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December 1955

1: In Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks refuses to obey bus driver James F. Blake's order that she give up her seat to make room for a white passenger, and is arrested, leading to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
4: The International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations is founded in Luxembourg.
5: The American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations merge, to become the AFL–CIO / The Montgomery Improvement Association is formed in Montgomery, Alabama, by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and other Black ministers to coordinate a Black people's boycott of all city buses.
9: Adnan Menderes of DP forms the new government of Turkey (22nd government).
10: 1955 Australian Federal Election - Robert Menzies' Liberal/Country Coalition Government is re-elected with a substantially increased majority, defeating the Labor Party led by H.V. Evatt. This election comes in the immediate aftermath of the devastating split in the Labor Party, which leads to the formation of the Democratic Labor Party. The DLP will preference against Labor, and keep the Coalition in office until 1972.
14: The Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River, in New York State, opens to traffic / Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Laos, Libya, Nepal, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Sri Lanka join the United Nations simultaneously, after several years of moratorium on admitting new members that began during the Korean War.
20: Cardiff is declared by the British Government as the capital of Wales.
22: American cytogeneticist Joe Hin Tjio discovers the correct number of human chromosomes (46), forty-six.
31: General Motors becomes the first American corporation to make a profit of over 1 billion dollars, in 1 year / Austria becomes independent, after Post-WW2 allied occupation.
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A Half Decent Beginners Guide to Mindustry V5

First of, if you got the game on steam, and went into the steam community for a guide, you will be disappointed, they are mostly terrible and populated by people who don't play much an think dous are a viable tactic on desolate rift (With a notable exception of this guide and its part II: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1935045318, an amazing guide to efficiency, but quite advanced for beginners). So, with that said, I have decided to write a guide that will actually help beginners to get into the game, while teaching you tricks that many guides don't teach you to make early waves less stressful to prepare for.
This guide assumes you have had no trouble completing the tutorial, I'm not teaching the absolute basics like conveyors.
Starting your journey:
As soon as you have access the the research tree, after the tutorial, the first thing you will want to do is to get every upgrade you can afford after the conveyor belt. This notably includes the Router, OveUnderflow gates and a bit later, Bridge Conveyor. When starting out, these can seem confusing, but you will need them at some point, and be very frustrated if you don't have them. Also, it is basically impossible to build a good defence on ground zero without routers, so these are necessary. Once you start ground zero, don't panic, the first waves are easy to kill with your drone, so don't worry about having a full defence. Place down as many drills as you can on the copper veins near your core, and get lots of copper, then move on to the lead veins further out. After the first wave or so, you will want a defence, though using your drone is still viable, but annoying to do, especially on PC without auto aim. There is a copper vein close to the enemy spawn, this is a good place to set up a defence. Put down some drills and make a row of routers with dous right in front of them as your defence. Pro players hate router chains because they are slow and inefficient, but at a beginner level, they work just fine. Place walls in front of the turrets, and your defence is almost done...almost. If your defence spans the entire length of one of the choke points outside the enemy base, the enemies can just walk around it. To stop this, put walls thickly across the other choke as well, so that the enemy AI thinks it will be quicker to go through your defences instead of breaking the walls (all it will do is give them a quick death however...).
This trick of guiding the enemy pathfinding towards your turrets is INVALUABLE at later levels, where you have to wall of several possible paths the enemy can take, such as in the level Stained Mountains.
Once you get to Wave 10 (NOT WAVE 5), launch your core and research bridge conveyors with the lead you now have, and unlock frozen forest. Other things to unlock are the combustion generator and graphite press, in order to get power and graphite, respectively.
Continuing on:
Your next stops will be frozen forest and craters, in which you should try and make a fair amount of graphite, in order to unlock the pneumatic drill, and the scorch. The pneumatic drill is needed for titanium, and the scorch is a key step in making a powerful defence (Better Than Dous). Once you have the scorch, research the (very cheap) arc turret, which is very strong early game.
It is around this point were dedicated defences with dous early game are rather pointless, because of just how good the scorch and arc are. The Dou does about 8 damage, and shoots 3 times a second, for 24 DPS total, on 1 target. To make a meaningful defence however, you need several, even for as little as maybe 5 daggers. The arc however, uses power, so feeding it ammo is really easy, hits many targets with its chain lightning, and does around 35 DPS. 2 of these is a good defence early game, and with a little coal a defence can be made in around 10 seconds, leaving more time for resource gathering. However, if you manage to get the 22 graphite for a scorch before wave 1, the scorch obliterates its competition with a total of 72 DPS, and only needing coal makes it easy to use. Place 1 drill on some coal, 1 scorch next to it, and a wall in front. And watch scorch go brrrrr.
I will most likely write another part to this guide for later game, but for now here is a list of tips to help you out.
Quick Tips:
-lancers do incredible early game damage if you can get them, but work best in funnels where they can line enemies up.
-a useful combo to get early power is 1 water extractor and 2 steam generators (this is V5 people...), this nets a large amount of power for low cost, and is a repeatable design.
-water extractors are a great way to cool certain blocks without having to invest in meta-glass, and should ALWAYS to placed next to drills to boost their speed by 2.5 times. This cannot be said enough. Drills are WAAAAY faster with water than without.
-to make an annoying resource like meta-glass or small amounts of surge, consider using unloaders on your core to get the resources instead of making a big setup, as you only need a small amount most of the time.
-a powerful non power defence can be make with salvos and thorium ammo, these do a lot of damage and can shred through revenants and other T3 units.
-Menders are overpowered, spam them for basically unkillable walls, but remember they constantly use power, so batteries are not much help.
-invest early on in launch pads, so that the high research costs don't force you to constantly launch your core and give up your progress.
-the differential generator is bad...don't use it...
-building units in campaign is often worth it, as they amass outside enemy spawn zones, but flying units like revenants are better than ground units.
-hails and ripples are great turrets to build further back, as they have huge range.
-never forget air defence. You don't think you need it until 50 ghouls spawn and fly straight over your walls. Equally, don't think the scatter is weak, scatters are quite strong for there cost and ease of use, but cyclones are much better even compared to spectres, which are good against flying bosses but not swarms.
-Use Schematics...Drills This Into Your Brain...don't build the same plastanium setup over and over when a click of a button does the work for you.
-use sneks, or inverted sorteunderflow gate chains (I think), look up a guide or use the one at the start of this guide, these are super fast transport mechanisms.
-the mass driver doesn't have to be used for range only, it can simple by used to reduce clutter or send items over a dense build instead of weaving them through it. When it comes to simplicity, mass drivers are a godsend.
-Fuses are op. Cryofluid fuses are even more op. Liches seem hard, until you use fuses, don't be put of by the trash range, these turrets SHRED at point blank.
-you can increase your cores size with containers and vaults, as well as some distribution blocks to even out the rough edges of the containers into a square.
-RTG generators are literal garbage, don't make phase fabric just for them, you will be disappointed.
That is the end of my guide, thanks for reading.
submitted by Shade_Strike_62 to Mindustry