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Today, we will share you how to. Both games are in good pre-owned condition, tested and working. Yeah, I think part of it is the zoom distance, it's a bit closer than I'd prefer (that's what made it feel awkward to me at first, at least).


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Leech works in the same manner for Life, Mana and Energy Shield. It's not possible to make the inventory bigger, just to buy more tabs for the stash. But its just like what the main protagonist of Giga Tokyo Toybox Taiyou Tenkawa says: this line of work is tough, but its also a lot of fun.


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A subreddit dedicated to the action RPG game Path of Exile, made by Grinding Gear Games. Aimersoft dvd ripper crack keygen patch. Jump to: navigation, search.

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These aren't all of them so definitely check out the google doc for the full guide. Playing as one of six character classes, players find themselves banished for their past misdeeds to the dark fantasy world of Path of Exile is a PC online action role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world. Reads data from Path of Exile client application and displays it on transparent Without writing to it so no map hack, disabling particles, zoom hack, fullbright.

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Still a great thing to try and the game ideas are great, but it is a little overwhelming and really complex since they have added a lot of stuff for the past few years. Memoria's Herald of Ice Blade Vortex Assassin [Video Guide, Insane map clear] Memoria_Gaming, Jul 8, 2020, 12: 57: 51 AM. Nexon nx cash generator hack 2020.


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Read Path of Exile: Ascendancy reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. Far Cry 5 installation location & restore the outfits and the Vector to your game. Path of Exile Hack, Path of Exile is an awesome game.

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It looks like you're new here. Myst Uru: The Path of the Shell does not include the manual but it does include the original box. Myst III: Exile Hint Guide.


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Keys n krates are we faded tyga. Is there a way to follow the intruder into the building? The very soil is permeated with dark, ancient power, the earth shivering with malice.

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R/PathOfExileBuilds: * This subreddit is a specialized subreddit for discussing Path of Exile Builds. Minecraft hack serial code gta 5 cheat code app 7 days to die mod support league of legends garena cheats. Spiritual successor to Diablo 2. 363k.

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So far, the Path of Exile Heist League has lasted for over two months. If an internal link referred you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. What was supposed to be 4% can easily be scaled to way more than 100%.


All I do is grind Co-Op. Here are my strategies for each mission.

Since my days of sweating multiplayer ended after MW2, when I'm idly playing the game I like to rip Co-Op. I enjoy shooting bots and trying different cheese strategies such as running to the next objective point before the current one is completed to see if I can bug the enemies or get a huge multi-kill as they spawn in. In my adventures I have accumulated over 220,000 munitions points (actual number is much higher considering at one point I spent from 50k down to 0 for the hell of it because who doesn't want to roll up to a mission with mono AC130s?). I've also helped several squads complete missions for the first time to unlock those callsigns and operators. Safe to say that I'm basically a Co-Op expert at this point, and so I thought it would be helpful to the community to write up a strategy guide of sorts for each mission for those who struggle against the endless wave of suicide bombers, aimbot snipers, and juggernauts. Hopefully this guide helps you finally unlock all those neat operators!
I'll discuss my class and loadout recommendations, and for each mission which munitions you should prebuy if you have the points.
It is my opinion that the only class that you should be using in Co-Op is Medic. The passive ability of faster revive time is incredibly valuable when you're trying to res a teammate when they're in the middle of 10 enemies because while you take less damage during the pickup animation you can still be downed, so the less time you spend reviving is less time getting shot. Additionally, the role ability of instant team revive is extremely overpowered, giving you the ability to instantly pick up multiple people hundreds of meters away.
However, if you don't want to use the medic role, the other class I would consider using is the Assault as it gives the team stopping power rounds for a time which can aid in taking down vehicles or juggernauts. But there shouldn't be more than one assault in the squad as the rounds do not stack in duration nor damage.
Heavy isn't a worthwhile class to use because you can find armor crates in excess in any mission.
Recon's passive ability doesn't benefit the team and its field upgrade is pointless when the enemies don't attempt to hide in any way.
Demolition has an OK field upgrade but the thermite launcher can be matched in damage output by other weapons. The passive ability does apply to all team members but it does not refill their specific loadout's lethal; it just gives them frags.
Engineer is straight useless. To my knowledge the EMP drone doesn't even take down vehicles that you need to destroy to complete objectives. If IW could buff the role by giving it the ability to repair vehicles on entry (or buff occupied vehicles' armohealth) it would be much more useful.
As far as loadouts go, you can succeed with just about anything if you know how the missions progress. I like to use cheese setups because it's fun to challenge myself with bad weapons (i.e. M4 with 9mm mags, Marksman barrel, compensator, Invader stock, variable zoom scope, and select fire set to semi).
If you're sweating for the win, I would suggest this loadout. The shotgun literally melts juggernauts (you can kill one in 7-8 body shots or 5 headshots) and it's always fun watching enemies catch fire after you melee them. If you don't have Dragon's Breath rounds unlocked regular shells have just about the same TTK on a juggernaut. The riot shield is there to have on your back to protect you. C4 is self-explanatory, used to blow up a huge mob that's rushing you or booby trapping a choke point when you need to stay in an area to complete an objective. Stim can save you in a pinch when you need to run to find cover. EOD protects you from the suicide bombers and RPGs. The only downside to this class is that you can't engage enemies at distance, but you would be surprised how far you can get a hitmarker from with the shotgun. The impact will also cause the enemy to flinch, giving you the time to close the distance and finish them off.
Recommended prebought munitions - Chopper gunner, chopper gunner, juggernaut
The initial objective of killing the lieutenants is straight-forward. The juggernaut officer I've noticed is a 2-headshot kill with the AX50 but otherwise seems to have normal health. However, his minions aren't that numerous so it's easier to team up on this guy compared to other juggernauts you'll encounter.
After you've retrieved all the comms devices the mission ramps up difficulty to 100. Hacking the scramblers in an open field is suicide but you have to do it. For this part I strongly suggest one of your team members run back to the roof of the starting building from the beginning of the mission just to keep someone alive for respawns.
1st scrambler
The 1st scrambler is the easiest to hack. Just position yourselves next to it and defend from the enemies climbing over the wall to your north-east. Remember, the more people standing near the scanner the faster the upload goes which is less time spent getting rushed.
2nd scrambler
After the first scrambler has been taken out, there is a juggernaut that will spawn next to the second scrambler that you can take out if someone has a cruise missile/cluster strike/air strike they can call it in on the second scrambler which should kill it. There will also be a drop crate on the way to the 2nd scrambler that only gives you deployable cover (which is actually very useful in this mission since many of the scramblers are in the open) you can use to replenish your ammo and armor. Go down next to the second scrambler and hack it.
3rd scrambler
This one is a pain to get to because there's a further distance you need to travel than between the 1st and 2nd scrambler, and it will be a tough fight. If anyone has a chopper gunner I would recommend calling one in now to cover your team as they move to the 3rd scrambler. There will also be a drop crate to resupply from. Once you get to the scrambler, I would deploy cover next to the scrambler as you upload the hack.
"Enemy armor incoming!"
After you destroy the 3rd scramber your team will get access to an AC130 to take out the IAVs that will drop in. Whoever (ideally the player who is camping back at the spawn building) takes control of the gunship should prioritize the western IAVs because the AC130's flight path will eventually go over the stadium thus obscuring the sight lines to those IAVs. After the armor is taken out the gunship can mop up the secondaries and provide cover as the rest of the squad moves to the 4th scrambler. You can call in your chopper gunner as well if the squad is running into difficulty moving to the next scrambler. Don't forget to resupply at the drop crate.
4th scrambler
Same deal, hack and destroy. Free crate comes again (for the last time) after destroying the scrambler.
5th scrambler
You'll be attacked by suicide bombers and juggernauts and armored Spetsnaz. The trick here is to have everyone available next to the scrambler so you can hack it fast and stop the infinite enemy spawns that would otherwise occur. Placing a deployable cover to the side of the scrambler and hiding behind it, keeping the stadium to your back, would be a wise choice. If you have a juggernaut suit you can activate it now and destroy the enemy armor as well as preparing for the next phase.
"Enemy helo!"
Shoot it down, a well-placed cruise missile or juggernaut spam will do the trick. Congrats, mission complete!
Recommended prebought munitions - Cruise missile, cruise missile, chopper gunner
The difficulties in this mission lies in the infinite helicopter spawns and the seemingly 1-hit kill mortars. Also, searching the computers is annoying because you get shot to bits during it. Otherwise the mission is pretty simple, so I have two tips for how to deal with the helis:
  1. You can fly a cruise missile into it, but that requires that you either intercept the helo on approach which can be difficult when you have to angle into it or you wait for it to enter the AO which is also risky because it absolutely shreds your team
  2. A good sniper on your team can shoot the pilot with a headshot which turns it into a 1-hit kill. You can do this with any sniper or marksman rifle (I've personally done it with the AX50, HDR, and M14EBR). I found that because judging distances is hard, the semi-auto EBR is the most efficient method. But landing a 400m shot with the AX50 or HDR makes you feel like a boss. The best vantage point to land these shots is from one of the two radio towers at the top of the military base because the helo takes a direct path towards that general area so you don't need to lead the target as much.
To search the 3 computers the crate IDs will always be found under the 'Manifest' folder.
The munitions recommendations are for taking out the helis and giving your teammates cover as they search computers and place trackers on crates.
Recommended prebought munitions - [Free choice]
This is in my opinion the most balanced (and therefore also the easiest) mission. The enemies aren't overwhelming and the objectives aren't as tedious as the other operations. The hardest objective is rescuing mage as you'll have to combat 4 juggernauts (2 on the roof of the apartment building, 1 in the gun store where Mage is being held, and 1 on the enemy convoy truck) and 2 sentry guns in the stairwells of the apartment building. My shotgun blueprint detailed above makes short work of the juggernauts and does considerable damage against the sentries as well.
When you rescue Mage you have the option of taking him to the top of the apartment building or a ways away to either the east or south to exfil him. I recommend fighting to the top of the apartment building because it's right next to where you rescue him from. Or, if the enemy manages to extract Mage then the convoy somehow just blows up next to the easternmost extraction point so you would just go there after retrieving him. Mage's health depletes if he's left on the ground, even if he's not in the hands of the enemy, so don't leave him sitting there for too long. You can use airstrikes or clusters or cruise missiles to take out the convoy before the enemies can get Mage onto the truck. You can find these munitions scattered around the map as usual.
Recommended prebought munitions - AC130, AC130, juggernaut
This mission sucks. I actively avoid replaying this mission. I hated that this week's modified mission was Brimstone. But I did it. And I've helped a couple of people do it. But man, it sucks. The best loadout for this mission is my recommended sweaty loadout.
If you find any deployable cover munitions boxes I would recommend picking them up if you have space as they will help you when you're hacking the comms arrays. Note: the comms arrays literally require you to be right next to them for any data to be uploaded.
Hacking the 1st communications array
Once you approach the 1st comms array a juggernaut standing above it will attack you. Normally I would say you could have someone on your team beam an airstrike or cluster or missile at it, but if you're running an AC130 you can call it in to take it out and give your team cover as they move to hack the objective.
The cheese method to hack this array is only possible if you have the riot shield. You go prone next to the array with the shield on your back and get right up to the array while facing it. The shield will soak a lot of bullets flying at you while you have the stim shot in case you get too low on health. Any grenades that get thrown at you can be thrown back either over the array or bounced off the box to try and blow up any enemies that have climbed the ladder to the platform where you're uploading the hack. I've not tried this method with 2 people but it seems like it would work.
Hacking the 2nd communications array
Deployable cover is helpful here as you'll be fired on from elevated positions on two sides. Other than that there's not other tricks. Going prone next to this array is an option with a riot shield but you're more exposed than at the previous array.
Hacking the 3rd communications array
This one is a mother. Endless armored Spetsnaz, infinite suicide bombers. Not to mention needing to be right next to the array to upload. No tricks, just survive. For this array I recommend one team member find somewhere safe, away from the action, as a respawn mule. The other three should stay next to the array and revive as soon as someone gets downed. You'll be rushed on all 4 sides so just hold out. Thankfully the upload goes fast with 3 people next to the array.
Reaching the train control panel
I like to flank along the left side of the warehouses (right next to the sniper cliff) to avoid as many enemies as possible. Go behind the two silos then make a right turn for a straight shot.
Taking out the 3 juggernauts
If you're running my sweat class, you can solo the juggernauts even without armor. I like to rush the first juggernaut at the back of the quarry. Sometimes he spawns inside the top floor of the makeshift barracks, sometimes he spawns to the east of them. If he spawns inside, this is the route I take to draw him out of the barracks and down the stairs. You can get some cheap shots in with the shotgun as he is coming down the stairs. Then just light him up.
The second juggernaut I go for is the one in barracks in the middle of the quarry. Same tactic as the first: go around the back of the barracks to get him running down the stairs and then blow him away. You'll probably get peppered by snipers and LMG guys while running from the first juggernaut to this one, just avoid the attacks and longshot them with your shotgun when you can. But don't focus too much on killing them; kill the juggernaut. You can use a C4 to clear the secondaries if they become overwhelming.
The final juggernaut spawns in the same building as the train control panel. No real strategy, just fill him with bullets/fire.
Planting the explosives and exfil
After you've called the train, planting the explosives is straightforward. One thing to note: when you're inside the boxcars planting C4 on the targets you are still vulnerable to explosive damage. In other words: the train cars don't protect you from grenades. Try not to spend too much time in them. The free chopper gunner is also a great way to keep the area clear for the teammate(s) planting the charges. Unlike other player-controlled killstreaks, you cannot be killed while in this chopper gunner. However, be advised that you might have 5+ enemies right on you the moment you get kicked from the chopper gunner.
At the exfil point there is a makeshift office right next to it. Stay in there, defend, then jump out to hook on to the extraction device.
Just Reward
Recommended prebought munitions - Chopper gunner, juggernaut, juggernaut
I really like this mission. It has more variety than Harbinger though the final part is a little annoying. I also enjoy "urban" combat and building-to-building fighting is a lot of fun, even if the enemies are free loot.
Securing the phones is easy except for maybe the one at the construction zone because of the sentry guns. What I like to do is drive one of the various pickup trucks you can find around the map and approach the site from the street like so and drive the truck under the structure. Usually the target is on the ground floor. Another method if you can't or don't want to drive the truck is to approach from the north like so. This gives you complete cover from all the sentries and you can mount some girder bars to the second floor if the target is on the second floor, or run to the right and enter the ground floor from the street side (like you would with the truck) if he's on the ground floor.
Another method I like to use is calling in the chopper gunner at the beginning of the mission, flying over the Parliament, Art Museum, and Construction phone markers and killing the enemies that carry the phones in those locations. You can't get the Broadcast phone this way but it's a quick way to get every other one. You still need to run to those locations to retrieve them though.
Flying the chopper
DON'T FUCKING LOSE THE FRONT TRUCK. DON'T FUCK WITH THE FRONT TRUCK, PERIOD. DON'T MAKE IT STOP, DON'T BLOW IT UP. DON'T. FUCK. WITH. THE. FRONT. TRUCK. I don't care if all 3 of your teammates are downed. You keep chasing that front truck with your helicopter until it reaches the police station on the north side of the city. Too many times I see noobs who don't know what they're doing get sidetracked and the mission fails because "The convoy escaped."
When you get to the police station land the chopper on the roof and clear the RPG soldiers then get back into the heli, taking care to avoid the sentry guns on the north side of the station. Then, as the 2 juggernauts come up the ladder you can road kill both of them.
Hacking the bank account
This part sucks because you have to split your team and generally people don't know what they're doing and the upload never progresses. The fastest way to clear this objective is to have two people at each hack site. This not only make things go faster but you can take turns reviving each other when you inevitably get mobbed. If you have a juggernaut suit it would be extremely helpful here. For the people in the TV station: watch out for the RPG soldiers on the roofs across the street. They do work and can down you in a heartbeat if you're not careful. Unfortunately, the only way to upload the hack is to be in a spot that's rather exposed to them, so one squad member should prioritize killing them while the other gets the guys climbing up the balcony and coming in from the hallway. You can also call in your chopper gunner to mop up enemies in the middle of the road that are trying to get to your teammates at either server.
You don't need (i.e. it's not an objective) to shoot down the enemy helo that comes in around 80% upload completion, but it shreds so you probably should.
Don't forget to pick up the routers once the hack is complete.
Recommended prebought munitions - Sentry gun, sentry gun, cruise missile/AC130
Admittedly, I've never done the god-mode glitch on this mission that people use to farm kills. This mission is straight forward, just don't get killed by the various Wheelsons and sentry guns.
The cheese method during the vault cutting portion is to take the pick up that you spawn next to and drive it to the west entrance of the bank to block off any enemies from flanking you from that side.
Your sentry guns protect you as you're cutting the gate to the vault, and the cruise missile/AC130 is to mop up enemies on the roof of the bank as you wait for exfil.
Recommend prebought munitions - Sentry gun, sentry gun, juggernaut suit or sentry gun, juggernaut suit, juggernaut suit (or sentry gun x3 if you're weapon leveling)
Note: This is the one mission where I suggest an AR with a thermal scope over the riot shield on my Overkill sweat class.
I adore this mission. It's so boring and at first seems impossible but it's so easy once you know what to focus on.
Rescuing Dr. Morales
Disrupting the signal jammer is easy enough and so is finding Dr. Morales and taking her to the pool. Once you get to the pool you'll have to defend for 2 minutes as you wait for exfil. She can't die so you don't actually have to do anything, but if there's guns you want to level up real quick (like from 0 to 10 in less than 2 minutes without a double weapon XP token active) then you should load up with triple sentry guns. I'll talk about gun leveling here since the objective is simple otherwise.
After you get to the swimming pool, you'll want to place one sentry gun on the other side of the blown up wall at position 1 and then another one behind it but off to the east in position 2 Aim both of them in the north-west direction (where the enemies will rush you from). Here's what they should look like in game: #1 and #2. Then you can corner mount where I've indicated and wait. Don't forget to refill your ammo and armor and munitions from the free care package that drops right next to where I've said to mount. Watch out for helicopter troops to the north east; they'll land between the big red silos. Each sentry gun lives for 1 minute. You'll hear actual on the radio say, "Exfil ETA 1 mike," which is a nice cue for you to ready your third and final sentry gun. You'll use it to replace position 2, then go back to the corner and mount. Watch for helicopter troops to your south, they'll land next to the fire station.
After you've defended and the exfil chopper arrives you can either continue on with the mission or quit out and restart from the beginning to keep farming XP. I routinely get 120+ kills this way provided the rest of my team just stays inside the pool taking cover. Here and example of my kills using this method and this was with my teammates throwing down air strikes and cluster bombs. All in roughly 8 minutes of game time (from start of mission to exfil of HVI). Not infrequently I'll end this part of the mission with more than double the amount of kills as the other 3 of my teammates have combined.
Protecting the APC
Hoh boy are people bad at this.
THERE ARE PROXI MINES ALL ALONG THE ROAD. SHOOT THEM BEFORE THE APC RUNS OVER THEM. Prioritize the mines over the RPG troops as the mines do more damage per hit. I should also mention that the APC doesn't move unless there is someone close to it; most people will just ride on top.
Fight your way to the Atlas Store parking lot. You'll get a free care package as the APC makes the left turn from the dirt road onto the main road.
Defending the 1st CHEMBIO crate
This part of the mission can get frustrating if your teammates don't know that you're supposed to defuse any bombs that the enemies plant, so when I want to complete the mission for real and not just cheese around the roofs of surrounding buildings I will post up on the roof of the electronic store overlooking the parking lot here and aim at the crates, looking for the specific NPCs that plant bombs (only certain Spetsnaz troops plant bombs and you can tell that they're the bomb planters because they will make a beeline towards the crates without ever firing their weapon). Use your thermal AR to headshot these guys; after you've killed one the next one will come roughly 15-20 seconds later. Watch out for random enemies that will climb the ladder behind you as you're providing overwatch.
Also, don't call any killstreaks near the APC as its in the parking lot because it will get destroyed and you will get a mission failure.
Defending the 2nd CHEMBIO crate
This is the hardest objective out of any Co-Op mission. Not only can you not just have someone chill out on the roof of the superstore for respawns due to bomb defusals but enemies come from all directions and will melt you even if you're behind cover.
Never enter the superstore from the front entrance; it's a death trap. Go around the right side loading docks to enter from the side/back.
My strategy for this crate used to be to set up a sentry gun on a wooden platform overlooking the crate but I found that what I really cared about were the bomb carriers. So I found this window to provide the best overwatch of the crate, especially when you have a themal sight. The ledge provides cover from enemies that need to shoot up at you, and you can just head-glitch and aim with your thermal to see through the smokescreen that gets deployed to headshot any bomb planters (if you headshot/kill them as they're in the process of planting the bomb they won't complete the plant). Another method that's a little more cheese is to climb up there and then activate a juggernaut suit and just spray bullets all around the crate you're guarding (through the smoke so you won't be able to see). You'll get hitmarkers indicating you've hit an enemy with armor and chances are that is an enemy that's planting the bomb so just keep peppering that target through the smoke until you get the kill. This method is less fool-proof because sometimes they will get the plant before your minigun shreds them so I would suggest this method only if you trust your teammates to defuse.
Be advised, when you're standing out here sometimes you'll be shot at by enemies that spawn to your rear. Just turn around, kill them, and then get back to defending the objective.
Not too difficult, I would say a tad harder than the 1st crate only because you have to deal with 2 IAVs and suicide bombers. What I like to do is take a juggernaut suit and stand inside the building right at the entrance/exit that leads to the warhead shell and spray through that door. Most of the bomb planters (and other enemies) will come through there and the minigun rips right through them.
Dispose of the IAVs however you see fit, using the juggernaut from behind cover (because the turrets can't shoot you if the turret can't actually see you) is an effective method.
Recommended prebought munitions - Sentry gun, sentry gun, cruise missile/juggernaut
I highly suggest attempting this mission full-stealth as shown in this video. It's much easier than fighting through several juggernauts though it requires more coordination amongst your team. When attempting stealth you can use Tracker as your third perk. It allows you to see enemies through walls so you can predict their patrol paths.
In the event that you cannot do it stealth, the cheese method is as follows:
Disrupting ground comms
The communications array is on a table on the roof of the parking deck (Kamarov refers to this as the airport roof but he's wrong). That table is right next to some sort of access shed I've marked with a red X. You can climb the table, then climb the white sever towers, and get on top of this shed. Go prone, and enemies will clip you every so often but you won't die as long as you stay prone in the center of the roof. This is also in range of the hack upload which is perfect for cheesing this part of the mission. If you want, you can place a sentry gun on the roof with you facing the airport terminal just to get some kills but it's not necessary.
Terminal hack
This next part is pretty interesting and I don't know if this was intentional or not on part of the devs but if it wasn't sorry for letting the cat out of the bag. This hack location doesn't have a vertical limit. What that means is, if a team member dies and when they respawn parachutes onto the roof of the terminal and stands above the objective marker as the hack is uploading, they will be able to upload. This is from 30 meters above the objective. On the roof no enemies spawn so it's 100% safe.
If you don't want to cheese this objective in the above manner, then just going prone behind the counter next to the objective or hiding in the closet behind it works just as well. You'll just have to deal with enemies. You can place your sentry gun next to the objective for some free kills.
Once the hack is complete run toward the runway and you'll see a bunch of mongooses–I mean, quad bikes–next to a free care package. Restock, and make your way to the plane.
The plane
Just shoot your way through the enemies. There's a juggernaut, all of you can bum rush him and kill him pretty quick.
Refer to this map.
When you escape the plane the game takes a few seconds to give you your first waypoint at 1. You don't actually need to land there, however, but the nuclear core holder needs to pass over it as they're parachuting. Same thing with waypoint 2. If you're the one carrying the core, I recommend that as soon as you're able to after jumping out of the plane, pull your chute and wait for these two waypoints to show up and hit them in order. Then parachute along the path I've outlined above to land near some pipes on the left side of the warehouse next to the exil helipad.
Drop the core and call in your cruise missile and take out the helicopter. Or suit up and spray minigun at it. The helo shreds, though, so be quick about it or it might very well team wipe your squad (your checkpoint puts you back at waypoint 1 though so it's not too bad).
After the helo is downed head up the helipad and wait for exfil.
Congratulations! You just beat Co-Op.
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