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Phantom Mode Guide-Long

I wrote this about a year ago, so it might be slightly outdated, but figured I'd share it here. If anyone has recommendations, additions, or comments, I'd love to hear them
Phantom Mode Guide
Phantom Mode is a game designed around a mixture of politcal savvy and Starcraft II skill. There are eight players, all who start with 100/100 resources (1000/1000 in quickstart). Five players are "Slayers" who then collect resources normally, except for a 10% unit value bounty when killing enemy units. For example, killing a 100 mineral enemy zealot will give you 10 minerals. Three players recieve additional resources, the Paladin and both Phantoms. The Paladin recieves a flat rate and the Phantom rate will increase as time goes on. Both Phantoms also get a higher supply cap, that steadily increases as time goes on. The goal is for the Paladins and Slayers to identify and kill both Phantoms. The Phantoms need to identify each other and work together to eliminate everyone else. All other rules follow basic ladder Starcraft II. I have been playing Starcraft for 13 years, and Phantom Mode for about ten. I started with Phantom Mode in BroodWar, and moved to Infernal's version in 2012. I don't have a perfect record of my game statistics, since my files have been deleted, but I've played somewhere around 8,000 games between Broodwar and Starcraft II. For this guide, unless specifically stated, I will be talking about Good vs Evil/Quickstart/Day and Night/Bountiful Resources, since this is the most common game type. 

TL:DR- Strong Slayers are good. Watch everything. Keep a bank of resources for long fights. Don't mass one unit and expect it to be effective in all situations. Don't be afraid to take matters into your own hands if no one else will. Don't skip early detection and protection. Paladin's aren't always the smartest people just because they pulled a role. Always grab empty bases. Play all the roles as all the races. Coordinate actions with your ally Phantom. As any role, if you have no idea who to target, kill the biggest threat to you.

Gold- Gold mineral bases located in the center of the map PF- Planetary Fortress Bank- Amount of unspent resources collected Early game- Point in the game before everyone is at 200/200 supply Mid game- Point where everyone is at 200/200 supply but Phantoms aren't known Late game- Point where all/most players are fighting and Phantoms will reveal themselves HT- High Templar DT- Dark Templar AoE- Area of Effect Turtle- Large, defended base relying on static defense mixed with an army and rarely or never Kite- To use a ranged unit to fire, run backward, and fire, staying outside of enemy range Cost-Efficency- The output of power of a unit relative to its rescource cost Supply-Efficency- The output of power of a unit relative to its supply cost Remax- To recreate a full 200/200 army after the first was destroyed Natural- The given first expansion that each player will take SkyToss- A Protoss army consisting almost entirely of air units SkyTerran- A Terran army consisting almost entirely of air units Capital Ship- Carrier, Tempest, Mothership, BattleCruiser, BroodLord 

Small rant about the Paladin before I begin. I HATE the role of Paladin. Almost every game that I play is about the political control of one person. A Phantom can win with no particular skill in either deception or Starcraft II skill if he only bends the ear of the Paladin. The vast majority of Paladins want to control the entire game. They want small players that can't stand up for themselves. They want cooperation and allegience. They want mindless destruction of one person at a time. They are often the Slayers worst enemy. Now this doesn't mean I think Slayers should just revolt and attack the Paladin outright. The Paladin serves a purpose. That purpose is supposed to be a neutral party to settle disputes with minimal violence, to be a powerful force to fight a rushing Phantom, and to establish some order so the game doesn't disolve into a free-for-all. Unfortunately, Slayers often find it easier to follow blindly instead of thinking for themselves. The Paladin should serve as the judge, keeping order and listening to arguments. Sadly, he usually just attacks whoever is the biggest threat to himself. It doesn't help that most newer and weaker players want the extra power and economy that comes from a special role, without the difficulty of being a Phantom. This leads them to choose Paladin far more often than experienced players. Therefore, the game is often driven by a powerful, inexperienced player with two phantoms whispering in his ear. This situation dooms the game. Anyone reading this who has played a fair amount of Phantom Mode should know what I'm talking about. The only way to solve this issue (besides removing the role altogether) is for Slayers to leave the position of Paladin Slave and think and act for themselves. I'm not saying attack whoever you want for no reason, but attempt to deduce the Phantom, not blindly attack the strongest player. That strategy cheapens the game, and with higher level Phantom players, makes it almost impossible for Phantoms to lose. Rant over.

General Tips:
These are simple points that apply to all roles and all races 

\-Always get extra bases if they are available. More income is always helpful. More than four bases mining minerals is usually a waste of supply, though more gas is always a good thing \-Don't be afraid to be aggressive. If you have a decent reason, go kill someone, or at least pressure them to gauge the other players' reactions \-Build enough production to be able to remax in one cycle, and to be flexible. Be careful of overbuilding production, though. Not only does it increase peoples' suspicion of you, but can also drain your bank \-Static defense is always good, especially to protect your mineral lines and primary ramp. Similar to the production, don't let it eat your bank too much. I recommend a generous amount near mineral piles, and one or two lines surrounding your base if the game goes long \-Maintaining a good sized bank is your primary goal of the mid game, as running out of money will mean you become combat ineffective, and your production will not be able to be used. Learn through trial and error what the best balance is between bank size and production size. A good amount of production is to be able to produce 200 supply of units at once for a slayer. Any more than that is a waste. \-When building an army, try to be as hard to counter as possible. This means focusing on versitile and mixed armies. Examples of this are Carriers, Mothership, HT; Hydralisk, Viper, Ultralisk; Marine, Medivac, Liberator, Widow Mine. All of these armies are almost impossible to counter by massing just one unit (the strategy of most players) \-Never kill your workers to free supply. Regardless of role, when engaging in a prolonged fight your bank will drain regardless of how large your bank is before the fight begins. Fights can be very loss-heavy and extend over a long time. Not to mention having a surplus of workers makes it easier to rebuild, expand, and add to your base \-Never trust anyone completely. Eventually you will need to cooperate with someone to be effective, but unless both phantoms have revealed, anyone can stab you in the back \-Prioritize base defense over killing. It's easier to fight at your own base, and you will trade more efficently there. Beyond that, losing your base stops reinforcements to the fight. Always prioritize defense first. Disregard this if you are are a slayer about to end a phantom. Killing the phantom is more important than surviving. \-Build redundant tech structures. You never want to be crippled by losing a vital tech (Fusion Core, Dark Shrine, Spire) and have to take a long time to rebuild before making those units again \-Conversely, notice when your enemy has only one tech structure, then send a small squad to snipe it. If he can't build his core units, he will be that much easier to destroy \-There is no such thing as too much detection, or detection too early. Invisible units can obliterate you quickly if you are not prepared \-On the converse, use invisible units when you can. Burrowed roach attacks, DT pokes, and banshees are usually effective when attacking seperately from the main engagements. Send packs of units (4 DTs/8 banshee/20 zerglings/8 roaches) to the enemy expansions or even the main base while the main army is engaging somewhere else. It might take from the supply of your main army, but it will do more than enough damage to make up for it \-If someone else can do your fighting for you, let them. Don't be the first one to engage in a group fight, so you can let them take the casualties. That said, if you are the only one fighting, don't hesitate to swoop in for the kill \-Always destroy enemy expansions before the main base. It will die quickly and prevent him rebuilding or collecting resources as quickly when the main base fight drags on. It also reduces the space they have to work with and therefore their map control \-When the late game is dragging on, spread your production to other bases. Not excessively, but 4-6 production in each one to minimize the damage of losing just one base. \-Always have a method of defense by the first night. Although rare, early rushes happen and you should be prepared. By the first night you can have a PF at your ramp, dark templar, or mutalisks. Any of these is a fairly effective first night defense without delaying your tech or economy signifigantly. \-Know that most players are playing for the mid/late game and fail to defend in the early game unless an obvious threat is shown. If an opportunity to strike early shows itself, dont be afraid to seize the initiative as any role. \-Adapt throughout a fight. If your first engagement didn't go well, don't remax the same army and try the same thing again. Change your army to counter him and fight in a way that favors you \-If multiple people are attacking you are once, try to engage using long range units from your base, and attempt to fight each army seperately. Most likely, you won't be able to win a long term engagement when severely outmatched, but you can hold on long enough for the situation to change in your favor. \-In an early fight (within the first 5 minutes), don't worry about teching or expanding. Win the fight as fast as possible. Mass zerglings and roaches, stalkers and zealots, or marines and marauders is a simple and effective way to win early fights. If your opponent tries to turtle, then you're free to contain him and expand to gain the advantage. \-Get the upgrades you need for your main army first, but make sure to get all upgrades for all units as the game extends to the late stages. You don't know what units you will need to counter your enemy. That said, if you need to choose between gas for upgrades or gas for units, choose upgrades in peace, and units in war. \-Make sure to realize that most late game engagements aren't about destroying his army. They are about gaining an edge in the long-term fight. You can do this by destroying his economy though eliminating mining bases, destroying his production by hitting supply or production buildings, or draining his bank by forcing him to fight in engagements that are not cost efficient (engaging void rays with corruptors or marines with tempests). Destroying his army is just a means to an end. \-Finish your enemy. A big mistake I see players make is to win the primary engagements, and then move on to another task. Make sure to destory him to the point where he cannot rebuild. If you do not, they will rejoin the fight as soon as they are able. If their bank is large, they can go from a small squad of probes to a 200/200 army of void rays in minutes. 

Protoss Specific Tips:
\-Protoss is overall the strongest race in Phantom Mode, and generally the easiest to use. They can adapt their armies well, remax quickly, their static defense is the game's best, and their base design can be extremely efficient. \-Their biggest weakness is a weak early game. A combination of stalkers, photon cannons, and dark templar can usually hold a night 1 attack. Against mass zerglings there is almost no way to survive for long unless spotted very early. \-Always build all three unit-producing structures (Gateways, Stargates, Robotics Facilities). Stargates are usually going to be your primary army capability, but robotics facility and gateway units make your army complete and adaptable, and make it more difficult for your enemies to counter you. If they only make anit-air units, then a switch to archons and stalkers can ruin their day. \-Observers are extremely valuable. Personally, I keep 3-4 with my army and a minimum of another 3-4 back home (sometimes as many as 8). The supply cost is a low price to pay for complete detection capability. This is especially true as Phantom, since the supply cost hurts less when you have a higher cap. \-A good, complete base can have 10-15 gateways, 12-18 Stargates, and 4-6 robotics facilities. This is enough to keep units always producing for a 200/200 army, fill any gaps in your army, or exploit any weakness in your opponent. The lower number is for a 2 base build, the larger for a three base build. \-Photon cannons are critical surrounding your mineral lines, and around any expansions. This will force your opponent to commit a large attack to eliminate an outlying base, rather than just a small squad of cheap units. Mixing photon cannons into your pylon lines is good as well, as it increases your base defense without clogging your base. A good base design looks something like this: 

C=Photon Cannon
RF=Robotics Facility


The side with robotics facilities should be your walking path into and out of your base. This is important so that you can move in and out, as well as allow robotics ground units to be created. This build is the best way to maximize space to make the most production possible. The tech and upgrade buildings should be near the nexus, and any small spaces, including behind the mineral line, should be filled in with photon cannons. The only vulnerablity to this build is a force of air units focusing down your pylons and leaving everything else. The photon cannons will not provide enough defense by themselves against this, and the unpowered buildings will prevent probes from getting to the spaces to remake pylons. This is why you should never leave your base fully undefended, or build a photon cannon wall outside of your main base so that a fly-over army takes signifigant casualties.

\-Pylons are always good, as you can warp Gateway units into anywhere they are, as well as providing vision and supply \-High Templar are your best choice for AoE damage, as their psi storm is extremely effective, especially against the large air armies of the mid/late game. Mixing a few into any army composition strengthens your army power drastically without consuming much supply. \-Dark Templar are the first unit that gives Protoss an edge over the other races, and they remain an effective unit throughout all stages of the game. Sending a handful with your army can do massive damage when the enemy doesn't realize they are there, or forgot detection. Small packs can destory an undefended base quickly, and are almost always cost effective. Keep in mind, these are not primary army units. Sending them against an army with detection or against static defenses is never cost efficient \-Tempest are your best choice for cracking through a turtled defense or destorying massive air units. Keep them supported by dark templar and high templar or they will die to small air units (voids, corruptors, vikings) or masses of small ground units (stalkers, hydralisks, marines) \-Immortals are your best unit in a ground vs ground engagement, and can be very effective at destroying static defenses. Best used when getting a massive air army is not feasible. Not strong in the late game except vs ultralisks or used for in-base drops \-Stalkers are a good all-around unit for the price, especially in the early stages, but are not supply-efficent. Great to suppliment an early army of immortals/dark templar or early void rays. Not suggested in the late game except as an army compliment when a fast army is needed \-Zealots are a great mineral dump, as they increase your offensive capability in the late game without draining your vespene gas reserve. Sending them against undefended bases does massive damage for almost no cost. Think of these like Dark Templar that cost more supply, but no gas \-Getting the gold in the middle is most easily accomplished by using an early void ray, two immortals, or a dark templar. A DT is the slowest way, but puts the least drain on your early growth \-Keeping a mothership with your army is strong. It punishes opponents that neglect detection, as well as keeps the ablility to warp home to defend at any time 

Terran Specific Tips:
\-Best cost-efficency of any race, but the worst production capability. A good friend says: "You never die without a bank as Terran" \-MULES make your mineral collection better than any other race, which can be used to fund marines, which are useful in any stage of the game to compliment any army. Keeping marines pumping and supplimenting them with higher-cost units will enable you to fight for little money, and forcing cost-efficient trades with your enemy \-Your basic military concept is to use marines as the core of the military, and to adapt to the enemy with the higher tech units. This allows for cost effective trading against almost all unit compositions. Add Liberators vs mass air or ultralisks. Add ravens and vikings vs tempest. Add widow mines vs any low health army (anything besides Tempest or Battlecruisers). Add Battlecruisers vs other ground armies. Add vikings vs slow air units. Add marauders vs ground armies. Basically, marines are cost effective against all units besides Colossus, HT, Ultralisks, Banelings, Tanks, and Planetary Fortresses. Luckily for terran players, most of these are fairly rare units in Phantom Mode, which makes marines so valuable. \-Your defensive fights are going to be much more cost efficient than your attacks, more so than the other races. PFs and Missile Turrets are incredible defensively, especially when backed by marines, widow mines, libertors, etc \-Your detection capability is also the best, but requires the most micro-management. Keep your orbital commands hot-keyed so that detection is just two keys away \-Make sure to intergrate missile turrets into your planetary fortresses for detection and anti-air. Don't bother with bunkers, since they eat critical supply you need for a mobile army. A good ratio is 3-4 turrets per PF. Also, place the turrets outward of the PFs, to prevent air from killing the planetarys from range, and because they act as a shield against melee ground units \-Tanks, although extremely strong, are only useful in ground fights, since they have no anti-air. In early fights they can be devastating when supported by marines hitting an opponent's mineral line from the bottom of the cliff, and they work great in turtle games in conjunction with static defenses. Turtling is only good to make your opponents waste their time and money while your allies counter-attack, but in that niche terran turtling is very hard to break \-Widow Mines are extremely powerful, and something that even the most experienced player is vulnerable to. Make sure to be careful when using them as part of a main engagement, though. They do a lot of friendly fire, and will rip apart marine packs if they are too close. It is better to keep them as a flank, and burrow them mid-fight when the enemy will be less likely to notice their approach. You can also scatter them around a battle area for free kills on an approaching enemy army. I've seen these stop an entire army in its tracks for just a few hundred minerals and gas \-Vikings are the longest range anti-air unit, and can kite most air, including battlecruisers, carriers, voidrays, liberators, mutalisks, etc. Be warned that they are very fragile, and their ground mode is awful, so only land in desperate situations or against an undefended base \-Nukes are the game's best weapon against developed, revealed phantoms. Phantoms are usually busy with the primary engagements, as well as managing production, expanding, etc. Nukes land quickly, are fairly cheap, and almost impossible to stop. They can level entire bases of production, or carve a hole through entrenched static defense. Be careful to avoid hitting friendly armies with falling nukes \-For early game attacks, marines with medivacs are your strongest weapons. They are mobile, fast, and can inflict major damage quickly. Make sure to preserve your medivacs, though, as gas is a precious resource \-Battlecrusiers are an extremely strong air unit, but slow and have a low range. They are best used as tanks for your main army. If you mass them, do not forget to utilize their yamato cannons. It is worth traveling naturally rather than teleporting to save your energy for yamato, although a mass teleport into an undefended base can win a game \-Ravens are powerful in small numbers. Their heat seeker missile is devastating against packs of enemy units, especially air, and their point defense drone can turn the tide of battle against slow firing units like corruptors or tempests. Make sure to protect them, since their high gas cost and slow production time makes them hard to replace in battle \-Your best methods to grab the gold are a fast tank, or building a planetary fortress and repair it to kill the neutral one. The tank is cheaper, but the PF is much faster (second fastest method in the game) 

Zerg Specific Tips:
\-They are the most powerful in the early game, but lose power in the late game due to the low supply-efficiency of their units \-They are the most adaptable race, able to remax on any unit/unit combination in one batch \-They have the weakest static defense, but it is still effective in large quantities. The main issue is the extra step of creating drones to morph into static defense prevents you from keeping a 200/200 army and creating static defense at the same time \-Make sure you leave two space lanes to allow morphed ultralisks to exit the base \-Use a handful of queens in the early/mid game to make all of your hatcheries max on larvae (17 is the max) \-Your ground army is extremely powerful, but can be exploited by mass air armies and the terrain favoring air units. Make sure to keep vipers to punish anyone attacking with mass air \-Your armies (mass mutalisk excluded) are best suited to large, open engagements. Try to force your opponent to fight in an area that favors you, such as the space between two natural expansions. For mass mutalisk, try hit and run attacks to do damage to infrastucture. Avoid direct engagements with the other armies \-You are best on pure offense. Your bases tend to be vulnerable, so use your superior production speed and fast unit speed to force your opponent to fight away from your main base \-Fighting many opponents at once is hardest for zerg. As this race, once the mid game hits, you need to try as hard as possible to avoid 1 vs Many fights. Isolate one player into a 1v1 situation and use your countering ablilities to destroy him before moving to your next opponent \-A general rule for hatchery counts is 12-15 with good queen management, or 25 with no queens. 25 is easier to manage, since you won't have to constantly return to your base to inject, but it also looks much more threatening to the other players, so judge based on your lobby \-Creep spread is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it spreads your vision, prevents the building of your rivals, and increases ground unit speed. On the other, the minimap will show you as much larger than our opponents, as well as increase game lag for lower-powered computers. Again, judge based on your lobby. At the very least, spread to connect your main base and natural \-Your choices to kill the gold are to build spine crawlers (at least 5) and move them close enough to kill the PF, 7-9 roaches with micro, build a hatchery and spine crawlers (at least 5) and move them close enough to kill the PF a handful of ravagers using their bile launch, or a few mutalisks. Those are listed in order from fastest-slowest, but also from least cost efficent-most cost-efficent. Make your choice. In a race for the gold, Zergs have the fastest method with Roaches, but it puts you economically behind more than any other method \-Zerg is extremely gas-starved compared to the other races. Since their power lies in remaxing faster than their opponents, they drain their bank very quickly. Try to overwhelm your opponents, since trading to drain their bank will rarely work \-Zerglings are the main reason to the devastating early power of Zerg. They can make a large force before night 1, and unless the other players prepared for it, will surely kill anyone in a 1v1, even a slayer killing a phantom if catching the phantom by surprise. \-Ultralisks are the single best overall ground vs ground unit in the game. Their high armor makes them hard to kill, they have a directional AoE attack, and can tank hits for the higher DPS units of hydralisks, roaches, or zerglings. Make sure to get the upgrade for them from the Ultralisk den \-Hydralisks are the main unit of Zerg, and should comprise the bulk of any composition. They are versitile, fast, and fairly cheap. Supported properly with vipers, corruptors, roaches, or ultralisks they can wipe any army \-Pure air armies should be avoided, since they put far too much drain on your gas supply to remake. The only excpetion is a one-time mass of corruptors to destory a 200/200 air army, then following it up with a more balanced army afterward \-Mass mutalisk is almost always not effective, since they are very vulnerable. This being said, they can do massive damage if micro'd correctly and attacking an opponent's base. Make sure to protect them if you are using them. This is an effective way to join in a group fight after being crippled in an attack. You can use the mutalisks to force an opponent to worry about defense instead of the main fight. This is not a recommended strategy for phantoms \-Metabolic Boost is a critical upgrade for the beginning of the game. Any rushing or rush response relies on Zergling Speed. The 100 gas might seem like a lot when you only start with 1000 and you don't plan on making zerglings, but it is essential for survival in emergencies. You don't want to be starting the upgrade when the fighting starts. 
Protoss Specific Builds:

Every standard build will start with these steps, and then adapted(this is for the standard QS games):

@start- Build pylon, probe, and nexus at natural. Don't stop building probes and build pylons for supply @100% pylon- build gateway @100% gateway- Build cybernetics core @100% cyber core- build twilight council, forge, robotics facility and two assimilators, research warpgate @100% forge- build 3 photon cannons near nexus @100% twilight council- Build dark shrine @100% robotics facility- Build an observer @100% dark shrine- warp in dark templar @100% Dark templar, kill gold PF if not already taken 

The idea behind this start is to reach dark templar capability and detection by night one without severely delaying tech for your mid game army. It allows a moderately fast gold PF kill, but won't win any gold base races. This is a balanced approach that shouldn't seem like a rush to any observant players, and can allow all tech paths and army compositions. This is a good start for all playstyles and any role. NOTE: This is NOT a rush defense build. A full-out attack would be extremely hard to hold. This is designed to counter attacks on night 1 that were not started during day 1, or to join in taking down a night 1 attacker. If a player is obviously rushing on day 1, that is the primary concern. If you do get attacked night 1, use your dark templar defensively, and mix in stalkers and immortals as time goes on. Add 4 gateways ASAP.

Standard SkyToss build (any role):
Complete standard build, but add one Stargate after CyberCore, and add one additonal CyberCore @100% stargate, start Fleet Beacon @100% warpgate, start air upgrades @100% forge, get shield upgrades Get a total of 6-8 stargates and 6-10 warpgates, while pumping a mix of carriers with a handful of high templar. Avoid void rays for your standing army Get a mothership core Add 5 robo facilities after you hit 200/200 Create a 2 cannon wall around your main base and natural, and engage behind cannons with your air if attacked To remax, get the best counter when time permits. If reinforcements are needed ASAP, then get voidrays and stalkers 

The idea behind this build is a simple one; SkyToss is the scariest army in the game, and this build is how to get a maxed army as quickly and efficently as possible. With this army, as long as you play intelligently and carefully, should lead you to win most engagements. Just know that the main weaknesses of SkyToss are its expense, which seems obvious, and its slow remax time, which is more insidious. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen players with a huge bank and a lot of production get slaughtered as their units were building inside their base. You have to have a plan to slow your enemies down while you remax, either with void rays, gateway units, photon cannons, or a combination of all three (recommended).

Night 1 Dark Templar Rush (Phantom only):
Complete the standard build, with 3 gateways instead of one. As soon as night hits, add another forge, 8 gateways, and 3 robotics facilities. Get as many dark templar as possible and send one dark templar to each mineral line on the map (this is 16 dark templar, don't forget the golds) Get the ground armor and ground attack upgrades with chronoboost, and get blink ASAP Pump dark templar, stalkers, and immortals. (A good ratio is 1 DT:4 Stalkers, and as many immortals as you can produce) As the players struggle to defend against the dark templar, attack the nearest enemy to you Try to get your partner to reveal, since the attack will not work alone. You will fizzle out, usually after 2-3 players are dead (or night 2/day 3ish). If your partner reveals, however, you two together should be able to overwhelm the entire map unless the slayers are extremely competant 

The idea behind this is to take advantage of the two large weakness that most Phantom Mode players have, especially night 1. They don't expect a rush, and they don't prioritize detection. Once the rush hits, their economies buckle from the loss of all their collectors, allowing you time to coordinate with your partner and take out a few players. Beware of any player that does not take damage from the initial DT attack, since they will be much faster to retaliate. Sending the DT to the natural AND the main is critical. Many times they see the DT at the main and will focus on destorying that, ignoring the natural. If the players closest to you took critical damage from the first hit, and will be out of the fight for a long while, then skip them to overwhelm the more competant players first before they can counterattack. Note: UNALLY THROUGH THE COMMAND CARD. The short time it takes for them to figure out who to unally and the subsequent confusion can lead to priceless time for you to prepare.
Seal Team 6 build (slayer only):
Complete the standard build, but get 3 forges and all ground upgrades. Get 10 robotics facilities and as many warpgates as will fit into your base Get a 200/200 army consisting of warp prisms and dark templar (fill the warp prisms with the templar) Get air armor upgrades as well as all warp prism upgrades When engaging an army, fly into their base and drop all the dark templar, then switch to warp in mode. Warp in whatever gateway units you need to finish their base. Avoid engaging any armies as much as possible. In a desperate situation, morph all DT into archons to defend against air attacks on your base 

The idea behind this build is to have some fun filling a purely support role, and to experiment with using gateway units in the late game. You will not win against anyone in a straight-up fight, so wait for the group to decide on a victim before launching your attack, since it will be very costly. This is very similar to a baneling build by zerg, but more versitile. Do not use this build and expect to drive the battles. You are used to take out bases quickly. If there is more than one enemy, always target the one more vulnerable to the drop. If more than half of the players are Protoss, I would recommend avoiding this build, since Protoss bases usually have cannons and little space to move, which makes this build much harder to use effectively. The most vulnerable are usually Zerg players, since they tend to have the least static defense, and the most open bases.

Zerg Specific Builds

Macro build with early Mutalisk(all roles):
Start with spawning pool, 3 drones, macro hatch at base, and expansion hatchery @100% pool, start Lair and Metabolic Boost @[email protected] lair, start spire @[email protected] spire, start 5 mutalisks, one overseer, and 2 extractors @100% muta, add all tech buildings, more hatcheries, and reach 200/200 on any army 

The idea behind this build is to reach a solid early defense and detection (Muta and overseer) without sacrificing tech or economy. In the case of full war early, protect your mutalisks and add to them as gas permits, while using your spare minerals for zerglings. Otherwise, just focus on getting a balanced late-game army and adding production through more hatcheries or with queens

Early Zergling Rush (Recommended phantom but can modify for any role)
Start with spawning pool and 2 hatcheries in main base @100% pool, start Metabolic Boost and 3 queens @100% queens, add 2 evolution chambers and pump zerglings @[email protected] evo chambers, get 1/1 upgrades attack when 1/1 finishes or when night comes 
The idea behind this opening is to reach a powerful early rush of zerglings which is impossible to counter without preperation. The weakness of this opening is that it is extremely obvious to observant players who will enact countermeasures. This is best combined with deception, saying that you need to rush an "obvious phantom" or acting out some old grudge. Then players will be more complacent and not as prepared to defend themselves. Be warned, the zerglings will need to be supplimented soon with mutalisks or roach/hydra or you will be overwhelmed

Terran Specific Builds

Macro Build Focusing on maximizing all tech paths as fast as possible
Start with 2 Command Centers, one in base and one at natural, with one supply depot @100% depot-Barracks and another depot @100% barracks- 3x Orbital Commands, Factory, Engineering Bay, and Tech Lab @100% Factory- CC for Planetary Fortress at ramp, Starport, Tech Lab @100% Starport- Tech Lab, Fusion Core, Engineering Bay, 2x Armory, and 5x Barracks with tech labs @100% Fusion Core- Ghost Acadamy, all upgrades, add 7x Factories and 7x Starports with mixed tech labs and reactors, and 14x Barracks with reactors Wall when possible. Add PF and missile turret defenses around your base. Build army of marines/medivacs with supporting higher tech units to counter opponents 

The concept behind this build is to focus on the strengths of Terran: An abundance of minerals, the strength of Marines, and the ease of unlocking the entire tech tree. It also works to minimize the weaknesses of Terran: the poor production is aided by making an abundance of it, you start your plethora of desperately needed upgrades as soon as possible (Yamato Cannon, Marine range, Stim, Ghost Cloak, etc), and you make it easy to make a mixed army, which is essential to Terran success.

submitted by H1ghB1e to PhantomMode

TinyHawk Freestyle (V1) Bind Problems on Taranis QX7

I have wasted a full day of my life trying to get my shiny new Tinyhawk Freestyle to bind with my Taranis QX7. I have tried various Betaflight versions and various firmware and CLIs. I am now at my wit's end with both of these devices. (I also could not get the QX7 to bind with an R-XSR receiver.)

I have tried both the internal and external modules in both D8 and D16. I have tried to bind using the bind button as well as the CLI command. I have tried everything I can think of or find online. Short of flying to go meet up with Josh Bardwell I am out of ideas.
All the Tinyhawk Freestyle does when there is a battery in it is flash red and blue LEDs, or solid blue in bind mode.
Some stuff I have read has suggested that FrSky screwed all of their customers over by pushing the new version of ACCST, which supposedly does not work with the built-in RXs on stuff like Tiny Whoops, etc. That sounds like it might be the case, but if I'm just missing something I would like to know how to get these two devices to work with each other, or they are both getting returned.

So far the only things I have been able to do with the QX7 is bind it to a BetaFPV 65S lite (Bayang protocol, using the external module), and as a really expensive joystick for DRL on Steam. At this point what I would like to do is throw the piece of shit through their front window.
Note: The Betaflight OSD is working fine, and I am able to see info through my goggles, in case that helps.
Taranis QX7 Info:
FW: opentx-x7VERS: 2.3.7 (8b080683)DATE: 2020-03-28EEPR:219FIRMWARE OPTIONS: crossfire, multimodule, luac
I have the external Multiprotocol module, but I am not sure what firmware version is on it. I have tried using the XJT on that, but it has also failed to bind.
[I was able to revert the firmware back to 2.30, but all it did was create an error in OpenTX Companion, so I may put it back on 2.3.7]
Here is the dump from Betaflight:
# version# Betaflight / STM32F411 (S411) 4.1.2 Dec 22 2019 / 02:19:57 (89051e256) MSP API: 1.42# manufacturer_id: MTKS board_name: MATEKF411RX custom defaults: YES
# start the command batchbatch start
board_name MATEKF411RXmanufacturer_id MTKS
# name: TH FreeStyle
# resourcesresource BEEPER 1 C15resource MOTOR 1 B06resource MOTOR 2 B08resource MOTOR 3 B10resource MOTOR 4 B07resource MOTOR 5 NONEresource MOTOR 6 NONEresource MOTOR 7 NONEresource MOTOR 8 NONEresource SERVO 1 NONEresource SERVO 2 NONEresource SERVO 3 NONEresource SERVO 4 NONEresource SERVO 5 NONEresource SERVO 6 NONEresource SERVO 7 NONEresource SERVO 8 NONEresource PPM 1 A03resource PWM 1 A02resource PWM 2 A09resource PWM 3 A10resource PWM 4 NONEresource PWM 5 NONEresource PWM 6 NONEresource PWM 7 NONEresource PWM 8 NONEresource SONAR_TRIGGER 1 NONEresource SONAR_ECHO 1 NONEresource LED_STRIP 1 A00resource SERIAL_TX 1 A09resource SERIAL_TX 2 A02resource SERIAL_TX 3 NONEresource SERIAL_TX 4 NONEresource SERIAL_TX 5 NONEresource SERIAL_TX 6 NONEresource SERIAL_TX 7 NONEresource SERIAL_TX 8 NONEresource SERIAL_TX 9 NONEresource SERIAL_TX 10 NONEresource SERIAL_TX 11 NONEresource SERIAL_TX 12 NONEresource SERIAL_RX 1 A10resource SERIAL_RX 2 A03resource SERIAL_RX 3 NONEresource SERIAL_RX 4 NONEresource SERIAL_RX 5 NONEresource SERIAL_RX 6 NONEresource SERIAL_RX 7 NONEresource SERIAL_RX 8 NONEresource SERIAL_RX 9 NONEresource SERIAL_RX 10 NONEresource SERIAL_RX 11 NONEresource SERIAL_RX 12 NONEresource INVERTER 1 NONEresource INVERTER 2 NONEresource INVERTER 3 NONEresource INVERTER 4 NONEresource INVERTER 5 NONEresource INVERTER 6 NONEresource INVERTER 7 NONEresource INVERTER 8 NONEresource INVERTER 9 NONEresource INVERTER 10 NONEresource INVERTER 11 NONEresource INVERTER 12 NONEresource I2C_SCL 1 NONEresource I2C_SCL 2 NONEresource I2C_SCL 3 NONEresource I2C_SDA 1 NONEresource I2C_SDA 2 NONEresource I2C_SDA 3 NONEresource LED 1 C13resource LED 2 NONEresource LED 3 NONEresource RX_BIND 1 B02resource RX_BIND_PLUG 1 NONEresource TRANSPONDER 1 NONEresource SPI_SCK 1 A05resource SPI_SCK 2 B13resource SPI_SCK 3 B03resource SPI_MISO 1 A06resource SPI_MISO 2 B14resource SPI_MISO 3 B04resource SPI_MOSI 1 A07resource SPI_MOSI 2 B15resource SPI_MOSI 3 B05resource ESCSERIAL 1 NONEresource CAMERA_CONTROL 1 NONEresource ADC_BATT 1 B00resource ADC_RSSI 1 NONEresource ADC_CURR 1 B01resource ADC_EXT 1 NONEresource BARO_CS 1 NONEresource BARO_EOC 1 NONEresource BARO_XCLR 1 NONEresource COMPASS_CS 1 NONEresource COMPASS_EXTI 1 NONEresource SDCARD_CS 1 NONEresource SDCARD_DETECT 1 NONEresource PINIO 1 NONEresource PINIO 2 NONEresource PINIO 3 NONEresource PINIO 4 NONEresource USB_MSC_PIN 1 NONEresource FLASH_CS 1 NONEresource OSD_CS 1 B12resource RX_SPI_CS 1 A15resource RX_SPI_EXTI 1 C14resource RX_SPI_BIND 1 B02resource RX_SPI_LED 1 B09resource RX_SPI_CC2500_TX_EN 1 A08resource RX_SPI_CC2500_LNA_EN 1 A13resource RX_SPI_CC2500_ANT_SEL 1 A14resource GYRO_EXTI 1 A01resource GYRO_EXTI 2 NONEresource GYRO_CS 1 A04resource GYRO_CS 2 NONEresource USB_DETECT 1 NONEresource VTX_POWER 1 NONEresource VTX_CS 1 NONEresource VTX_DATA 1 NONEresource VTX_CLK 1 NONEresource PULLUP 1 NONEresource PULLUP 2 NONEresource PULLUP 3 NONEresource PULLUP 4 NONEresource PULLDOWN 1 NONEresource PULLDOWN 2 NONEresource PULLDOWN 3 NONEresource PULLDOWN 4 NONE
# timertimer A03 AF3# pin A03: TIM9 CH2 (AF3)timer B10 AF1# pin B10: TIM2 CH3 (AF1)timer B06 AF2# pin B06: TIM4 CH1 (AF2)timer B07 AF2# pin B07: TIM4 CH2 (AF2)timer B08 AF2# pin B08: TIM4 CH3 (AF2)timer A00 AF2# pin A00: TIM5 CH1 (AF2)timer A02 AF3# pin A02: TIM9 CH1 (AF3)timer A09 AF1# pin A09: TIM1 CH2 (AF1)timer A10 AF1# pin A10: TIM1 CH3 (AF1)
# dmadma SPI_TX 1 NONEdma SPI_TX 2 NONEdma SPI_TX 3 NONEdma SPI_RX 1 NONEdma SPI_RX 2 NONEdma SPI_RX 3 NONEdma ADC 1 0# ADC 1: DMA2 Stream 0 Channel 0dma ADC 2 NONEdma ADC 3 NONEdma UART_TX 1 NONEdma UART_TX 2 NONEdma UART_TX 3 NONEdma UART_TX 4 NONEdma UART_TX 5 NONEdma UART_TX 6 NONEdma UART_TX 7 NONEdma UART_TX 8 NONEdma UART_RX 1 NONEdma UART_RX 2 NONEdma UART_RX 3 NONEdma UART_RX 4 NONEdma UART_RX 5 NONEdma UART_RX 6 NONEdma UART_RX 7 NONEdma UART_RX 8 NONEdma pin A03 NONEdma pin B10 0# pin B10: DMA1 Stream 1 Channel 3dma pin B06 0# pin B06: DMA1 Stream 0 Channel 2dma pin B07 0# pin B07: DMA1 Stream 3 Channel 2dma pin B08 0# pin B08: DMA1 Stream 7 Channel 2dma pin A00 0# pin A00: DMA1 Stream 2 Channel 6dma pin A02 NONEdma pin A09 0# pin A09: DMA2 Stream 6 Channel 0dma pin A10 0# pin A10: DMA2 Stream 6 Channel 0
# mixermixer QUADX
mmix reset
# servoservo 0 1000 2000 1500 100 -1servo 1 1000 2000 1500 100 -1servo 2 1000 2000 1500 100 -1servo 3 1000 2000 1500 100 -1servo 4 1000 2000 1500 100 -1servo 5 1000 2000 1500 100 -1servo 6 1000 2000 1500 100 -1servo 7 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
# servo mixersmix reset
# featurefeature -RX_PPMfeature -INFLIGHT_ACC_CALfeature -RX_SERIALfeature -MOTOR_STOPfeature -SERVO_TILTfeature -SOFTSERIALfeature -GPSfeature -RANGEFINDERfeature -TELEMETRYfeature -3Dfeature -RX_PARALLEL_PWMfeature -RX_MSPfeature -RSSI_ADCfeature -LED_STRIPfeature -DISPLAYfeature -OSDfeature -CHANNEL_FORWARDINGfeature -TRANSPONDERfeature -AIRMODEfeature -RX_SPIfeature -SOFTSPIfeature -ESC_SENSORfeature -ANTI_GRAVITYfeature -DYNAMIC_FILTERfeature OSDfeature AIRMODEfeature RX_SPIfeature ANTI_GRAVITYfeature DYNAMIC_FILTER
# beaconbeacon -RX_LOSTbeacon RX_SET
# mapmap TAER1234
# serialserial 20 1 115200 57600 0 115200serial 0 0 115200 57600 0 115200serial 1 2048 115200 57600 0 115200
# ledled 0 0,0::C:0led 1 0,0::C:0led 2 0,0::C:0led 3 0,0::C:0led 4 0,0::C:0led 5 0,0::C:0led 6 0,0::C:0led 7 0,0::C:0led 8 0,0::C:0led 9 0,0::C:0led 10 0,0::C:0led 11 0,0::C:0led 12 0,0::C:0led 13 0,0::C:0led 14 0,0::C:0led 15 0,0::C:0led 16 0,0::C:0led 17 0,0::C:0led 18 0,0::C:0led 19 0,0::C:0led 20 0,0::C:0led 21 0,0::C:0led 22 0,0::C:0led 23 0,0::C:0led 24 0,0::C:0led 25 0,0::C:0led 26 0,0::C:0led 27 0,0::C:0led 28 0,0::C:0led 29 0,0::C:0led 30 0,0::C:0led 31 0,0::C:0
# colorcolor 0 0,0,0color 1 0,255,255color 2 0,0,255color 3 30,0,255color 4 60,0,255color 5 90,0,255color 6 120,0,255color 7 150,0,255color 8 180,0,255color 9 210,0,255color 10 240,0,255color 11 270,0,255color 12 300,0,255color 13 330,0,255color 14 0,0,0color 15 0,0,0
# mode_colormode_color 0 0 1mode_color 0 1 11mode_color 0 2 2mode_color 0 3 13mode_color 0 4 10mode_color 0 5 3mode_color 1 0 5mode_color 1 1 11mode_color 1 2 3mode_color 1 3 13mode_color 1 4 10mode_color 1 5 3mode_color 2 0 10mode_color 2 1 11mode_color 2 2 4mode_color 2 3 13mode_color 2 4 10mode_color 2 5 3mode_color 3 0 8mode_color 3 1 11mode_color 3 2 4mode_color 3 3 13mode_color 3 4 10mode_color 3 5 3mode_color 4 0 7mode_color 4 1 11mode_color 4 2 3mode_color 4 3 13mode_color 4 4 10mode_color 4 5 3mode_color 5 0 9mode_color 5 1 11mode_color 5 2 2mode_color 5 3 13mode_color 5 4 10mode_color 5 5 3mode_color 6 0 6mode_color 6 1 10mode_color 6 2 1mode_color 6 3 0mode_color 6 4 0mode_color 6 5 2mode_color 6 6 3mode_color 6 7 6mode_color 6 8 0mode_color 6 9 0mode_color 6 10 0mode_color 7 0 3
# auxaux 0 0 0 1700 2100 0 0aux 1 1 1 1725 2100 0 0aux 2 2 1 1375 1650 0 0aux 3 13 2 1700 2100 0 0aux 4 35 3 1700 2100 0 0aux 5 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 6 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 7 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 8 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 9 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 10 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 11 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 12 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 13 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 14 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 15 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 16 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 17 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 18 0 0 900 900 0 0aux 19 0 0 900 900 0 0
# adjrangeadjrange 0 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 1 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 2 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 3 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 4 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 5 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 6 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 7 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 8 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 9 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 10 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 11 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 12 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 13 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 14 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 15 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 16 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 17 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 18 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 19 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 20 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 21 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 22 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 23 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 24 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 25 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 26 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 27 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 28 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0adjrange 29 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
# rxrangerxrange 0 1000 2000rxrange 1 1000 2000rxrange 2 1000 2000rxrange 3 1000 2000
# vtxtablevtxtable bands 0vtxtable channels 0vtxtable powerlevels 0vtxtable powervaluesvtxtable powerlabels
# vtxvtx 0 0 0 0 0 900 900vtx 1 0 0 0 0 900 900vtx 2 0 0 0 0 900 900vtx 3 0 0 0 0 900 900vtx 4 0 0 0 0 900 900vtx 5 0 0 0 0 900 900vtx 6 0 0 0 0 900 900vtx 7 0 0 0 0 900 900vtx 8 0 0 0 0 900 900vtx 9 0 0 0 0 900 900
# rxfailrxfail 0 arxfail 1 arxfail 2 arxfail 3 arxfail 4 hrxfail 5 hrxfail 6 hrxfail 7 hrxfail 8 hrxfail 9 hrxfail 10 hrxfail 11 hrxfail 12 hrxfail 13 hrxfail 14 hrxfail 15 hrxfail 16 hrxfail 17 h
# masterset gyro_hardware_lpf = NORMALset gyro_sync_denom = 1set gyro_lowpass_type = PT1set gyro_lowpass_hz = 100set gyro_lowpass2_type = BIQUADset gyro_lowpass2_hz = 300set gyro_notch1_hz = 0set gyro_notch1_cutoff = 0set gyro_notch2_hz = 0set gyro_notch2_cutoff = 0set gyro_calib_duration = 125set gyro_calib_noise_limit = 48set gyro_offset_yaw = 0set gyro_overflow_detect = ALLset yaw_spin_recovery = ONset yaw_spin_threshold = 1950set gyro_to_use = FIRSTset dyn_notch_range = AUTOset dyn_notch_width_percent = 0set dyn_notch_q = 70set dyn_notch_min_hz = 130set dyn_lpf_gyro_min_hz = 0set dyn_lpf_gyro_max_hz = 450set gyro_filter_debug_axis = ROLLset acc_hardware = AUTOset acc_lpf_hz = 10set acc_trim_pitch = 0set acc_trim_roll = 0set acc_calibration = 7,64,-50set align_mag = DEFAULTset mag_align_roll = 0set mag_align_pitch = 0set mag_align_yaw = 0set mag_bustype = SPIset mag_i2c_device = 0set mag_i2c_address = 0set mag_spi_device = 0set mag_hardware = AUTOset mag_declination = 0set mag_calibration = 0,0,0set baro_bustype = SPIset baro_spi_device = 0set baro_i2c_device = 0set baro_i2c_address = 0set baro_hardware = AUTOset baro_tab_size = 21set baro_noise_lpf = 600set baro_cf_vel = 985set mid_rc = 1500set min_check = 1020set max_check = 2000set rssi_channel = 0set rssi_src_frame_errors = OFFset rssi_scale = 100set rssi_offset = 0set rssi_invert = OFFset rssi_src_frame_lpf_period = 30set rc_interp = AUTOset rc_interp_ch = RPYTset rc_interp_int = 19set rc_smoothing_type = INTERPOLATIONset rc_smoothing_input_hz = 0set rc_smoothing_derivative_hz = 0set rc_smoothing_debug_axis = ROLLset rc_smoothing_input_type = BIQUADset rc_smoothing_derivative_type = BIQUADset rc_smoothing_auto_smoothness = 10set fpv_mix_degrees = 0set max_aux_channels = 14set serialrx_provider = SBUSset serialrx_inverted = OFFset spektrum_sat_bind = 0set spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset = ONset srxl2_unit_id = 1set srxl2_baud_fast = ONset sbus_baud_fast = OFFset airmode_start_throttle_percent = 32set rx_min_usec = 885set rx_max_usec = 2115set serialrx_halfduplex = OFFset rx_spi_protocol = FRSKY_Dset rx_spi_bus = 3set rx_spi_led_inversion = ONset adc_device = 1set adc_vrefint_calibration = 0set adc_tempsensor_calibration30 = 0set adc_tempsensor_calibration110 = 0set input_filtering_mode = OFFset blackbox_p_ratio = 32set blackbox_device = SERIALset blackbox_record_acc = ONset blackbox_mode = NORMALset min_throttle = 1070set max_throttle = 2000set min_command = 1000set dshot_idle_value = 450set dshot_burst = OFFset dshot_bidir = OFFset dshot_bitbang = AUTOset dshot_bitbang_timer = AUTOset use_unsynced_pwm = OFFset motor_pwm_protocol = DSHOT600set motor_pwm_rate = 480set motor_pwm_inversion = OFFset motor_poles = 14set thr_corr_value = 0set thr_corr_angle = 800set failsafe_delay = 4set failsafe_off_delay = 10set failsafe_throttle = 1000set failsafe_switch_mode = STAGE1set failsafe_throttle_low_delay = 100set failsafe_procedure = DROPset failsafe_recovery_delay = 20set failsafe_stick_threshold = 30set align_board_roll = 0set align_board_pitch = 0set align_board_yaw = 90set gimbal_mode = NORMALset bat_capacity = 0set vbat_max_cell_voltage = 450set vbat_full_cell_voltage = 410set vbat_min_cell_voltage = 290set vbat_warning_cell_voltage = 320set vbat_hysteresis = 1set current_meter = NONEset battery_meter = ADCset vbat_detect_cell_voltage = 30set use_vbat_alerts = ONset use_cbat_alerts = OFFset cbat_alert_percent = 10set vbat_cutoff_percent = 100set force_battery_cell_count = 0set vbat_lpf_period = 30set ibat_lpf_period = 10set vbat_duration_for_warning = 0set vbat_duration_for_critical = 0set vbat_scale = 110set vbat_divider = 10set vbat_multiplier = 1set ibata_scale = 179set ibata_offset = 0set ibatv_scale = 0set ibatv_offset = 0set beeper_inversion = ONset beeper_od = OFFset beeper_frequency = 0set beeper_dshot_beacon_tone = 1set yaw_motors_reversed = OFFset crashflip_motor_percent = 0set 3d_deadband_low = 1406set 3d_deadband_high = 1514set 3d_neutral = 1460set 3d_deadband_throttle = 50set 3d_limit_low = 1000set 3d_limit_high = 2000set 3d_switched_mode = OFFset servo_center_pulse = 1500set servo_pwm_rate = 50set servo_lowpass_hz = 0set tri_unarmed_servo = ONset channel_forwarding_start = 4set reboot_character = 82set serial_update_rate_hz = 100set imu_dcm_kp = 2500set imu_dcm_ki = 0set small_angle = 50set auto_disarm_delay = 5set gyro_cal_on_first_arm = OFFset gps_provider = NMEAset gps_sbas_mode = AUTOset gps_auto_config = ONset gps_auto_baud = OFFset gps_ublox_use_galileo = OFFset gps_set_home_point_once = OFFset gps_use_3d_speed = OFFset gps_rescue_angle = 32set gps_rescue_initial_alt = 50set gps_rescue_descent_dist = 200set gps_rescue_landing_alt = 5set gps_rescue_landing_dist = 10set gps_rescue_ground_speed = 2000set gps_rescue_throttle_p = 150set gps_rescue_throttle_i = 20set gps_rescue_throttle_d = 50set gps_rescue_velocity_p = 80set gps_rescue_velocity_i = 20set gps_rescue_velocity_d = 15set gps_rescue_yaw_p = 40set gps_rescue_throttle_min = 1200set gps_rescue_throttle_max = 1600set gps_rescue_ascend_rate = 500set gps_rescue_descend_rate = 150set gps_rescue_throttle_hover = 1280set gps_rescue_sanity_checks = RESCUE_SANITY_ONset gps_rescue_min_sats = 8set gps_rescue_min_dth = 100set gps_rescue_allow_arming_without_fix = OFFset gps_rescue_alt_mode = MAX_ALTset gps_rescue_use_mag = ONset deadband = 0set yaw_deadband = 0set yaw_control_reversed = OFFset pid_process_denom = 1set runaway_takeoff_prevention = ONset runaway_takeoff_deactivate_delay = 500set runaway_takeoff_deactivate_throttle_percent = 25set thrust_linear = 0set transient_throttle_limit = 15set tlm_inverted = OFFset tlm_halfduplex = ONset frsky_default_lat = 0set frsky_default_long = 0set frsky_gps_format = 0set frsky_unit = IMPERIALset frsky_vfas_precision = 0set hott_alarm_int = 5set pid_in_tlm = OFFset report_cell_voltage = OFFset ibus_sensor = 1,2,3,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0set mavlink_mah_as_heading_divisor = 0set telemetry_disabled_voltage = OFFset telemetry_disabled_current = OFFset telemetry_disabled_fuel = OFFset telemetry_disabled_mode = OFFset telemetry_disabled_acc_x = OFFset telemetry_disabled_acc_y = OFFset telemetry_disabled_acc_z = OFFset telemetry_disabled_pitch = OFFset telemetry_disabled_roll = OFFset telemetry_disabled_heading = OFFset telemetry_disabled_altitude = OFFset telemetry_disabled_vario = OFFset telemetry_disabled_lat_long = OFFset telemetry_disabled_ground_speed = OFFset telemetry_disabled_distance = OFFset telemetry_disabled_esc_current = ONset telemetry_disabled_esc_voltage = ONset telemetry_disabled_esc_rpm = ONset telemetry_disabled_esc_temperature = ONset telemetry_disabled_temperature = OFFset ledstrip_visual_beeper = OFFset ledstrip_visual_beeper_color = WHITEset ledstrip_grb_rgb = GRBset ledstrip_profile = STATUSset ledstrip_race_color = ORANGEset ledstrip_beacon_color = WHITEset ledstrip_beacon_period_ms = 500set ledstrip_beacon_percent = 50set ledstrip_beacon_armed_only = OFFset sdcard_detect_inverted = OFFset sdcard_mode = OFFset sdcard_dma = OFFset sdcard_spi_bus = 0set osd_units = METRICset osd_warn_arming_disable = ONset osd_warn_batt_not_full = ONset osd_warn_batt_warning = ONset osd_warn_batt_critical = ONset osd_warn_visual_beeper = ONset osd_warn_crash_flip = ONset osd_warn_esc_fail = ONset osd_warn_core_temp = OFFset osd_warn_rc_smoothing = OFFset osd_warn_fail_safe = OFFset osd_warn_launch_control = OFFset osd_warn_no_gps_rescue = ONset osd_warn_gps_rescue_disabled = ONset osd_warn_rssi = OFFset osd_warn_link_quality = OFFset osd_rssi_alarm = 20set osd_link_quality_alarm = 80set osd_rssi_dbm_alarm = 60set osd_cap_alarm = 2200set osd_alt_alarm = 100set osd_esc_temp_alarm = -128set osd_esc_rpm_alarm = -1set osd_esc_current_alarm = -1set osd_core_temp_alarm = 70set osd_ah_max_pit = 20set osd_ah_max_rol = 40set osd_ah_invert = OFFset osd_tim1 = 2560set osd_tim2 = 2561set osd_vbat_pos = 2415set osd_rssi_pos = 2411set osd_link_quality_pos = 234set osd_rssi_dbm_pos = 234set osd_tim_1_pos = 234set osd_tim_2_pos = 2403set osd_remaining_time_estimate_pos = 234set osd_flymode_pos = 234set osd_anti_gravity_pos = 234set osd_g_force_pos = 234set osd_throttle_pos = 234set osd_vtx_channel_pos = 2422set osd_crosshairs_pos = 205set osd_ah_sbar_pos = 206set osd_ah_pos = 78set osd_current_pos = 234set osd_mah_drawn_pos = 234set osd_motor_diag_pos = 234set osd_craft_name_pos = 2089set osd_display_name_pos = 234set osd_gps_speed_pos = 234set osd_gps_lon_pos = 234set osd_gps_lat_pos = 234set osd_gps_sats_pos = 234set osd_home_dir_pos = 234set osd_home_dist_pos = 234set osd_flight_dist_pos = 234set osd_compass_bar_pos = 234set osd_altitude_pos = 234set osd_pid_roll_pos = 234set osd_pid_pitch_pos = 234set osd_pid_yaw_pos = 234set osd_debug_pos = 234set osd_power_pos = 234set osd_pidrate_profile_pos = 234set osd_warnings_pos = 329set osd_avg_cell_voltage_pos = 234set osd_pit_ang_pos = 234set osd_rol_ang_pos = 234set osd_battery_usage_pos = 234set osd_disarmed_pos = 234set osd_nheading_pos = 234set osd_nvario_pos = 234set osd_esc_tmp_pos = 234set osd_esc_rpm_pos = 234set osd_esc_rpm_freq_pos = 234set osd_rtc_date_time_pos = 234set osd_adjustment_range_pos = 234set osd_flip_arrow_pos = 234set osd_core_temp_pos = 234set osd_log_status_pos = 234set osd_stick_overlay_left_pos = 234set osd_stick_overlay_right_pos = 234set osd_stick_overlay_radio_mode = 2set osd_rate_profile_name_pos = 234set osd_pid_profile_name_pos = 234set osd_profile_name_pos = 234set osd_stat_rtc_date_time = OFFset osd_stat_tim_1 = OFFset osd_stat_tim_2 = ONset osd_stat_max_spd = ONset osd_stat_max_dist = OFFset osd_stat_min_batt = ONset osd_stat_endbatt = OFFset osd_stat_battery = ONset osd_stat_min_rssi = ONset osd_stat_max_curr = OFFset osd_stat_used_mah = OFFset osd_stat_max_alt = OFFset osd_stat_bbox = OFFset osd_stat_bb_no = OFFset osd_stat_max_g_force = OFFset osd_stat_max_esc_temp = OFFset osd_stat_max_esc_rpm = OFFset osd_stat_min_link_quality = OFFset osd_stat_flight_dist = OFFset osd_stat_max_fft = OFFset osd_stat_total_flights = OFFset osd_stat_total_time = OFFset osd_stat_total_dist = OFFset osd_stat_min_rssi_dbm = OFFset osd_profile = 1set osd_profile_1_name = -set osd_profile_2_name = -set osd_profile_3_name = -set osd_gps_sats_show_hdop = OFFset system_hse_mhz = 8set task_statistics = ONset debug_mode = NONEset rate_6pos_switch = OFFset cpu_overclock = OFFset pwr_on_arm_grace = 5set scheduler_optimize_rate = OFFset vtx_band = 0set vtx_channel = 0set vtx_power = 0set vtx_low_power_disarm = OFFset vtx_freq = 0set vtx_pit_mode_freq = 0set vtx_halfduplex = ONset vtx_spi_bus = 0set vcd_video_system = NTSCset vcd_h_offset = 0set vcd_v_offset = 0set max7456_clock = DEFAULTset max7456_spi_bus = 2set max7456_preinit_opu = OFFset displayport_msp_col_adjust = 0set displayport_msp_row_adjust = 0set displayport_max7456_col_adjust = 0set displayport_max7456_row_adjust = 0set displayport_max7456_inv = OFFset displayport_max7456_blk = 0set displayport_max7456_wht = 2set esc_sensor_halfduplex = OFFset esc_sensor_current_offset = 0set frsky_spi_autobind = OFFset frsky_spi_tx_id = 0,0set frsky_spi_offset = 0set frsky_spi_bind_hop_data = 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0set frsky_x_rx_num = 0set frsky_spi_a1_source = VBATset cc2500_spi_chip_detect = ONset led_inversion = 0set dashboard_i2c_bus = 0set dashboard_i2c_addr = 60set camera_control_mode = HARDWARE_PWMset camera_control_ref_voltage = 330set camera_control_key_delay = 180set camera_control_internal_resistance = 470set camera_control_button_resistance = 450,270,150,68,0set camera_control_inverted = OFFset rangefinder_hardware = NONEset pinio_config = 1,1,1,1set pinio_box = 255,255,255,255set usb_hid_cdc = OFFset usb_msc_pin_pullup = ONset flash_spi_bus = 0set rcdevice_init_dev_attempts = 6set rcdevice_init_dev_attempt_interval = 1000set rcdevice_protocol_version = 0set rcdevice_feature = 0set gyro_1_bustype = SPIset gyro_1_spibus = 1set gyro_1_i2cBus = 0set gyro_1_i2c_address = 0set gyro_1_sensor_align = CW180set gyro_1_align_roll = 0set gyro_1_align_pitch = 0set gyro_1_align_yaw = 1800set gyro_2_bustype = SPIset gyro_2_spibus = 1set gyro_2_i2cBus = 0set gyro_2_i2c_address = 0set gyro_2_sensor_align = DEFAULTset gyro_2_align_roll = 0set gyro_2_align_pitch = 0set gyro_2_align_yaw = 0set i2c1_pullup = OFFset i2c1_overclock = ONset i2c2_pullup = OFFset i2c2_overclock = ONset i2c3_pullup = OFFset i2c3_overclock = ONset mco2_on_pc9 = OFFset timezone_offset_minutes = 0set gyro_rpm_notch_harmonics = 3set gyro_rpm_notch_q = 500set gyro_rpm_notch_min = 100set dterm_rpm_notch_harmonics = 0set dterm_rpm_notch_q = 500set dterm_rpm_notch_min = 100set rpm_notch_lpf = 150set flysky_spi_tx_id = 0set flysky_spi_rf_channels = 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0set stats = OFFset stats_total_flights = 0set stats_total_time_s = 0set stats_total_dist_m = 0set name = TH FreeStyleset display_name = -set position_alt_source = DEFAULT
profile 0
# profile 0set profile_name = -set dyn_lpf_dterm_min_hz = 0set dyn_lpf_dterm_max_hz = 250set dterm_lowpass_type = PT1set dterm_lowpass_hz = 100set dterm_lowpass2_type = BIQUADset dterm_lowpass2_hz = 200set dterm_notch_hz = 0set dterm_notch_cutoff = 0set vbat_pid_gain = OFFset pid_at_min_throttle = ONset anti_gravity_mode = SMOOTHset anti_gravity_threshold = 250set anti_gravity_gain = 5000set feedforward_transition = 25set acc_limit_yaw = 100set acc_limit = 0set crash_dthreshold = 50set crash_gthreshold = 400set crash_setpoint_threshold = 350set crash_time = 500set crash_delay = 0set crash_recovery_angle = 10set crash_recovery_rate = 100set crash_limit_yaw = 200set crash_recovery = OFFset iterm_rotation = ONset iterm_relax = RPYset iterm_relax_type = GYROset iterm_relax_cutoff = 11set iterm_windup = 40set iterm_limit = 150set pidsum_limit = 500set pidsum_limit_yaw = 400set yaw_lowpass_hz = 0set throttle_boost = 4set throttle_boost_cutoff = 15set acro_trainer_angle_limit = 20set acro_trainer_lookahead_ms = 50set acro_trainer_debug_axis = ROLLset acro_trainer_gain = 75set p_pitch = 78set i_pitch = 80set d_pitch = 73set f_pitch = 65set p_roll = 70set i_roll = 80set d_roll = 68set f_roll = 65set p_yaw = 55set i_yaw = 90set d_yaw = 0set f_yaw = 80set angle_level_strength = 50set horizon_level_strength = 50set horizon_transition = 75set level_limit = 25set horizon_tilt_effect = 75set horizon_tilt_expert_mode = OFFset abs_control_gain = 0set abs_control_limit = 90set abs_control_error_limit = 20set abs_control_cutoff = 11set use_integrated_yaw = OFFset integrated_yaw_relax = 200set d_min_roll = 0set d_min_pitch = 0set d_min_yaw = 0set d_min_boost_gain = 27set d_min_advance = 20set motor_output_limit = 100set auto_profile_cell_count = 0set launch_control_mode = NORMALset launch_trigger_allow_reset = ONset launch_trigger_throttle_percent = 20set launch_angle_limit = 0set launch_control_gain = 40set ff_interpolate_sp = AVERAGEDset ff_spike_limit = 60set ff_max_rate_limit = 100set ff_boost = 15set idle_min_rpm = 0set idle_adjustment_speed = 50set idle_p = 50set idle_pid_limit = 200set idle_max_increase = 150
rateprofile 1
# rateprofile 1set rateprofile_name = -set thr_mid = 50set thr_expo = 0set rates_type = BETAFLIGHTset roll_rc_rate = 90set pitch_rc_rate = 90set yaw_rc_rate = 90set roll_expo = 10set pitch_expo = 10set yaw_expo = 10set roll_srate = 80set pitch_srate = 80set yaw_srate = 80set tpa_rate = 20set tpa_breakpoint = 1650set tpa_mode = Dset throttle_limit_type = OFFset throttle_limit_percent = 100set roll_rate_limit = 1998set pitch_rate_limit = 1998set yaw_rate_limit = 1998
# end the command batchbatch end

If anyone can help me sort this out it would really be appreciated. I am certainly not the only person having this issue.
submitted by erichhaubrich to Quadcopter