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Legendary and new games from Wargaming for PC, iOS, Android, Xbox and Playstation. Yes, you\'ve heard it right, you don\'t need strange payments or strange hacks to connect to our server! Burning Crusade private server with arena, raids, battlegrounds and more!


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Garona WoW - Blizzlike server with welcome gifts: Garona WoW - Blizzlike server with welcome gifts: WLP - Guilds versus Guilds: WLP - Guilds versus Guilds: Liste des Serveurs World of Warcraft + Ajouter un nouveau Serveur.


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Excalibur wow hacks s. We have the full patch notes of October 20, 2020. Look no further, our development team has been hard at work these past months datamining the beta and pouring over patch notes.

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Good luck to all the private servers teams out there, as well as their players.

Just wanted to bring some positivity around here, with all the shilling that's usually taking place:
-Good luck to Entropius wow: they may be a small project with a small team, but many people remember excalibur wow and have fond memories of the time they spent playing there.
-Good luck to karazhan wow, the place I'll be playing on. They proved they could bring people a very good tbc experience and I'm sure it's going to be packed.
-Good luck to endless wow in the future: they have a very dedicated pvp playerbase, a good population, and the general trend is that people seem to be having fun there. I watched some of their tournaments on twitch, and the scene really is active there.
-Good luck to tauri with their wotlk server: if there's one thing that most people can agree with, it's that tauri has a great reputation when it comes to the overall quality of their product and the way the team behaves in general. I remember when Higi proposed Wolfenstein to help them with the crashes on netherwing 1 (although wolf managed to fix it at the end of the day), and I wish more pserver teams would help each other this way.
-Good luck to Gurubashi , vanilla +, turtle wow and any private server that tries to recreate the vanilla experience again despite the presence of classic wow: god knows Blizzard brought a disappointing experience to the table. I hope some people can find some enjoyment on these servers.
-Good luck to apollo 2 and their cataclysm server: I've played there for months now and it's been such a good experience honestly.
TLDR: I forgot a lot obviously, but you got the idea. I wish you guys who are genuinely trying to bring a good wow experience to people out there all the success you can have, no matter the project or the expansion, as setting up a good server takes quite a bit of work, and of course, I wish players to have as much fun as possible.
The following months are definitely going to be very interesting, I hope you can all find a home in the foreseeable future unless you already have one.
You guys take care.
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TBC server?

To be honest I'm not that frilled about PlayTBC or Vengeance WoW where people have the option to skip the Azoroth part of leveling making most of the game empty so I'm looking for a TBC server where people play the game like normal but the problem is where would you go? I heard that Excalibur WoW and Hellground are not worth it, the latter server doesn't really have much of an English playerbase. It just seems as if there isn't really anywhere to go for TBC at the moment. :(
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