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TL:DW notes of the 10/21/2020 Dev Streams

Hello, everyone, I'm tactical_taillike. This Wednesday, Hank and Mikee from NWI had a nice little Q&A stream, the first one since 1.8 came out. The week before, SoP #13 was released, which was more like an Operation: Breakaway retrospective. The thursday after stream, Hotfix #3 was released, fixing numerous high-profile bugs.
Next week, the October Community Blog will come out, and on November 5th, there'll be a pretty spicy livestream (presumably with a reveal of some kind). Anyways, here's a compile of questions and shit from this week's NWI dev stream. Make sure to correct my ass if there's anything inaccurate here. I went over this just a couple hours ago, but there might be something that got through lol

Part 1: Housekeeping

  • Next stream will be on November 5th (2PM MST)… apparently there’ll be some spicy shit on that day. (“there’ll be things that people will enjoy. Enjoyable things, people”)
  • Bi-weekly reminder that the console port is still being developed lol
  • Another reminder of the Sandstorm mapping contest :)
  • October’s Community Blog will be dropping next week. (no surprise there)
  • 1.8.1 (minor release) is coming, and more info will come in the next few weeks.
  • 1.9 (next major update) will be coming this year. :pogchamp:
    • If you ask me, December 18th (second anniversary of Sandstorm’s launch) would be a suitable date. That’s just a guess, though.
  • 1.10 will come afterwards, with more updates going into 2021.
    • The devs going forward made the decision to limit the scope of updates so they can have more time to polish current content and polish upcoming content. There’ll still be new maps and all that though.
  • On November 10th, Hank will be doing an Extra Life charity stream during the day. Not an Insurgency related thing, but just a cool little raising money for kids thing.
  • TF666 next tuesday?

Part 2: Q&A with Mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Since 1.8 has dropped, and we already have a bunch of content, will we have updates solely dedicated to adjusting and tweaking current content?
    • No updates planned that solely focus on changing current content. Each update always adds and tweaks content at the same time.
  • Any plans on adding separate keys for each explosive?
    • “Keep your eyes peeled, my dude.” *mikee points at camera*
  • Any plans to improve servers, since there’ve been notable issues with hitreg and server performance since 1.8?
    • No changes were made to servers or hit detection in 1.8, but submit support tickets please.
  • To Mikee: What is your favorite condiment?
    • “Salt.”
  • Outpost is too easy, will you be tweaking it?
    • Yes. Some maps have a higher win ratio than wanted, and night maps are more difficult than desired. The devs will be trying to address both of these.
  • Option to change camo during matches or just a preset?
    • That is being actively discussed.
  • Outpost for more maps?
    • Yes. It’ll happen eventually.
  • Plans to balance objective layouts (specifically push)?
    • They’re always open to making layout changes.
    • They also mentioned that some objectives in Outpost might have to be dropped
  • How close are we to another bug fix update for 1.8?
    • There’ll be another hotfix soon, and of course 1.8.1.
    • (The devs went on to release a hotfix the next day lol)
  • Not a question, but Mikee goes on a tangent about the G11 lol, what a cool weapon. Shouts out Forgotten Weapons.
  • The bug where the backpack camo doesn’t change still exists?
    • That is in known issues. They are working on it.
  • Plans on reworking the explosive system so random props don’t block explosions?
    • No plans for that, sounds more like a bug where some props like water bottles might block shrapnel when they shouldn’t. Explosives *do* have penetration. Please report that sort of issue, with location and evidence pls
  • Plans on changing the experience system? Currently it’s more time-based instead of score-based.
    • No plans for that, don’t wanna have it so newer players don’t get as much XP, considering that it is tied to cosmetic unlocks.
  • Was it intentional for skins in promotional images to look different in-game?
    • No, they're gonna try and be better with that. That was a mistake.
  • Any new VOs?
    • None are planned, because of how much time and effort is needed to add new ones.
  • Is not being able to hear third-person reload sounds intentional or a bug?
    • That has been a thing since beta, and it’s something the devs have always wanted to do. But, it’s not feasible to do technically considering how they implement first-person animations, and that first and third person reload animations aren’t properly synced on a lot of weapons.
  • Why are the new grips affecting things like reload speed and weapon swap speed?
    • They say it’s better for gameplay, even if it’s not as realistic.
  • Any chance to separate weapon balancing for PvP and PvE?
    • Pretty strong no. It’d be confusing to have two different weapon balances for them.
  • PSO-1 for AKs?
    • Maybe in the future; it exists in the dev menu, but they’re pretty bugged.
  • Mikee, can you give us a very canadian “sohry?”
    • Mikee talks about americans and their stereotypes lol
    • He does say that in Alberta, he hears sohry a lot.
  • Plans on an e-sports scene?
    • No lmao
  • (To Mikee) As lead game designer, do you have any “favorite failures?”
    • That’s a good question, he will have to get back on that.
  • Is Ambush on the backburner?
    • No immediate plans for it. They can’t say anything about future gamemodes.
  • Mikee’s favorite VO?
    • For insurgents, the Mercenary voice. For security, the regular Arab voice.
  • New survey?
    • There will be one soon™.
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Is there a way to actually force Teams to update?

On one of my Windows VMs I have the Teams desktop client installed. When I look at the version number, it says that was installed on the 16th of October, but I know a newer version ( is available. When I get Teams to do a manual check it says I have the latest version.
If I look at the Teams logs, I can see the URL that it fetches when it checks for updates and when I put that into a browser, it gives me a JSON file that says that yes, version is available. But in the log it says that no update is available.
So what is going on?
Further investigation:
Checking for updates creates a zero length x64.json file (the same name as the one fetched) in %appdir%\local\roaming\Microsoft\Teams\tmp
1) something in Teams is caching x64.json way longer than it should.
2) Teams sends additional data with its request (cookies/post info?) which is resulting in the server returning a zero length file when Teams requests it (or possibly a file which shows the current version as the latest) based on some policy - possibly phased rollout?
My evidence for the latter is that there’s mention in the logs of a “staggering” policy and “jitter” values for normal updates and hotfixes and phased rollouts would explain why machines get updated at seemingly random times.
In the end it’s very frustrating that “check for updates” doesn’t actually check for updates - I’m reminded of the way Android used to do phased rollouts where the manual check was effective once a day. Is there a setting to fix this?
It’s a mild security issue because Teams is based on Electron and vendors various libraries which have regular security issues (e.g. FFMPEG, and more recently, one assumes, FreeType) and it’d be nice to force regular (e.g. daily) updates as it’s not clear how exposed these are.
Indeed, there’s an unspecified RCE in Teams in today’s MSRC bulletin and it’s concerning that I can’t roll this fix out if it becomes an issue.
Edit - it just updated itself, so it’s not that the updates are broken, but that the manual check button is basically useless.
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