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Moving out of state and on to new things, so I’m looking to sell my Dreamcast Collection. I would rather not have to deal with eBay so I’m going to try this first. I would rather sell in bundles then to sell individually. The more you buy the higher priority you are for me to talk to first. I leave in 1 week or I have to take it with me. ((Do not misinterpret this as me needing to sell this fast, I’m just being honest on how long before eBay happens))
Please do not waste my time with unrealistic offers. If you’re interested in these items then you know there cost. My prices are based off of recent eBay sold/completed items depending on how much you purchase we can work out a deal for 10%-25%. **EXAMPLE ( if you purchase 1 game expect a discount of 10%-15%. If you purchase multiple games you can expect a larger discount** For Specialty items please make me a realistic offer. Do not ask me what I want for the item before you make me a realistic offer. If you can’t show that you’re a serious buyer I won’t be a serious seller.
Im willing to do trades for a PS4 console (Like new), Note 3(Like new), Motorcycle, Moped, or a vehicle. *For purchase or trade we will meet off of Friars Road in front of IKEA and Costco**
All games are complete tested and come with protective plastic covers.
  1. 102 Dalmations Puppies to the Rescue
  2. 4 Wheel Thunder
  3. Aerowings
  4. Airforce Delta
  5. Alien Font Online
  6. Alone in the Dark: the New Nightmare
  7. Atari Anniversary Edition
  8. Bang! Gunship Elite
  9. Blaze Mp3
  10. Blaze Xploder
  11. Bleemcast (Gran Turismo 2)
  12. Bleemcast (Metal Gear Solid)
  13. Bleemcast (Tekken 3)
  14. Blue Stinger
  15. Bowling Reproduction
  16. Buggy Heat (PAL)
  17. Bust-A-Move 4
  18. Capcom vs. SNk
  19. Carrier
  20. Ceasars Palace 2000
  21. Centipede
  22. Championship Surfer
  23. Charge 'N Blast
  24. Cheats 'N Codes Volume 1
  25. Chicken Run
  26. ChuChu Rocket
  27. Coaster Works
  28. Conflict Zone: Modern War Strategy
  29. Cool Herders
  30. Crazy Taxi (Pre-Production USA Silver Copy)
  31. Crazy Taxi (Sega All Stars Version)
  32. D2
  33. Dave Mirra Freestyle Bmx (Beta GD-R)
  34. Dave Mirra Freestyle Bmx (NFR Pre-Production Copy)
  35. Dead or Alive 2
  36. Dead or Alive 2 (Demo Disc)
  37. Death Crimson OX
  38. Death Trigger OX GUN PACK
  39. Demolition Racer- No Exit (Demo Disc)
  40. Dino Crisis
  41. Disney's Dinosaur
  42. Donald Duck Goin Quackers
  43. Draconus Cult of the Wyrm
  44. Dragon Riders Chronicles of Pern
  45. Dreamcast Karaoke Unit
  47. Dux
  48. Evil Dead Hail To The King
  49. Evolution
  50. Evolution 2
  51. Expendable
  52. Feet of Fury
  53. Fightitng Force 2
  54. Flag to Flag (Cart)
  55. Flinstones Reproduction
  56. Floigan Brothers
  57. Frogger 2 Swampy's Revenge
  58. Fur Fighters
  59. Gameshark (Large Cardboard Box Version 3.3)
  60. GameShark (Small Cardboard Box Version 3.3)
  61. Gameshark Lite
  62. Gauntlet Legends
  63. Giest Force
  64. Gran Theft Auto 2
  65. Grandia II
  66. Gundam: Side Story 0079
  67. Half Life Reproduction
  68. HeadHunter (PAL)
  69. Heavy Metal
  70. HellGate Reproduction
  71. Hidden and Dangerous
  72. House of the Dead 2, The
  73. House of the Dead 2, The (Sega All Stars Version)
  74. House Of The Dead GUN PACK
  75. Hoyle Casino
  76. Incoming
  77. Industrial Spy : Operation Espionage
  78. Inhabitants
  79. Irides : Master of Blocks
  80. Iron Aces
  81. Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000
  82. Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 (Beta GD-R)
  83. Jet Grind Radio Beta GDR
  84. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  85. KAO the Kangaroo
  86. King of Fighters Dream Match 99
  87. King of Fighters Evolution, The
  88. KISS Psycho Circus
  89. Last Hope
  90. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
  91. Looney Tunes Space Race
  92. Maken X
  93. Maqiupai
  94. Marvel vs. Capcom (Sega All Stars Version)
  95. Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
  96. Max Steel
  97. MDK 2
  98. Metropolis Street Racer
  99. Mortal Kombat Gold
  100. Mortal Kombat Gold (Green Tag Hot New Version)
  101. Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness
  102. NBA 2k
  103. NBA 2k (Sega All Stars Version)
  104. NBA 2k1
  105. NBA Showtime
  106. NCAA College Football 2k2
  107. Next Tetris: On-line Edition, The
  108. NFL 2k
  109. NFL 2K (Sega All Stars Version)
  110. NFL 2k1
  111. NFL 2k1 (Sega All Stars Version)
  112. NFL 2k2
  113. NFL Beta GDR
  114. NFL Blitz 2000 (Sega All Stars Version)
  115. NHL 2k
  116. NHL 2K (Beta GD-R)
  117. Omikron The Nomad Soul
  118. Ooga Booga
  119. Out Trigger
  120. OutTrigger Beta
  121. Pen Pen Trilcelon
  122. Phantacy Star Online Ver. 2
  123. Phantasy Star Online
  124. Plasma Sword
  125. POD Speedzone
  126. Power Stone
  127. Power Stone 2
  128. Prince of Persia: Arabian Nights
  129. Project Justice
  130. Propeller Arena ((E3 Beta GD-r))
  131. Psychic Force 2012
  132. Q*bert
  133. Quake III Arena
  134. RailroadTycoon II
  135. Rainbow Six
  136. Rayman 2: The Great Escape
  137. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
  138. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (Green Tag Hot New Version)
  139. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2
  140. Record of Lodoss War
  141. Reel Fishin Wild
  142. Resident Evil 2
  143. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
  144. Resident Evil Code: Veronica
  145. Rez (PAL)
  146. Ring: Terror's Realm, The
  147. Rippin' Riders
  148. Roadsters
  149. Rush Rush Rally Racing Deluxe
  150. Samba de Amigo
  151. San Fransisco Rush 2049
  152. San Fransisco Rush 2049 (Demo Disc)
  153. Seaman
  154. Sega Bass Fishing
  155. Sega Bass Fishing (Sega All Star Version)
  156. Sega GT
  157. Sega Marine Fishing
  158. Sega Rally 2
  159. Sega Smash Pack Volume 1
  160. Sega WorldWide Soccer 2000 (PAL)
  161. Shadow Man
  162. Shenmue (limited Edition)
  163. Silent Scope
  164. Skies of Arcadia (NFR Pre-Production Copy)
  165. Skies Of Arcadia Beta GDR Disc 1 only
  166. Slave Zero
  167. Sno-Cross Shampionship Racing
  168. Sonic Adventure (Limited Edition)
  169. Sonic Adventure (Not for Resale Version)
  170. Sonic Adventure (Sega Allstar Version)
  171. Sonic Adventure 2 (10th Birthday Pack)
  172. Sonic Shuffle
  173. Sonic Shuffle (Not for Resale Version)
  174. Soul Calibur
  175. Soul Fighter
  176. South Park Rally (Beta GD-R)
  177. South Park: Chef's Luv Shack
  178. Space Channel 5
  179. Spawn
  180. Spec Ops IIOmega Squad
  181. Speed Devils Online Racing
  182. Spider-Man
  183. Spirit of Speed 1937
  184. Star Lancer
  185. Star Wars Demolition
  186. Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Batties
  187. Street Fighter III: Double Impact
  188. Striker Pro 2000
  189. Super Magnetic Neo
  190. Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing
  191. Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage
  192. Sydney 2000
  193. System Disc 2
  194. Tee Off
  195. Tennis 2k2
  196. Test Drive Le Mans
  197. Test Drive 6
  198. The Grinch
  199. The Last Blade Heart of the Samurai
  200. Time Stalkers
  201. Time Stalkers (NFR Pre-Production Copy)
  202. TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat
  203. Tokyo Extreme Racer
  204. Tokyo Extreme Racer 2
  205. Tomb Raider: Chronicles
  206. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
  207. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Sega Allstar Version)
  208. Toy Commander
  209. TrickStyle
  210. UEFA Dream Soccer (PAL)
  211. UEFA Striker (PAL)
  212. Ultimate Fighting Championship
  213. Ultimate Fighting Championship (BETA GD-R E3 DEMO)
  214. Ultimate Fighting Championship (Demo Disc)
  215. Urban Chaos
  216. Vigilant8: 2nd Offense
  217. Virtua Tennis
  218. Virtua Tennis (Sega Allstar Version)
  219. Virtual On
  220. Wacky Races
  221. Web Browser 1.0
  222. Web Browser 2.0
  223. Wetrix+
  224. Who Wants To Beat Up A Millionare
  225. Wild Metal
  226. World Series Baseball 2k1
  227. World Series Baseball 2k1 (Sega Allstar Version)
  228. World Series Bseball 2k2
  229. Worms Armageddon
  230. Worms World Party
  231. WWF Attitude
  232. WWF Royal Rumble
  233. Xtreme Sports
  234. Zombie Revenge
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Is there a way to add saves to xploder ultimate ps4
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