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Hi everyone. First of all, sorry for my bad english.
Introduction: I'm trying to play my local file on chromecast with the Bubbleupnp app but I receive an error about unsuported media.
Informations about my setup: My phone : Lg G3 My Dlna server : My Book Live connected to my router My chrome cast: Brand new Chromecast Ultra
Information about the files that doesn't work: An .avi file converted to .mp4 with Wondershare Video Converter ultimate (H264 / AAC).
Other informations: -I can play the .mp4 file to chromecast with LocalCast app but doesn't work with Bubbleupnp -I really want to play my video without transcoding -I chosed Bubbleupnp because I like the interface and the resume playback feature -I already tried other app like LocalCast / Allcast but they miss some features. -All other files compatible with chromecast works.
Edit: Here a VLC codec information for a working .mp4 NOT encoded with Wondershare : http://imgur.com/Cf3BSIk Here a VLC codec information for a NOT working encoded with Wondershare : http://imgur.com/7wsabKg
Any help would be pretty nice. Thanks
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Rem Tokimiya: Relic, Soul Break and Materia origins

It's almost that time again and leading up to Type-0 events with (shit)posts seemed to work the previous times, so why not try again?
Besides, I realised a complete Rem would have a whopping +110 MND from mastering all of her relics, which isn't too shabby for someone not representing the realm in FFRK, nor being in the first wave of characters for said realm.
As such, why not go over things?


  • Type-0 has the following stats:
    • HP, which should be obvious.
    • ATK, influencing damage dealt with physical attacks.
    • DEF, reducing damage taken by physical attacks.
    • Fire/Ice/Lightning/Defense MAG, improving effectiveness of Fire/ice/Lightning/healing and support spells respectively, while also allowing higher-tiered versions of spells to be cast at certain breakpoints.
  • The Ability Gauge:
    • Henceforth referred to as AG, the AG is a secondary resource system, used for character's special abilities.
    • AG is built by hitting enemies with spells and regular attacks: hitting a Breaksight or Killsight will increase the amount of AG built.
  • Phantoma:
    • Currency obtained by drawing magical energy from defeated enemies.
    • Read: make corpses explode in a gory shower in order to harvest their souls.
    • Used in upgrading spells: increased potency, shorter cast times, reduced MP cost, increased travel speed, etc.
  • SB animations:
    • Taken from the Japanese version.
    • As such, they're voiced by her original VA.
    • AKA the VA I actually know, so hearing them over again makes my heart ache.
  • Rem Tokimiya, Cliffnotes version:

Soul Breaks

Super Soul Break (1)
  • Undying Wish:
    • Type-0: After a lengthy start-up, Rem uses a moderate amount of AG in order to grant the party Reraise for a limited time (around 10s). While its straightforward use is limited in effectiveness, its best use is in reviving the caster after they sacrifice themselves (read: literally kill themselves) in order to summon an Eidolon.
    • FFRK: once again evoking the phoenix feather imagery, Undying Wish grants party Last Stand and Reraise - a good fit.
    • The Japanese name translates more literally to "Don't Die!", which is kinda hilarious.
Burst Soul Break (1)
  • Siphon Delta:
    • Type-0: Rem immediately uses a moderate amount of AG to conjure a magical field in front of her, damaging enemies in its vicinity and siphoning MP at the same time. If an enemy is killed by this damage, the field immediately siphons its Phantoma, making it uncollectible, but granting Rem a huge amount of MP in return.
    • FFRK: it's still in front of her, though it looks more like she's conjuring lasers from the right side. Smart Ether 1 is a nod to her MP recovery, CMD2 conjures a barrier which evokes T0's Wall spell and CMD1 is just good ol' lasers.
Glint (1)
  • Saintly Aura:
    • Type-0: No ability would be a direct comparison.
    • FFRK: it basically bathes her in light. The SB refund might be referencing her self-sustaining MP habits in T0 - see the next SB for more on that.
Ultra Soul Break (2)
  • Manalchemy:
    • Type-0: Rem stands still and holds her hands up: as long as she maintains this pose (which is broken upon taking damage or another action), her AG will be converted into MP for her and her party members - with the appropriate upgrades, she can convert half of the AG bar into full MP bars for everyone.
    • FFRK: not even remotely close to it, it's actually her Siphon Sphere ability - it conjures a single magical sphere that'll travel forward and damage enemies it hits, siphoning their MP and coming with the same "kill = absorb Phantoma" mechanic.
  • Live Another Day:
    • Type-0: No ability would be a direct comparison, though it evokes Type-0's Siphon Delta.
    • FFRK: I mean, it conjures a magical field awfully similar, but that's it.
Overstrike Soul Break (1)
  • Cleansing Flame:
    • Type-0: No ability would be a direct comparison, though it again evokes Siphon Sphere.
    • FFRK: playing into her ties with the Vermillion Bird, she summons a fiery version of her Siphon Sphere and slams it into the enemy.
    • Addendum: Rem's USB1/2 and OSB share a naming convention in Japanese: respectively, they're Venom Conversion, Life Conversion and Flame Conversion - Convert is the Japanese name for Manalchemy, with each word in front of it signifying what kind of conversion is happening ("Osmose" was occasionally translated as "Aspir" which is similar to "asp", poisonous snakes, like in FFV, so that might be why it's "Venom Conversion").
Arcane Overstrike Soul Break (1)
  • Saintly Dagger Toss:
    • Type-0: Rem uses a small amount of AG, combines her daggers, then throws them at their enemy like a boomerang, catching them on return. There are two versions of this attack: Dagger Boomerang has long range, while Flying Daggers has increased strength.
    • FFRK: Rem incorporates some of her regular dagger strikes into the attack, finishing it off with the actual Flying Daggers/Dagger Boomerang attack.
Awakening Soul Break (1):
  • Seraphim Strike:
    • Type-0: Rem uses some of her AG and conjures a magical glyph at her feet which can be moved using the analog stick: after priming it for a few seconds and releasing the button, the glyph's location is bombarded with a magical assault from the heavens.
    • FFRK: more hits, but the basic gist is the same.
    • Did I mention the Japanese name is closer to "Magic Satellite"?


Record Materia (3):
  • Lady of Daggers (RM50):
    • She wields daggers.
  • Tender Care (RM65):
    • She's the kindest and most compassionate member of Type-0, matching the RM.
  • Earnest Intentions (RM99):
Legend Materia (5):
  • Mage par Excellence (LM1):
    • She's Class Zero's best spellcaster by a long shot: her Fire/Ice/Lightning/Defense MAG are the best, being even better than the specialists, and she's got the MP to back it up. Furthermore, she gets more ways to combo her magics with her attacks than any other character.
  • Keeper of Love (LM2):
    • Hoo boy, this is a spoiler you wouldn't even notice without knowing the proper background material some of which is only available in novels: SPOILER:
  • Gentle Spirit (LMR1):
    • She's kind and compassionate af boi, what more do you want to know?
  • Saint's Fire (LMR2):
    • She has a bit of a holy touch with Seraphim Strike, but there's nothing explicitly linking her to holy powers. Fire can easily be justified as she's part of Rubrum, territory of the Vermillion Bird.
  • Magic Expert (LMR3):
    • Once again, Class Zero's best spellcaster.


Daggers (6):
  • Dancing Daggers (SSB):
    • With only 6 Attack Power to their name and nothing else, they're fairly unimpressive: the original release only has them from doing multiplayer stuff, while the HD release just requires you to use her.
  • Argentic Daggers (USB1):
    • Obtained from the store very early on, they'll tide you over till the midgame with ease: 5 Attack Power isn't a huge upgrade, but +10% MP will last you until you get an easy +30% MP upgrade version roughly halfway through.
  • Butterfly Edges (USB2):
    • Bought from a store slightly later on on, they only provide 11 Attack Power: considering Rem isn't meant to be attacking in the first place, stick to the Argentic Daggers.
  • Ogrenyxes (OSB):
    • Also bought from a store later than the Argentics, these provide a meager 9 Attack Power: Argentics still reign supreme.
  • Parrying Daggers (AOSB):
    • Bought from a store in the endgame, they only provide 14 Attack Power: there's way better options available earlier on and a way better option around the same time in...
  • Survival Edges (AASB):
    • Also bought from a store in the endgame but only after completing a short sidequest of sorts you'd want to do anyhow to get the airship, these provide 23 Attack Power and a whopping +30% HP: these are seriously worth considering.
Armor (1):
Accessories (4):
  • Lustrous Armlet (Glint):
    • While hard to find, this baby decreases all damage taken by 20% and boosts HP by 30%: a very nice package. The -Dark is probably there to remidn you of the damage reduction.
  • Gold Hairpin (LMR1):
    • A classic in the series, the Gold Hairpin boosts all MAG stats by a whopping 80: that's only slightly behind the highest boost of 100.
  • Lunar Armlet (LMR2):
    • Providing tri-elemental protection in two ways, it reduces Fire/Ice/Lightning damage taken by 20% and prevents you from being afflicted by Burn/Freeze/Shock: the -Paralysis evokes the Shock immunity.
  • Mythril Gloves (LMR3):
    • Standard-fare store stuff, they boost Defense by 40.
That's the end of that. Thanks for reading all the way through and thanks to everyone else who did a Soul Break/Materia/Relic breakdown!
submitted by Monk-Ey to FFRecordKeeper