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  1. 95160 points, 24 submissions: SantaChong
    1. Colorado just announced they're using $1.5 million of cannabis tax revenues to help the homeless. Good progress. (6222 points, 678 comments)
    2. I did the voiceover for the new official Reddit mobile app video out today! Thanks for thinking of this old stoner (5220 points, 377 comments)
    3. A fan drew this painting of me smoking in Amsterdam. Now it's hanging on my wall (5174 points, 254 comments)
    4. A pot leaf smoking me. That makes sense, man. (5143 points, 156 comments)
    5. Happy 4/20 to all my fans everywhere (4964 points, 238 comments)
    6. Happy 70th, Cheech. Let's wish this old stoner a happy birthday. (4909 points, 328 comments)
    7. It's true. Smoke enough weed, you forget to grow old. I'm 78 today, and I'm feeling younger than ever!! (4715 points, 637 comments)
    8. A comic of me planting weed on the White House lawn. Let's legalize this country (4683 points, 261 comments)
    9. Medical marijuana is about to be legal in Pennsylvania. Making it the 24th medically legal state. What a time to be alive! (4597 points, 288 comments)
    10. The president of 2036 probably just smoked a joint with his friends. And we're worrying about the DEA rescheduling marijuana from Schedule 1. (4243 points, 517 comments)
  2. 66608 points, 14 submissions: relevantlife
    1. A federal appeals court told the U.S. Department of Justice this week that it can no longer prosecute cases against medical marijuana businesses where the defendants are compliant with relevant state laws. (6188 points, 369 comments)
    2. Pot proponents see momentum. Five states — Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada — will decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use. (6018 points, 1017 comments)
    3. The first big company to say it's serving the legal marijuana trade? Microsoft ... Microsoft is breaking the corporate taboo on pot this week by announcing a partnership to begin offering software that tracks marijuana plants from “seed to sale,” as the pot industry puts it. (5987 points, 678 comments)
    4. The Supreme Court has rejected an effort by Nebraska and Oklahoma to have Colorado's pot legalization declared unconstitutional. (5800 points, 706 comments)
    5. The 2,000 page federal spending bill which passed this past week quietly lifted the federal ban on medical marijuana. As raids and arrests on medical suppliers and patients will no longer be permitted, the federal war on medical marijuana is over. (5749 points, 478 comments)
    6. 2016 will be the year of weed, IF we vote. AZ, AR, CA, FL, GA, ID, ME, MA, MI, MO, MS, MT, NE, NV, NM, SD and WY might all be voting on legalization. Online voter registration is included, also the federal form. Get registered! Vote for legal weed! And vote for candidates who also support reform! (5528 points, 1214 comments)
    7. A man where I'm from was recently sentenced to 17 years for child sex trafficking. That's right, you get a lighter sentence for trafficking children for sex than you do for trafficking marijuana. What a fucked up country we live in. (5320 points, 567 comments)
    8. Bernie Sanders: 'Not acceptable' to jail young pot smokers and let big bank CEO's walk. He thinks it's time to start locking up the real criminals. (5179 points, 413 comments)
    9. In the last Republican debate, Carly Fiorina suggested that marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol. We have come too far in the last few years to let her spout off these lies in front of 25+ million viewers. We must set the record straight. (4578 points, 441 comments)
    10. I know I posted something similar yesterday, but this happens daily nationwide and we need to get pissed off. Knoxville man sentenced to 19 years for growing weed. Athens man sentenced to 20 years for raping a 12 year old. How do we fix this? How do rape and growing a plant deserve equal sentences? (4173 points, 311 comments)
  3. 33157 points, 7 submissions: onloanfromgod
    1. The Heist (6039 points, 339 comments)
    2. Goofus and Gallant (5847 points, 522 comments)
    3. Tough choices (5607 points, 333 comments)
    4. My movie experience (4818 points, 378 comments)
    5. Making Friends (4756 points, 266 comments)
    6. Be good to each other this Danksgiving! (3232 points, 58 comments)
    7. Show Off (2858 points, 56 comments)
  4. 29453 points, 7 submissions: LegalizeMyself
    1. Arsenio Hall politiely declines Uber's request to narc on his marijuana-loving driver (5956 points, 843 comments)
    2. DEA is getting a special delivery from us tomorrow (5161 points, 548 comments)
    3. New letter confirms: DEA will decide on marijuana rescheduling petition before Obama leaves office (4940 points, 492 comments)
    4. OP delivers (your medical marijuana petitions to DEA) (4611 points, 352 comments)
    5. The head of the DEA called medical marijuana a "joke." Now 18,000+ people are calling for him to be fired. Please add your voice. (3605 points, 240 comments)
    6. Canada's new government officially begins move toward legalizing trees nationwide (3525 points, 240 comments)
    7. MMA fighters say marijuana shouldn't be on UFC's banned substances list (1655 points, 100 comments)
  5. 17824 points, 5 submissions: outroversion
    1. Snoop on cutting down (5085 points, 489 comments)
    2. How they sell trees on Jamaican beaches (4161 points, 348 comments)
    3. Snoop's Murse (3412 points, 118 comments)
    4. Best way to watch the simpsons (2921 points, 76 comments)
    5. When you're the only one at the party with trees (2245 points, 78 comments)
  6. 15666 points, 6 submissions: koalaty_weed
    1. Bhombs Away (4019 points, 267 comments)
    2. The only RAW Turkey you should have today, Happy Danksgiving!! (2686 points, 72 comments)
    3. Star Wars scale of high severity (2340 points, 59 comments)
    4. "The colony is going to love this" (2329 points, 48 comments)
    5. Pizza Dab (2202 points, 109 comments)
    6. So tell me about yourself... (2090 points, 50 comments)
  7. 14289 points, 3 submissions: drewiepoodle
    1. Walgreens wants to talk about marijuana. In what appears to be an unprecedented move for a company its size, Walgreens published a discussion of the possible health benefits of medical marijuana on its health and wellness blog this week. (6925 points, 636 comments)
    2. Cannabis helps my epileptic son. If only we had known sooner. Vital research on the medical benefits of marijuana has been obstructed by policies based on moral panic. Government needs to get out of the way of science (4557 points, 160 comments)
    3. Oregon becomes third U.S. state to allow recreational marijuana sales (2807 points, 221 comments)
  8. 11964 points, 2 submissions: Subduction
    1. Hi /trees -- I'm the founder of /leaves, and I've promised to "advertise" /leaves here only twice a year. Today's one of those days. If you've decided that maybe it's time to quit, we can help... (6331 points, 685 comments)
    2. Hi /trees -- although many of you know us by now, we advertise /leaves here twice a year. Today's one of those days. If you've decided it's time to quit smoking, we can help... (5633 points, 775 comments)
  9. 11799 points, 2 submissions: trevor5ever
    1. Cops Fighting Mandatory Drug Tests — Claim It’s ‘Unconstitutional’ to Screen Police Urine (6348 points, 1116 comments)
    2. Bernie Sanders Announces His Support for Ending Marijuana Prohibition 10.28.15 (5451 points, 703 comments)
  10. 11719 points, 3 submissions: ekser
    1. Washington Teenagers Are No Longer Facing Prison for Underage Possession of Weed (4910 points, 194 comments)
    2. Marijuana 4/20 Sales Set Record In Washington, Colorado As Cannabis Retail Surges From Legalization (4039 points, 262 comments)
    3. Colorado Passes Bill that Allows Medical Marijuana Use at Schools (2770 points, 126 comments)
  11. 11565 points, 3 submissions: TybaltCapulet
    1. U.S Senate Votes To Give Veterans Access To Medical Marijuana (6072 points, 471 comments)
    2. TIL that drinking mango juice before smoking will get you higher (2856 points, 384 comments)
    3. What Is More Popular Than All The Presidential Candidates? Legal Marijuana (2637 points, 92 comments)
  12. 10143 points, 2 submissions: Ror1997
    1. So I just smoked a blunt, went to my kitchen to grab a drink and head to my room. (5487 points, 918 comments)
    2. my opinion on marijuana (4656 points, 661 comments)
  13. 10081 points, 2 submissions: liftcannabis
    1. Sanders Introduces Bill To Lift Federal Ban On Marijuana (5081 points, 417 comments)
    2. Good guy VPD admits a mistake (5000 points, 808 comments)
  14. 9550 points, 3 submissions: Tonyfuckingsoprano
    1. It's been quite a long time. What happened to weed? (4980 points, 1135 comments)
    2. This is fun man. I'm old on the outside, and on the inside. But I was young when I had a record player, but now I'm old and record players are considered old guy stuff. So I'm still living like I'm young, but it's seen as old. Man I can't win. But I'm high as shit (2426 points, 257 comments)
    3. My friends say I'm a man child. Sure I'm 50 years old and unmarried. Sure I spend absurd amounts of money on things I don't need. Sure I enjoy a variety of drugs. But you know, at least I'm having fun. [9] (2144 points, 369 comments)
  15. 9473 points, 4 submissions: blobley
    1. My largest wax pickup...70 grams of stable shatter 😄 (3726 points, 864 comments)
    2. The cop said "A couple years ago I would probably try to ticket you." (2222 points, 406 comments)
    3. I have mind fucked so many ents when I clip a roach with this bad boy (1779 points, 112 comments)
    4. I bought a Coke brick to bring back home. (1746 points, 210 comments)
  16. 9057 points, 1 submission: malesurfer
    1. Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself. - President Jimmy Carter, 1977 (9057 points, 372 comments)
  17. 8903 points, 3 submissions: grovegrown420
    1. How stoners see politicians (3313 points, 558 comments)
    2. At an [8] and you get a million dollar idea. (3277 points, 94 comments)
    3. I went to work high and my boss told me to get more high. (2313 points, 234 comments)
  18. 8682 points, 2 submissions: pheonix200
    1. Colorado Juries Keep Letting People Go for Driving on Weed, Prosecutors and Cops are Furious. (5777 points, 1773 comments)
    2. Bernie Sanders Moves To End Marijuana Prohibition With New Bill (2905 points, 224 comments)
  19. 8626 points, 2 submissions: SlimJones123
    1. Arnold is numero uno (5115 points, 441 comments)
    2. No one will suspect anything (3511 points, 169 comments)
  20. 8335 points, 2 submissions: CrimsonBuc90
    1. This gets funnier every time I watch it... probably because its so relatable... (4614 points, 168 comments)
    2. As an AlabamEnt paying a visit to CO, I think my expression says it all. (3721 points, 508 comments)
  21. 8335 points, 2 submissions: WildAnimus
    1. Bernie Sanders supports medical marijuana, decriminalization, and opening up banking for marijuana businesses (5103 points, 1338 comments)
    2. Big California Marijuana Legalization Initiative is About to Roll Out. Says it intends to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol. (3232 points, 270 comments)
  22. 8059 points, 2 submissions: canderso1055
    1. I work for an ad agency in Colorado. This is a billboard we made recently. (4582 points, 1200 comments)
    2. Very specific billboard on 4/20 (3477 points, 97 comments)
  23. 7619 points, 2 submissions: BuzzedBuckeye
    1. Medicated Hot Sauce with 500mg of THC (4023 points, 417 comments)
    2. Snake in the grass 🐍 (3596 points, 254 comments)
  24. 7516 points, 2 submissions: HamsterSandwich
    1. States are losing out on billions of dollars by keeping pot illegal (5781 points, 443 comments)
    2. Yet another federal court has told the DOJ to stop harassing medical marijuana providers (1735 points, 33 comments)
  25. 7224 points, 1 submission: bearwave
    1. Painkiller deaths drop by 25% in states with legalized medical marijuana (7224 points, 596 comments)
  26. 7118 points, 1 submission: dankniss
    1. When your dealer tries to be low key (7118 points, 671 comments)
  27. 7103 points, 2 submissions: CarbonCyber
    1. It's seriously impossible to tell now but there's been TEN of these! Thanks Doug for being so nice about it and thinks ents for enjoying them! (3999 points, 168 comments)
    2. "At this point it's a competition for who lives longer" Doug really went above and beyond on this one! (3104 points, 107 comments)
  28. 7035 points, 1 submission: Beabout
    1. Marijuana No Longer a "Gateway Drug" on DARE's Website (7035 points, 835 comments)
  29. 6961 points, 2 submissions: Lizardking1967
    1. My connect handed me this yesterday and said his GF made it for me. But I think he's just too embarrassed to admit he gets down with ribbons. (4765 points, 243 comments)
    2. MFW I get to the top of the mountain and forget my lighter in the car (2196 points, 52 comments)
  30. 6897 points, 2 submissions: snobord
    1. I went to an event this weekend where the cost of entrance was a can of food (I donated 3) and got all of this for free. Living in SoCal sure has its perks! (4303 points, 616 comments)
    2. I absolutely love how they sealed this shatter. I almost don't want to break the seal. Almost. (2594 points, 173 comments)
  31. 6884 points, 1 submission: TheOGHercules
    1. Snoop Dogg's Sesh Rules (6884 points, 899 comments)
  32. 6726 points, 2 submissions: jackindahat
    1. I was so close to dripping these into my eyes (3376 points, 345 comments)
    2. Friends teacher Google "trees" in an attempt to find info on trees, good job guy. (3350 points, 145 comments)
  33. 6591 points, 2 submissions: NyBryce
    1. When you're in public and you smell weed (4673 points, 121 comments)
    2. "I found this at a party" (1918 points, 46 comments)
  34. 6587 points, 1 submission: AIHURR
    1. "I will take marijuana out of the Federal Controlled Substance Act. I'm tired of seeing lives destroyed." - Bernie Sanders in MA today (6587 points, 1346 comments)
  35. 6581 points, 2 submissions: johnschool
    1. My amazing gf surprised me with this after all the presents were open (the pineapple pjs were a surprise too :) (3717 points, 403 comments)
    2. "this edible isn't worki... oh shhhhhhhiiittttt" (repost /gifs) (2864 points, 114 comments)
  36. 6531 points, 2 submissions: yoshe95si
    1. More cannagar sizes I've been working on. I've been meeting with some investors lately trying to make my dream a reality. Wish me luck! (4794 points, 881 comments)
    2. Cracked open this 4 month cured cannagar on my 37th birthday over the weekend. This is the ash from a 45 min session between 13 people. I wrapped this with yellow leaves to see if it would burn smoother and it did. (1737 points, 188 comments)

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  1. SantaChong (35364 points, 216 comments)
  2. coltbrake55 (16123 points, 54 comments)
  3. bastardbones (8004 points, 8 comments)
  4. Tonyfuckingsoprano (7785 points, 105 comments)
  5. skraptastic (5368 points, 49 comments)
  6. scoopinresponse (5131 points, 46 comments)
  7. TheCadaver (4942 points, 56 comments)
  8. Counterkulture (4850 points, 191 comments)
  9. Kingdrick_Lamar (4687 points, 15 comments)
  10. hellomrbreakfast (4620 points, 50 comments)
  11. Noooooooooobody (4540 points, 16 comments)
  12. NeonDisease (4443 points, 135 comments)
  13. laserbong (4322 points, 76 comments)
  14. Erik_TheHighlander (4317 points, 148 comments)
  15. 1000990528 (4256 points, 9 comments)
  16. johnsciarrino (4252 points, 4 comments)
  17. ZonasFostonas (3992 points, 12 comments)
  18. brett96 (3956 points, 17 comments)
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  30. austin308 (3247 points, 7 comments)
  31. pancakecupcakemuffin (3235 points, 89 comments)
  32. croutonicus (3232 points, 51 comments)
  33. Hannabis80 (3223 points, 9 comments)
  34. Kiyasu (3199 points, 9 comments)
  35. dalovindj (3190 points, 21 comments)
  36. GetMoneySmokeWeed (3178 points, 109 comments)

Top Submissions

  1. Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself. - President Jimmy Carter, 1977 by malesurfer (9057 points, 372 comments)
  2. Painkiller deaths drop by 25% in states with legalized medical marijuana by bearwave (7224 points, 596 comments)
  3. When your dealer tries to be low key by dankniss (7118 points, 671 comments)
  4. Marijuana No Longer a "Gateway Drug" on DARE's Website by Beabout (7035 points, 835 comments)
  5. Walgreens wants to talk about marijuana. In what appears to be an unprecedented move for a company its size, Walgreens published a discussion of the possible health benefits of medical marijuana on its health and wellness blog this week. by drewiepoodle (6925 points, 636 comments)
  6. Snoop Dogg's Sesh Rules by TheOGHercules (6884 points, 899 comments)
  7. "I will take marijuana out of the Federal Controlled Substance Act. I'm tired of seeing lives destroyed." - Bernie Sanders in MA today by AIHURR (6587 points, 1346 comments)
  8. It's Official: California To Vote On Legalizing Recreational Marijuana by En_lighten (6512 points, 1071 comments)
  9. WikiLeaks DNC leak shows alcohol industry pushing ads to Congress insiders saying marijuana causes traffic accidents by canyoufeeltime (6457 points, 711 comments)
  10. I celebrate 4/20 on January 5th, because I know how to reduce fractions unlike the rest of you morons. by skraptastic (6456 points, 1045 comments)

Top Comments

  1. 6412 points: bastardbones's comment in Weed makes my balls feel like it's going inside me (Please don't upvote)
  2. 4448 points: Kingdrick_Lamar's comment in DEA states, "Marijuana to remain illegal"
  3. 4247 points: 1000990528's comment in I just at 16 sugar cookies from subway. Will I be ok? I feel like that's a lot of sugar and I could do some serious damage. Or am I just paranoid about it? -Don't upvote. Just a really quick question-
  4. 4096 points: johnsciarrino's comment in DEA states, "Marijuana to remain illegal"
  5. 3793 points: ZonasFostonas's comment in Chronic marijuana use is about as bad for your health as not flossing, researchers find
  6. 3686 points: TheCadaver's comment in An orb of oil via steam extraction; 96% THC yield per gram.
  7. 3486 points: nancyaw's comment in So I just smoked a blunt, went to my kitchen to grab a drink and head to my room.
  8. 3331 points: brett96's comment in I celebrate 4/20 on January 5th, because I know how to reduce fractions unlike the rest of you morons.
  9. 3066 points: Hannabis80's comment in Hi /trees -- I'm the founder of /leaves, and I've promised to "advertise" /leaves here only twice a year. Today's one of those days. If you've decided that maybe it's time to quit, we can help...
  10. 3037 points: ElNutimo's comment in Weed makes my balls feel like it's going inside me (Please don't upvote)
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