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There's a warrock subreddit? Time to tell my story

UPDATE: So, how I thought my account was banned for opening Cheat Engine whilst WarRock was running, may actually not be true! I may have triggered a false detection by using GeDoSaTo, I checked the dates and just near 2 weeks after I tested GeDoSaTo and posted on the forums about the graphical improvements of downsampling the game, I was banned. Thus I may not have actually been banned for Cheat Engine and the log I read may have been a different log to the one which got me banned! In that case it would involve too much assumption on my part and I probably made this process take a lot longer than it should have!
HAPPY DAYS Since this should mean I get unbanned for sure, if it was GeDoSaTo it's 100% a false positive! Things are quite possibly looking up!
Hey guys, so without mentioning any names or anything... Firstly:
It's relating to my story of being banned and the journey of attempting to get unbanned.
Right so initially I had my account playing away and with a friend, playing for maybe 3 days after a year or two break from warrock and we're playing AI so we somehow decide to hack in zombies because we figured it'd be good exp for whatever reason and that we wouldn't get banned (this was like 3 years ago though, so chill) but of course I got banned and I cried and bawled about it, sent letters to nexon and etc as if they would be like "yeah okay, I'll unban this guy because he's trying to get unbanned".
So first account banned, being a total moron honestly and generally a bit of a shit. I don't even know why I made such a fuss over it getting banned and I submitted tons of tickets and etc, all for naught and I knew I definitely did hack, since me and my friend were using some super explosion thing in zombies (which didn't even work, it just crashed the game lmao!)
So that account, gone, me being totally stupid and thinking they'd ignore the hack injection and etc and just unban it.
Anyway I made a new account, and I got really back into warrock, was playing legit, my friend stopped playing and I joined a clan and etc, playing frequently and I even made quite a few purchases because I was really into the game, one day it turns out though I got banned and I'm sitting there thinking "wat? but I didn't do anything?" so of course I sent a ticket and they said I was banned for hacking? much to my dismay they had banned me for hacking when I had not done anything, so this time instead of completely losing my head about it and crying, sending letters and whatnot I attempted to figure out why, and after much discussion with a few players on the forum and messages I had sent to Benwarrock (ben89?) I had managed to get some software to read the hackshield log, I read through and I see "CheatEngine.exe"
Obviously at this point I'm sitting there thinking "shit, what a moronic thing to do..." so I investigate it further and see that CheatEngine can't even be used with warrock, if you launch cheatengine with warrock, warrock is forcibly closed and will not launch whilst cheatengine is running... So right, you can't use CheatEngine to hack, but I was banned for hacking using CheatEngine? :S bizarre...?
Then of course I begin setting up a test, I create a new account and do the same thing, I log in, don't even bother entering a room and I open cheat engine, warrock closes and I wait a week. Sure enough, one week later that account was banned!, I of course read the hackshield log and confirmed the log said the same thing.
side note: I actually only opened cheat engine because I was playing Dark Souls II with a friend and we wanted to do a little cheating to help further our progress in DS2 and I completely forgot warrock was even open, it was minimized
The whole thing went on for a good 2-3 months or so maybe? and I eventually gave up, created a new account and just played that for a little while, quit for a year or so again and came back, and decided to try get the second account unbanned again.
I feel hopeful about actually getting it unbanned now, even though I've been playing my new account quite a lot and made purchases on it too, I still want my other account back, it had some timed-exclusive purchases, and my new account doesn't have 8th slot too.
So far the exchage has been pleasant and the support rep is a pretty nice guy, it's taking a while and in 7 more days it will be a 3 month long ticket, but the exchange of information is a long process and explaining things on my end, the application usage and etc is all very long winded and I could probably have helped it by explaining properly sooner.
Also the reason I'm actually trying to get the account unbanned recently is because I accidentally opened cheat engine again (this time with Dark Souls III, can you believe it ._. ...) WarRock closed, and it's been a while and I've not been banned? So I'm hoping that in the new knowledge they have with the systems, perhaps I can get myself unbanned.
I got banned on 1 account for hacking, took it badly but I did actually hack.
got banned on second account for hacking, took it not as badly, didn't actually hack.
did the same thing as second account on third account, didn't get banned, opened more tickets about second account.
I actually am pretty hopeful about it all, I even purchased some new items whilst they are on sale on the banned account, I actually have faith in the support team!
PS: if you didn't expect such a gigantic post, then I've no idea what you could have expected after seeing the word 'story' in a title :D
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Lost account during migration, can I get it back ?

Hello, I used to play WarRock back when K2 Network owned it, eventually switched to Gamersfirst and played for a couple of years over there until I finally quit. Back then I heard rumors that Nexon was gonna take over the game and decided to migrate my old account just in case. Recently decided to come back for a few games with old friends and realized the publisher has yet again changed. I tried logging into their website with my old account but it says the email doesnt even exist. Apparently I can no longer migrate the account which sucks incredibly hard. I had many retails on my old account and high level. Is there away I could possibly recover the account ?
submitted by haHAA__ to WarRock