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A nitpicky, competitive players thoughts on G-SR, G-SR-SE, Gigantus v2, mp510 and first impressions of dechanic control and speed.

Writing this because I've read many different opinions and experiences of a few of these pads. mp510 harder on your skin than dechanic control? Gigantus faster than G-SR-SE or not? Control pad or actually speedy? Hotel? Trivago. Lets? Go.
Who am I?
A sweaty sucker for gear, always been throughout my hockey, football and floorball careers back in the day. I’ve had very many pads through the years, but only chose these as theyre popular today and the ones I’ve used counting from 4 years ago. I’m like many of you, who likes to do research and go in dept and get good knowledge about things before buying. I’m the guy searching for the clean and perfect setup where I can finally sit down and enjoy my endgame (never gonna happen). I've played counter strike for around 12-13 years now. Not playing very much anymore because I'm 27 and dont have time, but around 1700 elo on avg and competing in a few competitions from time to time with my team.
Sensitivity 1.75117 @ 400 dpi (117 is a lucky-number thing, some of you will get it). I will do my “reviews” or thoughts if you will, based mainly on cs:go, which is my main game and have been forever. I’m just writing my thoughts down as I go, this is a long-ass text written in a tired state of mind on my night-shift. Not my native language either, sorry for the typos.
The one I've mained for the longest time after years of fanboying the qck and not knowing much. I had three of them over the span of two years, because yes, as you've read a hundred times, they become slower and muddier over time. They're also very inconsistent because of humidity. But then again, if you don’t have a humid environment and a consistent temperature in the room, they’re very good for slow-paced shooters like cs:go. Again, having a stable temperature and not too humid room, this pad will do you great in csgo. The stopping-power will make your flicks and one-taps consistent. You know when you feel safe of landing that one-tap from behind an enemy and not whiff? This is it, the one I’ve had the best “oneshot” stability with and felt most confident of holding the angles and hitting my shots. Again, back to the muddy-ness. If you’re playing a game where tracing is very important, this will not be very consistent, at least not after a while of use. You know when you’re tracing and you suddenly stop or suddenly move your mouse way faster and lose control? That’s how it is.
I’m not going to write a long text about this pad, since the same thing happens here, it gets slower and inconsistent after a while and feel muddy because of humidity. One thing to note though, my arm doesn’t stick as much to the surface on the SE. The glide out of the box is smoother which makes it feel a tad bit faster than the normal G-SR, with almost the same stopping-power and stable one-taps. I will rather describe it as a smoother control-pad than the G-SR.
Gigantus V2
After a few G-SR’s I read about the gigantus, the cheaper and more durable G-SR. Out of the box, smoother tracking-vise and faster than both G-SR’s, most comparable to the SE version. It became a little slower after 3 weeks, but have had that feel consistently five months on, before I got the mp510. This pad is less impacted by humidity, but still changes a little if its very warm and humid. Not at all the same as G-SR though, so if you’re using a G-SR and want something a little faster, with great stopping power and the possibility to track enemies better, this is a great choice.
Back in the CS:S days, I won a cooler master pad in a aim_map competition, that was grey and with a m4a1-s design. It was small and a little hard on the skin because of the textured surface, but my god did I play well with it. The first Zowie ec1 with big skates on this pad was a dream back then. With nostalgia in my mind, I ordered the MP510 thinking this was the same thing. Unfortunately it was not. I’ve read many peoples experiences with this cordura-pad, saying it has the same stopping-power and almost the same control as a G-SR, saying it is very hard on the skin, harder than the dechanic control. Saying its on the slower end of the scale. My thought on this, is that pads with this kind of weave heavily, and I cant express this enough, HEAVILY depends on your mouse, how youre set up (wrist or arm on table) and most of all, your skates. The differences are huge with the skoll mini and model d- on this pad, even though the skates are somewhat the same shape-vice.
To me, using a skoll mini or model d/d-, this pad is very good to track enemies with, if not the best I’ve tried. I hit flicks with his like I never had before, and did some crazy spray-transfers. This is where it stops being good for me, I found myself never getting completely adjusted to it, overshooting and missing simple one-taps and kills from having the better positioning. It was simply too fast for me, it made my aim shaky and very inconsistent. I lost duels I shouldn’t and felt unconfident using it. Also, my spray-control got worse and worse. I can describe it like my mouse was floating which it kind of does on these pads. I tried it with a old ec2 with stock black, big skates, and here it felt a little slower and more controlled. So, for me, this is a very fast pad with “fast” skates on. Also worth the mention, if you have eczema or psoriasis like me, it can be a godsent, giving you free scratching as you play.
Dechanic control
I don’t know if I have a old or new batch, bought it used, as in opened, tested and put back in its plastic. The guy I bought it from said he bought it little over a year ago. Anyhow, I read comments about how this is not as rough to your arm as the mp510? It clearly is in my experience, atleast the one I have. I haven’t used it for more than two days, but it feels very much like the cordura weave, but more present. Then again it adds superb consistent speed with the best stopping-power to speed ratio Ive tried as of yet. It feels like its scraping off your skates harder than a hard-pad. I’m not missing my shots like with the mp510, and my spray-control is the best its been ever. I’m actually shocked that this pad is (was) so cheap and had it been a bit lighter to the skin, it would be my main for a long time.
Dechanic speed
Same here, not had for a long time, but it reminds me of a very trimmed down G-SR-SE if that makes sense, a more smooth surface.
I’d compare it to other standard pads out there. It’s almost like the g640 from Logitech, I think it will wear out fast and it sticks to my underarm like so many pads do. Good balance between speed and control here, is all I can say after using it for a few days.
For now, I’ll give the dechanic pads a try for a while, I think a more consistent but a tad slower gigantus v2 would be the perfect fit for me. Think I’ll try a few pads from x-raypad. Again, sorry for the wall of text, to tired to make it nice now, and simply just wanted to put my thoughts into words for you guys. AMA if you have any questions or if something was unclear.
EDIT: Wow, this blew up while I was sleeping, I actually thought I would get a bit of hatred for the wall of text, thanks guys and gals!
submitted by gr1nna to MousepadReview

Underrated Skills

Some skills in this game are extremely good, but no-body seems to use them. Of course, most of them do require some sort of set-up to make over-powered, but it's definitely worth it. I've compiled a list of some that I think are OP, and if you have any, feel free to put them down in the comment section (P.S. There's no specific order to these.)
Recoome Eraser Gun - A 1 bar Super Attack that deletes health. While it takes a while to fire, a set-up for it could be "Gotcha!" Super Soul into it, and it just absolutely demolishes health bars.
Kaioken Assault - Costs one bar if you want to combo after it, costs two to rid of a bit of your health to rid about a bar of theirs. Need I say any more?
Brutal Buster - This move on it's own isn't that much to brag about. It has a slow animation, and does barely any damage. But, when you charge it up, that slow animation could help you force your opponent to vanish when they shouldn't, and then BAM, depending on your set-up, you could be looking at 1/3 of a bar of health with an Evasive. Pair that up with a dashing heavy into something like Kaioken Assault / Soaring Fist and you've got yourself a ticket for anyone's use to the pain-train. But there's more; when at 25% or less HP (Flashing Red,) when fully charged, if it hits, their stamina gets broken.
Chaos Wall - Brutal Buster but one direction only, and has a quick animation no matter what, without the health lowered buff.
Orin Combo - Simple skill from Krillin that you get early on, just put it in a basic combo string for a quick helping of damage.
Angry Hit - this isn't seen online, right guys?
Rocket Tackle - Has Super Armor until the charge animation, does a lot of damage, and warps after a knockback. If the opponent hits the ground, you can combo off of it.
Dodoria Headbutt - If you input the command for an ultimate right after it, you can do a lot of hurt. If you run a Super Soul like "This is Super Vegito!," you can transform right before you use it, go for Dodoria Headbutt, then go for Power Rush. If that doesn't hurt, tell me what will. (Note: While doing some of this, I found that you can also Unawoken Skill cancel out of it so you get the big damage, and you don't have to wait for the long animation)
Ki Blast Thrust - Super God Fist, but for Ki Blasts, and has further range. Also could be described as Savage Strike but without the ability to do the second warp.
God Breaker - Frieza Race with +125 in Ki Blasts, in golden, and with ATK Up Limit Burst, you can take almost a bar of health with a single counter. Ow.
Innocence Bullet - Don't know any set-ups for it, but on my Male Saiyan Strike CaC, it does crazy damage and Poisons. It's a Ki Blast skill.
Blazing Attack - Not the move specifically, but it's Super Soul, "Pathetic." When using Pathetic, you: Get 10% Strike Skill Damage (For the remainder of the match) Get 10% Ki Blast Skill Damage (For the remainder of the match) Get 10% Ki Gain (For the remainder of the match) Can Stack 3 times.
Fighting Pose K - Ginyu Force, Recoome! (Seriously, why are a lot of Recoome moves good?)
Fighting Sun - In the free update, this skill was buffed by a long shot. Steedoj has a video on it, and in it, you can see he just tanks hits, because of the high defense and high stamina regen rate. With the Super Soul "Don't tell me you thin you can beat me!," then it just turns into a tank transformation. While you can't use skills with it, it's basically a "Let me play the game" card.
Super Soul "Zudodoeyaahh!" - Grabs do double damage. Have fun. We won't. (please use this offline only, it hurts seeing grab spam to be encouraged by this)
Formation! - The more you use it, the better it gets. It powers up Strike and Ki Blast skills each time you pose (Max of 3,) and if you pull off the third pose, you get 300 Ki back and yet another power boost. (It costs 100 to use the move, and you can get that back plus 200, so in theory, you could just put on a show with other poses equipped)
Spirit Boost - I know that it's situational, but still, if you use it right, you can literally negate a stamina break. If your opponent breaks your stamina, and then drops the combo right before the beam attack, but they still launch the beam, use this and you'll only get hurt a little bit (because of how fast beams travel in this game.)
Emperor's Sign - Specifically for Frieza Races. Get a friend, equip both this and Holstein Shock, get to Flashing Red, go Golden, and one of you use Emperor's Sign and let the other one fly around. You won't regret trying this one out, trust me.
Darkness Rush - Justice Combination, but inescapable.
Full Power Energy Blast Volley - Good after any knock-back, and does decent damage.
Reverse Mabakusenko - Try saying this right. Also, it's a great counter if the enemy can't afford an evasive.
Ultra Fighting Bomber - Again, a Recoome Skill. Take a while to use, but the damage is worth it.
Assault Rain - Specifically in Multiplayer. If the other opponents don't know you have, they don't know you have it. Basically, a free evasive from them, and your teammate are happy.
Maiden Blast - Justice Combination, but for Ki Blast people.
Emperor's Death Beam - The assault rifle to end all assault rifles
Super Black Kamehameha [Rose] - Both work well, depending on the combo, it could be better to use one of the other.
Excellent Full Course - Even without the glitch, it's still good, but every seems to have dropped it because the glitch doesn't work anymore.
Godly Chronos Cannon - If you pull it off, you basically have 4 combo-extenders to use at anytime. (As long as your stamina doesn't get broken.)
Energy Zone - Multiplayer, if you can finish your opponent quickly, you can just heal up all the damage you've taken, and also heal up other teammates that finished their fights too.
DUAL Ultimates - Inescapable, just needs two CaCs, or the correct character to use. If it wasn't obvious, it's Multiplayer.
The Transformations - All of them have a good purpose somewhere. except kaioken.
Dragon Burn - Because this is obviously never used online, I'll explain it to you. It's a two-bar evasive, it keeps your enemy still long enough for a stamina break, and it's cheap.
Fake Blast - Staying on this path, let's talk about Fake Blast; Fake Blast does no damage, but it does internal damage, because for one, you can't see! It also makes you want to spoon out your eyes whenever you can see it coming.
Headshot - Can do about 5K in the flick of a finger. It's bad as an evasive, but great as an actual skill. Just don't get hurt too often, and play a bit more timid with this, as any ki-blast super that hits you is sure to land.
Name any others you guys have if you want, or don't. It doesn't really matter to me. Thanks for reading. And, if you skipped to the bottom, you might wanna read through this. Like, I spent about 30 minutes typing this all, and looking for the good skills. So please, do me a favor.
submitted by ItsVegitoAgain to DragonBallXenoverse2