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Pages User Guide for Mac - Apple Support

# Looking for Homemanager 3 beta testers #

# Looking for Homemanager 3 beta testers #
Dear Homebridge users,
After almost half a year of development, we now finally present Homemanager 3 to the public.
Over the last months the number of users has been multiplied. This resulted into more than 100 mails with direct feedback, you are awesome!

For everyone who never heard anything about Homemanager: The Homemanager App is a community orientated and native app for iOS and iPadOS, with which you can manage your Homebridge and HOOBS system.

While HM1 was fully community orientated and highly compatible with any Homebridge installation, we lost this focus a bit with HM2, as many features were exclusively available for HOOBS 3 users.
With HM3 we finally come back to our initial principles. We rebuilt the entire interface and communication class structure to achieve the highest compatibility possible.
Now you can use Homebridge on Synology, RPi, Mac and Windows without compatibility issues in the app.

Most of the new features for Homebridge are only possible due to the full switch to API communication (instead of SSH). Without the close technical collaboration with the developer behind the Homebridge UI (@dev_oznu), the update wouldn’t be available in the way as it is today. He opened the API on my request early summer, made a couple of modifications on the API to enhance some app functionalities, provided deep technical assistance and was the first beta tester. Thanks a lot u/dev_oznu!

Everyone interested, using Homebridge with Homebridge UI or HOOBS 3 installed, can join the public beta with this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/d3incB1q
Feel free to share any kind of feedback directly via TestFlight or mail to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

As the entire app received optimizations, here is a list with just the most notable changes that make the app more beginner-friendly, compatible and powerful than ever before:

⁃ Switched entirely to API based connections, instead of SSH (Homebridge UI API and HOOBS Core API)
⁃ Significantly reduced loading times
⁃ More stable connections thanks to the close technical collaboration with the Homebridge UI developer.
⁃ Improved visualization of multi-level config schemes, as well as "schema conditions" support
⁃ Find config entries even faster with the new sort and search functions.
⁃ Hybrid Config: navigate visually through the config and edit only the desired area in plain text
⁃ New Swipe gestures for sharing, plain text view, copying, duplicating and deleting config objects
⁃ The setup guide is now even more dynamic, simple and interactive.
⁃ Plain text config view now with syntax highlighting
⁃ Simpler menus for managing generic config objects
⁃ SmartDetect 3 now also allows sample configurations that contain small syntax errors
⁃ Support for "Homebridge verified Plugins"
⁃ Installation and removal are now interactive and include additional background checks
⁃ Plugin versions can now easily be changed interactively and can also be defined during installation
⁃ Config objects are now directly accessible from the corresponding plugin page
⁃ HOOBS users receive plugin data now entirely from "plugins.hoobs.org"
Instance Log
⁃ Now finally natively available for all Homebridge and HOOBS users
⁃ With Homebridge, including colour visualisation
Software Page (will be available during beta)
⁃ View Homebridge, Homebridge UI and HOOBS Core Updates
⁃ Possibility to trigger the above updates
⁃ View additional information (only some systems)
⁃ Transparent and independent setup instructions for Homebridge and HOOBS
⁃ Add new instances quickly, with a new automatic instance detection (soon even faster with Bonjour detection)
⁃ Useful tips and general additional information
⁃ Instances and servers can now be managed more clearly
⁃ New optimized layout, including various design changes (for example an improved dark mode)
⁃ More beginner-friendly and detailed descriptions
⁃ Intelligent assistance during various tasks
⁃ More precise error messages and optimized loading animations
⁃ Localization into new languages. In total: German, English, French, Greek, Czech and Chinese

submitted by RonPolenthon to homebridge


/r/Monero Weekly Discussion – November 21, 2020 - Use this thread for general chatter, basic questions, and if you're new to Monero


  1. General questions
  2. Wallet: CLI & GUI
  3. Wallet: Ledger
  4. Nodes

1. General questions

Where can I download the Monero wallet?

There are multiple Monero wallets for a wide range of devices at your disposal. Check the table below for details and download links. Attention: for extra security make sure to calculate and compare the checksum of your downloaded files when possible.
Please note the following usage of the labels:
⚠️ - Relatively new and/or beta. Use wallet with caution.
☢️ - Closed source.

Desktop wallets

Wallet Device Description Download link
"Official" GUI / CLI Windows, macOS, Linux Default implementation maintained by the core team. Use this wallet to run a full node and obtain maximum privacy. Integrates with hardware wallets. Current version: / GetMonero.org
MyMonero Windows, macOS, Linux Lightweight wallet -- you don't need to download the blockchain and run a node. MyMonero was developed with the assistance of the core team. It also has web-based and iOS versions. MyMonero.com
Exodus Windows, macOS, Linux ⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. Exodus.io
ZelCore Windows, macOS, Linux ⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. It also has Android and iOS versions. zel.network
Guarda Windows, macOS, Linux ⚠️ ☢️ / Multi-asset wallet. Guarda.co

Mobile wallets

Wallet Device Description Download link
Monerujo Android Integrates with Ledger (hardware wallet). Website: https://www.monerujo.io/. Google Play / F-Droid / GitHub
MyMonero iOS Website: https://mymonero.com/ App Store
Cake Wallet iOS Website: https://cakewallet.io/ App Store
X Wallet iOS Website: https://xwallet.tech/ App Store
Edge Wallet Android / iOS Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://edge.app/ Google Play / App Store
ZelCore Android / iOS ⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://zelcore.io/ Google Play / App Store
Coinomi Android / iOS ⚠️ ☢️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://www.coinomi.com/ Google Play / App Store
Moxi / Guarda Android / iOS ⚠️ ☢️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://guarda.co/ Google Play / App Store
Exa Wallet Android / iOS ⚠️ Website: https://exan.tech/ Google Play / App Store
Wookey Wallet Android / iOS ⚠️ Website: https://wallet.wookey.io/ Google Play / F-Droid / App Store
Exodus Android / iOS ⚠️ / Multi-asset wallet. Website: https://www.exodus.io/monero/) Google Play / App Store

Web-based wallets

Wallet Description Link
MyMonero Web version of the MyMonero wallet. Web
Guarda Multi-asset wallet. Web

How long does it take for my balance to unlock?

Your balance is unlocked after 10 confirmations (which means 10 mined blocks). A block is mined approximately every two minutes on the Monero network, so that would be around 20 minutes.

How can I prove that I sent a payment?

The fastest and most direct way is by using the ExploreMonero blockchain explorer. You will need to recover the transaction key from your wallet (complete guide for GUI / CLI).

How do I buy Monero (XMR) with Bitcoin (BTC)?

There are dozens of exchanges that trade Monero against Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Check out the list on CoinMarketCap and choose the option that suits you best.

How do I buy Monero (XMR) with fiat?

  • Kraken (USD and EUR): old-school, decent exchange. They might require your documents for verification and approval of your account.
  • LocalMonero: peer-to-peer exchange. They have pretty much everything as a payment method and they support hundreds of fiat options.

How can I quickly exchange my Monero (XMR) for Bitcoin (BTC)?

There are multiple ways to exchange your Monero for Bitcoin, but first of all, I'd like to remind you that if you really want to do your part for Monero, one of the simplest ways is to get in touch with your merchant/service provider and request for it to accept Monero directly as payment. Ask the service provider to visit the official website and our communication channels if he or she needs help with system integration.
That being said, the community has been recommending two services in particular, XMR.TO and MorphToken. These services are only recommendations and are operated by entities outside the control of the Monero Project. Be diligent.

How do I mine Monero? And other mining questions.

The correct place to ask questions and discuss the Monero mining scene is in the dedicated subreddit MoneroMining. That being said, you can find a list of pools and available mining software in the GetMonero.org website.

2. Wallet: CLI & GUI

Why I can't see my balance? Where is my XMR?

Before any action there are two things to check:
  1. Are you using the latest available version of the wallet? A new version is released roughly every 6 months, so make sure you're using the current release (compare the release on GetMonero.org with your wallet's version on Settings, under Debug info).
  2. Is your wallet fully synchronized? If it isn't, wait the sync to complete.
Because Monero is different from Bitcoin, wallet synchronization is not instant. The software needs to synchronize the blockchain and use your private keys to identify your transactions. Check in the lower left corner (GUI) if the wallet is synchronized.
You can't send transactions and your balance might be wrong or unavailable if the wallet is not synced with the network. So please wait.
If this is not a sufficient answer for your case and you're looking for more information, please see this answer on StackExchange.

How do I upgrade my wallet to the newest version?

This question is beautifully answered on StackExchange.

Why does it take so long to sync the wallet [for the first time]?

You have decided to use Monero's wallet and run a local node. Congratulations! You have chosen the safest and most secure option for your privacy, but unfortunately this has an initial cost. The first reason for the slowness is that you will need to download the entire blockchain, which is considerably heavy (+70 GB) and constantly growing. There are technologies being implemented in Monero to slow this growth, however it is inevitable to make this initial download to run a full node. Consider syncing to a device that has an SSD instead of an HDD, as this greatly impacts the speed of synchronization.
Now that the blockchain is on your computer, the next time you run the wallet you only need to download new blocks, which should take seconds or minutes (depending on how often you use the wallet).

I don't want to download the blockchain, how can I skip that?

The way to skip downloading the blockchain is connecting your wallet to a public remote node. You can follow this guide on how to set it up. You can find a list of public remote nodes on MoneroWorld.
Be advised that when using a public remote node you lose some of your privacy. A public remote node is able to identify your IP and opens up a range for certain attacks that further diminish your privacy. A remote node can't see your balance and it can't spend your XMR.

How do I restore my wallet from the mnemonic seed or from the keys?

To restore your wallet with the 25 word mnemonic seed, please see this guide.
To restore your wallet with your keys, please see this guide.

3. Wallet: Ledger

How do I generate a Ledger Monero Wallet with the GUI or CLI?

This question is beautifully answered on StackExchange. Check this page for the GUI instructions, and this page for the CLI instructions.

4. Wallet: Trezor

How do I generate a Trezor Monero Wallet with the GUI or CLI?

This question is beautifully answered on StackExchange. Check this page for the GUI instructions, and this page for the CLI instructions.

5. Nodes

How can my local node become a public remote node?

If you want to support other Monero users by making your node public, you can follow the instructions on MoneroWorld, under the section "How To Include Your Node On Moneroworld".

How can I connect my node via Tor?

This question is beautifully answered on StackExchange.
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