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Synonyms for Adventure pulp in Free Thesaurus. Adventure quest worlds hack toolbar. Turbine, Inc, the game launched in North America, Australia, Japan, and Europe in April 2020. Post #: 15: 6/9/2020 6: 18: 03.


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Welcome to the world of Pokemon Install Skyexchange By. Adventure Quest Worlds Secrets - Home - free web page counter: Archives 2020 (3) March (2) January (1) 2020 (64). Choose a game to your liking, download it and get started immediately! A unique fast-paced yet simple jump adventure.

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Well, I can't say that it's what I expected, but okay, it's not a disappointment per se. First, I would like to explain how it works. Download Options for Patchwork. Enter your data Registration.

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Answer (1 of 4): There are many places online that you can play games that are similar to Fusionfall. It is the third instalment in the Watch Dogs ser. What are you still waiting for? Adventure Quest and Adventure Quest Worlds are different in so many ways.


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On your mission you will travel to 3 different spots in the Virtual World There. Not using skills does not increase the drop rate for quest items or other items. Dt08 img pes 2020 patch https://vesta-tr.ru/forum/?download=2406. This toolbar is designed for the avid Runescape player, and combines a number of useful features, links and tools to make your Runescape playing experience much more organized and enjoyable one.


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Compiling an intro guide for getting started in hardcore RLcraft. Thoughts?

RLCraft Hardcore - The (Forever-Incomplete) Introduction * Tutorial, guide, and walkthrough * Suggestions, additions, and updates are very appreciated
Started playing rlcraft multiplayer on hc a few weeks ago with my old man and nephew. Went looking for guides, and though there's several out there (Shivaxi's video guide itself covers a good chunk of Day 1), this is the best order I've found personally, both for Day 1 and thereafter. This guide assumes only the most rudimentary understanding of minecraft controls, 'cause it makes sense that a Minecraft beginner would start with RLCraft on hardcore. lol. This guide also assumes use of the right-hand crafting menu (Just Enough Items) in the 'e'-button menu for arranging ingredients correctly. A LOT of what is here is cobbled together from other reddit posts and comments.
Key: * "in 2x2cg" means in the default 2x2 crafting grid in 'e'-button menu * "->" : craft in crafting bench, in 2x2 grid, or in carpentry bench - but the latter two will be specified * ">>" : smelt in furnace * experience: XP * 'e'-button menu skills are ABBREVIATED Category # - Ct#; e.g. Mining 6 - Mn6. Mining - Mn, Gathering - Gt, Farming - Fm, Building - Bd, Attack - Ak, Defense - Df, Magic - Mg, Agility - Ag
Day 1: ...
  • 00.. (Optional) Loot anything you can safely loot (especially villages), and to completely avoid panic mode, find a lit, safe, warm (but not too warm) place, find water, find torches, find a bed, find tools and weapons and armor, etc. A crafting table esp. allows you to bypass flint tools entirely, esp. if you find wool.
Or, alternatively...
Notes: * .... There are several options here and not everything is strictly necessary. Listed below are just a few of the simpler paths. * .... Crafting a sleeping bag (36 plant fiber) or bed early will let you skip the night. * .... If you cut planks as you go along (I do every couple of trees), you won't need to waste time cutting additional trees. * .... Harvesting trees, leaves, and grass can spawn monsters, so... yah. Fuck you.
Resources: It's best to do these as needed as you get tools (see below) - depending on your choices, you will need a minimum of: * .... 1 gravel * .... 5-26 sticks (1 for knife, 1 for hatchet, 2 for pickaxe, 1 for torches) * .... 32+ rocks or 8+ cobblestone * .... 3 plant fiber * .... 2 birch logs or 3 sugar cane * .... 12-24 planks (at least 3 of which are not fir) (This number assumes you don't use any to make sticks or a bed.) * .... 3-11 logs of any type
Walkthrough (the ideal start, other than a village, is in a temperate biome other than a swamp; it has gravel and is near water but far enough away to not constantly spawn jengu outside your door; and it has birch or sugarcane, cows or makas, chickens, battle towers, and a source of wool such as sheep or yale or wool balloons): * 01a. Turn on f7 for floor lighting and watch out for red numbers - mobs spawn there. * 01b. Find BIRCH trees or 3+ SUGARCANE near WATER (to find GRAVEL and to drink (right click) - but stay out of the water as much as possible and beware of sirens and abaia). * 01c. COWS or MAKA (watch out for alphas), CHICKENS, and battle towers are huge bonuses. * 01d. A source of wool, such as sheep or yale or villages or wool balloons or the top chest of an upside-down battletower is also extremely helpful. * 01e. Nymphs heal you and spawn around groups of flowers. * 01f. Stay in the light and watch out for everything. If you spawn in a hot or cold biome, run away. If you spawn near living creatures you don't recognize, run away. If you spawn in the ocean, swim up to the surface first and then to a shore with trees. If your spawn sucks, reroll the world as many times as need to get a decent one. Seriously. * 02.. Break leaves for sticks. CROUCH TO PICK UP ('shift'-button, or right-click the item). * 03.. Break (and re-place as needed) gravel for 1+ flint. Gravel may be along the shore or under the water. I usually just break and pick up as many blocks as are there until I get a flint. * 04.. Make flint shards: right click a flint on a hard surface (repeatedly if necessary) - for a hard surface, either make cobblestone from rocks on the ground (4 rocks -> 1 cobblestone in 2x2cg), dig down to stone, or find some other hard surface * 05.. Craft 1 flint knife: 1 flint shard + 1 stick in 2x2cg. Once you have a flint knife, YOU CAN MAKE MORE FLINT SHARDS BY PUTTING THE KNIFE IN YOUR OFF-HAND (shield hand / left hand - 'f' button to transfer an item between hands) and right clicking while holding ANY rock in your main hand (right hand) (don't face a block where the rock can be placed - look up or at a wall or off in the distance). Or you can keep breaking gravel for flint. * 06.. Cut grass with knife for plant fiber (3 minimum, 36 more for a bed/sleeping bag). To speed-cut, just hold the left click with the knife and scroll it back and forth over all the grass in range. Flowers can be cut with a flint knife the way the rock is, in the offhand, for plant fiber. * 07.. Craft string: 3 plant fiber in 2x2cg. (Note: It will say "plant string", but PLANT STRING WORKS THE SAME AS STRING in every way, and it can be converted into actual string by first converting to wool and then to string.) * 08.. Craft 1 flint hatchet: 1 flint shard + 1 plant string + 1 stick in 2x2cg. * 09.. Chop enough trees of any type for at least 7 planks. * 10.. Place and right click wood logs to make planks, and if needed place and right click planks to make sticks, though it's probably faster and better at this point to break leaves for sticks. Placing the logs in your off-hand and holding right click on the axe, preferably against a corner, will allow you to turbo-chop. * 11.. Craft crafting table: 4 planks in 2x2cg. * 12.. Craft wooden axe: 3 planks + 2 sticks. * 13a. Chop enough birch for 2 birch logs (don't turn these 2 logs into planks), * 13b. or break the block beneath the sugarcane to break the sugarcane - you'll need at least 3 sugarcane. * 14.. Chop enough trees of any type for at least 3 logs and 8 planks, up to 11 logs and 17 planks, depending on what you want and assuming none are used to make sticks. (Fir can't be used to craft a matchbox, so you will need at least 3 non-fir planks.) * 15a. (Optional, but recommended) Craft earplugs: 1 plank -> 1 button; 2 buttons -> earplugs). These don't actually affect your the sounds you hear in the game, and they give an unrealistically large amount of defense. * 15b. (Optional, but recommended) Craft crude wood shield (6 planks + 1 stick) and equip it in off-hand ('e'-button menu, drag and drop to shield slot). Absolutely essential early game, imo, especially against ranged attackers (all of which are deadly accurate). * 16a. (Recommended option) Craft wood pickaxe: 3 planks + 2 sticks, * 16b. (Alternative option) or craft a flint pickaxe (4 flint shards + 2 sticks + 1 string), * 16c. (Alternative option) or collect 12 rocks to make a stone pickaxe (3 cobblestone + 2 sticks), * 16d. (Optional) and craft a wood or stone shovel: 1 plank + 2 sticks, or 1 cobblestone + 2 sticks. * 17.. Mine stone for at least 32 rocks -> 8 cobblestone, or mine cobblestone directly if you see it. (Note: Though diorite, granite, and andesite now create cobblestone that can be used in recipes, mossy stone still doesn't work. Since it looks similar to cobblestone and often spawns next to cobblestone, watch out for it.) * 18.. 8 cobblestone -> 1 furnace * 19.. 2 planks (fuel) + 3 logs >> 3 charcoal (Beware of mining coal directly, even if you see it easily accessible - it spawns geonachs that will weight you down and kill you very fast. I usually make dugouts for all mining and hit or shoot the lycanite mobs that spawn through a 1 block-high hole.) * 20.. 2 charcoal + 2 sticks -> 8 temporary torches * 21.. (Optional) 1 charcoal (fuel) + 8 logs >> 8 charcoal * 22.. 2 birch logs -> 4 paper, or 3 sugarcane -> 3 paper * 23.. 3 planks horizontally -> 6 wood slabs * 24.. 3 paper + 3 wood slabs -> 1 matchbox (right click on an unlit temporary torch to light it) * 25.. Dig/mine/build a hobbit hole, light it up, and seal it off.
-- YOU'RE "SAFE" --
  • 26a. Mine stone and craft a stone pickaxe and a stone axe; 1 crude wood shield + 4 cobblestone -> 1 stone shield; (Optional) craft a stone rapier and a stone sabre (rapier for main damage, saber for back up and to cut webs, and both for damage reduction and their defensive fast hit rate).
  • 26b. Make a mineshaft.
  • 26c. Clear the trees and block up the caves around you, especially where the light level is 7 or less.
  • 27.. 36 plant fiber -> 12 string -> 3 wool, 3 wool + 3 planks -> 1 bed, or 3 wool -> 1 sleeping bag
  • 28.. single use bandages and plaster: 1 paper + 1 string -> 1 plaster; 2 string + 1 wool -> 2 bandages
  • 29.. Get food - animals, apples, fish, rotten flesh, whatever. Hunger is much slower (and thus less important/immediate) than thirst.
  • 30.. Build a real house you heathen - but beware of dragons and cinders that may burn it down. I usually just steal a house (mansion/castle/palace (hovel)) from someone else. Note: Being too close to a body of water will often cause you to be plagued by jengu.
  • .... Once you reach 5 levels of XP, choose your specialization in the 'l'-button menu (this is non-permanent)
  • .... Find battle towers (see Adventure), upside-down if possible.
Day 2+: Cautious but Chill mode, optional and in no particular order:
Miscellaneous and Useful: Immediate and possibly urgent: * .... spears (rapidly-throwable and stackable, non-spartan): 2 sticks + 1 plank/cobblestone/whatever -> 4 spears * .... bucket of water (to place in a hole and drink from, and to cool down - I carry 2 of them, 1 on my toolbar, 1 on my toolbelt): 3 iron * .... door: 6 planks -> 3 doors * .... chest: 8 planks * or * .... crate: 12 planks in a carpentry bench (carpentry bench: 1 crafting bench + 2 planks + 4 sticks (most of the recipes in the game can be crafted on a carpentry bench just like a crafting bench, but not all of them, and unused material drops on the ground instead of back in your inventory)) (crates turn black in seus shader, but still work) * .... for warmth: wool armor (see Armor), fire, lava, netherrack, campfires (there's two, for one of which you need to make a spit to cook food), heating coils, ender queen's crown, etc.: netherrack will let a flame burn forever (anywhere you see a fire that doesn't go out has netherrack underneath it). However, fire and lava in bulk can spawn mobs, and I keep a block or slab above them (one block high) to keep me from accidentally walking into them. * .... bow/longbow/crossbow and arrows/bolts (if chickens are around for arrows): Ag2 (minimum), various recipes (Note: Spartan crossbows fire bolts, and bolts can only be fired by Spartan crossbows.) * or * .... any of the various Spartan (or other) throwing weapons (such as boomerang) * .... fishing rod: Gt4 (minimum), various recipes * .... boat: 5 planks * .... glass: smelt 1 sand >> 1 glass * .... a sabre or sword to cut webs for string * and/or * .... shears to cut webs for string, to cut leaves, and to cut vines for climbing and healing salve: Gt2, 2 iron * .... hammock (1 wool + 2 sticks + 6 string) and hook and nails (4 sting + 1 iron ingot) allows you to sleep during the day (both hands empty, shift right-click) (hooks must be 4 blocks away from each other, facing each other) * .... sleep cycling to speed up seasons by using a bed and a hammock: Don't bother, there's a long enough delay before you can sleep again that it's not practically imho. Better to just find a safe lit spot and leave the server running until winters over, then pause the server until you're ready to play again. Once you have enough greenhouse glass and warming gear, this isn't needed. * .... summoning staff: Mg8, 1 ender pearl + 1 bone + 1 gold ingot. Learn the summons menu and hotkeys, as well as how lycanite mobs combine into different mobs. * .... baubles: varied (see Baubles below) * .... backpack - I don't use them personally, but the truth is they're a really decent tradeoff; chest armor is important, but FAR less important that a hat, and backpacks, while not offering armor or bauble mods, can be enchanted with protection, thorns, etc. (though not strengthened vitality, lol) * .... flint and steel (probably not worth it compared to matchboxes)
Multiuse Healing: * 01.. 3 planks -> 4 bowls * 02.. healing salve: Mg2 to use, 1 bowl + 1 dandelion + 1 other flower, 1 bowl + 1 cactus, or 1 bowl + 1 grass seed + 1 vine (cut with shears) * 03a. plaster: Mg4 to use, 1 healing salve + 1 paper + 1 string * 03b. bandage: Mg6 to use, 1 healing salve + 1 wool + 2 string * .... there's lots of other healing and regeneration options in the game (cough - enchanted medkits with unbreaking and mending) - this is just starter stuff.
Upgrades/Leveling: * .... 'e'-button menu for requirements and bonuses * .... 'l'-button menu for bonuses - requires, but does not spend, 5 levels of XP to choose your specialization (non-permanent) - DO THIS ASAP
Displays and Controls: * .... Esc > Options > Controls to view or change hotkeys - many are double assigned or not assigned by default, and double assignments may have to be fixed to work * .... floor light levels: f7 * .... to expand specific health bars: press Esc > Mod options > First Aid (can use the search bar on the left) > Config > Overlay > overlayMode (switch to HEARTS), displaymode (rewrite 200 to -1 (I couldn't find this, but I did set position to BOTTOM_LEFT). * .... to condense main health bar: press Esc > Mod options > Scaling Health (can use the search bar on the left) > Config > Client > Custom Heart Rendering (switch to TRUE), Replace Vanilla Heart Row (switch to TRUE), Health Text Style (switch to ROWS) * .... to move or remove bauble display: numpad 9 or config * .... to cycle through dragon's eye loot finder: numpad 2 * .... to toggle dragon's eye nightvision (doesn't work with some shaders): numpad 3 * .... 'u'-button when mousing over an item in the crafting guide shows you what recipes it can be used in * .... 'c'-button to zoom * .... 'r'-button for toolbelt * .... 'z'-button to choose summons * .... 'g'-button to access lycanite menu and change summons and pets * .... 'x'-button for mount special ability, such as to pick enemies up with the roc
Hardcore Notes: * .... Back off and heal as soon as your head takes any damage. * .... The enchantment "rune: resurrection", "undershirt" in the 'e'-button defense skill menu, and broken-heart baubles apparently do not work. I have not tested them, so let me know if this is wrong. TOTEMS OF UNDYING still work as far as I know, and though there's no raids, there are a few dungeons that spawn evokers, the easiest of which (by far) is the weird island that spawns ten blocks below where it should and has a windmill, a pirate ship, and a mini woodland mansion. This is the only early game totem of undying I'd suggest trying for, and I'd give it a try as soon as you have a flying mount and decent armor and swimming gear (for if you get knocked off your mount over water). * .... Gorgons will insta-kill you. Learn about them and use a blindfold (1 leather + 2 string). * .... Max life is about 54 hearts, for reference: 10 base, 10 heart containers, 8 baubles at 2 hearts each, +50% for a chest with Strengthened Vitality 5. * .... Jumping when being shot at can help you avoid taking damage on your head. * .... IMHO, the most dangerous mobs early on are the ones you can't predict. Most of the unfair deaths I've had have come from darkness mobs spawning where they shouldn't, djinn spawning in the air around me, sylph and banshees appearing out of nowhere, vapula that are faster than me, volcans melting the tunnels around me, spectres, and wraamon popping through 1x1 holes I am actively trying to close. If you can't shrug off frustration and hours of lost work, over and over and over again, this is probably not your mode.
Baubles (for early game): * .... Get a bezoar ASAP, generally from killing spiders in battletowers. * .... Make the two reforing stations (see below). * .... The baubles to make initially are dependent on the materials you have: Toolbelts and Quivers (non-switchbow) require leather, emerald amulets and rings require emeralds, and potion rings require gold. Potion rings of resistance are ASAP and stack, but require 13 diamonds each. * .... Reroll baubles for Undying or Healthy, and for Hearty or Half-hearted. Note: Undying, Healthy, and Hearty all provide a full heart of health, while Half-hearted only half a heart; however, Hearty seems to be about 10x rarer than Half-hearted. (For damage, the best rolls are Punishing and Menacing/Violent (8%).) * .... IMHO the best way to get leather is go on a massacre or make a cow or maka farm; the best way to get emeralds is to trade with villagers, and the best way to get gold is battletowers or mining. * .... Common alternative baubles early game include ring of enchanted eyes (night vision), and wrath pendant or cross necklace or stone of the sea.
Miscellaneous and Useful: Early but not urgent: * .... heart containers are used to increase your health up to 10 times (doubling your base health): 9 heart crystals -> 1 heart container; 9 heart dust -> 1 heart crystal * .... grappling hook (for climbing, to knock down tower golems, and to negate levitation): 1 lead + 1 iron pickaxe * .... permanent torches: 1 glowstone paste + 1 lit temporary torch (better to loot them from villages and towers than to make them - that recipe is obnoxious), or 1 stick + 1 glowstone crystal (1 coal/charcoal + 4 glowstone dust) -> 4 torches (this recipe forgoes the water, which makes it awesome) * .... lit temporary torch: 1 unlit temporary torch + 1 matchbox (or flint and steel) -> 1 lit temporary torch + 1 slightly damaged matchbox (or slightly damaged flint and steel) - I usually do a whole stack at a time. * .... glowstone paste: 1 glowstone dust + 1 water bucket + 1 clay (can be found near rivers or as drops or treasure) -> 1 glowstone paste + 1 empty bucket. (Yes, that's right, you have to refill the bucket for every. single. torch.) * .... compass: one redstone, 4 iron ingots * .... clock: one redstone, 4 gold ingots * .... season clock: one redstone, 4 nether quartz * .... disintegration tablet: one redstone, 4 blaze powder, 4 nether quartz. several baubles, as well as diamond and emerald blocks, can be broken down into spectral silt * .... spectal silt: various (used in many baubles) * .... glowing ingots: one silver ingot, 4 blaze powder, 4 glowstone. make these as needed - I just included this here because of the similarity of the recipe to those above, and because, like spectral silt, they're used to reforge some baubles * .... XP tome: 1 book + 4 ender pearls * .... ender queen crown (for when it's cold outside... and fire mobs aren't raining hell on you): find it, don't craft it (lol) - they're common enough * .... anvil: Bd12, 3 iron blocks + 4 iron ingots * .... reforging station (experience): Bd8, 1 crafting bench + 1 anvil + 1 bucket of lava * .... reforging station (materials): Bd8, 1 crafting bench + 1 anvil + 2 stone slabs + 2 obsidian (3 cobblestone >> 3 stone -> 6 stone slabs); materials list: \RLCraft\config\qualitytools\reforging materials * .... enchantment table: Mg12, 4 obsidian + 2 diamonds + 1 book * .... disenchantment table: Mg20, 1 enchantment table + 3 emeralds + 2 dandelion yellow * .... item frames: 8 sticks + 1 leather * .... signs: 6 planks + 1 stick -> 3 signs * .... hopper: 5 iron ingots + 1 chest * .... blaze powder: 1 blaze rod -> 2 blaze powder * .... eye of ender: 1 blaze powder + 1 ender pearl * .... ender chest: 8 obsidian + 1 eye of ender * .... ender pearls: Mg8 * .... summoning pedestal (powered by redstone blocks): 1 soulstone + 1 soulgazer (soulgazer is not consumed) + 3 diamonds + 4 gold ingots (total: for the first, 8 diamonds, 8 gold ingots, 4 ender pearls, 4 bones; for each one after the first, 7 diamonds, 4 gold ingots, 4 ender pearls) * .... soulgazer: 4 bones + 4 gold ingots + 1 diamond * .... soulstone (for soulbinding mounts so they won't permanently die, allowing them to be summoned through the 'h'-button menu): 1 soulgazer + 4 ender pearls + 4 diamonds (soulgazer is not consumed) * .... saddle: 3 leather + 2 sting + 2 iron * .... lead: 1 slime ball + 4 sting -> 2 leads * .... treats for taming mounts: varied * .... switchbow (lots of interesting arrows - even just battletowers alone: knockback arrows for the golem, torch arrows for the spawners, and tnt arrows are highly useful) * .... potions (and brewing stand): varied, and generally require nether wart (and soulsand if farming) to craft from scratch * .... cooked lycanite meats and the products made from them: varied * .... stone of the sea * .... dragon's eye * .... polarized stone (lets you reflect projectiles and suck in items, at the cost of hunger): 4 blocks iron + 4 glowing ingots + 1 block redstone * .... rune reader and advanced rune reader * .... equipment infuser * .... armor linings * .... heating and cooling coils * .... greenhouse glass (lets you grow crops out of season) * .... waystones (lets you teleport around) * .... scrolls (return, bound, and warp - death isn't much good in hardcore lol)
Armor (these are just some main ones): * .... 288 plant fiber -> 96 string -> 24 wool -> 1 set of full wool armor. lol. 48 plant fiber or 16 string or 4 wool for boots, 60/20/5 for hat, 84/28/7 for leggings, 96/32/8 for chest * .... leather armor if cows are around * .... chainmail armor: Df4 (chainmail hat has the same armor as iron hat, and chainmail plates are only 4 iron nuggets - less than half the cost of iron ingots) * .... iron armor: Df8 * .... diamond armor: Df16 * .... dragonscale armor: Df24 * .... tide guardian armor: Df20 * .... golem armor
Mining (Note that everything above iron requires an iron pickaxe or better to mine, which effectively means it requires Mn8; alternatively, you can use a lycanite iron paxel tool which requires nothing to use but Bd6 to craft - as I usually play multiplayer I tend to favor the latter since it only requires one player with Bd6 to make iron paxel tools for everyone): * .... Mn4 and stone+ pickaxe for iron * .... Mn6 and iron+ pickaxe for redstone or sapphire * .... Mn8 and iron+ pickaxe for diamond or emerald, and to use an iron pickaxe * .... Mn2 and Mg2 and iron+ pickaxe for gold or silver * .... Mn4 and Mg4 and iron+ pickaxe for lapis * .... Mg4 and iron+ pickaxe for heart crystals * .... iron paxel tool (with rod and handle) or diamond pickaxe for obsidian * .... geonach and vapula strategy (they blow up a 3x3x3 block area around the block they spawn from): create a border two spaces away from around what you are mining, with no 2-block-high gaps; for anything other than coal, iron, gold, and silver, vapula will spawn, and since their ranged, it helps to have top slabs in the 1-block high gap you're mining through, and to never mine a block below your head level
Lycanite Tools (early to midgame): * 01.. Bd6, 1 crafting table + 1 wooden axe -> lesser equipment forge * 02.. 7 iron for an iron paxel (1 iron pickaxe + 1 iron shovel + 1 iron axe in crafting bench) * 03.. 3 sticks vertically for a wooden rod, 1 wooden rod + 2 iron vertically for an iron rod * 04.. 3 sticks horizontally for a wooden handle, 1 wooden handle + 3 iron horizontally for an iron handle * 05.. Combine handle, rod, and paxel in equipment forge. They can be disassembled the same way using the output slot. * .... Collect geonach fists, geonach spears, vapula crystals, and other lycanite items for bettealternative mining/digging/chopping tools. * .... Level up the equipment forge as necessary for higher level lycanite items, else their level will be reduced: Level 2 items require a greater equipment forge (Bd12, 1 lesser equipment forge + 1 block of iron); level 3 items require a master equipment forge (Bd18, 1 greater equipment forge + 1 block of diamond). * .... Darkling skulls and ent arms give life leech. * .... The one "cheat" I always use is "/kill @e[type=item,r=x]" [that "u" forwardslash is supposed to be an at symbol] to delete all the items on the ground to stop lag when using a level 3 vapula crystal - you have to /op yourself to do this.
Lycanite Food Effects: * https://www.reddit.com/RLCraft/comments/fv7djp/i_made_a_list_of_all_the_lycanites_mobs_food/ftrcr9l/
Adventure: * .... Expect the unexpected. Be prepared. Learn fast. Run fast. Except around krakes. * .... Loot villages as soon as you find them and can safely do so. * .... Tame pets and mounts, and learn and organize your summons (see soulstone). * .... For most combat early on, I go for maximum cheese, often using a combination of slabs and fence posts and walls to block mobs (slabs for baby zombies, fence posts/walls for cave spiders, and both for skeletons (by far the most dangerous early-game mob imo)). * .... Battle towers: Loot can be cheesed by drilling into the side and carefully looting all the chests through the wall (the last two chests need to be chopped rather than opened to avoid triggering the golem). XP can also be cheesed rather safely by opening a 2x2 hole and placing two top slabs above two fence posts and killing through the <0.5 block slot between the fence and slabs (it's best to block up holes in the floor if possible - I find the second block down of the next lower level to be the best to look through for this to avoid spiders that have climbed the walls). If you go for XP, BEWARE REFLECT MOBS - infernal, blighted, and armored mobs can all have some kind of reflect, and blighted in particular can one-shot you if you have less than 5 hearts on your head. I do not know if its possible to get XP from them without taking reflect damage - dispensers don't give you XP, and I have heard that summons still reflect the damage to you. Let me know if have any suggestions. * .... Battle tower golem: Foot-chopping the golem is relatively safe if he's not triggered, but you can also use a roc, a grappling hook, a fishing rod, or knockback arrows to knock him off. A grappling hook will also help negate levitation from djinn. Killing the golem will drop his loot but destroy the tower, while knocking him off will lose the loot for killing him but keep the tower in tact. Upsidedown towers are not destroyed on golem death, and are often the easiest to loot safely. * .... Castles floating on the sea are generally lightly guarded with beginner loot and some torches, but sky castles are full of spawners with about 12-16 gold ore, 2 iron blocks, and one block of gold or emerald or diamond. * .... dungeons: not without protection 4 iron armor or protection 2 diamond armor, but on hardcore I only go with protection 4 diamond (at least for hat) or better, and with night vision if possible (ring of enchanted eyes, night vision potion, or dragon's eye - dungeons on hardcore without night vision is no bueno) * .... Loot dragon skeletons in deserts and tundras for dragon bones for weapons and dragon skulls for making the dragon's eye (dragon's eye can also be made by finding a dragon head, such as in the mob house in the weird windmill islands with the pirate ships and the chunks generated a couple dozen blocks below normal). * .... Look for the weird sunken windmill islands as soon as you can - they contain a mini woodland mansion with both an evoker spawner for totems of undying and a dragon head for an early dragon's eye. * .... The volcans that turn stone into lava suck.
Farming (requires a hat and a weapon, and is dangerous - bezoar or milk, bow, and enchanted iron or diamond hat recommended, though the latter requires Df16 to wear and Mg12 or Bd12 to enchant): * .... Fm2 to make a wheat farm (grass seed for chickens, wheat for cows (and bread I guess)). * .... Use greenhouse glass to make the farm work in any season. Be careful getting the coral - the ocean is uber-deadly. I prefer to use a silk touch pickaxe to steal greenhouse glass from villagers. * .... Make a chicken farm (for feathers, for experience, and for chicken meat to sell; I usually pop all the eggs at the end of a "chicken harvest" for the chicks that occasionally hatch from them). * .... Make a cow farm (for leather, and for steak to eat). * .... Make a maka farm (for leather, and for maka meat for the buff, but alphas are dangerous early game) * .... Make a sheep farm (of limited use, for wool, and for mutton to eat - it's easier to loot wool off various structures and villages - anything white or brightly-colored is probably either wool or terracotta). * .... Make a pig farm (of limited use, for porkchops to eat and sell (though pigs can be mounted and ridden using a saddle and a carrot on a stick, don't bother - they're not that great a ride)).
Spartan Weapons: * .... Properties vary between the weapons. Imho, the most notable are those with damage multiplier, damage mitigator, reach, or wide-attack.
Villager Farming: * .... Sucks. But librarians are the only reliable way to get endgame enchants (including End dungeons). * .... Trading is of course a great source of emeralds early game, and thus highly useful for reforging baubles.
Pre-Midgame: IMHO midgame starts when: * .... you have a soulbound flying mount and organized summons * .... you equip your first diamond hat and chest with prot 3+ * .... you have reliable and somewhat safe methods of getting experience (and materials), such as farms and/or dungeon/battletower strategies * .... you have a bezoar * .... you have at about 20 hearts (a stack of emerald/gold and a leather farm is usually enough for this by itself, via healthy/undying and half-hearted/hearty emerald/potion rings/amulets and toolbelts and quivers) * .... you can enchant top level enchantments, and probably disenchant * .... and personally, I like to have a fortune 3 pickaxe, a diamonds everywhere pickaxe, and a lycanite pickaxe like geonach or vapula, as well as some form of lifesteal or passive regeneration (such as potions or lycanite meats or nymph summons)
Midgame: I'm not going to go into much here since its really not point of this guide, but IMHO, midgame is primarily about dragons and stacking XP for leveling and enchanting. The first task of midgame is getting full diamond with prot 3/4 (or fire prot - I heard blast prot is buggy with fire prot) and a decent bow and killing your first dragon (some people strafe and bow with a flying mount and fall protection - I usually go from the ground - your choice). Ideally you find a dragon's head or skull before this, but if not you might want fire prot on that diamond armor. If you feel very ballzy, you might pick up some nether wart and soul sand from the lowest floor of a rogue-like dungeon (or belph drops from a nether portal) before this for an early potion farm, but I don't know if the risk is really worth it (I often just drill into the side of one lol instead of fighting the hoards of full armor undead and fire mobs). Dragon's eye and stone of the sea are top of the list of course, making fire dragons and sea serpents substantially easier. Prot 4 dragon/tide-guardian/golem armor. Potion rings of resistance (or regeneration if you can find the materials) with undying and hearty. And killing an evoker for that sweet sweet totem of undying (I often do this even if I'm planning to go ankh shield later on). By the end of midgame, you should be able to clear most overworld dungeons without too much worry as long as you're careful - I usually save ice dragons, tier 5's, and the Ender Dragon (and the Nether) for the start of endgame, and I never go endgame without at least 30 hearts and maxed out iron skin. Ice dragons can be done earlier though if you're careful (as can ocean monuments). Also, once you got your mind right (and your gear), do IceBelly's "RLCraft 4 Towers Dungeon" - they're dank as fck, super dense with armored high-XP mobs, and rings of fairies and dwarves.
My personal preference for after Day 1 (for leveling, etc., and assuming you aren't able to find materials/XP to bypass any of these): * 31.. ASAP: get to level 5 and take either the Mining or Combat specializations in the 'l'-button menu - Mining if you want to mine and farm and trade for XP, Combat if you want to farm battletowers; use heart containers; and make health-boosting baubles. * 32.. Mine coal and kill animals for Mn4 (and leather and maka meat hopefully) * 33.. Continue with above, but also mine iron and smelt, for Df4 for chainmail hat and chest (6 ingots) and a bucket. * 34.. Battle towers (see Adventure) * 35.. Ag2 for a bow, Gt4 for a fishing rod, Fm4. Depending on circumstance, I sometimes do these later, but emeralds are very easy to get from trading with villagers and very useful for rerolling health on starter baubles. * 36.. Bd6 for the basic iron paxel tool (with rod and handle) (12 iron ingots), as nothing above iron can be mined without this or an iron pickaxe or better. * 37.. Mn6 and Mg6 for mining redstone (and heart crystals, etc.) and for multiuse bandages (and plaster). * 38a. Bd8 for reforging stations. * 38b. Make baubles. (See Baubles.) * 39.. Find a consistent experience source, like a couple farms. * 40.. Mn8 for diamonds, Df16 for diamond armor, Bd12 for anvil, Mg12 for enchanting table, and Mg20 for disenchanting table. * 41.. With a protection 3+ diamond hat, a decent bow and shield, and AT LEAST 15 hearts, start taking down battle towers and linear dungeons (like the top levels of rogue-like) using caution and fortifications and as much cheese as possible. Blighted mobs are the best source of experience in the game, imho. Find a carrot in a village for a ring of enchanted eyes (or potions of night vision) if you do any underground dungeons. * 42.. Soulbound flying mount. (You can do this much earlier if you find some ender pearls and take some risks.) * 43.. Find a dragon's skull or head or else roll the dice on killing a dragon without fire immunity (I've done it with an obsidian pool and roof and a diamond longbow - though a stone of the sea or depth strider boots is a great help in the pool).
Book Lists (I organize all the books into crates and lines of crates - I just can't bring myself to throw books away - lol): * https://www.reddit.com/RLCraft/comments/grsyjm/gotta_catch_em_all_rlcraft_how_many_enchantments/
Misc. Notes: * .... Ignore "Too Expensive!" on the anvil - the items will still combine if you have enough XP. * .... Big Quiver for the switchbow is the same recipe as for the regular switchbow quiver, but using a regular switchbow quiver instead of a chest. I don't know why the recipe doesn't show up. * .... When a geonach encounters fire it turns into a volcan, even if there's no cinders around. * .... A switchbow with multishot (2+?) can be used with torch arrows to duplicate torches (for now). * .... I haven't tested it, but I've heard that infinity and advanced mending work together. * .... Get Curse of Possession to keep sticky mobs from stealing your weapons, and watch out for pixies entirely. * .... Toolbelts unequip when you return from the End - unequip it or make sure you have room in your inventory for it or it disappears. Seriously. * .... pets and mounts can be used for extra storage by putting a chest on them
Advised Further Research: * .... https://ice-and-fire-mod.fandom.com/wiki/Myrmex * .... https://ice-and-fire-mod.fandom.com/wiki/Pixie
Other, Better Guides (XD): * https://www.reddit.com/RLCraft/comments/g9vx4p/rlcraft_guide_textimage_based/ * https://www.twitch.tv/videos/678779427 * https://www.reddit.com/RLCraft/comments/huiomb/a_quick_guide_on_how_to_dominate_the_world_of/
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Performance Issues, Instant Adventures, and Toolbars

I'm not new to MMOs, but I am new to Rift and I'm struggling with a few things.
I have a pretty beefy box, but I'm getting terrible FPS and have had to reduce my video settings to low. This is the first game that I've had to do that with and I'm not sure why that is. I've read lots of forum posts from around the release of 4.2 of people complaining about the same thing, but very few fixes. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this or has some tips for increasing performance.
Secondly, I've joined several of the "Instant Adventures" which teleport me to an area of the map (but seemingly nowhere near my group), but I can't tell what the group's objective is versus whatever the local quest objectives area so I get kicked. What am I missing?
Finally...I hate having to rotate through the toolbars at the bottom. WoW allowed you to stack your tool/spellbars on top of one another essentially doubling up your available commands (and decreasing clicks). Is there a setting I'm missing in Rift to enable more bars?
Thanks in advance.
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