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Stetmann: Oil Baron Prestige Guide

I had a video I was making for this, but the recent tropical storm knocked out power while I was editing and corrupted the files so that's gonna have to wait till this weekend.
Oil Baron is ultimately a meme prestige, but a pretty decent one as it creates/empowers an interesting Stetmann comp at the cost of being able to use some of Stetmann's other comps. Stetmann's big deal as a commander is his flexibility and adaptability so not really a worthwhile trade but the comp is fun and does actually work. Overall I would consider his P3 basically like a better version of Abathur's P3 Limitless. You are still gimping too much yourself for a power spike you don't need, but it's not nearly as bad a gimp.

The Presitge Overview

Combat Units (besides Gary) gain stacks of Best Oil per a kill, mineral costs of combat units are increased 40%, mecha Infestors are disabled.
First thing to note: You get 1 stack per a kill and ALL kills count, including killing your own units. This is actually kinda important as this is what prevents you from running into an issue off too many units and not enough kills to go around.
The Good:
The Best Oil buff increases attackspeed by 10% and life regen by 1 per second for 30 seconds per a stack, stacking up to 20 times. The buff duration is refreshed in full on kill, meaning that as long as you engage in combat every 15 or 20 seconds, you should be able to get up stacks of best oil with ease. This is a very strong buff, as it not only gives extra offensive but also extra defense to your units. Not much more to say here, good buff is good. If you are careful and manage to keep the buff going on a few units, Stetmann is very well suited to going on a map clearing rampage, even able to move outside Stetzones for awhile unhindered, with the kit that Stetzones and Super Gary brings to the table.
The Bad:
Stetmann has one of the better economies in CO-OP between his faster saturation speed, decent expo speed, and unit recycling, but 40% is still a lot of minerals. This drawback basically makes his army build up significantly slower in terms of supply count. Unit recycling means that reinforcing and rebuilding however are not signficantly impacted. It is just the build up phase that suffers in a notable way.
Now Super Garry does exist and can carry you through the early game until you have you army out easily and between the extra health regen and unit recycling it's easier to maintain your army than normal (as your units are harder to kill). Additionally, the AS speed buff can easily make up for having less units. So ultimately this mineral cost increase doesn't hurt nearly as bad as one would think (Mecha lings go from effectively costing 12.5 minerals each to 17.5 minerals each). Morph costs don't change so you can even use mecha banelings if you wanted without having to worry about mineral costs outside of the setup. As morph units refund double the scrap, you can actually save a lot of resources by using unit morphs relative to no prestige Stetmann.
Losing Mecha Infestors hurt. They may not stack well with the Best Oil buff directly, but they are still one of Stetmann's best units. It's is entirely possible to play without them of course, but Stetmann is a commander built on how he can flexibly adapt to the situation so out right losing a unit will always hurt. Especially such a useful one.

Unit Compositions

Ok, so you want to use Oil Baron to CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES AND GRIND THEIR BONES INTO DIRT but what units actually benefit from it?
Here's a list of units that work well and not so well in the Oil Baron army comp.
Good Units:
  • Mecha Ultralisks: The flagship unit of this prestige. These are able to take advantage of basically every aspect of Best Oil. They have splash damage to make stacking kills easy, benefit greatly from attackspeed, and have a sizeable health pool and good damage reduction and CC effects so health regen is very effective at keeping them alive. Burrow Charge works excellent for keeping scary mechs like Thors (which still pose a big risk to Ultralisks) under control and as simply a spammable AoE damage spell that lets them get into melee range while being disruptive. As Ultraslisks, they are frenzied cannot be stunned, slowed, or effected by many CC that would hinder keeping stacks up. And their health stealing ability does not just give them another source damage and healing, allow you to micro snipe scary mech units or hit mech air targets, but it also helps to regulate damage across your entire army, even killing off your own expendable units (like lings) making them stack up best oil even faster. They are fundamentally the best unit Stetmann has for this prestige.
  • Mecha Corruptors: These works well as your anti air unit of choice for Oil Baron. Cluster Busters isn't just a great anti air ability, it allows you to rapidly stack up best oil on your corruptors against air attackwaves, giving them the attackspeed needed to clear out any Hybrid air or other high hp air units that survive the barrage. While not exacrly Ulralisks level stats, they are still pretty tpugh for an air unit, especially one so cheap. And as they don't have a ground attack, they won't be stealing kills from your ground army when you don't need their anti air services. But in a pinch they still also have the terranclean solvent ability (deals 10 DPS for 3 seconds beforing ramping up to 50 DPS for however long you channel) to use to take out high HP objectives ir in desperate situations.
  • Mecha Lurkers: Mecha Lurkers are very good with Best Oil but are overshadowed by Mecha Ultralisks on most maps. Their Tunnel of Terror ability allows them to rapidly charge their stacks if best oil bu clearing attaakwaves and fortifications; however, they simply can't move fast enough to make them worthwhile over ultraslisks who can also devour attackwaves and make better use of the buffs. Lurkers do have their niche uses on defenses maps like DoN in all the same places lurkers normally shine though, and they certianly can have a place on an Oil Baron's unit comp. They aren't as tanky as ultras, but they still have a decent hp pool and the health regen let's you charge them outside of stetzones more safely. Overall a still solid unit, but too niche to add to your comp most of the time. They are excellent addition or even replacements for Mecha Ultralisks though, in any of the comps Ultras don't do well against.
  • Mecha Zerlings: Mecha lings don't really make great use of best oil. The health regen is very potent combine with their shield, even at low stacks, but they'll rarely get enough kills to make this a consistent benefit. Rather, you really want them as a mineral sink (as you'll still be floating minerals with Stetmann even with the 40% extra mineral costs, Stetmann is pretty gas heavy) and as a way to tank/distract for you more expensive gas units to carry you. The fact that your ultralisks can fairly easily kill them is actually quite a boon for keeping best oil stacks up at the cost of a few minerals.
  • Mecha Battlecarrier Lords: BCL are werid. They just don't benefit a lot from this prestige. The attackspeed increase is unnoticeable (if it even effects their locusts) because BCL's already delete everything around them in seconds in the first place. The heath regen does making them much tankier but they don't need to be tankier with the massive range and hp pool they already have. BCL builds for Stetmann have never struggled with damage or survivability. Movespeed and economy have always been their sore point and this prestige doesn't really help with that. But they are still good units to occasionally add to Oil Baron, not because they benefit from Best Oil, but because they are a pretty good support unit for your Ultralisks. Their spawned broodlings and locust are excellent sources of extra Best Oil for your Ultralisks to zap, so even though they can steal kills from Ultras, they all give you many "extra" kills too. They also give you a pretty solid single target DPS increase if you need it and we already have corruptors so adding these in isn't a huge build change. You basically add these in at the end of longer maps to round out your damage. Useful unit, not a priorty.
Bad Units:
  • Mecha Hydralisks: Like mecha lings, Hydralisks can't really make great use of Best Oil. They have no way to stack it easily and the attackspeed buff doesn't do a ton for them as often energy regen is their shortfall, but they will still steal kills. Unlike lings, they have no way to take advantage of the exrra regen with their hp pool. Mecha Hydras are just outclassed as anti-air option by mecha corruptors here. They only real reason to make them is to morph them into lurkers.
  • Mecha Banelings: Again, Mecha Banelings are actually not that effected by the mineral cost changes due to how Stetmann recycles units (each mecha baneling that dies spawns a mecha ling, meaning there is no cost but the morph for them). The bigger issue is of course that not only do they not benefit at all from Best Oil, but they'll likely steal kills from your other units while doing it. Just no synergy.
  • Mecha Infestors: You cannot build them so going for a Mecha Infestor build with Oil Baron will generally turn out poorly.
So generally, the unit composition to go for with Oil Baron is Ultralisk, Corruptors, and lings, and maybe some BCL's later for extra DPS support. On defensive maps you may want to swap in Mecha Lurkers in some spots but otherwise the comp is the same.
Corruptors and Super Gary can easily take care of air while Ulralisks can tear apart ground forces. Using 2 or 3 army control groups is recommended as both ultras and corruptors are manual caster units that need quick casting to be effective. As a final note, this combo techincally works without Oil Baron. Oil Baron just gives it a very nice buff.
submitted by TheTerribleness to starcraft2coop


Computex: X570 Coverage

My opinion: I consider the Gigabyte/Aorus Master to currently be the best board for storage fiends like myself. Here is the manual.
Comprehensive spreadsheet
X570 Spreadsheet courtesy of GadgetBlues
Some of these motherboards can run up to FIVE NVMe drives with an add-in card. Non-heatsinked M.2 sockets may only be 3.0-capable as on some of the MSI boards.
HotHardware Roundup (Various)
Gamers Nexus (ASRock)
Computer Base (MSI)
Edge Up (ASUS)
Gamers Nexus (MSI)
Tech City (ASRock)
Tech City (Gigabyte)
WCCFTech (Various)
Gamers Nexus (Gigabyte)
  • 4x PCIe 4.0 lanes dedicated to primary M.2
  • All PCH/chipset M.2 are capable of Gen4
  • Tertiary M.2 if filled will disable x16 (x4 electrical) PCH PCIe slot
X570 Pro4: 2xM.2 (one heatsinked)
Steel Legend: 3xM.2 (two heatsinked) <$200
Taichi: 3xM.2 (heatsinked)
Phantom Gaming 4: 2xM.2 (no heatsinks)
Phantom Gaming X: 3xM.2 (heatsinked)
X570 Creator: 2xM.2 (heatsinked)
X570 Extreme4: 3xM.2 (two heatsinked)
Aqua: 2xM.2 (heatsinked) - $999
Phantom Gaming ITX: 1xM.2
X570 Pro4: 2xM.2 (one heatsinked)
X570M Pro4: 2xM.2 (one heatsinked)
Crosshair VIII Formula: 2xM.2 (heatsinked) - $699
Crosshair VIII Hero (also in WiFi): 2xM.2 (heatsinked) - $359/379 (WiFi)
Crosshair VIII Impact: 2xM.2 (heatsinked)
Strix-E: 2xM.2 - $329
Strix-F: 2xM.2 - $299
Strix-I: 2xM.2 (one heatsinked)
TUF Gaming Plus: 2xM.2 (one heatsinked) - $169/184 (WiFi)
Prime Pro: 2xM.2 (one heatsinked) - $249
Prime-P: 2xM.2 (one heatsinked) - $159
Pro WS/Ace: 2xM.2 (U.2, x2 PCIe 4.0) (one heatsinked)
Racing X570GT8: 3xM.2 (heatsinked)
CVN X570 Gaming Pro: 2xM.2 (heatsinked)
Aorus Xtreme: 3xM.2 (heatsinked) - $600
Aorus Master: 3xM.2 (heatsinked) - Breakdown - $350
Aorus Ultra: 3xM.2 - $300
Aorus Pro (also in Wi-Fi): 2xM.2 - $250
Aorus Elite: 2xM.2 - $200
Aorus Gaming X: 2xM.2 - $170
Aorus Pro I: 2xM.2 (one heatsinked) - breakdown
Godlike: 3xM.2. (heatsinked) - $777
Prestige Creation has 2xM.2 (heatsinked). - $539
Ace: 3xM.2. (heatsinked) - $429
Pro Carbon (Wi-Fi) has 2xM.2 (heatsinked). - $299
Gaming Edge has 2xM.2 (one heatsinked). - $239
Gaming Plus: 2xM.2. - $219
submitted by NewMaxx to NewMaxx