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Resources include gems, gold, and elixir. The Clash Royale Mod APK task players to build their own town, train the troops using resources, that gained from attacking any of another user to earn gold, unlimited gems, infinity elixir and much more. Different from the real game and Private servers, Mod Apk games are for only unlimited gems, coins, and elixir. Coc Clash Of Clans Clash Of Clans Cheat Clash Of Clans Game Clash Of Clans Android Auto Like Instagram Clas Of Clan Free Gems.


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This is a game that started its own genre and it did that very successfully. Barbarians with beautiful mustaches, wizards with fireballs and more await you! Crossfire hacks 2020 soca. Mar 9, 2020 - Clash of Clans Hack Add Unlimited Coins, Gems, Elixir for android and iOS.

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[Let's build] 100 sorcerer dynasties/families

Sorcerers are born from families that are touched by some higher power or powerful magical creature, so it's not far fetched for these families to know about this arcane bloodline and they can react in different ways. How are the sorcerers seen by the family? Are they a blessing? Are they a curse?


  1. Min-Aljyn family: this family was originated centuries ago, when the powerful sorcerer of Efreet descent Izwuil Min-Aljyn married his apprentice Sharja Arad. When they had their first son they discovered that he also was a sorcerer, but he had Doa blood instead of Efreet blood like his father. This way it was discovered that Sharja had arcane blood like her husband, but of a different descent and with their next child it was clear that by mixing the two bloodlines the powers hadn't diminished as the second born was also a sorcerer of Efreet descent. The family now is one of the most revered sorcerers families due to their double influence and above average presence of arcane children. The family is split in two branches: the Har branch that is made of sorcerers with Efreet blood and the Arad branch that is made of sorcerers with Doa blood. The members of the family that are not blessed with arcane powers are subordinates to the sorcerers and aren't allowed to have kids outside of marriages arranged by the head of the family, which is the oldest sorcerer. Children with arcane powers born in the family are not taken care of by their mothers, but by their respective branch of the family.
  2. House S’vran also known as the Blackfires: house S’vran is a Noble House of Railed Dragonborn and Noble Draconic Sorcerers. The powers of their blood grant them flames as black as night. Due to the power it gives them they are well known Tyrants and bigots. (thanks to u/Argent_eagle)
  3. The Faithshield family: a family in which religion is a big thing. The family is famous for their zealots and paladins that smite the evils of the land. The secret is that their strenght en fighting prowess comes from a pact made with a devil. One in three children becomes a sorcerer tiefling that is thrown out of the family. (thanks to u/soundofhope7)
  4. Sylverbaugh: A coastal dwelling family of Druids normally pragmatic shipwrights. They spend their days building boats and ships and keeping the forest of huge trees healthy and generally unoccupied by loggers. The fae who use the forest and sometimes dwell there have seen fit to grace one member of each generation with additional magical gifts. A sign that their efforts are appreciated the sorcerers revered and raised communally. At an appropriate age the gifted receive a calling to enter the forest. While they are never able to exactly recall what happened they receive a gift from the fae and are asked to wonder the world and have great adventures and return to share their stories. As part of this agreement the caster is never able to wear anything Iron, suffers from wild magic that sometimes activates to make things more interesting. (thanks to u/Cthulhu669)
  5. Children of Osai: Members of the Osai family can trace their lineage back to one of four minor demigods of the elements: Amaya (water), Godfried (earth), Ander (air), or Navani (fire). The bloodline is scattered over the multiverse and range from peasants to kings. Not all descendants manifest any magic prowess or are aware of their ancient ancestry. However, every once and a while, a great natural cataclysm like a volcano, typhoon, earthquake, or blizzard will herald the birth of a Child of Osai: wild mages filled with elemental magic and chaotic energy. These Children often feel restless in civilized routine find themselves drawn to the untamed parts of the world where magic still flows unfettered. Nobel Children of Osai May receive training as wizards to hone their power, while peasants often pledge their blessed child to a temple. Others find kinship in Druid circles or amongst motley bands of equally chaotic and odd folks. (thanks to u/sally_puppetdawg)
  6. The House of Enganador: the House of Engandor is a family that headquarters itself in a medium-sized village near several mines, which provide them their magical powers. This house is known around the local areas as a family of heroes, going around and saving people from the natural and supernatural alike, from small bandit attacks, to grandiose raids. However, unknownst to the people, The House of Engandor is the ones causing the problems, through their large fortune and web of connections. Using their reputation gained through this, they can easily get people to do near anything. The young ones are brought up to never confide this secret with anyone, and there is not a single person who knows this outside of the family. (thanks to u/InsaneGamer369)
  7. House Cresseletto: An old noble family of draconic sorcerers. The founder, Reyon, was born beneath the wing of a recently killed bronze dragon. He used his abilities to earn a fabulous sum of money and eventually bought his way into the country's nobility, earning a lot of enemies along the way. His descendants have continued to engage in predatory and questionably legal business practices, leveraging their noble rank and the implied threat of their lighting abilities in equal amounts. Unfortunately, both the house's funds and magical capacity have secretly been in decline, until they now find themselves on the brink of bankruptcy with an heir that has yet to demonstrate any sorcerous ability, forcing the current head to decide whether to stand behind his powerless son or hand the house over to his estranged but magical niece. The Cressalettos tend to develop highly reflective bronze scales, particularly around the face and eyes, and prefer to dress in a fashion that emphasizes this trait. (thanks to u/Floormaster92)
  8. The descendants of the Saint Bastard: the origin of this family is the affair between a demigod of faithfulness and chaste love, and a servant priestess of his temple, who was not, to everyone's great shame, his wife. When the child was born, the demigod was punished by his divine parent, and erased from existence, and the mother was stripped of her clerical gifts. The child, however, was overlooked, and it had inherited some of its father's power, and raised by its mother, grew up to pass it on. The church of the demigods father has long worked to keep this disgrace a secret, and has made sure that the bloodline is absorbed into the church, that the Bastard Saint's power is used to further their aims. The family has long served as a clandestine group under the church , tasked with handling issues within the organisation that are not so distasteful as to require expulsion or immediate smiting, but are still too embarrassing to be allowed to continue. Such issues include affairs of priests, minor bribery, or investigating blackmailing scandals. To the churches embarrassment, the descendants of The Bastard Saint do have the bad habit of producing a lot of, well, bastards, and for some reason, these byblows have proven to be more than twice as likely to inherit the family's sorcerous gifts than legitimate children. (thanks to u/HillInTheDistance)
  9. Halldor Clan: this family of gnomes has a special knack for shaping metal and stone. The source of their gifts is a set of crafting tools blessed by their god that the clan has been charged with guarding. While generally friendly, they are extremely guarded concerning the source of their sorcerous lineage and secretive about their religion, which they view as a private clan matter. They have great respect for stone and ores, which they view as having their own spirits and purposes. (thanks to u/iotesshield)
  10. The Calfurae: this tiefling family has strong infernal abilities and a penchant for marrying into and annexing other sorcerous bloodlines. The origin of their infernal bond is a pact struck to balance their original necrotic powers, which necessitates draining the life force of creatures and often drive the individual mad or make them a shell of their former selves driven by hunger. Occasional renegades have a mutation where the powers seemingly gain sentience and pursue their own goals. The designated heir of the family is one who manifests the infernal variant rather than the pseudo-vampiric, and the goal of marrying other sorcerous lines is to refine and dilute out the madness. (thanks to u/iotesshield)
  11. Meridyddean Storm Sorcerers: in the very early life of the world, the goddess of the sea and the god of the sun fought, leaving in their wake a new thing, deadly storms that wreaked havoc on unsuspecting humanoids below. In the aftermath of the destruction, the two gods realized the unintentional side effect of their spat, and raised those who had perished in the first storms. In restitution, the gods granted them an innate connection to the forces of nature and magic relating to these new storms. Descendants of these sorcerers who inherit the knack still often serve in temples of weather and storm deities. (thanks to u/iotesshield)
  12. Gwo Yai Feing- An aristocratic family of Yuan-Ti Purebloods. So great was their power given by the Great Serpent they were hunted down to extinction. Their only surviving heirs underwent Reincarnation rituals to hide their true bloodline. (thanks to u/HWGA_Gallifrey)
  13. The Sangrefang line: a huge family containing humans, elves, dragonborn, and some others. The red dragon Sangrefang is prone to dalliances with mortals. You must be warned however, every 100 years or so he hunts down his descendants to cull the weak from his bloodline. (thanks to u/FirstChAoS)
  14. The Dulcimers: descended from a wizard who communed with a great old one which lead to a depraved ritual that led to the wizards madness and several offspring. The family is deeply ashamed of their origins. (thanks to u/FirstChAoS)
  15. The Benedictines: a family of aasinar whose celestial ties are very strong. They tend to all be either celestial blooded sorcerers or celestial patron warlocks. (thanks to u/FirstChAoS)
  16. The Smythe family: once long ago a lich did an experiment to fuse the aspects of life and undeath into one being. His test subjects t escaped and had a family who still carry a touch of the grave within them. (thanks to u/FirstChAoS)
  17. Greyton's: the patriarch of this family sold his soul to the devil long ago. He has yet to die, as he merely gives the devil another soul every year in place of his own to prolong his life. His many children and grandchildren are all teiflings and all have a vested interest in keeping their grandfather alive...but perhaps you could persuade one of his offspring that they're more suited at ruling. (thanks to u/Wolvenfire86)
  18. The Colvulvidæ Inquisitors: a family descended from ancient Saints. Their halos and radiant fire emanating from their finger tips is usually a dead giveaway. Their tears act like Holy Water. Any town or village under their influence always prospers. (thanks to u/HWGA_Gallifrey)
  19. The DeMavian Brighteyes: the DeMavian clan's ancestral grounds were soured by the presence of some dread evil festering beneath it. This evil would worm its way into their dreams before finding purchase in their waking thoughts, and went to pains to kill or drive irrevocably insane as many DeMavians as possible. Much of the clan escaped in an aimless diaspora, and their priests eventually managed to summon a Solar to smite the evil. Unfortunately, the Solar was bested, and the DeMavians could not find any other allies among the heavens. Instead, their priests butchered the angel's corpse and ordered them to partake of it, gaining gleaming eyes and fragments of divine power. DeMavians to this day are infrequently born with some shard of the Solar's power; they are raised to take the fight back to their old grounds. (thanks to u/archDeaconstructor)
  20. Insidera family: the Insidera were originally a family of dream-magi, who would project themselves into the Astral Plane for the purposes of attaining ever greater heights of control in body, mind, and soul. Generations of astral projection in one place, always under the peace of the starry night sky, deepened and changed their relationship with the Astral. The Insidera eventually always found themselves welcomed by a fractal domain that grew there, and they could visit it while asleep. Some elected to live permanently within it after a while, and in withdrawing from the mortal world completely transitioned into something neither living nor spirit, but capable of interacting with and empowering their still-mortal descendants. Those Insidera born under the twinkle of starry night now receive guidance and power from their immaterial ancestors, and are seen as leaders among the family. (thanks to u/archDeaconstructor)
  21. The Under-Boys/Girls: a collection of runaways, outcasts and otherwise shady orphan sorcerers, all managed by the great Wizard of the Slums who takes care of them. This "family" lives in the underbelly of Neverwinter. They steal food, small amounts of coin, and sell what they sold to local pawn shops. They mean no harm and would rather be left alone, though they are fiercely loyal to each other and will defend each other without hesitation. They make it a point to get very violent very quickly if they see a child physically harmed. Regardless of these principals, they are not to be trusted as they would rather be robbed then willing give up money, or will quickly steal one of your magic treasures if they think they can get away with it. (thanks to u/Wolvenfire86)
  22. Greenspittles: comprised of a loose network of families nesting near a particular dormant volcano, the Greenspittles all draw power from the ritual ingestion of a concoction within the first month of life. The primary ingredient of this elixir is a strange 'herb' with traits reminiscent of psychotropic fungi and animal muscle tissue, which only grows in the volcano's rich soil, heated by magma pockets close to the surface. If the concoction is ingested by anyone older than one month, it has no effect. For those who drank deep of it when younger than one month, it permanently renders most of their bodily fluids a deep green; it also causes them to develop deep unconscious trust and a sense of family with other Greenspittles, and may confer strange arcane powers. (thanks to u/archDeaconstructor)
  23. Abseilings: caravans that dare the mountain passes in a particular section of the country might find themselves caught in an unnatural storm. Few have seen the eldritch entity responsible in its true form, but it demands to conceive children in exchange for the caravan's safe passage. This creates a generation of children with the cold, merciless wilds in their veins. Born with unnaturally low body temperature and luminous eyes, they are almost always regarded as cursed by their birth families, and are often cast out to be swallowed by the wilderness. Those not kept by their families are taken in by the storm-being and raised in its sorcerous marauding clan, but even those whose birth families elect to keep develop their powers over time. The power in their blood invariably diminishes within a couple of generations, hence the entity's desire to propagate with mortals every so often. (thanks to u/archDeaconstructor)
  24. Kara'ke Lineage: A long line of Sorcerers, starting from an old adventurer who freed a dragon from hunters, and in exchange was given magical strength. The Kara'ke Lineage are seen as nobles, owning a large waterfront compound, where inside they watch the world with open eyes, waiting for their call to battle. (thanks to u/GeneralShark97)
  25. The Zunderstrum Clan: dwarves who inexplicably and spontaneously develop storm-related magic can often trace their ancestry back over millennia to a small clan of shield dwarves called the Zunderstrum clan. These dwarves used to live in a vast complex of caves inside a mountain alongside other clans, but what set them apart was that they were the only ones stubborn enough to stay there when the „living Storm“ moved in, a Storm Giant Quintessent that wasn’t necessarily evil or territorial, but didn’t care much for other living beings inside of what they claimed as their new home. Living in close proximity of this sentient weather phenomenon for generations seems to have imprinted some of its magic onto the blood of its descendants, who often share the same traits - early whitening of all body hair, a stubborn attitude (even for a dwarf!) and an inexplicable animosity towards the color purple. (thanks to u/SonTyp_OhneNamen)
  26. The Khadililanivi: a lineage that started with a married couple of Vistani - Khadi and Lilani - who betrayed Strahd von Zarovich and fled from the Shadowfell, but never really escaped its grasp. While the initial curses that befell their offspring, ranging from eldritch disfigurements, illness and bad luck coming over anyone nearby to just plain old early inescapable deaths seem to fade more into nothingness the further from its origins the generation is on the family tree, leaving a dull, but prominent spark of its magic on some of the luckier members, a shadow seems to loom above the fate of everyone whose ancestry includes Khadi and Lilani. (thanks to u/SonTyp_OhneNamen)
  27. The Nahumgardeners: a rather open lineage members of which seem to have only three things in common, wild magic, bulging eyes and an ancestor that lived for an extended period of time near a little hamlet called Nahumgarden, which was founded by farmers after a meteor shower that, according to their claims „showed them the way to paradise“. The fields around the hamlet’s main square, adorned by a well without a visible bottom, were rich and fertile and the main reason why people would put up with the founding families‘ quirks and the weird stories former residents would tell about them. The hamlet is no more, the well dried up, the fields grew barren, and aberrant monsters roam the ruins. Don’t worry about idle-mindedly getting too close though - a sickening glow in colors unlike any seen on the prime material has seeped deeply into every living thing there, and even some of the inhabitants’ descendants who never visited it themselves have spots on their skin that eerily glow in the dark. (thanks to u/SonTyp_OhneNamen)
  28. The Ispecto Family - a family of divin(ation/e) soul sorcerer Halflings convinced of a predetermined fate they call the All-Story, a sort of loose prophecy many members spend vast amounts of time and resources on divining, interpreting and proving to be true to get more support in their quest - to eventually be able to understand the workings of the planes, the weave, divinity and the secrets of fate itself. The more gifted members of the family are apparently able to use their precognitive abilities in everyday situations or even in combat, not that many of them would willingly engage in violence. (thanks to u/SonTyp_OhneNamen)
  29. House Karrak: Simillion Karrak, renowned treasure hunter, stumbled upon the lair of a Bronze Dragon while searching for ruins in the desert. The Bronze Dragon, having been without human contact for centuries, was enthusiastic, especially so when he learned that Simillion was a treasure hunter. And so, Simillion and the Dragon made a deal. The Dragon blessed Simillion’s bloodline, giving him immense magical powers in exchange for one member of his family working as a treasure hunter for the Dragon. In modern times, the eldest son of the Karrak family serves as the treasure hunter for the Dragon. The second eldest serves as the patriarch of the family. Only the eldest sons are required to be trained in their powers, to serve the Dragon if need be, but training is open to any member of the family. (thanks to u/CallMeDelta)
  30. House Dangrier: Wissock Dangrier was a simple tradesmen with a small family. He was a bit of an eccentric character, with a strong belief in the concept of fate and superstition, the most notable of these being tetraphobia (fear of the number 4) . One day, as payment from a struggling wizard, he found himself in the possession of a Deck of Many Things. Even though Wissock was warned by the wizard of what the deck could do, he decided to pull 3 cards, and as fate would have it, his first card was the Wish card. For his wish, Wissock asked for him and his bloodline to be magically blessed as powerful Sorcerers. He drew another card, this time the Vizier. With his newfound powers, the keep was easy to clear of monsters. For his third and final card, Wissock drew the gem card, granting him immense wealth. After his three cards, Wissock locked the deck away, fearing his fourth card. He would be the patriarch of the Dangrier family, and it would become immensely wealthy due to his screwed management. Yet, his mind could never forget the deck he locked away, until one night, his curiosity overtook his fear of the number 4. His fourth card would be his last, as he drew the Donjon card, and both him and the deck were sealed away somewhere, never to be seen again. The Dangrier family persisted in his absence, and they would become known as great teachers of the arcane. It would be the dream of every son of the Dangrier to find their lost patriarch. (thanks to u/CallMeDelta)
  31. Tsukuyomi Legacy. In the Age of the Light, the Mighty Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun, governed Tsuchi, our material plane, from the Takamagara, high in the Heavens, guaranteeing beauty and harmony, ruling all Kami with tenacity and making sure no god could use its own power to enslave the mortals or other free creatures in both Ame and Tsuchi. All Amatsukami respected their leader, all but her own brother. Thirteen Miko of the Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto temple were summoned before their Master, God of the Moon, and brother of Amaterasu. Perfidously He impregnated each one of His priestess in an unholy and scurrilous ritual, where they gave birth to his newborn children, killing their mothers in the process, and to each one of them the Mighty Tsukuyomi gave a name and one Portion of His Nature: Futsukazuki, Mikazuki, Jusanyazuki, Komochizuki, Mangetsu, Izayoizuki, Tachimachizuki, Imachizuki, Nemachizuki, Fukemachizuki, Kagen-no-tsuki and two twins: Shingetsu and Mosikazuki. He and His Children eclipsed the power of His sister Amaterasu, treacherously imprisoning Her. His Children became the Lords of the Moon, ruling Phases before Their Master and Father, Tsukuyomi, now Lord of the Ame and Tsuchi, enslaving all creatures and subjugating everyone to His new Holy and Dark Empire, now sitting in the Golden Throne in the Takamagara. And thus the Age of the Dark started. But all hope was not forsaken. A last alliance of Kami, elves and men fought for the destruction of the Moon God tyranny. A great war between Light and Darkness began, and the War of the Shadows broke families in two: those who supported Amaterasu and those who supported Tsukuyomi. Years had passed in a cruel and bloody total war, until both Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi signed an armistice, where She would rule the Day, and Tsukuyomi would rule the Night. Ages had passed since the Sons of the Moon ruled over men and women of all races in Tsuchi, so many ages that those memories were forsaken and doomed into oblivion. But the blood of the Sons of the Moon had passed from generation after generation, and their bloodlines had been detected in courts and noble families, orphans and wanderers, by the most avid and cunning occultists. This Family is one of the oldest bloodlines in mankind, and anyone who has the luck of having the blood of Tsukuyomi in their veins, has great prowess in one of the Moon Phases, depending on which one of the different Thirteen family branches they was born. (thanks to u/CyumusAduni)
  32. Juirtesct Clan: A clan of blue dragonborn that have roots traced back to the dragonborn that sold their young to cityfolk for ritual sacrifices. They believe now as they did back in antiquity that the fewer dragonborn that remain in the clan, the greater concentration of spiritual, arcane power resides in them. For generations they have tried to strike the delicate balance of maintaining a population that is self-sustaining while keeping it small enough to concentrate their powers. Slaughter of children and consanguineous mating has left them a cruel and frail clan. They suffer from body wasting even as they dine on feasts fit for kings. The only joy many of them find anymore is the joy of obtaining rank in the clan through ceremonial displays of brute arcane force. (thanks to u/HeyShipmate)
  33. The Absolved: A clan founded long ago by a pious tiefling named Reverence. Reverence had sworn fealty to a unicorn that made their home in a nearby enchanted forest, and as a consequence his bloodline was blessed. Tieflings from this clan exhibit an unusual fusion of celestial and infernal characteristics-- golden cloven hooves, feathered wings, alabaster tails, horns not unlike a unicorn's, and glittering silver and gold eyes are not uncommon traits in this family. Those descended from this line, generally speaking, feel freed from their infernal heritage, and are imbued with a divine spark. They are raised in a cozy forest cottage not far from a magical grove where, some claim, the unicorn can still be seen-- but only on the full moon. (thanks to u/insert_title_here)
  34. The Meissners: Mathilda Meissner the Curious was, perhaps, a bit in over her head. Her obsession with astronomy and the land beyond, her countless nights spent on grassy moors with telescopes and notebooks and other implements, had ended with her ranting and raving, claiming to have been abducted in a sky-ship reminiscent of an aquatic creature and seduced by a particularly handsome mind flayer. Everyone had always assumed that she had simply gone mad, but when she had children (who was the father? Certainly, no one stepped forward), they displayed strange and remarkable abilities that were difficult to explain away. Screams that shatter glass, insane telekinetic potential, pupils that seem to move and change shape when one looks closely enough-- and, of course, the tentacles were a bit odd, too. Mathilda has entered her twilight years, now, but she still gets a twinkle in her eye when she watches the sky, and her great-grandchildren seem to have quite the talent for magic and psionics. (thanks to u/insert_title_here)
  35. House Adorellan: It might seem strange, for an elvish family to have such an affinity for earth and metals-- after all, isn't that the domain of the dwarves? Regardless, House Adorellan is widely regarded as a house of skilled smiths and metalworkers. Their skill with mithral and ithildin is unmatched, and they're generally proficient with spellcasting and combat; Adorellan is a house of very high repute for these reasons, and it's made them fairly wealthy. It's said that one of the clan's patriarchs had an affair with a Dao, an earth genie, long ago, but these claims are surely unsubstantiated. Aren't they? Take care-- some family secrets should stay hidden, and that ornate oil lamp in the attic is not to be touched under any circumstances. (thanks to u/insert_title_here)
  36. Asunderlans: The matriarch of this family is Elena Asunderlan, a half-elf paladin who died while defending a city from a great evil, but was resurrected by her god to finish the battle. She is still alive to this day, 560 years later, though she has grown feeble. Elena is considered somewhat of a saint and once drew crowds of pilgrims to hear her advice, but now her family has hidden her away to give her peace in old age. Because of their matriarch’s blessing, Elena’s daughters and granddaughters are Divine Soul sorceresses, many of which have taken up high ranks in the temples. The family’s divine connection has led to a split reputation: some respect them as religious leaders ordained by their god while others see them as unnatural heretics underserving of the powers they possess. (thanks to u/sally_puppetdawg)
  37. your own sorcererous dynasty here!
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Basic and detailed cost breakdown information about the event coming up in the next few days

Lately many people are asking many questions about the event - almost like they want to know how to prepare, or some crazy such idea?:-) So this may help. Previously I posted a list of references to read about past events, but this is a synopsis of all the information from those sources, all in one place.
TLDR "executive summary":
a) Even the newest player can get a super-powerful new hero to R2, which saves you 3000 gems later so whether you want it or not, you should get it. Plus it will become your new MVP so you'll definitely want it:-).
b) New players should also consider whether you want to aim for R3 or not - it's not for everyone, but it saves you 800 gems later, and an event box also happens to cost 800 gems, so it's worth at least buying one of those.
c) "Everyone" should save up 10 keys in RS, and at least 2k gems (maybe more) just in case you want them. You can always spend them later if you don't need to use them during the event.
d) Established players should definitely get the R4, as it offers quite a bit more rewards over doing normal RS - this is the most efficient option for a F2P, offering a new hero for quite a bit cheaper than a usual R4.
e) R5 is much tougher to obtain, and only for veterans who have the best heroes already and want an edge in tournament play (e.g., would a new hero's R5 help you if they were like Raida or Koi? granted, Shamiko sucked, but hopefully was an aberration). Random gains mean that you'll need to spend anywhere between 6-15k gems, but most likely ~8k will do it, plus having to play 59 levels during the event, powering that map up to almost +300 difficulty by the end. And then buy several event boxes too.
f) R6 is almost completely beyond the reach of F2P, but a great way for a P2W to get ahead. You'll need to buy both money bundles, and the 10-box pack, plus play the levels, and several more boxes besides to finish you off.
g) This is almost unquestionably the single greatest use of real-world money in the entire game (although some say they prefer unlocking a world, less for efficiency and more to avoid frustration, but in any case this is still very good): offering a late-game hero at a higher rank that can power your way through campaign, RS, and tournament situations, plus to later avoid up to 6.2k gem expenditures and also the time to have to obtain the 155 tokens to reach R6, which could take 22-78(39) days at 7-2(4) RS runs/day. Though you don't *have* to buy your way all the way to R6 for it to be worthwhile - a newer play may do well to buy just 1-2 real-money packs (which you are limited to being able to purchase just 2) to reach merely R4-5.
And now the excruciating detailed explanation about every little thing:
  1. The interface *should* pop up a few (3-7) days prior to its' actual start and give a precise countdown until it can open fully and the event officially beings - but don't trust this to happen and it may not be sufficient time to prepare anyway. Make sure to buy 10 keys in RS, at their efficient cost of 2/day for 5 days, to prepare, and also try to save up maybe 2k gems (note: the 800-gem cost of those 10 keys is not factored into most of the cost estimates below, intentionally to make it easier to talk about direct gem costs during the event, but if you want total costs instead then just add this 800 back in:-).
  2. Every event lately has lasted 7 days - though the last one started 3 hours before the reset so if you hadn't used up your RS yet that day, you could squeeze in an extra "day" of play. That may not have been intentional but even so, you might look at the countdown timer when it comes and be prepared to take advantage of this just in case it happens again!:-)
  3. Generally you play the event instead of doing RS, though the necro-Connie event was special, and yet since then the Shamiko event used RS so we expect the new one to do so too. Don't worry about pausing the training of your heroes - this is well worth the delay - and the keys can always be used later, so you lose almost nothing from participating except a slight delay, in return for astonishing power from the new hero (which every hero has been so far - e.g. Caldera, Azura, Raida, Koi, necro-Connie, with the major exception of Shamiko but we'll hope for the best for the next one!:-).
  4. Instead of the normal RS rewards, for a hero token of your choice (and if you play at higher difficulty settings, some RS medals that can be exchanged for gems; more on that below), a new option opens up in RS offering a unique currency in the form of "event pieces" instead - usually miniaturized versions of the new hero - which if you play at higher difficulty settings, gives you more of them. Unlike normal RS, these are not random levels that reset after playing, and instead are always the same level, over and over again (and thus get VERY challenging! though the Koi event let you get pieces from a choice of two different levels, as well as having odd mechanics like cards bought with in-battle coins, plus a mini in-battle fishing game; and yet none of these options have been repeated since). Also unlike normal with RS medals, you exchange these event pieces in return for "event boxes", *not* in the lower-right corner of RS, but in the event interface (which again, won't open up until the event begins).
Note that **all event pieces leftover at the end are completely wasted and cannot be exchanged for anything else after the event - so you should endeavor to do just enough RS runs to exchange for a box, and then no more**. Event boxes similarly disappear when it is over, but there is a grace period of several days during which you can no longer earn additional event pieces, but you *can* wait to open up an event box, buy new boxes with gems or real-world money, or claim other rewards in the event interface (especially useful if you want time to change the R4 milestone reward offering). e.g., the last event, which lasted 7 days, had an *additional* 7 days afterwards before the event interface closed.
To clarify about the costs of doing additional RS runs during an event: instead of the "usual" discount that you get from buying an additional RS key but then receive 50 gems back for every other play in exchange for the RS medals - e.g., paying 80 gems for the first 2 keys but then the discount makes this an average of 55 gems per key - during the event if you choose to participate it will cost you the *full* amount for each additional key, since you will get no RS medals in return. So this is 80 gems for the first 2 keys, then 160 for the next 2, and finally 320 for the last key to allow a 7th RS run that day, if you so choose.
5) You (typically) get 10-15 event pieces per play, with +1 for each level of difficulty, so **up to 15 pieces if you can handle +5 every time**. **It takes 35 event pieces to open up an event box** (typically, though a year ago it took only 30 so there is a slight possibility that this could change again). Usually each box offers: 2-4 "new hero tokens" (you can keep these after the event, but you won't be able to earn them until the new hero is added to RS, which is usually not done until around the time of the next new hero event), 1-2 random hero tokens (although I thought I got much more than that last time!?) (chosen from among ALL heroes - even those you don't own yet or haven't even unlocked), a medium (~50%?) chance to get a meteor, and extremely tiny chance to get 10000 gems.
6) During & after (for a few days) the event, you can also buy event boxes for 800 gems apiece, or a special deal to buy essentially 10 of them (actually 350 event pieces) for 7500 gems. Or this is one of the best values for spending real-world money, though limited twice, to purchase a special bundle (at whatever cost in your country - typically about $8 USA) containing 175 pieces, 10 new hero tokens, and 800 gems. One example of their use is for a (new?) player to get a better hero to use *before* playing with that hero in RS to get better rewards than would be possible otherwise. Another example is to play as much as you can in RS as F2P, then buy 1-2 or however many boxes would be needed to finish off a particular rank. Note that you cannot (typically) buy event pieces other than in a multiple of the number needed to open an event box, so there is (usually) no way to buy only a few to finish off a box. Also, it is slightly less efficient to purchase a box with real money than it is to play additional times in RS, *if* you can handle +5 difficulty per play, even for the 7th play per day at a cost of 320 gems for the 5th and final key - though the cost of that final key may be only slightly less efficient than the 10-box bundle, and depends ultimately on your level of skill, how much you value money, etc.
7) Very specially, the normal cost to awaken the new hero (800 gems per rank) is waived - but *only* if you do it *during* the event. If you get the new hero tokens now, but wait to awaken until after it's over, then it will cost you the normal amount. Thus, by prioritizing the event now, you can save yourself 800-3200 gems later.
8) As you reach each successive new awakening rank for the new hero (by the normal process of getting their tokens, though from boxes rather than RS, and then going to Hero Camp and choose awaken), you *also* qualify to receive a reward from the event interface. Remember that tokens are "consumed" by the awakening process, but to be helpful, both the additional and total numbers are reported here.
R1 (5 tokens) - 70 event pieces
R2 (10 tokens, 15 total) - the hero him/heitself
R3 (15 tokens, 30 total) - 5000 elixir
R4 (20 tokens, 50 total) - 30 hero tokens
R5 (40 tokens, 90 total) - special, unique *never-to-be-repeated* event skin
R6 (80 tokens, 170 total) - another different special, unique never-to-be-repeated skin
Additional notes:
R1 => essentially 2 event boxes worth, so adding 4-8 new hero tokens, that covers a good half of the additional requirements towards R2
R2 => starting from reaching this point you can play the hero, both during the event and forever afterwards - you'll need to feed them elixir though, so if you plan to use them during the event then I hope you saved up a lot for this purpose, as the requirements for a high-level hero are insanely high compared to early-game ones
R3 => that amount of elixir is 8 days worth for a level-5 elixir mine, though not even a full days worth for a level-10 mine, so may or may not be worth it to you
R4 => these tokens always offered for the hero at highest rank that you have unlocked, whether you own them or not, as long as they are not within 30 tokens of their maximum rank (or 30 meteors if you have all heroes at maximum rank already) - this is updated in real-time and during the grace period after the event so that you can force the reward to be for a different hero by getting them a few more tokens than whoever is chosen, though it is best to plan for this ahead ASAP. e.g. if you own Narlax and want the tokens to go to him, but the game has chosen Leif as also being at R5 and yet unlocked later, plus you already earned lets say 2 tokens for Leif as part of the random ones offered during the event, then simply get 1 more token for Narlax than Leif has (3 tokens total), and the reward will go to him instead.
R5 => not for the new hero but for some other, early-game hero instead (past choices: Bolton, Hogan, Efrigid, etc.)
R6 => tend to be for late-game heroes (past choices: Azura, Raida, Azura again, etc.)
9) Especially with the help from the R1 milestone marker reward, a new player is all but guaranteed to receive the new event hero, just for participating in the event. Dialing the difficulty down to +0 reveals the option to watch ads instead of playing, so when you reach the point where you can't handle it anymore, switch to watching ads and continue to get the event pieces, to open boxes, and reach these milestone markers. Proof: 7 days * 2 plays/day * 10 pieces at +0 difficulty = 140 event pieces, which is enough to open 4 boxes, that should yield 8-16 new tokens, which is definitely enough to reach the R1 milestone marker already that offers enough pieces for 2 more boxes (and thus 4-8 more new hero tokens). On average this just might do it for you already?
Adding 10 more plays from the 10 keys saved up adds a further 100 event pieces, and thus a further 2.8 boxes, or doing the +5 difficulty even just once brings this up to an even 3. Altogether even without having to buy additional plays in RS each day during the event or any boxes is 6 boxes and thus 12-24 total tokens, or with the 10 keys saved up in advance (& 1 play at +5 difficulty) 9 boxes and thus 18-36 tokens total. Or if you didn't save up the keys in advance, *and also* are supremely unlucky in receiving new hero tokens from boxes, at worst you could buy another event box (or two) at 800 gems apiece, to get the last few tokens to reach that marker. So if you saved up 2k gems in advance, *or* 10 keys in RS, *or* do a few extra plays each day, *or* do some of the levels at additional difficulty, then you will have no trouble reaching this minimum.
On the other hand, if you join the game during the event, or haven't unlocked RS yet before it starts (which happens at level 40, at the end of W2 - so rush forward to at least that point ASAP!), then you might miss it (unless you are willing to spend real-world money to compensate?), although even then as a F2P you will have a chance to purchase the new event hero much later in your game, though at a cost of 3000 gems so definitely try to get it now if you can! (whether you plan to use the hero or not)
10) Reaching the R3 milestone is also not terribly difficult, though whether the costs outweigh the benefits is another matter, and depend purely on what YOU value in your game. You gain: (a) the use of the hero as you go through your campaign, which likely will be a strong boost to a new player as the new hero will become your MVP; (b) avoidance of the 800-gem cost to awaken them to R3 later (i.e., a single box now is exactly the cost of what it would take later so *definitely* worthwhile if 1 box would be enough to complete the R3 requirements); (c) other random hero tokens - which are scattered all over rather than focused but hey, aren't nothing - plus also meteors, and a (tiny) chance to win that 10000 gem prize; (d) 5000 elixir, which depending on the level of your elixir mine could be nearly worthless, or a little bit helpful. If it helps to hear from a more senior player, I had a maxed-out elixir mine, and didn't want to use the new event hero during my campaign (I felt like it was somehow "cheating" - rather, I *wanted* the struggle with the tower strategy, to better understand their mechanics, instead of overpowering levels with mere raw hero power), so I didn't bother getting the R3 rank for my first two hero events. But YOU may want to do so for YOUR game? (if you can)
As mentioned earlier, 10 stored keys + 2 more "free" plays each day, even with all but one played at +0 difficulty (and playing just *once* with +5), would yield 18-36 tokens, which alone might reach the 30 total new hero tokens to reach the R3 level, if you are lucky. But you can also fairly efficiently buy 2 keys in RS each day for 80 gems each (for 7*2*80=1120 gems total), which again even at +0 difficulty will yield yet another 140 event pieces, which again is yet another 4 boxes, that should yield 8-16 new tokens. That brings the cumulative total to 26-52 new hero tokens, which at the absolute worst case is just barely shy of the R3 milestone, and in the best case even exceeds the R4 marker. At worst, playing at +5 difficulty in 7 more of your RS runs would yield an additional 35 event pieces (though bringing the difficulty total up to +36 for the last play, ending it at +41 whereupon you could switch to watching ads subsequently), and thus one more box with an additional 2-4 hero tokens, and/or you could buy 1-2 boxes in exchange for 800 gems apiece to achieve the same effect. Thus, in the absolute bare minimum, most highly unlucky case, it could require 2720 gems to reach this level, though if the event continues for 14 days, then ignoring the additional gems from the Wheel of Prizes, you would earn 1300 gems during that time (excluding the last day just to be safe), thus lowering the requirement to have been saved up in advance to only ~1400 (in addition to the 800 for the 10 keys stored in RS in advance).
11) **Reaching the R4 milestone is something that should be done by all players who have managed to finish the campaign.** This offers the greatest *efficiency*, to avoid the 800-gem cost of awakening (per rank) for the hero later, plus having the use of that hero (and at that rank) in the meantime (to complete the campaign, for RS, future events, or tournaments), and especially getting the 30-token reward. BTW, slow-, mid-, or fast-tracking a hero at 2/3/4 RS/day for 7 days yields 14/21/28 tokens, so using that time for the new hero event instead offers triple rewards: even more tokens than fast-tracking (30 from the R4 milestone marker) for a single hero (though perhaps for a different hero than you otherwise would have picked), plus 1-2 hero tokens per box (though offered in a scattered, random fashion instead of focused on the heroes that you want) and meteors & such too, and also the new hero tokens (which again, you keep regardless of whether you end on a rank marker or not), PLUS avoiding the cost of awakening later. It's really a great deal!
10 keys stored in RS + 4 RS runs/day for 7 days, at +5 difficulty each time (which if you have good heroes for RS, especially Leif, should be do-able; and maybe the new hero at R2-3 could even help you out further?), yields 570 event pieces, plus the 70 from the R1 marker is 640, and thus 18.3 boxes, which translates to 36-73 new hero tokens. R4 requires a minimum of 50 total tokens (20 beyond the R3 level) - so this is on average jut a bit more than the minimum requirement for R4. Going further: each box that you buy adds an additional 2-4 hero tokens, so at maximum to guarantee that you reach this milestone you would need a total of 7 boxes for 800 gems apiece, and thus 5600 gems for boxes, which when added to the 1120 gems mentioned previously for the 2 keys/day, is a total of 6720 gems. Though lets face it, what are the odds of getting "heads" every single time on a coin-flip literally 25 times in a row? (answer: a little more than a billion-to-one chance, if I did the math right:-) The more boxes you open, the more likely you are to get the "average" value of 2.5-3.5 total new hero tokens rather than either extreme of the 2-4 range, including the worst-case minimum of merely 2. So assuming this average of 3 tokens per box, then 18 boxes + 2 more from the R1 marker should yield 60 total tokens, well beyond the minimum of 50 to reach this point, and if need be you can still buy a box or two, for a grand total of <3k for this event. Although...to be on the extra-safe side, avoid any purchases that you can before the event, to make *certain* that you aren't just barely short of the cost of the single box that could've made the difference for you:-). Or if you really want to get ahead, consider spending real-world money (limited to 2 such opportunities per event, done either before or after you play the levels in RS) to get 5-10 boxes worth (which should yield 10-40 new hero tokens), another direct 10-20 new hero tokens (so 20-60 of those total), and 800-1600 gems.
BTW, at 4 RS runs/day for 7 days, plus 10 saved up keys, the final difficulty setting should be +191, after your last play. So you should aim to have hero power sufficient to tackle the late one hundreds, in a setting such as a late-W6 map. If you can't handle that, you can switch to watching ads, but then you may need to buy some event boxes or a real-world money bundle to make up the difference.
12) **The R5 milestone is only for advanced players though, or P2W, but not intermediate F2P.** Do this if you are okay with the decreased efficiency, and want an advantage in tournament (especially if R5 offers a good talent, which e.g. for Raida or Koi *definitely* did, though Shamiko...was an aberration in this regard), or the unique skin, or just the fun & additional challenge - but again beware the costs. Here you again get to avoid another 800-gem cost of the 5th awakening, and too get the random hero tokens, meteors, etc., but unlike lower ranks, there is no way to reach this with the "efficient" cost of buying just 2 keys/day - it will take a much higher commitment.
10 keys stored in RS + 6 RS runs/day for 7 days, at +5 difficulty each time, plus the 70 event pieces from the R1 marker, yields 850 event pieces. This is 24.3 boxes worth, which translates to 48-96 new hero tokens (plus the 24-48 random hero tokens, meteors, 30 tokens from the R4 milestone marker, the unique skin from the R5 marker, etc.). To reach R5 you would have to get 90 tokens total, so you would have to be *extremely* lucky with this alone, plus even here the additional two keys in RS triples the daily cost of the event (+200%) from 2*80=160 to +2*160=480 gems, so total costs rise from 1120 to 3360 for the 7 days. The next most efficient path forward, if you have a powerful enough hero line-up to handle the increased accumulated difficulty, is to purchase the most expensive key in RS at 320 gems, thus raising the daily cost by an additional 67% from 480 to 800 gems (+400% compared to just buying 2 keys), for a total of 5600 gems for the 7 days, and in return you get 1 additional play per day, or 105 pieces and thus 3 additional boxes, for 6-12 additional new hero tokens, or 54-108 total, or a more likely range being 67.5-94.5 at a less extreme 2.5-3.5 tokens per box. Thus, even at an "average" of 3 new hero tokens per box, the 81 new hero tokens still falls a little short of the 90 that would be required to reach R5, so you are almost definitely going to have to buy boxes. At an absolute minimum you'd have to buy 18 boxes (at 800 gems apiece and thus 14400 gems total) to guarantee reaching this marker, but as discussed earlier this is so unlikely as to not really be worth discussing. Instead, (-1) to 9 boxes is a more realistic figure, and so again assuming an average of 3 new hero tokens per box translates to just 3 boxes needed, and thus a total of 2400 gems for boxes. Adding in the 5600 total gem cost to buy the keys translates to a range of 5600-12800 gems, most likely close to 8000 give or take a box or two.
At 7 runs/day, plus 10 saved keys, the final difficulty setting should be nearly +296, so the level of hero power sufficient to tackle this option is significantly more than the R4 milestone - e.g., Koi won't cut it, although anyone who can power up towers (specifically those laying on blessed spots) can easily keep pace, even if their direct defense+offense are no longer significant. Read more at https://realm-defense-hero-legends-td.fandom.com/wiki/Realm_Siege_Strategies.
13) **The R6 milestone is basically purely for P2W players.** R5 already required more investment than playing through the tournament in RS is likely to provide, plus likely a few event boxes besides, and so not surprisingly R6 (which requires almost literally double the total number of tokens) will require far more. The gem cost to reach this milestone, assuming 3 event hero tokens per box, is 21333 gems above the R5, which ignoring the Wheel of Prizes, is 4.7/7.5/17.8 months worth at 2/3/4 RS per day - certainly far more than an entire tournament season's worth - and thus beyond the reach of anyone except the most veteran of players who already have all heroes to maximum rank (and thus are unlikely to be reading this guide:-). Buying the 2 paid bundles provides 10 more event boxes, plus 20 more direct new hero tokens, and thus 40-60 new hero tokens total, and buying the 10-box bundle for 7500 gems provides another 10-40 new hero tokens, for a total of +50-100, which when added to the earlier total from 7 plays per day + 10 saved keys yields 104-208 tokens, or an average of 156 assuming 3 hero tokens per box. Since R6 needs 170 tokens, this falls slightly short (unless you are lucky with your draws), and you'll need to buy maybe 5 more boxes on top of that. Adding in the 5600 gem cost for all the keys (except the first 10) yields a total of 17100 gems (though if you are unlucky in your draws it could be a bit more than that - e.g. assuming as low as 2.5 instead of 3 new hero tokens per box raises it to 23500 gems total, though that's unlikely, but still ~20k is not an unreasonable figure), plus the ~$16.
14) Most people want to know: "can my heroes handle it?" Of course that depends on your heroes, and your skill, and luck, and level of preparation. Especially: more gems = more chances to buy event boxes, to make it more likely to happen, though it might not be as "efficient" past some point (seeing how I did the math above, you can figure it out for your specific situation). There is a *ton* of in-depth information on the wiki - e.g., at https://realm-defense-hero-legends-td.fandom.com/wiki/Battle_Mechanics, and https://realm-defense-hero-legends-td.fandom.com/wiki/Realm_Siege_Strategies - that can help, explaining for instance how blessed tower spots work, etc. But extremely briefly: some heroes are more well-suited to RS than others, since their powers are more *scalable* to increased difficulty - Efrigid is one, especially at her R4, and any hero who can power up towers (Leif > Yan > Helios), plus necro-Connie is supreme with defense, especially upon reaching her R3.
A team like Fee R3 + Lance R3 + R2 Mabyn should be enough to get you to R2-3, especially with sufficient gems to buy event boxes when they can go no further. R4 is going to start to require some better heroes, like Helios at an absolute minimum, and perhaps surprising to you is that Raida + Koi aren't great for this game mode, where they die in a single blow against the absolute weakest of enemies at +150 (plus Koi can't remain in dragon form for the long duration of an entire wave, and while heroes like Yan & Helios & Shamiko can get him back quicker for a second round during the same wave, what will you do in the meantime?). R5 would take an even deeper investment: Leif under a W6 haste tower plus Yan further hasting him can keep a blessed tower boosted literally 100% of the time (or lacking the haste tower, still almost that often), and a R5 necro-Connie can use her bunny spam to further help keep enemies in range until they die from tower damage, plus at R6 she can halt any single or clustered flying creature(s) in range too (although not scattered ones - they go through too quickly), but again, even a R6 Koi will be of almost no use to you when the difficulty reaches these levels.
15) Nobody knows what maps it will use. If it features W6 ones as have been used in the last several events, then players who finished the campaign already will have a significant edge, since their stars from having completed the levels in that world can go into tower upgrades that are used in the RS levels. However, it is also quite likely to feature new W7 levels, before that world is even officially released yet, at which point nobody will have stars, or any knowledge of the enemies or tower types, etc., and we'll all just have to figure it out as it goes. Though the chances of early-game heroes being of much use in W7 situations is slim...certainly R4 would be exceedingly difficult if not impossible to attain, while R2 is still possible, and maybe R3 even just with event boxes bought with gems. Note that while the hero will be made available to purchase later, you'd have to unlock W7 first, and pay 3000 gems, plus 800 for each awakening after the initial R2, so getting the new event hero to a minimum of R2 is a great value!:-)
Surely people will also share specific strategies, a few days after the event starts - this is a truly awesome community where people share, instead of hoard their great ideas to themselves - but until then, do the best that you can, and rely on the fact that you don't have to 3-star it, as just passing a RS level with even a single life left is sufficient for it to count!
16) The new event hero will almost undoubtedly *not* come at R7, but instead capped at R6, as only a few heroes in the earliest parts of the game have those and they seem to be in the process of being rolled out sequentially. Although truthfully anything is possible so who knows...maybe the new hero will come available up to R7 after all? If so, then likely almost everything in this guide will become instantly outdated and all the math will have to be re-done with the new parameters, whatever they end up being. Though at least you will have this as a template to aid you in that case.:-P

Additional references:
part 1 of this here: https://www.reddit.com/RealmDefenseTD/comments/glmajh/questions_about_upcoming_event/, basically just listing a bunch of references, such as the all-important https://www.reddit.com/RealmDefenseTD/comments/cy0dst/event_information_for_new_players/, and of course tons of info on the wiki such as https://realm-defense-hero-legends-td.fandom.com/wiki/Hero_Release_Events
Also I was inspired by https://www.reddit.com/RealmDefenseTD/comments/hcoak2/hero_release_event_cost_breakdown/, which could be really helpful to you?
It seems really hard to find videos on youtube for this, but here are some: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b02vHJow94 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdd8PWF10Us show some play-throughs, though much of the info is outdated (e.g., now 70 instead of 60 tokens offered as R1 milestone reward, and requires 35 rather than 30 event pieces per box), plus the strategy is REALLY horrible to offer as a guide to a new player (e.g., W6 bell towers do ZERO damage, so to place them on a blessed spot is a huge waste of its' potential, and they only did that b/c they had supremely powerful heroes that didn't need more than a couple of actual damage-dealing towers, but a player with less supreme heroes could not get away with that as easily), and here's a more updated one that shows the event interface for Koi a few days before the event starts, but no actual playthrough after that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk_ft-6gaaQ. Please let me know if you have found any better ones. BTW, I have no YouTube account myself, and definitely am not associated or affiliated with these in *any* way.:-)
One last thing: I wish you good luck!:-)
Edit: this post has now been made a permanent part of the wiki at https://realm-defense-hero-legends-td.fandom.com/wiki/Guide_FAQ_for_upcoming_event, with the thought to keep it updated during and after the event.
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