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A sparse timeline of Nas' and Jay's beef and what transpired

PRE Jay-z takeover No Nas and Jay releases on the same day
  • 1993 - Jay creates "Understand Me", which samples 2Pac's "Pain" on the chorus and shouts out 2Pac in various songs on his demo tape because 2Pac was in legal trouble at the time and was holding a crusade with his Thug Life movement but then Jay has the nerve to say "too much west coast dick licking" on 22 two's in 1996, injecting him into the east/west beef after being on the sidelines of rap for so long before he had a deal https://www.datpiff.com/Jay-Z-Jay-z-Before-The-Demos-mixtape.685651.html
  • Apr 19, 1994 - Nas releases Illmatic and rappers had to learn new rap styles to adjust to Nas' rhyming paradigm shift. Nas introduces the concept that multiple big name producers can contribute to one artist's album
  • Sept 13, 1994 - Biggie releases Ready to Die. Nas was supposed to be on Biggie's Gimme the loot remix but got too high and went home
  • Nov 30, 1994 - 2Pac saw Biggie upstairs in quad studios but got shot in a robbery and was told later in jail that Biggie's homeboy shot him. 2Pac's animosity grew against BIG for not telling him who robbed him, saying wreckless things on radio stations and not shouting him out, and he was also paranoid that Biggie's "Who Shot Ya" was making fun of 2Pac's situation, thus starting the east coast west coast beef once 2Pac got bailed out of jail by Deathrow
  • Aug 1, 1995 - Rekwon releases "only built for cuban linx" - Nas drops a prolific verse on Raekwon's "Verbal Intercourse" recycled from "deja vu" and Ghostface in a skit from the same album said Biggie bit off Nas' idea of having a kid on the album cover and the kid wasn't even Biggie, which initiated tensions between Nas and Big
  • Feb 13, 1996 - 2Pac releases All Eyez on Me - 1st commercially successful rap double disk. 2Pac first established credibility before going on his revenge tour of the people who wronged him
  • June 4, 1996 - 2Pac disses Biggie on "Hit Em Up" but removes his outro rant about Jay-Z last minute (as a response to "Who Shot Ya" and getting shot in quad studios while going to court and getting jailed for a fallacious rape charge)
  • June 25, 1996 - Jay releases reasonable doubt (1 month prior to Nas, has 1 Biggie feature, Nas refused to redo the chorus for Dead Presidents 1 and 2 and Jay had to sample Nas even though it was searchlight publishing that Jay paid for the sample)...this is a lose-lose situation for Nas because he had to travel uptown to just record a chorus? It makes him look desperate and Nas was big at the time and should not be accessible to cosign someone who doesn't have an album out yet...Jay says there's too much west coast dick licking but then proceeds to sample Snoop Dogg on D'Evils. Jay's style was to sample some well known rapper on the chorus for clout like he did 2Pac, Nas, Mobb Deep, and Snoop
  • July 2, 1996 - Nas releases it was written ("Fake Thug, no love" triggers 2Pac because "The Message" resembles 2Pac getting shot but Nas was going against Biggie saying there is "one king" of NY, "Street Dreams" beat sounds like "All Eyez On Me" so Nas had to release a remix with the beat changed with R Kelly) Jabs Jay-Z with "Lex with TV sets the minimum" because Jay had that
  • Sept 4, 1996 - Nas squashes beef with 2Pac in central park (2Pac tells Nas he will remove his disses about Nas but did not get a chance)
  • Sept 13, 1996 - 2Pac dies one day before Nas' birthday and Nas had to stop his concert to pay tribute (Jay still was trying to clout chase by dissing a dead man on "Dead or Alive" pt 1 AND 2...he did 2 songs after 2Pac died and they were weak as hell)
  • Nov 5, 1996 - 2Pac releases Makaveli 7 day theory (disses Nas on "Against All Odds" but removed "Watch Ya Mouth")
  • 1996 - "Analyze This" by Lord Tariq featuring both Nas and Jay comes out but this was not a real collaboration. Shaq was trying to have features on his "can't stop the reign" album and he asked both Nas and Jay to lay a verse on the same instrumental. Both obliged but the track was scrapped where Lord Tariq later became the main artist for that single
  • Mar 9, 1997 - Biggie dies, leaving a vacancy for who would carry the torch for NY and Puffy made huge songs to preserve his memory
  • Mar 25, 1997 - Biggie releases Life After Death - 2nd commercially successful rap double disk (disses 2Pac on "Long Kiss Goodnight" and has another Jay-Z feature) Supposedly dissed ghostface, 2pac, Nas on Kick in the Door when he said mentioned about "so-called willies, thugs, and rapper-dons."
  • July 1, 1997 - Puff Daddy releases No way out (Jay did another feature with Biggie) Biggie raps about Nas' daughter Destiny on "Victory"
  • Oct 21, 1997 - Nas/the firm releases the album (where Foxy was bigging up Nas but it was Jay who was ghostwriting for Foxy, talking about Marcy on "affirmative action" and such)
  • Nov 4, 1997 - Jay releases in my lifetime vol 1 (1 month after Nas, "The City is Mine" - Took BIG's spot too early without having proved himself - "You held it down long enough, let me take those reigns") randomly bigs up The Firm on "Always be my sunshine" perhaps because that was the New Commission and that Jay wanted to join them but was able to channel his rhymes by ghost writing for Foxy. Jay sampled Nas again on "Rap Game, Crack Game" from "Represent"
  • Nov 25, 1997 - 2Pac releases R U still down, his 2nd double disk
*Sept 1, 1998 - Nas on Fat Joe's "John Blaze" said "Like that nigga said in Dead Presidents, "Money to burn"".. https://genius.com/168510 Nas was mentioning the movie line but it's a slight/scorn to Jay because Jay named his single after the movie, which was originally named after the Nas line from "The World is Yours" * Sept 29, 1998 - Jay releases Hard knock life ("hard knock life" - still being disrespectful to the throne - "etched your name out, put jigga on top"..."money cash hoes" - "New York's been soft since Snoop crushed the buildings" also provoked Prodigy because Jay did not stick his neck out to do anything for the East/West beef, and Jay had $hort dog, a west coast artist on his album, so he was super hypocritical for his stance) Jay asks who's the best MC biggie jay-z or nas? on "where i'm from" by inserting himself into the conversation * 1998 - DMX dropped 2 albums in one year as the new rap artist, putting the pressure on Jay and Nas to release the next great commercially successful double disk because DMX at the time could have easily took the reign * Nov 24, 1998 - 2Pac releases greatest hits, 3rd double disk with the official release of "hit em up"
  • Apr 6, 1999 - Nas releases I Am but it was supposed to be his double disk released as two albums due to bootlegging ("We Will Survive" - letter to BIG and 2Pac, checks Jay-Z - "using your name in vain, And they claim to be New York's king? It ain't about that")
  • Aug 3, 1999 - Jay goes on Memphis Bleek's single "What You Think of That" where Bleek on the chorus said "I'ma ball 'til I fall what you think of that?" and Jay on the verse said: "Like I ain't got the crown or suttin'/Like I ain't the nigga you base ya life on/I guess I ain't the reason you got that ice on" as a subliminal to Nas for "We Will Survive." Memphis bleek also borrows the "Nas is Like" rhyme scheme on "Memphis Bleek is"
  • Nov 23, 1999 - Nas releases Nastradamus ("Come Get Me", "Nastradamus" - "Ball til you fall I can help you with that, let a slug melt through your hat" checks Memphis Bleek's single with the same rhyme)
  • Dec 7, 1999 - Biggie releases Born Again with a posthumous collaboration with Nas and Jay is not on the album
  • Dec 28, 1999 - Jay releases vol 3: life and times (1 month after Nas, subliminally made fun of Nas sarcastically on "Come and Get Me" with his own track of a similar name)
  • 1999 - Nas appears on a remix to r kelly's "Did you ever think" and Jay proceeded to do two joint albums with R Kelly while ignoring the obvious signs of R Kelly because Nas said Jay indulged in that type of behavior too with the likes of Foxy, who was 18 in 1997, and Beyonce was 18 in 1999, etc..ghostwriting for female rappers and having female R&B artists sing on your song was the move to get closer to them the way r kelly did with aaliyah
  • Sept 12, 2000 - Memphis Bleek releases The Understanding ("Is That Your Chick" is a radio single diss track (a move that Drake would copy) that is talking about Carmen, Nas' baby mama, and Jay's affair with her. Messy because twisa, missy, and timbo were on that track, straining their relationship with Nas. Memphis Bleek disses Nas' it was written on "mind right" and jacks Nas style on his album)
  • Fall 2000 - Nas drops a freestyle on Mobb Deep's Eye For an Eye freestyle on a DJ clue mixtape where he says: "You can't B.I., see I'm eternal, not luck/You get shot-up, boxed-up next for the grave/Your flow is one dimensional, your level is 2nd grade/You're on top -- WHAT?/Copy and fuck, I said it first, you repeated/Your false crown covered in dirt - defeated/Y'all niggas all hail, the King is dead/He running like a bitch with his tail between his legs/'Stillmatic', still eye 4 an eye, wanna be God/You're just the next rapper to die, fucking with Nas"
  • Oct 31, 2000 - Jay/roc releases dynasty la familia (Nas cliqued up and Jay cliqued up as well, 1 month prior to Nas to prove who has the better clique) Jay recites Biggie's lyrics on "I just wanna love you" line for line from "the world is filled"
  • Nov 21, 2000 - Nas releases QB's Finest (rewrites his verse to be tighter on Da Bridge 2001 - "Oh you didn't, wanna know whose life is written?/The life I'm livin/The ice the women/...La-ser, AR 15, doors come down Jaws is broke, your whole crew is coffin bound/Your hoe, your man, lieutenant, your boss get found" as a response to Memphis Bleek and the whole Rocafella crew)
POST Jay-Z takeover
  • Jan 2001 - Jay and Rocafella goes to Hot 97 and spits on Queensbridge beats to disrespect artists from Queens. Mobb Deep was offended. When "Nas is Like" came on, Jay said it was too 'flutey' and offended DJ Premier, which is why DJ Premier and Jay no longer worked together after this. Jay later on Blueprint 2 in 2002 told Guru that he "brought the flutes in" as a half-apology that he dismissed DJ Premier's beats
  • Mar 27, 2001 - 2Pac releases Until the End of Time, 4th double disk (famously raps "Fuck Jay-Z" in the middle of "Fuck Friendz" later conveniently sampled for Ether) Someone at Deathrow must have been mad Jay remade 2Pac's "me and my girlfriend" because "Fuck Friendz" was track 2 on the album strategically placed like how "Takeover" and "Ether" were both track 2 on their respective albums
  • June 2001 - Jay performs initial Takeover Song on Hot 97 summer jam jabbing prodigy with one line towards Nas but didn't finish the record then: "Ask Nas he don't want it with Hov." Kanye produced the beat, which made him also responsible
  • Aug 2001 - Nas performs h to the omo on a radio station but Rocafella payola suppressed the freestyle (initiated Jay to write a response 3rd verse based on these lyrics for the album version of Takeover)
  • Sept 11, 2001 - Jay releases Blueprint (world trade attacks, also, 3 days before Nas' birthday) Jacks 2Pac's "Me and my girlfriend" on "03 Bonnie and clyde" with Beyonce, where the title itself jacks Eminem's "97 Bonnie and Clyde"..Kanye made the beat back when he was recreating various instrumentals that he likes and Jay paid tribute to 2Pac in the video...on "never change", jay rapped: "From the womb to the tomb/from now until my doom/Drink Army from one cup, pass it around the room/That's the ritual" which is biting Nas from verbal intercourse/deja vu: "From the womb to the tomb/presume/the unpredictable/Guns salute life, rapidly, that’s the ritual"...so on one record, you're dissing Nas and another one you're biting nas?
  • Dec 4, 2001 - Nas releases Ether and Got URself A... (NAS DROPPED THE SINGLES ON JAY'S BIRTHDAY like it was a mafia move and Jay found out later when he was at the club because a DJ played it)...Nas mocks Jay's "I Will Not Lose" from "U Don’t Know" on Ether 2001 - Jay had 3 attempts to get back at Nas but he kept on taking it back because it wasn't up to par. One of them was the original "Dont You know" but Jay revamped it into no subliminals for the Paid In Full Soundtrack. Called himself Euro-Jay but never played again..."people talkin" and "Don't you know" <-- Jay rehashed the "Don't you know" but the subliminals are still there talking about Nas' sphinx from I AM.. and throw in the towel, which is also a Nas line from "I want to talk to you"...and Jay still performs "don't you know" and "people talkin" with the Nas subliminals at his B Sides Concerts while Nas was backstage https://genius.com/a/jay-z-s-b-sides-2-concert-full-setlist-playlist
  • Dec 11, 2001 - Jay releases Supa Ugly (responded within 7 days as if it was a contemporary internet beef) Jay was forced to apologize on radio after his mom complained about his track
  • Dec 18, 2001 - Nas releases stillmatic and is crowned the winner by radio station polls ...Nas basically anticipated Jay was going to use Carman's relationship in the Supa Ugly response because of the "you know who did you know what to you know who" threat from Takeover so as a response, Nas on "You're Da Man" said "Your arms too short to box with God/I don't kill soloists, only kill squads/Fame went to they head, so now it's "Fuck Nas"/Yesterday you begged for a deal, today you tough guys/...Came in with my style, so I fathered you/I kept changing on the world since "... Barbeque"/Now you wanna hang with niggas I hung with/Fuck bitches I hit" and other songs like Destroy and Rebuild where he goes at Prodigy and Nature and pokes fun that Jigga want the crown. Nas anticipated that Jay may do a remake of Da Bridge is Over by BDP so he made it first as his rebuttal so that Jay cannot be remaking old songs to go at Nas, but Jay found other songs that he can remake to go at Nas
  • Dec 18, 2001 - Jay releases MTV unplugged (pits himself against Nas)
  • June 2002 - Nas goes to Power 105 to rant about Hot 97 not allowing him to lynch Jay-Z for summer jam and also rants about the current state of hip hop
  • Sept 24, 2002 - Nas releases lost tapes 1 (leftover tracks going against Jay) kanye produced for Nas as a peace offering for producing takeover. Lost Tapes could have been MUCH longer because so many songs were scrapped due to the bootlegging of I Am, Nas recording last minute new songs for Nastradamus, Nas blindsighted by Jay's diss to recreate Stillmatic, and Nas scrapping some concepts off God's Son.
  • October 29, 2002 - Eminem's 8 mile soundtrack comes out and features both Jay and Nas on separate songs. Jay was on-topic when rapping about 8 miles and running but Nas was going against Jay on his record. Eminem also rejected 2 previous Nas submissions before settling with "you wanna play rough?" as the soundtrack song. Nas was not cool with Eminem having Jay on the same soundtrack and his record looked out of place and foolish compared to the rest of the soundtrack. There are other times where Jay and Nas appeared on the same album such as Scarface's, where both parties had to rewrite or scrap their verses, but this was the most significant.
  • Nov 12, 2002 - Jay releases blueprint 2, his first double disk but was super watered down and had to re-release as one disk (probably waited to see if there are any Nas disses on lost tapes to respond to prior to submitting his album) Disses Nas on Blueprint 2 but it was one year too late, also Jay admitted he may have lost with the line "But I will not lose, for even in defeat/There's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me"..."show you how to do this son" is talking about Nas...note, every time Jay says "son" or even "dude", he is talking about Nas, God's Son
  • Nov 26, 2002 - 2Pac releases his 5th double disk, Better Dayz. Nas appears on 2Pac's "Thugz Mansion" for a posthumous collaboration.
  • Dec 13, 2002 - Nas releases God's Son as a tribute for his mother, disses jay on subliminally on "Made You Look" by saying Jay is "a slave to a page to his rhyme book" meaning that Jay took his style and rhymes. Nas originally wanted to make his album dissing everyone who "sold out" in the industry following his radio rant but ended up scrapping the concept to instead rap about concepts he talked about with his mother. Eminem produced for Nas as a peace offering to smooth things out from the 8 mile soundtrack but did not have a verse on the song. 2Pac appears on Nas' version of Thugz Mansion NY. Nas said that Biggie's Kick in the Door was towards him on "Last Real Nigga Alive" and how when Jay was trying to be NY's king, where Jay also grew his animosity towards Nas. Mase was the biggest name in hip hop after Biggie died because Puffy was starting his career, carrying Biggie's torch, and needed Mase as a ghostwriter and a sidekick. Why didn't Jay go against Mase or because Mase retreated to become a preacher in Atlanta before Jay grew more powerful?
  • Nov 14, 2003 - Jay releases The Black Album, copying Biggie's Black Album idea while saying that he recites Biggie's lyrics to keep his memory alive and then claims that he is retired. Jay disses 50 and Nas on his rap city freestyle responding to the chorus of "Made You Look". "99 problems but a bitch ain't one" is an Ice T remake but Jay is subliminally still talking about Nas because Nas has issues with his baby mama similar to "is that your chick?") On dirt off your shoulders, Jay said "this ain't a movie, dawg", which is a direct response to Nas' lyrics on "Made you Look", where he said "and cut, and that's the end of your movie". This is a chess move because Jay sent off his parting subliminal disses and Nas would look foolish dissing someone who is retired but Nas didn't take the bait but jabbed Jay on his Bravehearts single. on "what more can i say" Jay said that he was only bigging up BIG and Brooklyn when he was accused of biting Big as a response to mostly Nas' diss on Ether "how much of biggie's rhymes are gonna come out your fat lips?"
  • Dec 23, 2003 - Nas releases Bravehearted with "Quick to Back Down" as a single to jab Jay "Y'all already know who I'm better than"
  • when 50 cent got a shoe deal with reebok, he collaborated with Jay's shoe for a commercial but Jay was leveraging 50 to create a rift between Nas and 50 as a way to say "I got more shooters in Queens than you"
  • Nov 30, 2004 - Nas releases street's disciple, his first double disk since attempting it unsuccessfully for I Am and does not mention Jay
  • Nov 30, 2004 - Jay/linkin park releases collision course (pits himself against Nas as something to talk about if Nas dissed him, he would pull up record sales)
  • June 1, 2005 - Jay is pseudo out of retirement and appears on Memphis Bleek's album with "Dear Summer", where he says he doesn't respect subliminal records except that he's the one still rebutting Nas' lines and dishing out subliminals.
  • Aug 30, 2005 - Nas Appears on Kanye's "We Major" under the Rocafella imprint and Jay said it was his favorite song on Kanye's Late Registration
  • Oct 28, 2005 - Nas appears on Jay's "I declare war" concert and both people patch things up while performing "The world is yours" and "Dead Presidents", where Nas finally is on Jay's hook. Jay initiated the conversation of them meeting by asking Nas if he was alright because of the recent death of Nas' mother as well as how Nas looked at the beef
  • Nas was trying to get out of his deal at Columbia and signs with Def Jam when Jay was president making it look as if Nas is bowing to Jay but they went on an interview spree saying that it was not the case. Cooler heads prevailed when it comes to money - Jay operates strictly for money and Nas was money motivated when signing to Def Jam to find the biggest bidder of his talent where Nas proceeded to drop provocative titles with Hip Hop is Dead and Untitled
  • Jay and Nas combined forces in an interview and now has a common foe Cam'ron because Nas said Cam'ron's album during horse and carriage was wack, and Jay thought Cam and Dame was having a hostile takeover of rocafella when jay was on vacation
  • Nov 21, 2006 - Jay releases kingdom come (beef was squashed, right? released 1 month prior to nas)
  • Dec 19, 2006 - Nas releases hip hop is dead (has Jay-z feature on black republican) Kanye produces on this album
  • Nov 6, 2007 - Nas releases Greatest hits without Ether unlike 2Pac's which includes "Hit Em Up"
  • Nov 6, 2007 - Jay releases american gangster (has Nas feature on Success except that Jay had Nas pressed for time to do a verse at 4AM after Nas did a show in Canada for that verse and yet it still came out fire https://youtu.be/tLr-xMPQzGU?t=47 Jay been trying to sabotage every Nas feature on every Jay's song just to not get killed on his own track) Jay tries to rewrite history with "Roc Boys (And the winner is...Hov)" which is a LL Cool J remake but he is subliminally saying he won the beef with the song title (Jay went from dissing on verses to dissing on choruses to dissing with just song titles) but he had Nas in the video. On 'Success', Jay starts off by biting Eminem: "I used to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less/What do I think of success? It sucks, too much stress/I guess I blew up quick/'Cause friends I grew up with"...that is an eminem line from "I'm Back"....."I used to give a – fuck, now I could give a fuck less/What do I think of suc-cess/It sucks, too much press I’m stressed/Too much cess, depressed, too upset/It’s just too much mess, I guess I must just blew up quick"....And Nas dissed Jay-Z on Ether for saying that "Eminem murdered you on your own shit" and now when you're finally collaborating with Nas, you start off your first verse biting Eminem to keep up with Nas? Also, on "Blue Magic," Jay Z could finally say the line "the Feds, they like wack rappers, try as they might but they can't get me on the hook"...Jay have been sampling Nas on his hook for years and it's finally a full circle that Nas was on the hook performing Dead Presidents Live with Jay.."Empire state of mind" by Jay was just a rehash of Nas' New York State of Mind...Nas made 3 versions: 1 is on illmatic, 2 is on I am..., and 3 is with rakim and alicia keys and was on an Alicia Keys album but was slept on if it wasn't for mixtapes. What Jay did for "Empire state of mind" is remake the 3rd version with alicia keys, but make her sing "anthem" instead of "jazzy", but Jay was examining the game and saw that Lil wayne was hot and not only did Lil Wayne and Jay trade features on their respective albums with Tha Carter III, Jay rapped with a Lil Wayne flow on "Empire State of Mind"...how you gonna remake a Nas classic dedicating a song to NY with a southern nursery rhyme Lil Wayne flow?
  • Nas survives a book written by his baby mama, Carmen Bryant, detailing her experiences with Nas and Jay and it was literal dick measuring when comparing both rappers in the book
  • Jay-Z continues to release Blueprint 3 without Nas or dissing Nas but still resorts to dissing other people and autotune to propel his album sales
  • Sept 11, 2007 - when Kanye pit himself against 50 cent on "Graduation" vs "Curtis", at least Kanye and 50 were honest about it and got publicity that benefited both parties but where did Kanye and 50 get their inspiration from? Later, 50 commented that Jay was still pitting himself against Nas' release dates. 50 also took the beef approach to a new level by "how to rob" and he famously said, "if I can't be your friend, can I at least be your enemy?" in terms of getting Jay's attention and having Jay mention his name on "Too Hot" among other rappers who responded to "How to Rob" and Nas didn't get dissed at all because 50 Cent was once a Braveheart under the Columbia Label
  • Nov 24, 2008 - on Ludacris' "I Do It for Hip Hop", Jay was rhyming on topic for the sake of hip hop nostalgia and Nas came in with a line 'I was the best to ever do it'
  • Jay-Z releases several versions of his greatest hits without takeover
  • Jay basically waited 8 years of dating Beyonce to finally marry her when the coast is clear and that she would not be a casualty of any rap beef (But Game did it anyways) and suffered his own infidelity with Beyonce from his past habits
  • Nas is going through his divorce with Kelis and still freaks out when Jay said Hi to Kelis and is still haunted by the line "Gotta hurt I'm your baby mama's favorite rapper, And ask your current girl, she know what's up" from Supa Ugly
  • Aug 8, 2011 - Jay and Kanye basically took Nas and Damian Marley's idea for a collaboration album for "Watch The Throne" even though Jay has done collaboration albums in the past
  • July 4, 2013 - Jay releases Magna Carta Holy Grail and basically had Nas write his verse in one day because the whole album was done in 2 weeks and Jay finally schooled Nas on "BBC" because he gave Nas no time to craft his verse and BBC is short for Billionaire Boys Club, which Jay is a billionaire and Nas is not so it was still a subtle jab, where disses are reduced to just song titles, this time an acronym
  • June 15, 2018 - Nas releases Nasir, which was super rushed and he only had a week to lay his verses after Kanye was finished with Pusha T's album. It was also delayed for 1.5 days. Kanye inadvertently rushed Nas' artistic style the same way Jay did on BBC and sabotaged songs and the release from being great
  • June 16, 2018 - Jay/Beyonce releases a surprise album everything is love, which ambushes Nas' release
  • July 15, 2019 - Nas releases lost tapes 2
  • July 15, 2019 - Jay/Beyonce releases lion king soundtrack, another head to head
  • Aug 21, 2020 - Nas releases king's disease, which a lot of the symptoms describe Jay
  • Aug 21, 2020 - Jay/Pharrell releases entrepreneur (single)
If you go through Nas' and Jay's discographies, Jay didn't start pitting himself against Nas until after Jay's summer jam Takeover verse in 2001...6 times
prior to that, there were so many near-misses where their albums would be released within a month of each other, because jay likes to submit last minute songs and verses as responses to what Nas said if Nas released the month prior; otherwise, Jay had to wait a whole year to respond like he did on blueprint 2 after Ether and it was too late or make a single and put it on memphis bleek's album (or like when Jay dissed lil wayne on TI's album on "watch what you say to me"). 2Pac is the king of releasing double discs with 5, which convinced Biggie, Jay, and Nas (as well as others) to release double disks to get that monkey off their back besides going platinum.
Jay went from dissing Nas vaguely to directly to subliminally on full verses to subliminally on lines to subliminally on choruses to subliminally on track titles to subliminally with tactics like rushing Nas on tracks to now pitting his releases against nas...there's a slew of tracks that I probably left out in the back and forth
Ether has an original version described by large professor produced by swizz and another one transcribed on the internet...Nas was working on Ether in the wee hours and steve stout had to step in and fix everything before it was submitted, on Jay-Z's birthday..what a chess move...the original version said jay and dame dash should have been in a plane crash instead of aaliyah and talked about Jay's confrontation with Big Pun because Jay was supposed to perform but took the money as an "appearance fee"
Nas is a man of science and he plays his foes like chess. he plays aloof in interviews but when asked by The Breakfast Club why Jay seems to align his releases with Nas, Nas gave the politically correct answer that he and Jay move on the same time spectrum and that the question should be redirected towards Jay because he doesn't know why Jay still holds a grudge against Nas and wont let go...maybe it's still because their personalities clash because Jay did everything to get to his position motivated by money and Nas held his ground and would rather have things done his way and involve the audience in critical thinking instead of trying to market them stuff as if they are mindless zombies willing to consume on your every endorsement deal.
Nas and Jay's beef is still brewing on Jay's side while Nas has moved on to other things...jay will forever hold a grudge against Nas for defeating him on Ether by stooping to the level of understanding for Jay's audience to them to also realize that Nas won. Jay can't hold another L to another Ether so he does passive aggressive actions that Nas barely realizes is happening or chooses to shrug it off but jay will be forever trying to feed that insatiable ego of his by pitting himself against Nas in every which way. Nas sees that people like Jay are kings but still hold that begrudging victim's mentality so that is partially why Nas made King's Disease, to cure people of their symptoms and get to the crux of the problem to solve it from within
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An analysis of Nicki Minaj's one hundred Billboard Hot 100 entries

Nicki Minaj recently became the first woman to chart 100 entries in the Hot 100, an archievement made more impressive when you consider that the current record is held by a TV show with more than the double of those entries (don't worry... it's gonna get surpassed by Drake before the end of the decade) and the fact that she has never archieved a number one hit.
I decided to present a neutral, sort of, analysis of her story in the Billboard Hot 100 and let you guys come out with the conclusions.


From her 100 entries, 41 are as a lead performer.... probably at least twice as more as more people expected. From pure raw numbers her best year was this 2018 with 8 entries as a lead in the Hot 100; but her best year as a charting artist was 2010 in which 4 of her Hot 100 entries reached the top 30, but also her best average peak of her yearly entries is in 2016 of all years.
Speaking of peaks, her overall average peak in the Hot 100 as a lead performer is #38, with 6 entries reaching the top 10 and 14 total entering the top 20. Her lowest peaking single to enter the Hot 100 is the Queen album cut Thought I Knew You with The Weeknd, which peaked at #98 and her highest is, as expected, Anaconda in 2014, blocked from the top spot by Taylor Swift's Shake It Off.
2010 (5 entries as a lead)
  • Your Love (#14)
  • Check it Out with will.i.am (#24)
  • Right Thru Me (#26)
  • Moment 4 Life with Drake (#13)
  • Roman's Revenge with Eminem (#56)
2011 (5 entries)
  • Did It On'em (#49)
  • Fly with Rihanna (#19)
  • Roman in Moscow (#64)
  • Stupid Hoe (#59)
2012 (6 entries)
  • Roman Reloaded with Lil Wayne (#70)
  • Starships (#5)
  • Right by My Side with Chris Brown (#51)
  • Beez in the Trap with 2 Chainz (#48)
  • Pound the Alarm (#15)
  • Va Va Boom (#22)
2013 (1 sole entry)
  • High School with Lil Wayne (#64)
2014 (7 entries)
  • Pills n Potion (#24)
  • Bang Bang with Jessie J and Ariana Grande (#3) - JESSIE J'S HIGHEST PEAKING ENTRY IN THE HOT 100
  • Only with Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown (#12)
  • Get on Your Knees with Ariana Grande (#88)
  • Feeling Myself with Beyoncé (#39)
  • Bed of Lies with Skylar Grey (#62)
2015 (2 entries)
  • Truffle Butter with Drake and Lil Wayne (#14)
  • The Night is Still Young (#24)
2016 (1 sole entry)
  • Black Barbies with Mike Will Made It (#65)
2017 (6 entries)
  • Bom Bidi Bom with Nick Jonas (#56)
  • No Frauds with Drake and Lil Wayne (#14)
  • Changed It with Lil Wayne (#71)
  • Regret in Your Tears (#61)
  • Krippy Kush Remix with Farruko, Bad Bunny, 21 Savage or Travis Scott and Rvssian (#75) - HIGHEST PEAKING ENTRY OVERALL FOR BOTH FARRUKO AND RVSSIAN
  • Motorsport with Migos and Cardi B (#6)
2018 (8 entries)
  • Barbie Tingz (#25)
  • Chun-Li (#10)
  • Rich Sex with Lil Wayne (#56)
  • Bed with Ariana Grande (#42)
  • Barbie Dreams (#18)
  • Ganja Burn (#60)
  • Majesty with Labrinth and Eminem (#58)
  • Thought I Knew You with The Weeknd (#98)


A total of 59 entries as a featured performer are part of Nicki Minaj's discography dating back to 2009, when she first entered the Hot 100 a full six months before the Hot 100 debut of her first single as a lead. It must me noted that Nicki's entries as a feature in the Hot 100 actually decreases over time before picking up again around last year when she started to release at least 2 monthly features.
Her best year as a feature performer was, surprisingly, 2016, when her average feature peaked at #29, with her most successful year overal being 2011 when she was featured in 4 top ten hits out of the 12 she has been featured in. Her overall peak for a charting feature is #39.... one spot lower than her average as a lead performer, with her highest peaking feature being in the remix of Britney Spears' Till The World Ends (#3) and the lowest in the remix of Mariah Carey's Up to my Face (#100)... in fact, 10 of her charting features has been credited as remixes.
2009 (1 sole entry)
2010 (12 entries)
  • Up Out My Face Remix by Mariah Carey (#100)
  • Knockout by Lil Wayne (#44)
  • My Chick Bad by Ludacris (#11)
  • Lil Freak by Usher (#40)
  • Roger That as part of Young Money (#46)
  • Up All Night by Drake (#49)
  • What's Wrong with Them by Lil Wayne (#42)
  • Woohoo by Christina Aguilera (#79)
  • 2012 (It Ain't the End) by Jay Sean (#31)
  • Letting Go (Dutty Love) by Sean Kingston (#36)
  • Monster by Kanye West with Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Bon Iver (#18) - HIGHEST PEAKING ENTRY BY BON IVER ON THE HOT 100
2011 (8 entries)
  • The Creep by The Lonely Island (#82)
  • Where Them Girls At by David Guetta with Flo Rida (#14)
  • Y.U. Mad by Birdman with Lil Wayne (#68)
  • Till the World Ends The Femme Fatale Remix by Britney Spears with Kesha (#3)
  • You The Boss by Rick Ross (#61)
  • Make Me Proud by Drake (#9)
  • Dance (A$$) Remix by Big Sean (#10)
2012 (6 entries)
  • Muthafucka Up by Tyga (#74)
  • Give Me All Your Luvin' by Madonna with M.I.A. (#10)
  • Take It to the Head by DJ Khaled with Chris Brown, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne (#58)
  • Get Low by Waka Flocka Flame with Tyga and Flo Rida (#72)
  • Girl on Fire (Inferno Version) by Alicia Keys (#11)
  • Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber (#5)
2013 (5 entries)
  • Freaks by French Montana (#77)
  • Tapout by Rich Gang featuring Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mack Maine and Future (#44) - MACK MAINE'S HIGHEST PEAKING ENTRY IN THE HOT 100
  • Tonight I'm Getting Over You Remix by Carly Rae Jepsen (#90)
  • I'm Out by Ciara (#44)
  • Love More by Chris Brown (#23)
2014 (4 entries)
  • She Came to Give It to You by Usher (#89)
  • Flawless Remix by Beyoncé (#41)
  • Touchin, Lovin by Trey Songz (#43)
  • Throw Sum Mo by Rae Sremmurd with Young Thug (#30)
2015 (4 entries)
  • Hey Mama by David Guetta with Bebe Rexha and Afrojack (#8)
  • Bitch I'm Madonna by... well.... Madonna (#84)
  • Bad For You by Meek Mill (#78)
  • All Eyes On You by Meek Mill with Chris Brown (#21) - MEEK MILL'S HIGHEST PEAKING ENTRY IN THE HOT 100
2016 (4 entries)
  • Froze by Meek Mill with Lil Uzi Vert (#68)
  • Down in the DM Remix by Yo Gotti (#13)
  • Do You Mind by DJ Khaled with Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future and Rick Ross (#27) - AUGUST ALSINA'S HIGHEST PEAKING ENTRY IN THE HOT 100
  • Side to Side by Ariana Grande (#4)
2017 (7 entries)
  • Run Up by Major Lazer with PartyNextDoor (#66)
  • Swalla by Jason Derulo with Ty Dolla Sign (#29)
  • Swish Swish by Katy Perry (#46)
  • You Da Baddest by Future (#38)
  • Plain Jane Remix by ASAP Ferg (#26)
  • The Way Life Goes Remix by Lil Uzi Vert with Oh Wonder (#24) - HIGHEST PEAKING ENTRY IN THE HOT 100 FOR OH WONDER
2018 (8 entries)
  • Anybody by Young Thug (#89)
  • Ball for Me by Post Malone (#16)
  • Big Bank by YG with 2 Chainz and Big Sean (#16)
  • the light is coming by Ariana Grande (#89)
  • Idol Remix by BTS (#11)
  • Dark Side of the Moon by Lil Wayne (#24)
  • Dip by Tyga (#83)


With over half of her Hot 100 entries being features, it's worth analyzing how worthy they are for the lead performers:
  • 6 of her features released as singles failed to enter both the Hot 100 AND the Bubbling Under 25, with 11 features being stuck in the latter chart including Rihanna's Raining Men, Young Money's Lookin Ass, David Guetta's Light My Body Up, and Little Mix's Woman Like Me, among others.
  • Nicki has been featured (credited) in a whooping total of 198 tracks since 2008, including remixes and album cuts.
  • Considering that only 59 of those has charted in the Hot 100 at all, that means that having Nicki on your track gives you a 29.79% chance of charting in the Hot 100.
  • Taking out pre-2010 work, however, gives you a total of 143 collabs and a more fair 41.25% of chance of reaching the Hot 100.
  • Giving your Nicki feature some kind of push (AKA releasing it as a single or a promotional single) gives you a 60% chance of reaching the Hot 100... that is, 3 out of every 5 Nicki-featured singles charts in the Hot 100 at all.
  • Out of the 100 entries, 15 of the people included in a track with her had reached their peak in the Hot 100 chart with such songs, including Nicki's BFF the ugly Skittle, her ex Meek Mill and the band that defeated her for the Grammy for Best New Artist, AKA Bonnie Bear.... oh, and Jessica J of course.


  • Lil Wayne (14), Drake and certified POS Chris Brown (6), and Ariana Grande-Butera (5) has been Nicki's most prollific collaborators in her Hot 100 entries.
  • From her entries as a lead performer, 17 of them (41.46%) are either as a soloist or featuring men; with only 7 female collaborations (14.63%), not including a sole mixed collaboration (Motorsport) which also includes one of her two charting collaborations with a female rapper.
  • From those lead entries, 9 of them (21.95%) can be classified as pop or pop-adjacent; 19 of them (46.34%) as hip-hop and/or R&B infused and 13 of them (31.7%) as straight-up rap.
  • From her charting features, 28 of them (47.45%) has been with nothing but male rappers, not including 2 tracks as part of the Young Money ensemble, 4 collabs within the R&B/hip-hop vicinity and 5 posse cuts, making a total of 39 collabs (66.1%) with mens within the rap sphere.
  • This statistics also includes 12 collabs (20.33%) as part of female pop singers' tracks (3 of them with Ariana Grande), including her first charting collaboration with a rapper, M.I.A.
  • Unfortunately, that means that she has left behind charting collaborations with male pop stars or groups (with only two in each category) or in EDM tracks (with only four tracks, 3 of them being David Guetta songs)


  • In a surprising twist, her discography includes 101 singles (including 67 as a featured performer), but the list of Hot 100 entries also includes album cuts that entered the chart based on sales and streaming.
  • Only five of her singles as a lead have failed to chart: her debut single Massive Attack, Pink Fridays' Girls Fall Like Dominoes, Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up's The Boys and Freedom, and Pinkprint's Trini Dem Girls.
  • The closest woman to Nicki in Hot 100 entries is Taylor Swift with 77.
  • However, Nicki is below Taylor in Top 40 entries... but not by much, as Taylor has 56 versus Nicki's 50, tied with Rihanna.
  • If you don't count pre-Billboard statistics, Nicki only needs 8 more entries to surpass Elvis Presley's 108 entries... including pre-Billboard data (that would be, pre-1958), that number of Elvis entries increases to 148, still below Lil Wayne's 160 entries.
  • Nicki has spended a total of 207 consecutive weeks in the Hot 100 (that is almost 4 years with at least one song in the Hot 100), just 9 weeks shy of Rihanna's female record of 216 weeks and less than the half of the overall record of Drake's 431 weeks, or more than 8 years.
Now let the discussion begin.
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