event System Another new change to this release is the way we are approaching in-game events. Our events moving forward are all purposeful and tied to the cadence of a seasonal release or month. You’ll be able to experience the new events in these new categories:
  • Featured
  • Seasonal
  • Daily
  • More
We have some in-game changes to the UI to show you clearly how that is all divided now and please share your feedback about this new design. Seeing anything that you love or seeing anything that doesn’t make sense? Let us know. There is always room for changes and feedback.
Those are the basics, but we’ll start to dive in and talk about some of those new seasonal events in our next community update later this week.
Monthly Calendar Alongside new event changes, we are reimagining daily login bonuses and introducing a monthly calendar filled with rewards for you to collect. Before the next season begins, you’ll have a wide variety of rewards waiting for you each time you login.
You’ll have 24 days of collect, with some notables including the western themed RUS-79U - Desert Snake, MW11 - Sandbox, and Arctic. 50 - Desert Snake. These rewards all lead up the coveted day 24 item, the epic character Nomad - Druid. Make sure to login and grab those throughout May.
New Releases With this update and season we have some new usable additions that don’t fall into any of the other categories. Precisely, we have a new Operator Skill, BR Class, and Tactical equipment. We showed this all off on social media on April 28th, but here is a quick rundown of each new addition.
Operator Skill – Annihilator Availability: Free Battle Pass This operator skill will have your enemies running and sliding through the dust to try to find cover. This lethal and stylish revolver from the Black Ops series will allow you to zero in and take out any enemy in one shot as long as you hit them hit them in the upper body. It is a weapon to be feared and worth shutting down immediately whenever you see it aimed against your teammates.
Battle Royale Class – Poltergeist Availability: Late May This Battle Royale class will give you the drop on any unsuspecting opponents. Hit that cloaking button, go invisible, line up the perfect ambush, and make your shots count. On the other side, Poltergeist can also be used to escape a potentially deadly experience.
When you use this class’ main ability you’ll alert nearby enemies and it isn’t 100% effective at close range, so make sure to get your distance as soon as possible or enemies may still spot your sneaky maneuvering. Check it all out in action in our tutorial video.
Tactical Equipment – Cryo Bomb Availability: Mid-May Halfway through this season you’ll find this brand-new addition to your Multiplayer loadout, the Cryo Bomb, available through a seasonal challenge. This useful little piece of equipment will explode in an array of frost on any enemies unlucky enough to get caught in the blast.
Use it take the tactical advantage and prevent them from quickly maneuvering or reacting for just long enough to get the jump on any unsuspecting enemy. They can still fight back though, so make sure to quickly engage them before they break free from the slowing effect.
Battle Royale Changes We’ve added a variety of fixes, changes, and additions to Battle Royale for this update. You can find some new weapons available, like the Annihilator, S36, and GKS, but on a broader level we just wanted to step back from all of the smaller notes and talk about the mode as a whole.
First off, as some players have noticed the Aerial Platform is now gone and it will be returning as a part of this update. However, it is improved and now a little bit hard to pin down as it will be showing up in different parts of the map. It may not be there every match either.
While it isn’t clear from the patch notes, we plan to incorporate Battle Royale into the gold themed events coming in May and while that isn’t any major new update there is plenty going behind the scenes. Make sure to check the map for teasers related to that and here is a glimpse at what is coming this season to Battle Royale.

Patch Notes

What’s New!
Season 6 is here! Once Upon a Time in Rust. Where legends are made.
New Battle Pass available May 1st!
New Premium Battle Pass Rewards
  • Saddle up with Ghost – Cowboy and Seraph – Desperada
  • New Heat Stroke weapons, featuring the all new Outlaw sniper rifle!
New Free Battle Pass Rewards
  • Unlock the base Outlaw sniper rifle in the free Battle Pass
  • New Operator Skill: Annihilator. Launch high penetrating tracking bullets
Battle Pass Update
  • Battle Pass tasks have been removed. Players now level their Battle Pass by playing games. Participating in Multiplayer, Battle Royale, Limited time modes all grant Battle Pass XP. Your Battle Pass XP summaries can be found at end of match reports.
New Event System
  • A brand-new event UI is live to streamline events into four categories: Featured, Seasonal, Daily and More
  • Events have been optimized to offer a variety of challenge levels and more appealing rewards
  • Check in all month long for the opportunity to earn some amazing rewards!
New to Multiplayer
New Limited Time Game Modes!
Capture the Flag: Gold Edition. A 2-round mode where players protect their gold while attempting to steal their opponent’s gold
  • Available on Rust, Crossfire, Crash, Raid, Hijacked and Standoff
1v1 Duel: 3 rounds, 1v1, may the best one win. Loser picks weapon on next round. Best of 3 wins.
  • Available on Saloon and Killhouse
Kill Confirmed: Players collect downed enemy dogtags for points, or downed teammates tags to deny points. First team to 40 confirmed kills wins
  • Available on Standoff, Crash, Raid, Summit, Cage, Takeoff, Meltdown
  • During a limited time special event, play Kill Confirmed to earn new rewards
New Maps
Rust, an iconic MW map, is now available!
  • Available for TDM, Domination, Hardpoint, Gun Game, Sniper Only, Free For All, Sticks and Stones, One Shot One Kill, Rapid Fire, Gun Game: Team Fight, 2v2 Showdown, Capture the Flag, and Kill Confirmed
Saloon debuts as the second original MP map for Call of Duty: Mobile!
  • Available for 2v2 Showdown and 1v1 Duel
Prop Hunt will now be available on Firing Range
New Tactical equipment: Cryo Bomb. A freezing explosion affects all enemies near the blast radius
New to Battle Royale
Helicopter Flare added
  • Deploy a defensive flare against incoming FHJ rockets
New Battle Royale Class: Poltergeist coming soon!
  • Become nearly invisible for a short duration while also alerting nearby enemies. The farther you are from enemies, the more hidden you appear. Using weapons will break this effect.
Improvements and Optimizations
  • Improved H.I.V.E. Enemy traps will be shown in red
  • Reduced the aiming benefit % of Agile perk
  • Reduced the ammo size of Death Machine
  • Reduced the fuel capacity of Purifier
  • Reduced the cooldown of Gravity Spike
  • Reduced the combat duration of VTOL
  • Reduced the combat duration of Stealth Chopper
  • Shock RC can only shock 2 enemies max
  • Increased ICR-1 aim down sight speed and accuracy
  • Reduced HBRa3, M4LMG, RPD aim down sight speed
  • Increased M4LMG, RPD, BK57 accuracy
  • Increased UL736, S36 stability
  • Increased HVK-30 damage and reload speed
  • Reduced Man-O-War accuracy
  • Increased MSMC accuracy and stability
Battle Royale
  • Aerial platform location is no longer fixed and is not always present
  • Aerial platform can be reached by strategic ziplines
  • Optimized layouts of Crash, Killhouse, Diner, Standoff, Pipeline, Firing Range, and Nuclear Plant
  • Launch location optimized. Players can traverse by sliding
  • Reduced HP and damage of Cerberus, increased reward
  • Increased late game damage outside of the safe zone
  • Frag Grenades and Cluster Grenades now bypass armor protection
  • Significantly increased armor durability
  • Significantly increased charging speed of Airborne
  • Increased health recovery when using Medi
  • Increased range and speed of Ninja
  • Decreased duration and slowing effect of EMP Drone
  • Decreased detection range of Scout
Enhanced Warfare pace of early game
  • S36 and GKS have been added to Battle Royale
  • Annihilator revolver added to Battle Royale
  • New legendary attachments added: Heavy Mag, Shotgun Suppressor, Laser Sight
  • Increased War Machine damage to armored players
  • Increased lethal equipment damage to armored players
  • Increased M16A damage at all ranges
  • Increased close range damage of PDW-57, RUS-79U, Chicom, and MSMC
  • Increased MSMC stability
  • Fixed a ping issue when using vehicles
  • Fixed issue where health items could be used at full health
  • Fixed an issue with parachutes catching on buildings
System and Client
  • Added “Going Prone” toggle option in Basic Settings
  • Added basic setting slowing single-shot shotguns to shoot after right fire button loss
  • Added sharing option for Rank Skill and History
  • Added option to voice chat with only friends in pre-match
  • Lobby “Featured” button contains all new game modes
  • Optimized team invite option. Players can block invitations for 5 minutes
  • Level 1 Clans will be disbanded after 14 days of inactivity
  • Players can join private rooms by room ID
Here is the full look at most events currently running or coming soon in COD Mobile**:**
  • 4/29 ~ New Map - Rust
  • 4/29 - 5/7 ~ Rust Map Challenge
  • 4/29 - 5/5 ~ One Shot One Kill Mode
  • 4/29 - 5/14 ~ 2v2 Showdown Mode returns on new maps
  • 4/30 ~ Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 begins
  • 5/1 ~ Capture the Flag: Gold Edition Mode
  • 5/1 ~ Once Upon a Time in Rust Battle Pass
  • 5/1 ~ More new content inbound
*All Dates UTC
Well, that may be just enough for one update right? Too bad we have more coming soon at the start of the season. However, expect that to be a shorter post focused primarily around the Battle Pass and some events beginning at the start of May. For now, here is a glimpse of what is to come.
From all of us here at Activision and Timi, thank you for the support, thank you for sharing in the excitement of this new release with us, and thank you for making Call of Duty: Mobile one of the strongest mobile titles of 2019 and 2020. More to come.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember to Play Apart Together. Until next time!
-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team
submitted by COD_Mobile_Official to CallOfDutyMobile


Former Gallywix Manager and my experience with the flawed appeal system.

So time for a little backstory regarding how all this came up. I'm a former manager of the Gallywix Boosting Community. You know us, the people who spammed your trade chat (Along with the 100 of other boosting communities ofc) and also, recently, the community that blizzard decided to shut down due to RMT at upper management. Now before you all get your pitchforks out and such people should hear me out at least. I've been caught up within this whole mess of stuff but during this process it appears friends of mine, who literally have never even boosted in Gallywix (2 of them only playing classic) but have been banned by association due to their account been on my PC at least once in its lifetime.
Now let's go into these bans shall we?
First of all my close friend, who actively visits my house often, we always do a LAN for big events so usually new expansion launches, launch of classic and most recently the AQ Scarab Lord farm event. He's the one who's most connected to me and has used my PC countless times over the past year to log onto his account etc.
Friend 2, I logged into his account for about 2 hours back in September last year, during Classic launch. He wanted me to do some stuff for him while he had to step out for a bit. Again, account sharing blah blah, it's all been admitted in these tickets we've sent and lets be real, account sharing in Classic is massive and I am convinced at least 50% of people do it and you know blizzard doesn't do jack shit about that Classic stuff. He's fully prepared to accept the suspension for the account sharing.
Friend 3, he loaned me his account for Beta, raid testing etc as he wasn't even playing WoW at the time in any capacity and for some reason it seems all guilds have a few people who did not get Beta an example being FSY who literally have 7 people who still do not have Beta, they being world rank 4. :)
Oh and bonus thing, we have an account with a level 20 horde on for warchiefs blessing, I've used that to cap myself and ofc that was also banned.
So thats how these 3 people are associated to me, obviously they've banned any account thats touched this PC without looking into anything.
Now we go to the battle of the appeal system and support. You can believe what you want about me, I wasn't connected to the EU side of Gallywix which is where all the leaks have focused on. However, my friends who are only associated by HWID were all caught in the crossfire and lets delve into their weird handling of the situation.
First of all, none of us received an email notifying us of a Ban. The only email we received was one informing us that our subscriptions were cancelled. Every other person caught within this banwave received an email informing them of the action, the 4 of us did not.
So we all appealed the action all of us receiving the same copy and past answer
"As a result we've confirmed our initial findings and the action will not be reversed or changed."
What this told us is that Blizzard seriously did not give 2 fucks and did not look into anything at all. Especially when within the response to the ticket it stated that
"all information regarding your ban would be in the email."
This told us it was just copy pasted, automated, don't give a fuck bullshit as we did not receive an initial email outlining the ban. We all responded demanding an email, after a day they sent all of us an identical email at 1:19 AM. This was a start but it still was shining a light on how pathetic the appeal system is. As it was blatant they had not looked into my friends accounts at all. We told them this and re appealed (Oh and by the way if they ever tell you they only check one appeal, its utter bullshit, I swear they do that to just deter the less persistent people from re appealing, trying to get you to give up) Now over the next 48 hours, more tickets were sent, some with a less than polite tone. Then, 1 by 1, my friends all started getting their penalties overturned from perma ban to a 3-7 day suspension. Great I thought, I wont have the guilt weighing on my mind of people who had no connection to Gallywix being caught all up in this shitfest.
Then the day came, friend 2 received a 3 day suspension which was up 2 days ago. Still banned. Whats weird is the fact that on the website account management page it states his account is unbanned and playable. On the client it still states that his is banned. Friend 1 and 3 still have the "This account has been banned" on their client but have "Suspended till X" on the account management, obviously stuck in the same shit as Friend 2. What I want to know is how they fuck this up? How much of a dumpster fire is the support system where something like this can happen. Friend 2 opened a live chat today regarding the matter, at first receiving copy and paste responses about the issue until the representative logged into his account and realized something was wrong. Conversation here - https://imgur.com/a/JjnoGpr
So now a "Specialist team" is going to look into this... Like What I don't understand is how Blizzard can confuse any of these people with me. If they took the time to check they would see 99.99999% of the time these accounts are logged in on a different HWID to my own, different IP, different everything. Yes they account shared, thats what they thought the suspension was for and they are willing to accept any punishment for that. Account sharing to get world buffs for a raid or to use Beta is not perma ban worthy in any capacity. This sheds a light on how fucked the support and appeal system is, there are obviously different levels to the support team but the way this was handled is just atrocious. They have fucked up somewhere big time It's almost as if there is a higher power Ban on this that a normal GM can't overturn. I just want this all sorted out, my friends to be unbanned correctly and for Blizzard to actually look into shit properly. They need to overhaul their system, it's being abused and it isn't doing what it's meant to do, which fucking sucks.
I'll still be fighting for my account at the end of all this, and again believe what you want, I will always say I am innocent in all this especially as this is an EU thing and I was NA Side. This isn't a ban petition for me, this is just a callout of blizzards dogshit appeal system where people can be caught up and ignored. There are tons of false bans going around right now and not all of them get overturned and it's just such a failure in their system.
Oh and another thing, there are people out there doing RMT daily and are still unbanned. Large levels of it, but lets all just pretend that it was just EU Gallywix shall we :)
Edit: formatting.
submitted by shinorii to wow