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Sort; uasort; uksort; usort array_shift: array_splice: Last updated: Tue, 19 Sep 2020: array_slice (PHP 4, PHP 5) array_slice - Extract a slice of the array. NEW VERSION MADE BY MasterOfAll Features Time till Destination = TTD Displays Destination that was chosen. In 2020 it was ranked third in the TIOBE rating. Sort keys for JSON values are bound by the value of the max_sort_length system variable, so keys that differ only after the first max_sort_length bytes compare as equal. Browse other questions tagged php arrays sorting or ask your own question.

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PHP and HTML interact a lot: PHP can generate HTML, and HTML can pass information to PHP. Crack ignaz soundcloud music https://vesta-tr.ru/forum/?download=8997. If you want to completely preserve the arrays and just want to append them. To fix the previous issues, wp_list_sort() supports now an additional argument to preserve array keys via uasort(). By design they lack granular control, and there are many vulnerabilities at stake: applications that contain keys can be decompiled to extract keys, or deobfuscated from on-device storage, plaintext files can be stolen for unapproved use, and password managers are susceptible to security risks as with any application.


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These fields can easily be modified. Redim Preserve Dictionary(ubound(Dictionary)+4096\sizeof(tCharmap)). No iterators, that's for a HashList. Note: If the array have string keys, the returned array will always preserve the keys (See example 4).

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Non-numeric keys are not affected by this setting and will always be preserved. Idm full version with lifetime crack https://vesta-tr.ru/forum/?download=8412. CTRL c is a good way to cancel your script (or a program) whenever you get into trouble on the command line. A PSPO is a provision, created by the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2020, which is intended to deal with persistent and unreasonable conduct by individuals in a public place which is detrimental to. Bug #50688: Using exceptions inside usort() callback function causes a warning: Submitted: 2020-01-07 19: 42 UTC: Modified: 2020-12-06 18: 14 UTC.


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Simcity 2020 all dlc torrent cracked find more. This value may be the integer key of the column, or it may be the string key name. We are therefore consulting all community representatives/ interested parties. PHP means PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. These modes could dramatically reduce the amount of code for routine operations, as they let you to get the data in the proper format right out of the query.

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The array_slice() function returns selected parts of an array. Windows 7 iso cracker https://vesta-tr.ru/forum/?download=4183. Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn how to use SQLite PRIMARY KEY constraint to define a primary key for a table. Like it is said in the [main article](/pdo), PDO fetch modes (along with usable prepared statements) is a thing that makes PDO a wrapper, not yet another (though universal) database API. The MKV format can store multiple.


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Dll suite full version with crack more info. Create custom sort function. This tutorial is designed for beginners to advanced developers. Sort preserve keys php. INSTALL GREPPER FOR CHROME.

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These functions preserve not only the keys, but also the relationships between the keys and their values. This feature is often used for advertising trailers, but this is up to the user. Using PEAR, you can download and manage various PHP libraries that allow you to easily implement various functionalities like login authentication, networking, and so on without needing to write the code from scratch. To perform a reverse sort on an associative array by key and maintain the existing keys, use the _____ function. Jingle player you can mix short audio sequences (also called jingles) under your music.

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URGENT - THIS IS AN INFO DUMP: I don't know if this whole Corona Virus fear mongering is real.. but if it is this may be the last chance I have to share this with everyone and for everyone here to KEEP and spread this info.

URGENT - THIS IS AN INFO DUMP: I don't know if this whole Corona Virus fear mongering is real.. but if it is this may be the last chance I have to share this with everyone and for everyone here to KEEP and spread this info.
I am going to list these key points because I want to make sure you all get these facts from the beginning - save this info and spread it as far and as wide as possible BUT all I ask is that if you spread this info, reference you got it from me and here.. even if you don't agree with all my points tell what you change from what i claim. I feel this is important because I worry that this info will become diluted and DISINFORMATION will make my effort here worthless. Disinformation and distraction is the biggest weapon the people who keep these secrets use to prevent people like me from ever being heard. If you have any other ideas how to prevent this please let me know.
(note - much of this info is known.. I will try to differentiate key things I feel I discovered here that I believe no one else has discovered. The stuff that isn't known are things I feel I have discovered are legit because of pieces I have put together or just because I understand key details because I have studied this so long and see so many connections showing they are legit. ALL of these things I will be discussing here are related in weird ways... I discovered this after years of research and seeing these connections)

1 - Cold Fusion discovered by Pons and Fleschmann WAS legit - in a way - But they did NOT understand what they really discovered. Which is why they were discredited by the people in power.
What they actually stumbled onto is actually called MUON CATALYZED fusion. Which is USED - along with other power sources - to power antigravity craft - Electrogravitic craft.
The Muon Catalyzed fusion process creates energy from ANTIMATTER reactions. Bob Lazar even describes the alien power plant as an antimatter reactor but claims you need an element that can't be recreated with our tech - he mixes truth with lies here.

  1. Bob Lazar is a government disinformation agent who is using the alien cover story to hide the fact the US government learned and developed how to master antigravity technology from and with Nazi scientists - actually called electrogravitics. The craft Lazar described IS real.. but it is either designed by the US gov OR they got the design from Nazis after WWII. A family member of mine WITNESSED this craft in the late 60s near the Canadian border. My family member witnessed the craft at point blank range. 20 feet above the highway they were on. Watched it for several minutes.
This same craft was also shown by Billy Meier around the same time (1960s)... along with designs that appeared to be disinformation.
Bob Lazar came forward at the exact same time Pons and Fleischmann went public to announce cold fusion. THIS was the purpose of the disinfo campaign. It was a distraction and disinformation.

  1. 2 scientists who wrote a paper stating that the discovery Pons and Fleischmann discovered was actually an anti matter reaction. One of these scientists died suddenly not long after this and another was murdered under weird circumstances at a later date.

  1. IF you fire a particle accelerator at gold it will produce antimatter - this is key to the process. In the Pons and Fleischmann discovery it was cosmic rays triggering this effect but they did not know this.

  1. Viktor Schauberger - an Austrian self taught scientist is the father of the German antigravity craft and its power system! Read the Hunt for Zero Point by Nick Cook to learn more about this. But mis or dis info is included in this book so you have to sort through it. I believe that Zero point energy IS a red herring to take people off the trail of the truth.
Read Hunt for Zero Point by Nick Cook here free - http://plain2.tripod.com/huntforzeropoint.pdf
  1. The Great Giza Pyramid in Egypt was not a tomb.. it was not built by aliens.. it was built by an advanced human civilization that was wiped out and survivors likely stayed in Egypt and tried to preserve this info but no one could decode it for thousands of years. The elite may STILL be decoding this info.
  2. The great Giza pyramid was a nuclear powered PARTICLE ACCELERATOR used to try to reverse climate change - global warming - that was part of the destruction of that past advanced civilization.
The Giza site was used to PROCESS nuclear material. The colors of each pyramid are the colors that comprise uranium ore. The small pyramid was half black half green, the second pyramid was orange/red, the third was white - the color of processed uranium.
In alchemy/theoccult black, red and white are the colors of transmutation. The nuclear process is the process of transmutation. Was the philosopher's stone uranium?
  1. To understand how the pyramid reversed climate change study Henrik Svensmarks work and a documentary called Cloud Mystery, Cosmic rays create clouds in our atmosphere.. the pyramids purpose was to try to produce clouds to reverse global warming - the end of the ice age they lived in.
  2. To understand part of how the great pyramid worked research Christopher Dunn's work- Giza Powerplant. But he did not understand everything therefore he couldn't understand the true purpose. He did see part of the purpose though.
The great pyramid was an immense electrical capacitor... Dunn did not understand this. Capacitors are key to particle accelerators... AND antigravity... this is how I made the connection between antigravity and the great pyramid. There is more to this but to understand it you need to know how the pyramid worked.
  1. The World Trade Center complex was destroyed using technology related to antigravity tech. Dr. Judy Wood has a lot of info correct relating to this.
  2. Thorium plasma batteries were attempted to be developed around 2010 or so - independently by 2 different people - one died suddenly of a heart attack one disappeared. This technology was also used to power antigravity saucers - the Nazi Bell. Nazi Germany had immense stockpiles of Thorium - people didn't know why at the time - this is why. This is just one way to power these craft though.
  3. The McCandlish ARV - alien reproduction seems to be legit but that it was alien is disinformation.
  4. SOME Nazis likely took antigravity tech to South America and Antarctica. There was a report from Admiral Byrd who took a US navy fleet to antarctica and reported seeing craft that could travel from pole to pole at great speed.
  5. Research Westall 66 - a documentary about how many school children witnessed antigravity drones. This was right around the same time my family member witnessed the craft he saw. These craft that were seen in Australia may have come from Antarctica. It could have been Russians who may have developed this tech or even US tech.
  6. Someone wrote a book how the Russians used saucer tech and were spying on and crashed in the Roswell incident.. this may have been misinfo or disinfo. It was likely the Nazis or some other country with Nazi tech. I also suspect that the incident in the 50s where saucers were reported to fly over the white house were also Nazi saucers... The Nazis may have actually put a base on the moon.. around this time.. if this is possible even with antigravity tech.
  7. A device called the Repulsine created by Viktor Schauberger was the beginning of antigravity technology. It creates MANY amazing effects internally in an incredibly simple and elegant way... think of all the powers of nature packed in a tiny package.. a tempest in a teapot essentially. It also produced incredible amounts of energy and worked incredibly efficiently. Schauberger did not understand the process going on internally but the Nazis decoded this and developed tech based on it.
  8. Both Viktor Schauberger AND Thomas Townsend Brown discovered electrogravitics at the same time completely independently. They both work using the same processes. But Schaubergers tech actually worked very well where as TT Brown's was at a very primitive stage and was less clear to work. Schaubergers was very tempermental and would only work under specific conditions - until the Nazis decoded it. The Nazis may have even used TTBrowns patent to help them decode Shaubergers device.
  9. This is incredibly important to how the pyramid operated - http://sentinelkennels.com/Research_Article_V41.html
Christopher Dunn talked about tombs that were supposedly used to put bulls in. These were not bull tombs. They were storage containers for some nuclear material. This is why they were machined so perfectly.
  1. The elite put the truth in plain sight...
Pyramids around the Giza plateau were used to store spent nuclear material in ancient history
  1. With the info I am providing here.. if people go through all this info I am providing and understand it I know that people could work together and figure out how Schauberger's device worked. The key to understanding it is to realize it was many things in one... an electrostatic generator... a capacitor... a particle accelerator... This little device used natural processes to produce antimatter.. Proof of how this is possible -
  1. The key to understanding the Pons and Fleischmann situation is to understand why their experiment wasn't reproducible.. 1 they didn't understand the actual effect that was occurring 2 The effect worked because of where they were... they were In Utah at high altitude. Cosmic rays are more intense at high altitude. Because it was a cosmic ray reaction rather than a cold fusion reaction.. for the experiment to be reproducible anyone testing it would need to be at high altitude.
  2. Bob Lazar came forward at the exact same time Pons and Fleischmann went public to announce cold fusion. THIS was the purpose of the disinfo campaign. It was a distraction and disinformation.
It had multiple purposes that are difficult to explain.. but if others witnessed the craft my dad did.. and if they realized that a power source like cold fusion existed... they could figure out how the saucer worked and develop both technologies.This is why it was imperative to discredit P&F AND to make people think the saucer they might have seen was alien not the US governments. I am also sure that the US gov was using that craft for espionage too.. which was likely why they had Billy Meier also producing disinfo with pics of this craft too.
  1. Weird proof that I am right about the Giza pyramid being a particle accelerator. People claim that this hieroglyph shows the Egyptians had light bulbs.. they likely did have light bulbs but that is not what this is showing... THIS is called a Crookes tube today - this is the basic idea behind a particle accelerator...
  1. The word pyramid means - fire in the middle. The King's chamber of the great pyramid was where the "sarcophagus" was located... it was not a sarcophagus... this is where the uranium was placed... water entered into the King's chamber through small pipe like structures cut into the stone. The water went in one side and out the other to keep the nuclear material cool. And the steam in there created pressure... the materials the pyramid was made of would produce electricity when under pressure. The grand gallery of the great pyramid was designed like this -

The queen's chamber produced hydrogen that was accelerated in the grand gallery..

  1. People studying the Great pyramid found carbon 14 in one of the vents of the King's chamber... carbon is used to regulate nuclear reactions - which was the purpose of the King's chamber. When cosmic rays hit carbon it produces carbon 14. This shows the purpose of the great pyramid.
  2. One of the things that led me to the Great pyramid when i was researching antigravity I was researching someone named Viktor Grebenekov - he is disinformation to lead people away from Schauberger... but remember - Disinformation often includes real information to confuse us even more. There is a connection between insects and antigravity... BEES work as electrostatic generators... they produce an electrical charge. They have a material called chitin that is dielectric. Dielectrics are used in capacitors. I was doing a search and found a video about the great pyramid by Christopher Dunn that talked about chitin in the great pyramid. I found that there was a part of the great pyramid that had many insect shells in it - above the King's chamber. They were used as a seal - a dielectric seal because there was a crack there... You have to research all these things I am saying to understand all this.
  3. People don't realize it but the pyramid and obelisks are electricity producers.. the are essentially lightning rods. When they were made the entire Giza plateau had much more water flowing all through there... and below the ground the site is an immense aquifer.. when water flows through an aquifer it produces an electrical charge. THIS is why the builders put the great pyramid there.. the water and the charge. The great pyramid took this natural charge.. and used nuclear material to produce even more charge... the whole area would have been highly electrically charged. THIS is why they had obelisks all over the site. The obelisks took the charge out of the ground and released it with lightning strikes...

This is also why freemasons put obelisks in places of power like Washington DC... it's a symbolic meaning. Ancients worshipped the god Baal... "The word 'obelisk' literally means 'Baal's shaft' or Baal's organ of reproduction' "
  1. Steven E Jones was involved both in discrediting Pons and Fleischmann AND in a group that spread disinfo and tried to discredit Dr. Judy Wood related to 9-11. Steven E Jones specialized in studying Muon Catalyzed fusion... which just so happens to be what Pons and Fleischmann discovered but didn't realize it.
When Pons and Fleischmann discovered cold fusion, before they went public, they went to the Department of Energy. The department of energy must have told Steven E Jones because he suddenly came forward at the same time revealing his own discoveries related to cold fusion...THIS forced P&F to go public before they were ready which helped the people who wanted to discredit them...
  1. Look at the heiroglyphs in Egypt...they have many with bees... AND Scarab or dung beetles.. Both use elecrtrostatic effects to fly.. these are no just symbols for the Egyptians.. they are trying to tell us about these discoveries.. preserve their knowledge.. They know it was the end of times.. I suspect bumble bees can fly because of this electrostatic effect. and the pyramid used this electrostatic effect.
  2. when cosmic rays pass through quartz is produces an electrical charge... quartz granite also produces an electrical charge when pressure is applied.. as does quartz in general. This is why the pyramid produced electrical charge because of the pressure generated inside from the nuclear material producing heat. Heat causes expansion - pressure - which produced electricity. Cosmic rays passing through the great pyramid and the quartz and chitin filled limestone ALSO produced electricity.. the entire giza plateau was like an immense energy collector from cosmic rays.
  3. I was studying the Great pyramid and based on what I learned about dielectrics and the stone used to make the great pyramid and particle accelerators and cosmic rays I though the great pyramid was charged by cosmic rays.. I was reading TTBrowns journal after this and HE came to the same conclusion by the materials found in the great pyramid.
The stone Ed leedskalnin used to make Coral Castle also has the same properties the great pyramid stone had - quartz limestone. Ed said he knew the secret the Egyptians used to make the great pyramid. He also used an electrical device to direct energy at the limestone... and people claimed they secretly witnessed him move stones around like they were giant balloons... I suspect this was how the pryramid builders built the great pyramid.. because the stones held charges because they were made of quartz and dielectric materials they had a repulsive effect.. People claimed Leedskalnin was a freemason as they said the same about Nikola Tesla and they came from the same area in Europe.
  1. a)When Viktor Schuaberger ran his repulsine device - which produced and electrical charge - it was an electrostatic generator - the metal inside the machine corroded incredibly rapidly.. It seems to me there is a connection here between the effect here and the way the World Trade Center was destroyed - look at Dr. Judy Wood's work as well as John Hutchison's work. He used the same kind of phenomenon and saw the same kind of effects in his experiments. Rapidly corroding metals.. the same happened at the WTC site. The reason for this is that the WTC buildings were designed like capacitors themselves... the repulsine worked like a capacitor too.. as did the the great pyramid.
b) In this documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34wtt2EUToo Episode 3 Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Electric Comet (Full Documentary) - From the electric universe theory.. they say that the comet that NASA studied had weird effects that couldn't be explained.. as if it had some form of propulsion they didn't understand. I learned that comets are made of limestone.. they appear to be part of planets that have been knocked loose... and they have quartz in them too.. these are JUST like the stones used in the pyramids AND Coral Castle... cosmic rays and radiation produced by the sun are hitting these comets and producing an electrogravitic or electromagnetic effect... this is what generates the propulsive effect.

  1. Viktor Schauberger and T.Townsend Brown both discovered antigravity at the same time completely independently and both were screwed over by the US government. Read about this in Brown's daughters book and on her website. Not sure if the website is still operating. Learn about how Schauberger was screwed over in the documentary Comprehend And Copy Nature.
  2. Earlier I stated that you all should read the book The Hunt for Zero Point by Nick Cook because it is a great primer on all this info.. BUT I also stated that I feel convinced Zero Point energy is a red herring to take people away from the real technology... the person who pushes zero point energy the most I have seen and in that book is Hal PUTHOFF Interesting name.. sounds like PUT OFF...
Above I said in a documentary you can see how Schauberger was screwed over by the US government... he was screwed out of his own technology and then died right after. In that documentary.. guess who has Schauberger's most important antigravity device... Hal Puthoff... Hal Puthoff was also part of a "secret" program that is now totally public where they developed Remote Viewing... which they claim works.. yet it's not secret now and they teach people how to do it... And it just so happens that remote viewers say aliens are real and they are the ones in the flying saucers.. I am sure that's not disinformation though. In the documentary Billion Dollar Secret Nick Cook mentioned disinformation right before he meets a remote viewer for the first time... I wonder if he didn't call the remote viewer a liar because he was afraid of getting sued?
  1. How Viktor Schauberger's repulsine worked. The repulsine was an electrostatic generator... you would spin it up with an electric motor and cold water running through it.. once it started running it would run indefinitely Schauberger said. It was was made of different metals like bronze, brass, nickel and silver and some have said gold dust was used as a catalyst. Catalysts are not consumed in reactions. The water and air moving through the device is what created electricity to jump start its operation. It operated like a mini electrical storm and tornado. People who have seen tornadoes in the eye of them say they have lightning flashing inside them. When you create a vortex like a tornado and as the repulsine had inside it it creates all kinds of effects.. and as I showed in a link in an earlier note above electrical storms work like particle accelerators and create antimatter reactions. The only known natural source of antimatter reactions on Earth. When antimatter reactions happen 2 particles annihilate and produce heat... the repusline worked like a natural heat engine. it would convert that heat into motion which would produce more electricity.

  1. The Twin Towers were designed and built for 9-11... they were designed to be destroyed using advanced technology. If you look how the towers were engineered and designed they were like hollow cages with a solid core.. and they had a metal cage all around the surface...
Did you know the twin towers were also built EXACTLY 3 times the height of the two larges Giza pyramids?
I also believe the 2 largest pyramids were designed to work like a tuning for... they were designed to resonate with each other.. which was part of the Great pyramids operation... I suspect the twin towers were designed to resonate with each other as well. Both the pyramids and towers also appear to be built like capacitors as well... Someone claimed the Twin towers had also corroded massively before 9-11... they were built to corrode rapidly which also helped them be taken down more easily on 9-11...galvanic corrosion.. which is an electrical process.

  1. This is a great website I forgot to mention earlier - Nuclear Pyramid - http://www.nuclearpyramid.com/great_pyramid.php These people were right about many things relating to the pyramids nuclear aspect... but they didn't know the true purpose of the great pyramid - a huge particle accelerator. They also weren't aware of how the water pump worked into the design below the pyramid OR how it produced elemental hydrogen in the queen's chamber.

I suspect that there was method to deal with this. There was a russian study done with pyramids and they found that pyramids had a lot of bizarre effects - like fruit staying fresh longer in the pyramid AND radioactive material being neutralized. I believe this is because of the electrical effects of pyramid structures.. as well as other unknown effects.
I believe the entire Giza site had this same effect because it was so electrically charged...
Also, I think that radioactive waste was stored in all the pyramids around the Giza site and this is why all the pyramids were considered by the locals to be tombs.. they entombed the deadly nuclear material until they were neutralized by the effects of the site.
Did you know that the rate of nuclear decay can also be affected by outside effects? I suspect advanced ancient civilizations knew this and it may be known by the elite now too - here the sun causes this effect... but I suspect this can be done in a much more dramatic way by artificial methods -
They talk about radioactive waste on this site as well -
Also, in the notes above I mentioned how there was a connection between the pyramids and the twin towers with the Hutchison effect.. here it talks about the Hutchison effect being used



In fact, the subtle variations in atomic decay data are not an effect of neutrinos, but the direct result of measurable surges of localized infrasound resonance, just as in the case of the 'aberrant' fluctuations of planetary gravity fields and the patterns observed in the variations in precipitation rates as measured using the long-term water flow rates of major rivers. The fundamental integrity of the measured radioactive isotopes is directly affected by the incident infrasound radiation.

The decay rates measured by Jenkins at Purdue show a significant fluctuation specifically because of the location of his laboratory in relation to the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana (40.43°N 86.91°W) is 6,176 miles from Giza, a distance comprising 24.8% of the Earth's mean circumference. Infrasound standing waves focused by the Great Pyramid into the central Indiana area not only alter decay rates in Purdue labs, but also levitate huge sandstone boulders into treetops in nearby Limon and Yellowwood Indiana State Parks at the 25.0% distance.

Why this is so important -
Proof of antigravity tech
Proof of free energy tech and the info I provide here can show us how to develop it ourselves.
Proof of history that has been suppressed - the true purpose of the great pyramid -proof of Henrik Svensmark theory - proof advanced civilizations lived in the past. The elite have known this all along.

Why I am releasing this info now and why have I waited so long to reveal this info -
I have tried to talk about this info before and very strange things have happened. It's also so difficult to explain and takes so long to prove that I did not know the best way to do it. I worry that now I may have lost this chance by posting this info now in this way.. but I may not get this chance again if things do actually go to hell.
How I discovered this -
As I said above a family member witnessed a true flying saucer... told me his experience and info he conveyed to me helped me to put these pieces together.
I am just a nobody.. but i do have weird unique abilities... I have aspergers syndrome for one which helps me in a lot of ways to put this info together but also hurts me in trying to convey it to anyone else.

Key sources to study -
Documentary - Westall 66
The Hunt for zero point by Nick Cook http://plain2.tripod.com/huntforzeropoint.pdf
Billion Dollar Secret - documentary by Nick Cook
Documentary - The Cloud Mystery - Henrik Svensmark
Books by Paul LaViolette His books explain how TTTownsend Brown's tech worked. This taught me how to reverse engineer how Schauberger's tech worked.
Documentary - The Pyramid Code - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXRRnaJJ1aA
Comprehend and Copy Nature - Viktor Schauberger - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXPrLGUGZsw
Project winterhaven - electrogravitics report -
Hidden Timelines of Secret Societies

People and info to research
Viktor Schauberger
Christopher Dunn
Henrik Svensmark
Pons and Fleischmann
Paul La violette
Thomas Townsend Brown
Dr. Judy Wood 9-11
Electric Universe - (comets especially)
Capacitors - KEY to electrogravitics
John Hutchison
Penetration by Ingo Swann.. this seems to be designed as disinformation but remember... they mix truth with lies. One of the key things in here is talk about Bill Lear - founder of Lear Jet. Bill Lear is known to have talked about antigravity AND teleportation in the 50s, I believe. And his son is best buddies with Bob Lazar... some say John Lear was Bob Lazars "handler" or maybe it was the other way around.
Nuclear pyramid website - http://www.nuclearpyramid.com/great_pyramid.php

Links -
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_5NkKL6o_M \
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nam2x1ABHaY \
I will try to edit this page to add more info and to explain things better.
Please ask questions and I will do my best to answer them. Please help me in any way you can to spread this info as quickly as possible BEFORE the people in power bury this with misinfo and disinfo....
And for the people who go through my post history and don't believe me because I seem like an idiot.. yes in a lot of ways I am an idiot.. lol I am just an average Joe in most ways and someone who has aspergers syndrome too.. Pattern recognition is the ONLY thing I have ever been really good at.
I can explain myself more too later.
Explaining myself here.. I wanted to be a scientist when I was young.. I was good at learning but terrible at school. Terrible at adapting to the system. I was so bad at math that I had to give up on science. I wanted to be an inventor (and artist) though. My biggest hero was Leonardo da Vinci when I was a kid.
I have always had a lot of ideas about aircraft and flight an just tons of ideas about everything. I am super creative in my own way. I think this was a big key to making the discoveries here I did. I have an insatiable curiosity about things and constant ideas.
I am sure this will sound crazy but I feel that everything I learned in my life about science and technology helped me put all these pieces together. I had some testing done recently because I self diagnosed with aspergers later in life and had that verified recently, But when tested I tested super high in pattern recognition.. and this was after I made all these discoveries. It verified in some way what I already knew. I know this will sound crazy too but I feel like this was my purpose in life.. nothing else in my life ever worked. And too many things have verified what I discovered...
This was really my life's dream... this was the kind of thing I always dreamed of learning.. but I never would have imagined anything as crazy as this.. I just wonder if I am the only one who is supposed to know this.. it would be sad to never be able to convey what I discovered to anyone because no one can believe it or understand it. I feel like the world isn't ready for this yet.

I worked a long time to try to figure out a way to convey all this info in a way that people could understand and would be compelled to look into.. part of the problem with this info is that they think they already know it. This is by design.. this is the purpose of disinformation. Flood people with so much info they don't bother to look.. they don't know who or what to trust. I think knowing what my dad witnessed it gave me something to help weed through the BS.
But I am not a writer.. and I don't even know if the greatest writer could have figured out how to PROVE all this to anyone in a brief way.. What I have figured out through all this is it's not WHAT you have to say.. but it's how you say it. Which means that anyone can convince anyone of anything if they are well known or a great BSer... this is why it's so easy to manipulate people.. to lead them off the real path. Finally I got to the point I couldn't put any more energy into this.. I had to take care of life issues. So I have been sitting on this info hoping something would come to me about how to convey it. And here I am now.. I am hoping that with all eyes here on the conspiracy sub right now it might help get eyes on this. Plus I am just desperate..
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{Taibbi's new piece FULL TEXT} If it’s Not “Cancel Culture,” What Kind of Culture is it? Another long week in the all-stick, no-carrot revolution

Last Friday, over 500 students and lecturers signed a letter denouncing Harvard professor Steven Pinker. Citing five tweets and one line from a book, the signatories demanded Pinker be repudiated by the Linguistics Society of America for a history of “speaking over genuine grievances” at “the exact moment when Black and Brown people are mobilizing against systemic racism.”
The charges were beyond obscure. The effort to find traces of racism in Pinker’s massive bibliography of public statements recalled the way excited Christians periodically discover the face of Jesus in tree stumps or wall mold.
Pinker for instance is accused of having tweeted “Police kill too many people, black and white” (an “all lives matter” trope, signatories cried!), of using the phrase “urban crime” (a dog whistle!), and of calling it “statistically obtuse” to suggest the incel murderer of six women at UCSB was not acting as part of a sexist pattern.
That last episode particularly enraged signatories, as evidence of “downplaying the actual murder of six women.” Unfortunately, none of the accusing lecturers and PhD candidates, who presumably have done research before, noticed the actual spree killing to which Pinker referred involved two women and four men, not six women. But who’s counting? “Regardless of the identities of his victims,” the letter-writers noted in a bitter correction, “the murderer was driven by misogyny.”
To back up a charge of “downplaying actual violence,” the signatories pointed to a description of subway shooter Bernhard Goetz as a “mild-mannered engineer” in Pinker’s book The Better Angels of Our Nature.
This passage, about the ways American culture shifted in response to a rise in the violent crime rate, has to be quoted at length to show the absurdity:
The flood of violence from the 1960s through the 1980s reshaped American culture... Mugger jokes became a staple of comedians... New Yorkers imprisoned themselves in their apartments with batteries of latches and deadbolts... Books, movies and television series used intractable urban violence as their backdrop, including Little Murders, Taxi Driver, The Warriors, Escape from New York, Fort Apache the Bronx, Hill Street Blues, and Bonfire of the Vanities. Women enrolled in self-defense courses to learn how to walk with a defiant gait, to use their keys, pencils, and spike heels as weapons, and to execute karate chops or jujitsu throws to overpower an attacker, role-played by a volunteer in a Michelin-man-tire suit. Red-bereted Guardian Angels patrolled the parks and the mass transit system, and in 1984 Bernhard Goetz, a mild-mannered engineer, became a folk hero for shooting four young muggers in a New York subway car. A fear of crime helped elect decades of conservative politicians…
Pinker wasn’t litigating the justice of the Goetz incident. He was making an offhand description as part of a huge list detailing what he called the “overblown” reactions of a city gripped by fear and paranoia. If he had written in language closer to what the letter-writers would have found acceptable, e.g. “a rage-filled neo-Nazi named Bernhard Goetz became a folk hero after shooting four Black youths who asked him for five dollars” (signatories had a problem with the word “mugger” as well), it would have strengthened rather than changed Pinker’s rhetorical point: that New Yorkers, to at least some degree irrationally, were afraid of crime during a twenty-year period of rising crime rates. This letter was written by linguistics experts, and they don’t know how to read. It’s incredible.
When I reached out to the group’s listed email, they declined comment:
As hundreds of linguists have signed the letter, and since we have received a number of death threats, we are not comfortable either saying things that would go beyond the letter (as we have no mandate to do so), or to reveal our identities. Kind regards, the letter editors
To recap: 500-plus academics sign a letter publicly smearing one of their own as a racist, but when asked for comment, the “editors” insist on anonymity. The campaign seems to have failed, as it doesn’t appear the LSA is planning on taking action. “I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve got tenure,” Pinker says. “It’s the more vulnerable junior faculty and lecturers and people who work for private companies who are much more worthy of concern.”
Pinker is a successful public intellectual whose niche is the analytic corrective to disaster-porn coverage strategies of modern news. If you turn on the TV every day to see street crime, terrorism, “killer” storms and plane crashes statistically over-represented in “dirty laundry” eyeball-grabbing schemes, Pinker has compiled data for you arguing that, statistically speaking, life isn’t so bad. Critics dismiss him as trite and seethe at his full head of Einsteinian hair, but he’s basically an optimist, which is a strange thing to be offended by – unless we’re talking about 2020 America, where we hate everyone except Greta Thunberg (and we hate her too, of course).
Pinker didn’t see this exact campaign coming, as “I don't consider myself a political provocateur, and I'm a mainstream liberal Democrat.” However, he says, “over the years I’ve realized I have some vulnerabilities.” His main problem, apart from being a famous white guy, is that he ascribes to a view of the world that may be going out of style. By way of explaining, he referenced pseudonymous psychiatrist Scott Alexander of Slate Star Codex, who also went through difficulty lately – he deleted his blog after a New York Times reporter decided for some reason to out his real name.
Alexander, Pinker explained, described two different views on solving social problems in an essay called Conflict Versus Mistake.
In the first view, “we're all like physicians trying to diagnose an illness. Society is the patient,” Pinker says. In contrast, in the “conflict mindset," there’s “a faction that has been monopolizing power, and it's time for the wrongs to be righted, and previously disempowered groups to seize power.”
Pinker added, “Therefore anything said from the mistake perspective in terms of diagnosing the problems of society would be seen in the conflict perspective as part of a problem, namely a justification for maintaining the status quo.”
Any attempt to build bridges between the two mindsets falls apart, often spectacularly, as we saw this week in an online fight over free speech that could not possibly have been more comic in its unraveling.
A group of high-profile writers and thinkers, including Pinker, Noam Chomsky, Wynton Marsalis, Salman Rushdie, Gloria Steinem and Anne Appelbaum, signed a letter in Harper’s calling for an end to callouts and cancelations.
“We refuse any false choice between justice and freedom,” the authors wrote, adding, “We need to preserve the possibility of good-faith disagreement without dire professional consequences.”
This Hallmark-card-level inoffensive sentiment naturally inspired peals of outrage across the Internet, mainly directed at a handful of signatories deemed hypocrites for having called for the firings of various persons before.
Then a few signatories withdrew their names when they found out that they would be sharing space on the letterhead with people they disliked.
“I thought I was endorsing a well meaning, if vague, message against internet shaming. I did know Chomsky, Steinem, and Atwood were in, and I thought, good company,” tweeted Jennifer Finney Boylan, adding, “The consequences are mine to bear. I am so sorry.”
Translation: I had no idea my group statement against intellectual monoculture would be signed by people with different views!
In the predictable next development – no dialogue between American intellectuals is complete these days without someone complaining to the boss – Vox writer Emily VanDerWerff declared herself literally threatened by co-worker Matt Yglesias’s decision to sign the statement. The public as well as Vox editors were told:
The letter, signed as it is by several prominent anti-trans voices and containing as many dog whistles towards anti-trans positions as it does, ideally would not have been signed by anybody at Vox… His signature on the letter makes me feel less safe.
Naturally, this declaration impelled Vox co-founder Ezra Klein to take VanDerWerff’s side and publicly denounce the Harper’s letter as a status-defending con.
“A lot of debates that sell themselves as being about free speech are actually about power,” tweeted Klein, clearly referencing his old pal Yglesias. “And there’s a lot of power in being able to claim, and hold, the mantle of free speech defender.”
This Marxian denunciation of the defense of free speech as cynical capitalist ruse was brought to you by the same Ezra Klein who once worked with Yglesias to help Vox raise $300 million. This was just one of many weirdly petty storylines. Writer Thomas Chatterton Williams, who organized the letter, found himself described as a “mixed race man heavily invested in respectability politics,” once he defended the letter, one of many transparent insults directed toward the letter’s nonwhite signatories by ostensible antiracist voices.
The whole episode was nuts. It was like watching Bruce Springsteen and Dionne Warwick be pelted with dogshit for trying to sing We Are the World.
This being America in the Trump era, where the only art form to enjoy wide acceptance is the verbose monograph written in condemnation of the obvious, the Harper’s fiasco inspired multiple entries in the vast literature decrying the rumored existence of “cancel culture.” The two most common themes of such essays are a) the illiberal left is a Trumpian myth, and b) if the illiberal left does exist, it’s a good thing because all of those people they’re smearing/getting fired deserved it.
In this conception there’s nothing to worry about when a Dean of Nursing at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell is dismissed for writing “Black Lives Matter, but also, everyone’s life matters” in an email, or when an Indiana University Medical School professor has to apologize for asking students how they would treat a patient who says ‘I can’t breathe!’ in a clinical setting, or when someone is fired for retweeting a study suggesting nonviolent protest is effective. The people affected are always eventually judged to be “bad,” or to have promoted “bad research,” or guilty of making “bad arguments,” etc.
In this case, Current Affairs hastened to remind us that the people signing the Harper’s letter were many varieties of bad! They included Questioners of Politically Correct Culture like “Pinker, Jesse Singal, Zaid Jilani, John McWhorter, Nicholas A. Christakis, Caitlin Flanagan, Jonathan Haidt, and Bari Weiss,” as well as “chess champion and proponent of the bizarre conspiracy theory that the Middle Ages did not happen, Garry Kasparov,” and “right wing blowhards known for being wrong about everything” in David Frum and Francis Fukuyama, as well as – this is my favorite line – “problematic novelists Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie, and J.K. Rowling.”
Where on the irony-o-meter does one rate an essay that decries the “right-wing myth” of cancel culture by mass-denouncing a gymnasium full of intellectuals as problematic? Already another group letter is circulating, denouncing the character deficiencies of the Harper’s signatories in even stronger language. “Jesse Singal, another signer, is a cis man famous for advancing his career writing derogatorily about trans issues,” is one example, while Chatterton-Williams stands accused of believing, contemptibly enough, “that racism at once persists and is capable of being transcended.”
The series of events was likely only followed by a tiny sliver of too-online media personalities, myself included. The rest of the world, to the extent that it heard what happened at all, seems mostly to have recoiled from everyone involved and/or wished the NBA season had re-started early enough for them to have missed the whole thing. It did sort of matter, though, as the Harper’s letter was basically an attempt to build a small statue to the “free exchange of information and ideas,” only to have it beheaded and tossed in a pile with Columbus, Grant, and the rest.
It shouldn’t and doesn’t matter what Yale University ends up being called (I actually like “The University Formerly Known as Yale”), and no one who thinks about it should really be bothered if a cringey statue of Teddy Roosevelt gets taken down. I doubt most people have much personal attachment to statues of Thomas Jefferson, for that matter. The real issue with the symbol-erasing mania of the last weeks is what it says about the erasers’ attitudes toward the ideas that people like Jefferson represent. Do they want those dumpstered, too? Because that would be a much more serious issue.
The intellectuals whose ouster is being called for by the new revolution were themselves products of the last cultural revolution. People like Chomsky, Steinem, and even Pinker came of age during the sixties liberation movements, which shaped academia and popular culture for generations. These were people raised on beat poetry, antiwar marches, Jimi Hendrix and movies like The Graduate, whose one-word summary of the aspirations of their parents’ generation – “Plastics” – represented everything these new educators didn’t want for their students.
This new intellectual class had grown up in a time of empowerment for women, for gays and lesbians, and for black and brown people, but also of the human spirit generally. Long before the term “intersectionality” was coined in 1989, post-sixties liberals understood the interlocking nature of political and intellectual repression.
The tumult of the sixties revealed the clear relationship between the ignorant conventions that kept women at home and gays in the closet, and the academic orthodoxies suppressing the research of people like Alfred Kinsey, whose work would lift everything from the female orgasm to bisexuality out of the dungeon. Dr. Benjamin Spock became famous for telling “good mothers and fathers” that what they “instinctively feel like doing for their children” was better than a century of ignorant child-rearing books (written by highly-credentialed men, mainly) that told them not to kiss or hold their kids.
So many things that were banned, from Where the Wild Things Are to The Catcher in the Rye to Billie Holliday’s Strange Fruit, turned out to be revelatory. The animating principle of the revolution that swept through America back then was that once ignorance was conquered, we would be free to celebrate our common humanity.
It’s no accident this message made great art. The power of everything from jazz and rock to abstract painting and Gonzo journalism derived from exploding conventions. There was symbolism in the way people of all backgrounds felt like dancing to the new music or laughing at Richard Pryor’s forbidden comedy (similarly, cracks formed in the Soviet state when dissidents overseas chuckled over samizdat copies of The Master and Margarita). There was a universal urge toward peace, love, forgiveness and humor that brought people together. No one needed to be driven by whip toward this message. People were born with a hunger for it, which is why it became culturally hegemonic for half a century after Vietnam and Woodstock.
Contrast that with today. If sixties liberals were able to sell their message to the rest of the country by making music even squares and reactionaries couldn’t resist, the woke revolution does the opposite. It spends most of its time constructing an impenetrable vocabulary of oppression and seething at the lumpen proles who either don’t get it or don’t like it.
Its other chief characteristics seem to be a total lack of humor, an endless, crotch-sniffing enthusiasm for hunting skeletons in closets, a love of snitching and decency committees, a fear of metaphor (woke culture is 100% literal), a mania for collectivist scolding (“Read the room” is this week’s “Destroy the four olds!”), and a puritanical mistrust of humping in the apolitical context. The woke version of erotica is writing an article for the Guardian about how “ejaculating” skyscrapers are symbols of cisnormative dominance. They make the Junior Anti-Sex League seem like Led Zeppelin.
The question isn’t whether or not “cancel culture” exists. The question is, without canceling, what would this culture be?
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