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$10k in my first month on OF without showing my face: Here is how I did it

It has been exactly one month since I started my Onlyfans page. As of today, I have 800+ paying fans, earned over $10k gross, and reached the top 1.1% of creators. Here is my statement for proof. I did this WITHOUT showing my face and only promoting on Reddit in 3-4 months. Also a disclaimer I’m not claiming to be a Reddit or Onlyfans expert by any means. I am just shocked at how much success I’ve gotten in a couple of months and wanted to share my story and strategies that worked for me, hopefully it will help aspiring and existing creators! Feel free to comment or message me any questions you might have. Also this post is super long so bare with me 🙃
Here is how I did it: I created my Reddit about three months ago (disclaimer: this is not my main Reddit account) with the intention of building a platform anonymously before creating an Onlyfans. I made my OF when I hit 10k-11k followers, which at that point felt like I had built a decent following. Reddit was a great way for me to promote myself, being that I wanted to remain anonymous and start from scratch. I couldn’t gain 26k followers on any other social media platform in 3 months without showing my face with zero following. My strategy for promoting on Reddit has always been the same: Make your posts engaging and get as much exposure/traction to your profile as you can: - I found my niches and subreddits I fit in with. My niches are twerking and ass. I joined all the subreddits I could, and would post daily. (If you want my real Reddit account, message me) It is important to switch it up and not just post in the same subreddits, because you are essentially posting to those same audiences if you do that. Branch out and try other subreddits to expand the type of crowd that will come across your profile. Make sure to read all the rules before posting, you do NOT want to get permanently banned, and miss out on that potential audience. Be sure to read whether or not they accept sellers, some are anti-SW (I’d say most of them are at this point😔) Verification processes for subreddits is a pain, but it can be worth it to verify. Try to compile a list of subreddits that require verification you want to join, and take photos for them all in the same day to knock it out of the way. Here are two giant lists of subreddits if you do not know where to begin: https://www.reddit.com/ListOfSubreddits/wiki/nsfw https://pastebin.com/EX6gbwLA -The first goal for me was NOT to promote my OF (I didn’t have one at the time to promote) it was simply to gain followers and karma first. Many creators create a Reddit to promote their Onlyfans, and without even establishing a following, try to promote their Onlyfans… While this can work for some, I think it is much more useful to take the time to establish a following FIRST and then promoting an Onlyfans after. Without a following, who would you promote your Onlyfans account to? This takes time so be patient. Building an audience on any platform is not easy/quick. How did I manage to get 26k followers in 3 ish months? -I studied the top posts of all time on subreddits I took an interest in, to see what got the most upvotes and attention. What kind of photo, video, and captions did the top posts have? What kind of angles are most flattering? What are they wearing? How could I replicate something similar to get on the hot page or top posts section? Compelling captions are important, don’t overlook them. Also, do not recycle the same captions/content over and over again. Meaning, don’t use the same caption in a row (same goes with the content itself) in different subreddits. When people click on your profile to see what you post, they will NOT upvote or follow you if you use the same photos and captions for every post! Give them something INTERESTING to look at when they click on your page. You want them to follow you, give you upvotes, and convert to PAYING fans later. I have a note on my phone filled with different captions to use that are catchy and engaging if I run out of ideas -I recently came across this site from another Redditor’s post that analyzes the top posts of each subreddit by month or year, and generates the best times/days of the week to post based on that. You can also schedule posts with this site to post for later: https://dashboard.laterforreddit.com/content/create/ It helps to have a consistent schedule of automatic posts on Reddit. Many of the times it showed me with the most engagement, are 1am my time and after when I am asleep, so it is helpful to schedule posts during that time without actually getting up and posting them. Try it out and see if it works for you. I posted daily before starting my OF, and now that I have my OF I still try to post daily to promote it and get new fans and followers. You MUST be actively promoting to keep a consistent flow of fans coming in. I average 10-15 new fans per day when I am constantly posting in subreddits, and even more when I am doing a promo or making the hot page on different subreddits -I don’t waste time promoting my Onlyfans account in any subreddits, or on Onlyfans specific subreddits. I find they are mostly full of creators trying to promote themselves and not many sellers. I have not had any success with directly promoting my OF in any subreddit except for on my own profile. I have more success when I make the hot page on subreddits, having people click on my profile, see what I post, liking it and deciding to follow, see I have an Onlyfans, and maybe subscribe. However, the vast majority of followers will not subscribe. I have 28k followers and 800+ fans which is a GREAT ratio and I am super grateful at the amount of success I have had in a short time, but it shows that some will not subscribe. But, at least you have followers and are getting upvotes and karma from them engaging with your content, which boosts your Reddit profile. The more karma you have, the more authentic and appealing your profile appears, and the more people will be inclined to follow you -After you post on subreddits, respond to ALL comments on your posts. It might be tedious and people might be perverts, but do it (to the ones that are trying to give you a compliment at least). More comments means more activity, and a slightly bigger chance of making the hot page, and you want to make it to the hot page to get more followers and traction to your page. It will also get more people to follow you if they see you are responsive and don’t just ghost all of the comments you get on your posts -Don’t neglect your followers! Post on your own profile too, not just in subreddits! Let them know that you are grateful for their support, or when doing an OF promo to let them know there is a sale. They are the ones that are interested in your content and you want to keep them that way. They followed you because they like what they see, so don’t forget about them -I do NOT waste time responding to messages/chats on Reddit 99% of the time. Majority of the time, they are looking for freebies and will not subscribe to your OF no matter how cheap your subscription is. My OF link is in my bio and they clearly see it when they message me, but CHOOSE to not sub and message you on Reddit instead. Don’t waste your time, instead redirect your time to posting on subreddits or making content! I followed those Reddit strategies for a good 2 ish months before making my OF, which I made when I hit a 10k-11k following on Reddit. I did custom content on the side before making my OF too, which I made about $3k off of. These included mostly twerking, ass, and masturbation videos.
So what did I do when I made my OF? What have I learned, and what works for me? -I promoted the OF link everywhere. I have it in my bio, and a link to it in the comments of a pinned post on my Reddit. This should be the first thing someone sees when you click on your Reddit -In your OF bio, be specific. Do NOT just put a few lines and a brief description thinking people will sub. If they are paying $$ to see your account, they want a rundown of what content you post before actually subbing! I have a list of content that I post listed in my bio, as well as what kinds of custom requests I am open to making. Be very specific in this step -I made my subscription price cheap. It was $6.99, but 50% off for my first 2 weeks. I did promos after that for 40% off, and another 50% off. After watching tons of youtube videos and reading tons of posts on subreddits, I came to the conclusion that for the kind of content I wanted to sell and as a new OF creator, I would do better with a lower subscription price and more fans, as opposed to less fans and a higher subscription price. The way I see it, more fans equals more people to sell PPV’s. Some OF accounts have no paywalls and a higher subscription price (which definitely can work for some) but I knew I wanted to sell PPV to boost my income so this wasn’t my choice. My PPV’s are all solo content so far: ass worship, JOI, masturbation, etc. and I try to keep them affordable. All are under $20 and at LEAST 5 minutes long. Send out quality content, do NOT send out short clips if they are PPVs. I know it is tempting to send an expensive video to all your fans in hopes of getting a lot of money, but I would rather have more people buy a $10 video, than a few buy a $40 video, hence why I keep my PPV’s on the cheaper side. You want to keep your fans happy and you want them to keep purchasing your PPV’s as much as possible. Many of my fans who bought my first PPV’s continue to purchase my more recent ones I send out because they are inexpensive. But, don’t get me wrong, if they want to see something then they WILL pay for it. It is all up to you and completely your decision on the pricing for your content, so price it how you think it is worth! -I post on my OF feed daily and respond to ALL messages. I find my fans like shorter video clips better than photos, but I post a mix of both. BEFORE you start to promote your OF link, make sure you have a good amount of photos/videos already on your OF. People wouldn’t want to subscribe to something if there is no content to see, and they can see the media count on your profile before subbing. I think I had 15-20 photos AND videos combined when I first started. Post as much as you can, people want you to be consistent. Also, many want to get to know you. Many fans subscribe to OF creators for a more intimate/personal relationship. In addition to sending PPV’s, I also send mass messages to everyone occasionally asking how their day is going, etc. Little things like this make a big difference. I have had people tip me the first time I sent a mass message out wishing them a good weekend, or asking them how their day went! Also, even if fans don’t buy PPV’s and don’t spend anything other than the subscription, still respond if you have time. Some fans can’t afford extras, and honestly I am just grateful to have them subscribed to me at all. $2.80 per subscriber adds up -I send out a free, full length, weekly video to all fans straight to their inbox as an incentive to stay subscribed. Those with re-bill on get something extra on top of that in their inbox every week. It's another incentive for them to keep re-bill on, and it gives them something to look forward to every week. This keeps them interested and wondering what will be next. It is tiresome though, so maybe a free video once per month would be more doable if you are strapped on time, which is better than nothing at all -I offer custom content and have a pinned tip/custom content menu. If you want to boost your income on OF, I highly recommend sitting down and coming up with a list of content ideas you are comfortable with doing and prices. If you want to see mine, message me. Mine includes custom ass worship, twerking, striptease, humiliation, JOI, maturbation dick rating, custom photos, sexting, and cock rates. My custom video pricing ranges from $40-$60. Customs are super tedious, time consuming, and I have anxiety when I have a lot of them, but they boost your income significantly. It is also a way for you to get to know your fans and what they are into. I also specify there can be up to a 5 day wait for custom content, since OF is not my full-time job -I offer a free video to everyone who likes all of my posts on OF. I specify this in the welcome message that sends to all fans automatically when they subscribe. Take advantage of that tool. It is an excellent way to boost your likes and gives your fans an opportunity to get a little something extra without spending money. Its no secret creators with more likes overall look more authentic -Don’t waste huge amounts of $$ on expensive lingerie. I get the majority of mine from Romwe which has super cheap sets, as little as $3-$5. If you spend over a certain amount of money they will also expedite shipping for your order for free. I live in Houston and got my order within 3-4 days and it came from China -I don’t recommend paying for shoutouts from other creators. They can be pricey, and gaining fans is not guaranteed. You are better off marketing yourself on Reddit for free -Make sure to save ALL receipts from purchases to write off for taxes. If you didn’t know, you must pay quarterly taxes with OF if you earn over $600 USD. Lingerie, makeup, hair, nails, facials, tech equipment like camera/tripod, portion of your rent if you use your home to shoot, internet bill, phone bill, etc. This site is super helpful for going over tax info and other things you can write off to avoid paying tons of money in taxes. https://www.chriswhalencpa.com/onlyfans-business-setup-tax-tips/ Also, save at least 30% of your cut for taxes just in case Those are some of my tips for OF. If you want a link to my OF page, message me. I want to briefly go over some tips on how to stay ANONYMOUS, if you want to do the same thing I did and NOT show face. Firstly, if it is important to hide your identity, re-evaluate your decision before making an OF or Reddit. Sex workers get doxxed and exposed all of the time. If your future could be ruined by exposing that you have an OF, I say don’t do it. But the choice is yours. Here are some things I do to ensure my privacy/safety online: -Invest in a good international VPN. I use NordVPN and it costs like $5-$6 per month. You can get cheaper deals if you purchase a package of a year or longer. It masks your IP address which can reveal your real location. Although it is difficult for hackers to track your IP address through developed sites like Onlyfans or Reddit, it CAN be done. I saw a post from another OF creator saying that Sweden is a good location to set it to because their data/privacy laws are very tough and if you are ever subpoenaed for some reason, under their laws you are protected and they wouldn’t give up any information since they don’t keep logs. I keep my VPN on both my laptop and my phone at all times, even when I am not using a wifi network. Another good thing about Nord VPN is you can use it on up to 6 devices -Remove all exif/metadata from ALL photos and videos you post. Exif/metadata store information on your content. It can show the exact location your photo/video was taken, what iPhone/camera model was used to shoot the content, and if you are on a laptop, the properties and username of your laptop, which can easily give away your identity. Some sites like Twitter and Instagram scrub all Exif/Metadata automatically before content is posted. However, I am not sure if OF or Reddit does the same, so I do it just to make sure. I use an app called Instigator on my iPhone. It costs like $2-$3 but worth it -Create a BRAND NEW email to sign up with ANY media linked to your OF. I created a brand new email for Reddit and OF. DO NOT ever hook up your personal email/personal phone number to any social media you use to promote your OF, if you stay anonymous. You’d be surprised the amount of information you can find on someone with just their phone number alone -Use an entirely different browser for OF, Reddit, and email. I use Firefox because it stores the least amount of data/info compared to Chrome -Get a good wig if you are serious about masking your identity, and play it off like it's your own. Pluck the hairline to make it look more realistic if you need to. Etsy has good ones -Use a plain background for content if you can. Be careful on the surroundings in your posts for Reddit/OF, you don’t want anything that can be traced back to you -Hide any tattoos/piercings/any other identifiable marks. Also any jewelry. I have seen posts of creators who have been recognized by something as simple as a necklace they wore in a photo. Double check the photo/video before you post or send it to anyone to make sure
I hope this post is helpful for people who want to create an OF, or people who are already creators, but ESPECIALLY creators who want to remain anonymous. I know how hard it can be and all extents we go through to not show face, but I hope this post and my experience shows that you absolutely CAN make money off Onlyfans WITHOUT showing face. It was really hard for me to find Youtube videos or Reddit posts catered to those of us who want to remain anonymous, so I hope this breakdown helps you.
If you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to comment or privately message me. I will do my best to answer any questions you might have!
submitted by renaeonlyfans to onlyfansadvice


Outcasters Is A Wild New Take On The Competitive Shooter: An Interview With The Devs

We had the chance to connect with Javier Galvan, Technical Designer, and Rachael Tarr, Associate Audio Designer, to discuss the upcoming game.
Outcasters is an innovative new multiplayer game coming exclusive to Google Stadia. It’s being developed by Splash Damage, the team behind Gears Tactics, Halo: Master Chief Collection, and Gears 5 – so it’s safe to say people are excited for its newest IP. The tone of Outcasters, however, is dramatically different from that of Gears or Halo. Instead of a realistic world with terrifying enemies, the game takes place in an adorable, stylized vinyl world.
You’ll step foot into an arena with seven other players and fight to be the last one standing. Your main weapon? Curvable projectiles.
We had a chance to connect with Javier Galvan, Technical Designer, and Rachael Tarr, Associate Audio Designer, to discuss the upcoming game. From past games influencing its design to future plans and updates, there’s a lot more to Outcasters than its cutesy appearance would lead you to believe.
Outcasters looks like a wild new type of competitive shooter. How did the team come up with this idea? And how does the bullet curving mechanic work?
Javier Galvan: The original idea came from an internal Game Jam and it turned out to be such a big hit within the studio at Splash Damage, that we decided to develop it into a fully-fledged game!
Rachael Tarr: The curve mechanic has been a staple of the game from the very beginning. It’s an interesting take on the classic way in which games tend to approach firing any sort of projectile – we feel that it encourages players to keep moving, as there isn’t really anywhere to hide when a shot can sneak up on you around a corner! The top down view gives the player a great insight into the map they are playing in, and they are able to make decisions based on the environment around them – “I can totally hit them if I shoot around this carousel” or “I can sneak a tight angled shot around the small corner over there." It is a unique mechanic and it does take some time to master, but it is extremely satisfying when hitting an opponent in a position which would normally be impossible.
What game modes will be available at launch?
Galvan: We will have three different game modes at launch, one free for all, named Last Caster Standing and two team-based ones including Gold Rush and the recently announced Team Battle.
Tarr: These game modes really do feel different from one another as well. It’s been fun in playtests watching how people deal with the situations they find themselves in during a match. For example, some people will stay as a group in Team Battle and hunt down the opposition, whereas others will split off and try and get some sneaky shots in from a whole host of angles. It’s super entertaining to watch!
The team at Splash Damage has worked on some high-profile games, including Gears 5. How has that experience shaped Outcasters?
Galvan: Previous experience certainly has had a big impact on the games we develop at Splash Damage and Outcasters is no different. Although it looks visually different to a lot of our previous titles, underneath it all is a fast-paced, highly-competitive, multiplayer game which we think players will love getting their teeth into.
What one feature in Outcasters do you think players will enjoy the most?
Galvan: It’s so difficult to choose one! I'm somewhere in between the fast-paced action matches, and how frenzied those games can become when you are playing with friends, and the aesthetics, especially the feelings that the environments and characters evoke, and the wackiness that always keeps a smile on your face.
Tarr: For me, I feel as though players will really enjoy the customization we’ve put in place. There are so many combinations that can be selected, with some wild and wacky variations, so each player can choose to look however they want. We’ve also got a wide selection of voices, so you can, for example, give the voice of an Ice Cream, to an Ogre or a Spaceman! This just ups the fun and randomness that you can experience within the game.
What's the inspiration behind the graphics? They look like a beautiful combination of Fall Guys and LittleBigPlanet.
Tarr: We wanted the game to be accessible to everyone and giving the player a lot of control over their customization was a big part of that. This is where the “toys come to life” kind of aesthetic came from. We wanted the visuals to be vibrant and colorful, but also with a little bit of attitude, and I think we’ve managed to achieve that with the various maps and characters that we have included at launch, as well as the combination of the chaotic gameplay with exciting audio and visual cues.
The announcement trailer for Outcasters is hilarious - will that sense of humor carry over to the full game?
Galvan: Definitely! I believe that’s what makes this game so great, not taking itself that seriously. You have the option to explore and dig deep into the aspects of the game that require more mastery but still enjoy the fun atmosphere from the visuals, audio, animations and overall tone.
Tarr: Oh, 100%! It’s been a really fun project to work on because of this as well. The art team have been great at adding all the little bonus features to some of the maps you’ll see as you play, and they just further give life and personality to the game as a whole. It’s the fun quirks, mixed with the frantic gameplay, that really makes this title stand out for me.
How has it been working with Stadia? Is the development process any different from creating a game for PS4 or Xbox One?
Galvan: Stadia is fully cloud based which makes it quite different from developing for any other platform. Pioneering technologies is always a challenge; new API, different debug and testing processes, etc. Our engineering and QA team have done a stellar job, and it’s a testament to the Stadia team that we have had a great time developing Outcasters on the Stadia platform. The insight we have gained from working with Stadia has been incredibly refreshing and it’s exciting to be working with them and taking full advantage of what the Stadia platform has to offer.
Do you think streaming services are the future of the industry?
Galvan: If not the future, a big chunk of it. We’ve been witnessing a big shift with how people experience games during the last few years and we've seen a tendency towards audiences wanting to watch games as well as play them. Technology will evolve to feed this need allowing players to be active participants where they engage and interact with streamers in a much more engaging level than just using a chat box.
What are your long-term goals for Outcasters?
Galvan: I would love to introduce much more variety to the game, give users more agency, and many other elements to interact with while in a match. I’m looking forward to the coming live phase, to listen to our audience, and see how they experience the game so we as developers can seek new ways to shape the game alongside them.
Tarr: From an audio perspective, we’d love to add to the customization and create even more options for voices and character movements, as well as support new game modes and visuals as they come in. We will also listen to player feedback when we do go into the live phase and make improvements on anything that might come up. We want to continue to provide the best experience that we can to our players, and we will evolve the game accordingly to what they enjoy and want to see more of.
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