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all my gripes (feedback)

i'm gonna post this here and on the forums. i keep seeing people saying feedback on things is required, and there are some design decisions i would heavily object to, here are some suggestions, comments and gripes - so, in no particular order.
0) the game's loot system, obviously the most important point. there's far too little loot, but there's also FAR too much. what i mean by this is that there is often reasonably scarce resources around but often the fact that loot will now respawn infront of your face means that this won't matter. you can now just chuck loot out of a building's windows and have it respawn at your feet, basically manually causing a lootbomb. why is this stupid? because it's a terrible design decision and i can replace it so easily with a few easy suggestions.
0A) loot replacement suggestion
100% of the loot in residential houses is DESPAWNED permanently. it never appears out in the open. now to find loot in these houses you must open closed drawers and wardrobes and etc, like you're ripping the house apart in a movie. loot will ONLY spawn once the wardrobe is open, like Schrodinger's cat. this means that each house has the chance to spawn a higher density of items with less impact on the game, and once you've opened the drawers they don't spawn loot again until a restart. the more thorough you are in clearing a house, the more likely you are to get good loot, and less resources are used spawning loot.
1) animals are impossible to find. i should see animals litterally everywhere, forgetting how complete they are.
2) random loot doesn't help with finding car parts, it's like the system works against you
3) lockpicks useless vs player with any weapon
4) the sickness system will be too complicated to be fun, and you can avoid any sickness by hydrated+energised anyway
5) i need a pickaxe to make an oven and a spade to fish?
6) chopper crash mags IE SVD/VSS spawning as normal on any general military, why don't they just spawn there rarely too? i don't know.
7) chopper crashes being the only place to find some things, not necessarily with any sense to that. they're kinda balanced to whoever has a car, same with the nets.
8) nets impossible to find since new spawns will always take them now
9) i still can't spawn with my friend without 3 hours of suiciding. why can't we have spawning by clicking on a choice of locations?
10) while there are a lot of enterable houses now, they aren't generic enough IE the houses with bloody stuff above the sink. the houses should each randomly generate their contents at server restart or something.
11) you're going the wrong way with zombies. they should be an omnipresent WALKING nuisance EN MASSE rather than a threat you have to run from and then lock away in a room. they should be so prolific that the only choice is to run away, even to somebody with 75rnd drum mags. they should get a health bonus in hoardes vs guns and when they start to shout they should attract all the nearby zombies. players are so aggressive because they are not forced to band together to clear a town of zoms for instance. they're just not an issue. 0.55 zoms were too much too far in the wrong direction, and while i like the ones from that one video, they just seem way too much in the wrong way.
12) attachments, RIS. are you kidding? let me get into a bit of a rant here.
stuff like flashlights, scopes anything like that should attach to any weapon with RIS rails. why is the crossbow holosight for the crossbow only but the longhorn scope multirole?
13) bring back burlap wraps
14) apartments should be the most dense loot in the game, and they are good for tents at the moment i'll admit. with my shrodingers loot system it'd be far better to loot apartments than cherno WITHOUT CAUSING THE LAG/LOOT DISTRIBUTION PROBLEMS.
15) i should be able to bodge my weapons to fit attachments that were never even intended to fit, IE sawing the FAL stock and taping it to the nub of an AK stock.
16) more paint colours and working tie-dye. i'm sick of everyone being in the same clothing, why not let us dye leather clothing into our own mixes of camouflage?
17) this is always a HUGE gripe with dayz for me. a server on the mod years ago sorted this too, it's the cars.
17a) cars are going to be too complicated. i don't want to get into casualvshardcore arguments but too many parts means the cars just sit around doing nothing, or an admin picks them up as an admin car. on UK alliance server there's this one sedan about 5 separate people are logged next to to try and fix occasionally, nobody succeeded in 2 weeks. all it needs is 2 wheels.
17b) where did all the cars go? there should be random caches of cars that you can just pull parts from. they don't have to be driveable but it'd make sense if there were "parts cars" crashed dynamically all over the map. it should be easy to find cars but super hard to find one that's going to actually work right. you should have to cannibalise the local neighborhood's cars to get one working. the current spawn system just seems like old dayz.
18) planned feature??? need recipes that combine fresh ingredients, cans or meat to make higher calorie/"better" foods. IE nice curry.
18a) need curry leaves and chillies
19) public PVE servers. i like PVP but there comes a point where i actually just want to find the stuff i need to go fishing and set up a cosy camp with an oven next to a small lake. wouldn't it be great if you just got the whole server fishing in the same lake?
i'm saddened by the levels people go to to be hostile, down to setting out traps inside loot buildings and etc.
i blame frankie + "i want to be the sniper" for this sort of play, and i'm not going to deny punching a fully geared guy to death yesterday.
20) replace jumping (with a physical jump rather than an animation and temporarily disappearing) , current melee system (with something more like mount and blade, where you can block and running around is less powerful (not that i have too much of a problem with melee right now)) and try to shed anything that makes the game feel like ARMA.
21) linking the last point and the zombies point, Dayz often lacks "game" - in that you spend your time looking for items or players, which is half of the picture. most of the time should be spent avoiding large groups of zombies which are an omnipresent menace, rather than a thin blood-loss threat at best.
22) there's no tutorial for new players, (it's an alpha yeah, and they say don't buy the game still.) when the game is released there should be a limited "village sized" diorama of various activities in the game, from repairing a vehicle with looting, to a small archery test on a boar or something and some zombies, then some cooking, tanning, and making a leather bag. those core skills will probably make any player's time ingame better. there are people walking around who don't know how to do everything on that list. when the game releases there will be thousands of people in this boat who didn't buy the game at alpha.
23) official trading servers with communal tent cities for trading. kinda following on from my point about community and wouldn't it be great if we just went fishing rather than playing the hunger games.
24) underground hidden buildings should spawn loot (IE stary yar base)
25) spawns should be anywhere on the map regardless of local loot, since the coast has plenty anyway.
26) add tarpaulin so i can collect water, or collect water in a barrel.
27) add the ability to disassemble the camouflage nets around the map and relocate them to your base
28) should be able to use the truck in conjunction with sawmill to move larger logs and craft structures, furniture and boards from these logs
29) towable items, trailers and caravans, make boats towable when they come in, generators
30) skateboards and segways
31) biscuits, wheat harvesting, baking and bread
32) horses, riding, crafting saddles, jousting equipment, physics lassos (can lasso player, zombie, or animal for herding, could be used by a car passenger)
33) barricading + animal lifecycles? - make it possible to, in conjunction with the lasso and a wolf pet, herd cattle into a pre-prepared, barricaded enclosure where they will breed.
34) should cars really spawn destroyed though? or rather, should we be able to repair them? i wouldn't be able to find where spark plugs went on a car in real life unless i'd been using it for a while and had looked under the bonnet for them
35) what happened to that train prototype i saw years ago?
36) large stones should come from searching for stones
37) replace "search for" with something like picking part of the model you can see and having it disappear. it's time consuming at the moment, or rather it's needlessly boring when you could litterally be searching the bush/ground.
even just have the berries/stones spawn on the floor once you click "search for"
38) craftable persistent storage, IE leather tent or small leather box (stowed or buried)
39) ability to dig out and steal static items from the countryside using a vehicle, spade and rope. IE concrete pipes, fences, telegraph poles, trees, outhouses and other small things. larger vehicles can steal bigger statics for their base, IE car wrecks. the statics won't spawn loot anymore if they did before. could just be used to make roadblocks.
note on the feel of dayz. it feels like 28 days after the apocalypse. but it's stuck there in a time warp for the moment. servers are constantly at the stage where most people are essentially panicked and fighting for their immediate safety (whether by choice or not), but we never end up at the stage where we have generic groups of people who've come together without immediately shooting eachother for safety because there's no reason to go that far yet. to finish the circle, dayz needs to change it's feel from 28 days to 28 weeks as a server's players progress. that probably entails a massive focus on raw material development (big logs, water storage, more animals, working quarrying from the quarry) and construction (as i mentioned above)
i hope some of that was relevant
submitted by Avnas to dayz


Info dump of Vigor Dev Stream 10 - October 24th, 2018 - 0.6 Update Released!

Vigor Dev Stream 10 - October 24th, 2018



Vigor 0.6 Update Released!

Watch the 0.6 update trailer if you haven't: https://youtu.be/2EvIiXIzaFI
A full change log is not yet available, but will be getting posted soon. The general list of improvements was touched on during the stream, but not extensively. Here's a quick rundown of the main additions:
  • Duos group support is here! There is an option in the user interface to invite a friend to create an in-game duo group. In order to voice chat with your partner during the game in this first iteration of duos, you will need to open up the Xbox overlay and form an Xbox party to voice chat through there. Another thing to note is that loot in duos is not shared, so you will need to do your own negotiations about who loots which building or who gets the airdrop. Watch out for friendly fire! :)
  • New weapons have been added along with some which have scopes! You're less likely to find weapons laying around maps now, so you will need to loot them from other players, find them in crates, craft them from parts, or craft them from blueprints.
  • Improved gunplay! Numerous subtle and not so subtle changes are implemented that should make guns feel more accurate, reliable and satisfying. Bugs, damage values and other weapon values were corrected to improve the feel of weapons. A subtle aim assist was added as well that should make the aim slightly stickier near targets. Another nice touch is the improvement to aiming reticles which includes a red X if firing would be blocked. Xbox One gamepad trigger vibration is also supported now (which I don't think was used in 0.5) and should make weapons feel even punchier. They do still have an internal list of issues they plan to fix, but gunplay is in a much better place now compared to 0.5.
  • Max shelter level increased along with new upgrades! Shelter levels and certain upgrade levels now serve as a prerequisite for crafting certain weapons with blueprints, though if you have the right parts you can craft them any time without the blueprint or shelter level requirements.
  • Improved and reorganized shelter and shelter map visuals! The shooting range cover has been spiced up, there are now stairs that lead down to the water, the shelter interior has had many changes and there have been numerous adjustments to other details outside.
  • Crafting system reworked along with the inclusion of a new crafting queue! Not all weapon crafting parts are available on every map, so you will want to try out each of the maps to see what you find!
  • Both the looting experience and the loot itself have been given a refinement pass! Now lootable objects have a dot indicator on them that can be seen once you're near making it much more intuitive to know what can be looted and where you need to aim in order to loot it. The loot itself is also distributed better around the maps with new smaller containers randomly positioned.
  • Dynamic weather has been added, so each map will have a few different conditions which will be determined at the start of the match. A snow map will always be a snow map, but the weather conditions will change each time. This should help keep the environments fresh over longer play sessions.
  • Items now have rarity colors to help differentiate between more or less common loot.
  • Game-wide user interface improvements, including tips which introduce important interface elements.
  • Improved animation system for character movement, with special attention towards making it more reliable and stable for future improvements. The way the camera reacts to movement has also been improved as part of this and should feel more natural when switching stances or going through indoor areas. The current state of these changes is not final and will be improved more in the future.
  • Maps have had a visual improvement pass, focusing on adding believable clutter and detail around the maps.
  • A discovery system has been implemented so each map contains Points of Interest. Visit them all!
  • The tutorial has been improved to introduce more of the game elements to players, using the new Points of Interest system, message boxes and a full airdrop.
  • There are now more more cosmetic options and player cosmetic customizations are now only unlocked by acquiring them from airdrop crates.
  • There are now tracers on gunfire so it's easier to make out what direction it's coming from for people with limited hearing or lacking a surround sound setup.
  • The Founder's Pack Vigor Baseball Cap is now technically in the game, but is currently locked. They are working on resolving this.
  • Numerous other minor fixes and improvements.


New Weapons in 0.6:

19 new weapons have been added in addition to the 18 (M67 grenade included) which were already in-game making a total of 37 weapons.
🔭 = Scoped weapon.
  • M7 Bayonet
  • Puukko belt knife
  • Smith & Wesson Stealth Hunter 629 Revolver - .44 Magnum
  • Remington Model 870 shotgun - Shotgun shells
  • General Motors M3 "Grease Gun" submachine gun - 0.45 ACP
  • FB PM-63 RAK submachine gun - 9x19 Parabellum
  • Thompson "Tommy Gun" submachine gun - 0.45 ACP
  • ADR-97 submachine gun - 5.7x28
  • SKS semi-automatic carbine - 7.62×39
  • Kalashnikov AKS-74U carbine - 5.45x39
  • 🔭 Steyr AUG A1 bullpup assault rifle with 1.5x telescopic sight - 5.56x45 NATO
  • M1 Carbine - .30 carbine
  • Heckler & Koch G3 battle rifle - 7.62x51 NATO
Sniper Rifles:
  • 🔭 Springfield M21 sniper rifle with adjustable 3-9x telescopic sight - 7.62x51 NATO
  • 🔭 Dragunov SVU short sniper rifle with a PSO-1 4x telescopic sight - 7.62x54
  • 🔭 Steyr AUG HBAR-T (Heavy Barreled Automatic Rifle-Telescope) light machine gun fitted with a Kahles ZF69 6×42 optical sight - 5.56x45 NATO
  • Saco M60E3 light machine gun - 7.62x51 NATO
  • Kalashnikov PKM light machine gun - 7.62x54
  • Kalashnikov RPK - 7.62x39 (this is in addition to the RPK-74 5.45x39 variant already in the game)


💬 Q&A - Duos:

When you queue into a duos match, does it only match against other duos?
  • The matchmaking for duos and solo players is separate, so yes a duo group will only encounter other duo groups.
Can we see our partners position on the map in duos?
  • Yes! During a match you will be represented by an orange marker and your partner will be a blue marker. These markers are not currently shown in the 3D scene, so it is still your job to maintain positional awareness and avoid friendly fire. For now they will wait to determine if a visual marker should be shown above players, but they would prefer to keep the UI as clean as possible to maximize immersion.
Can we see our partners map markers on the compass in duos?
  • Map markers aren't shared in 0.6, but it is something that is planned for a future update. When it was play tested internally they realized that when you don't have a mic or prefer not to talk on a mic, it's nice to have map markers to communicate about where you're going.
Is there Friendly Fire in duos?
  • Yes. Choose your friends wisely!
Are there going to be emotes? This would be nice in a group.
  • Yes, gestures are already in development.
Is there any way to trade items to your duo partner?
  • You can swap weapons, but only in a special scenario where there is already a weapon in a loot container that you have to swap out with your own. In that way, you can each swap weapons through the container. As for normal items like bandages, the only way is to look at loot before you pick it up and tell them about it if it's something they need. After you loot the normal items, they can't be traded. There is a darker solution, however. If your partner dies they do drop all of their loot and you can take what you want. Proper trading scenarios are being looked into, but it's likely that any trading support would be minimal as it isn't a big focus right now.
Are players going to be able to visit other players shelters in the future?
  • This question does get asked a lot. These kinds of features are still under consideration, but there are a number of technical and practical concerns involved. One concern is that 2 players being at a shelter at the same time would mean spinning up a server for that, but if players can visit shelters asynchronously it would incur less server strain and have minimal business impact. They don't have any firm plans around something like this, but it is being looked into.
For duos, do both players contribute to one shelter or does each player still upgrade their own?
  • Shelter upgrades are handled individually and even in the future you should always have your own individual shelter focus. Group shelter upgrades of some sort have been suggested, but would be something to look into further down the road after launch.


💬 Q&A - Customization:

The Vigor Baseball Cap is locked. How do I unlock it?
  • This is an issue that is being looked into, so stay tuned.
Will there be larger military backpacks or will we only see the satchel design?
  • First thing to note is that Vigor is not a military game and your character does not necessarily have a background of military service. There are some military weapons and derelict military vehicles as part of map designs, but there aren't necessarily going to be a large number of military accessory items. It isn't out of the question, though. One thing of concern is that people wearing large backpacks run differently and would have to lay on the ground differently (since Vigor supports laying on your back) which complicates things requiring entirely new animations. Satchels are also uniquely designed to make them easy to access on the go.
Will we be able to decapitate enemy players and keep their heads as trophies to display on the fireplace mantle?
  • That's… oddly specific! Probably not, but maybe weapons or animals if they are ever added in the future. There have been internal discussions about other token items you might be able to keep from dead players, but nothing yet in the plans. Meanwhile, if you haven't seen the movie Predator, it would be right up your alley. :)
Will personalized shelter customizations play a big role in the future?
  • That is definitely an important part of the direction Vigor is heading in and they want you to feel like the shelter is your home. To help facilitate that, the goal is to make sure you can put your own touch on it.


💬 Q&A - Social / Stats:

Will there be a ranked system?
  • Some form of ranking system is being experimented with internally, but not firmly planned as part of the game yet. What they are currently working on for the next update is showing more statistics about your own performance and then in the future the possibility of showing stats from your friends as well.
Are we going to be able to see who was in the match, who you killed or who killed you in the future?
  • You can already see who was in a match with you using the Xbox Recent Players feature and if you are killed during a match the kill screen does show who killed you. It's possible that in a future update the loot boxes of dead players may show the players name on it so you can see who died there, but they are still ironing that out.
Will there be a scoring system for the shooting range or a way to display weapon damage done to an object?
  • A number of activities are being looked at for spending time at the shelter in-between matches. One in particular is challenges that can be completed at the shooting range, but there isn't an ETA on when that feature will make it into an update.


💬 Q&A - Technical:

Will Vigor support 60FPS at launch in February?
  • While currently the game runs at 30FPS and sometimes higher, they will keep optimizing. 60FPS can't be promised, but they would love to be able to deliver that if possible.
Where are the U.S. servers located? Sometimes there are desync or lag issues.
  • US East is hosted in New York, New York. US Central is hosted in Dallas, Texas. US West is hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah. Some latency issues can be related to matching across matchmaking regions which happens at lower population times during Game Preview.
Will the advanced settings ever be explained in more detail?
  • The number of options there can be overwhelming for people. It might be an opportunity there for someone within the Vigor team to put together a tutorial video for it or have them on the next dev stream to discuss it.
Is the sluggish gun response from 0.5 fixed in 0.6?
  • There used to be an issue where the gun would stutter or lag while aiming and that has been fixed, if that's what you're referring to. There is a separate issue that does remain which is still being worked on where actions can get stuck.


💬 Q&A - Updates:

What are some of the current priorities for the next update?
  • There are a large number of things being worked on, some of which have already been mentioned previously such as adding female characters, player statistics or improvements to melee combat. As for the more immediate future, they already have a list of known bugs with 0.6 that they want to fix and they expect players to find bugs they don't yet know about which they will take into consideration when prioritizing. More generally, they know that looting, shooting and movement is the core of their game so they will always take opportunities to improve them in any way they can first if possible.
Are any more wipes expected between now and launch?
  • Another wipe is likely between now and launch. A wipe will only be done if it's necessary. There should be plenty of time for you to have a lot of fun with the game and hopefully if an update requires a wipe the improvements will make up for it. :) While there are a number of technical issues that wipes can resolve during an update, it also lets the developers see how the changes they made are effecting people who are starting from scratch so they can further refine the new player experience.


💬 Q&A - Maps:

Does the weather variety only change at the start of each new map, or does the weather also change as a match progresses?
  • In 0.6 the weather now changes whenever a new match starts, but does not yet change during the match itself. A dynamic weather system that allows it to change throughout the map has already been completed internally that allows sprinkling rain to progress into a downpour, but it's not known when or if that will make it into an update.
Will modifiers be implemented for maps, like Night Time, Snipers Only, Double Radiation Damage, etc?
  • Modifiers like that aren't being considered right now, but they are looking into adding more dynamic events like the airdrop which may change up the map experience each time.
When will the maps rotate?
  • The map incorrectly says 432 days right now and that is being investigated, but 1 map will rotate out every 3 days so every 6 days both maps will be different.


💬 Q&A - Misc:

Can we swim in 0.6?
  • Swimming isn't supported in 0.6, but what is implemented currently and introduced in the tutorial is that water slows you down when you walk through it. In that sense, water can play a strategic role in certain scenarios. Adding full support for swimming would require extensive work, so instead most of the water in the game is only waist deep. Some areas of water do have a current and may pull you in the direction of the current. Swimming is open as a possibility in the future, but there aren't any firm plans for it.
Is Vigor going to have a presence at Paris Games Week?
  • Unfortunately not, but they will be at another event towards the end of the year.
Is French language support coming?
  • Yes, French is on the list of languages they are planning to support initially. English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese should be ready in the game for the release in February 2019. More languages may be added later. For the duration of Game Preview, only English will be supported.
Are the guns in the game all historically available in 1992 and accurate?
  • Yes, all the guns available in the game were in use in 1992 and any discrepancies might be limited to internal weapon values or the style with which the character carries the weapon. Initially all weapon values were real-world accurate, but it turned out that many of those values don't translate well to gameplay so they have been tweaked.
Will mechanics like food, body temperature and sleep be a part of Vigor?
  • Vigor isn't a typical survival game and is aiming for a more focused experience. As such, those kinds of survival features aren't planned, but they will be looking into other game modes in the future so other aspects of survival aren't out of the question. All of that said, Bohemia Interactive already develops DayZ so players can get that type of survival experience there. Vigor wants to differentiate there, leaning more on the shelter building, economy and community.
  • Having animals in the world along with all the strategic considerations and potential player rewards that could bring to the game would fit well with their goals, but if they get added it will be a distant future addition.
Deconstructing weapons doesn't provide blueprints anymore?
  • In 0.6 you no longer deconstruct weapons for blueprints. Instead, you get blueprints from loot crates, but to use a blueprint you need to meet the prerequisites and it takes time. The other way to craft weapons is to use parts which you can find in maps and this crafting occurs instantly with no other requirements. A nice benefit of looting weapon parts is that they fit in your inventory instead of having to drop one of your existing weapons for them.
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